April 15, 2013

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My bell

I love my bell. I can say a friendly hello to a fellow commuter or use it as a warning when approaching other pedestrians and cyclists on the green belt. And it's just so darn cute it makes me smile!

Juta Babette more than 1 year ago

Bike Lock

My beloved bicycle is my main form of transportation, as I don't own a car, so I would say my bike lock. Keeps my baby safe from the many bike thieves that seem to be ramping up activity in my area, sadly. Second in line is my awesome Light & Motion headlight that is SUPER BRIGHT. Lets me ride at all times of day or night!

Kat Ogaz more than 1 year ago


Can't live without my fenders, they keep me infinitely more dry and clean than I'd be without them!

Natasha P more than 1 year ago

My Smile

All the other accessories make the bike commute bearable but the fact I'm out on my bike for any reason makes me smile. The fresh air, flowers, birds, squirrels, everything is better on a bike. Even drivers doing silly, life threatening things is over and in the past!

Margaret Shuttleworth more than 1 year ago


Can't live without my lights - literally on the dark morning commutes that have just ended or the serene late summer evening rides that are soon to come.

Sheryl F more than 1 year ago


My pannier carries my laptop, papers, lunch, etc. without my having to worry about a sweaty back.

Andrea McPhee more than 1 year ago

Coffee Mug

My coffee thermos that fits perfectly into the bottle cage. I can ride to work, carry my coffee, and take a sip along the way.

Kim M more than 1 year ago


Fenders keep me rolling on my bike no matter what the weather brings!

Julie Whitehair more than 1 year ago

Fave accessory

My bike mechanic, my husband, the love of my life!

Donna Weiser more than 1 year ago

Light Set

Most necessary accessory is a bike light set. You can't use your bike as a regular mode of transportation unless you can stay out after dark. Though, in fairness, the Streeterville Clutch is pretty awesome. :)

Camille Monahan more than 1 year ago

streeterville clutch

My heart-shaped blinky.

Wendy Berasi more than 1 year ago

Ding, ding, ding!

Couldn't-wouldn't want to ride without my bell. It's a polite way to warn other riders, pedestrians, dog walkers, and skaters on the trail that I'm rollin' by.

Molly peterson more than 1 year ago

BIKE Essentials

tire pump and water bottle holder!, and tools in a bag!

kate daly more than 1 year ago


Cant' cycle without some chocolate on hand.It's not exactly a bike accessory but I need a sugar rush to get me up some of the hills in Vancouver. Nom nom nom, yum yum yum chocolate...

Siobhan Condon more than 1 year ago

things i must take with me on my bike

Inner tubes and a tire changing kit, plus a couple of energy bars

Keith Gorham more than 1 year ago

Can't live without...

...my headlight.

PK more than 1 year ago

Emergency Repair Kit

I made the mistake of leaving home without my repair kit, of course that's the day I ended up needing it.

Jenny F more than 1 year ago


I really like riding with cycling skirt: comfortable and feminine!

Chantal more than 1 year ago


I have many bicycles, and I really like those with fenders. Just keep a rain coat and no matter the weather you can ride fast. It's perfect to go to work. I also like the urban or commuter look of fenders.

Denis Mac Donald more than 1 year ago

Brooks Trouser Straps

I often ride to work and to meetings in my dress clothes/slacks and could not live without my beautiful Brooks Trouser Straps. They have just the right amount of tension to keep an errant pant leg out of my chain. A beautiful, chic accessory that allows me to show up looking ready for anything!

Linda Rapacki more than 1 year ago

Bike bag

A bike lock and something to carry your stuff in. Perhaps that really nice bag!?

Sharon Meagher more than 1 year ago

Bicycle Accessory

I cannot do without a helmet, bike lock, bell, blinky light on the back of my seat and a light on the front handlebar. Gotta play it safe out there!

Heidi more than 1 year ago

Bike Shopping Bags

A pair of ratty old pannier bags that carry groceries, books, and chickens.

Gretchen Howell more than 1 year ago

Can't live without my sweet spot skirt

I love my Sweet Spot Skirt which snaps over my spandex shorts to make a cute mini skirt to ride in.

Meryl more than 1 year ago

A bag for this gal!

I can not go out without my Basil milkbost rear basket. It's not only practical but stylish as well.

Monica Llorian more than 1 year ago

My Bell

I love my bike bell, it sets the tone for all of my rides and I like to ring it when I pass pedestrians. It makes them laugh.

Ann Dowdy more than 1 year ago

clutch handlebar bag

some type of basket

lisa mcfarland more than 1 year ago

pocampo contest

Pannier- I can't go without my pannier because I always carry around so much stuff!

Veronica more than 1 year ago


I can't ride without pannier bags. I generally carry a lot of stuff by bike.

WILLIAM more than 1 year ago

my necessary accesory

my odometer... I want to know how far I've gone and if necessary how much farther to go. I use it as an incentive to make me stronger on the bike by telling me how fast and far I go.

Peg O more than 1 year ago


My girlfriend and I are always trying to get creative as to what and how much we can carry on our adventures cycling through the Lower Mainland in Vancouver. Often we will spontaneously go to Bosa foods and load up on Olive Oil or coffee and that way the hills are a bit more challenging heading home...You can never have enough storage space on board your bike : )
Handlebar bag/purse would be so cool!

Jacqui Oostergo more than 1 year ago

What i cannot do without

I need a basket on the front of my bike so that i can take my dog with me on my bike rides , she really enjoys going for a long bike ride with me.

colleen cuddy more than 1 year ago


It's important to be seen, especially on those rides at dusk. Mine blink!

Erin McCarty more than 1 year ago

rear bike rack

My bright yellow 1970's Peugeot is full of character and came with really cool accessories, I could not live without the rear bike rack with bungee cord. I can strap on an incredible amount of things and ride around town. I use it every time I ride!

Alexis Ringman more than 1 year ago


My mirror - So I can see whats behind me.

Sandy N more than 1 year ago


A helmet saved my sons brain, so I never go out without one. I nice clutch like this would keep a brush for a no helmet head look.

Deanne more than 1 year ago

Bike Bell

I LOVE my Dring Dring bike bell, it's adorable, sounds great, and alerts people that I'm on my way!

Janine more than 1 year ago

I <3 my Bell!

It's a classic old-fashioned bike bell that makes such a pretty sound that I use it constantly when I'm off exploring the world on my bike.

lori more than 1 year ago

drink holder

Hot coffee, plenty of water, must have a drink holder on/near handlebars so I do not have to stop and dig through panniers. My sister is the best and sent me one that works with all kinds of bevy containers!

carie wf more than 1 year ago

Bike Bell

Love the bell on my bike. We ride multi-use trails a lot and need to gently signal our presence to walkers and runners!

MaryBeth Karpel more than 1 year ago

Bungee cords!

I never regret having an extra bungee kicking around; to help secure stuff, ensure a really heavy pannier stays put...whatever the purpose, they always come in handy and are easy to carry about. More like an essential that helps all the accessories!

Leigh more than 1 year ago


Lots of great accessories, but the knowledge that my bike will be there when I return is the most valuable to me! Alongside a dependable U-lock (that can't be picked with w Bic) is the knowledge of how to lock your bike properly. I use an On-Guard mini, which is the perfect size for my downtube, front wheel, and bike rack.

Eva more than 1 year ago

Quick Release Handlebar Basket

My Lotus LT98 handlebar basket has a quick release fitting, that is so handy. I use it all the time when I am shopping, so I never buy more than I can carry. Or, I just take it with me to hold my helmet etc. after locking my bike to the bike rack.

Laurie Baldwin more than 1 year ago

Dependable Lights

I commute to work in the wee hours of the morning, and doing almost all of my other in-town trips on bicycle. Without lights to both see by and alert other drivers, I would be but a bug on the ground to them by now. Safety first!!

Stacey Jones more than 1 year ago

rain cover!

Living in New England one never knows what the weather will be like from morning to night, so I can't live without my rain cover. A top for the box portion of my cargo trike and a seat cover to protect my leather saddle, ensures a happy ride home whatever the weather- ( rain, snow or random sprinklers)

V. Allen more than 1 year ago

Trailer bike

I can't live without my older son's trailer bike. He is not old enough yet to make his way through the big truck traffic near us, but too big to want to ride in a trailer. So if I want to go anywhere past a few blocks by bike, I have to have a trailer bike for my guy.

annlaura more than 1 year ago

u lock

in vancouver obvs a kryptonite lock is a must!

bex more than 1 year ago

bike stuff

My favorite is my handlebar bag - but it is a black ugly plain bag and I want this beautiful yellow one !

Karen Haun more than 1 year ago

The accessory I can't live withou.....

I can't live without my latte holder - coffee is my blood type -
and my Park Rescue Tool MTB-3. I have rescued and adjusted so many strangers bikes on the Stanley Park Seawall with this little gem

Wendi more than 1 year ago

A bell!

I absolutely cannot live without my bell. I live in a city with nearly no bike lanes, so most of the time, I'm rolling right past driver's side doors. never knowing when one might open.

Alex V more than 1 year ago

Rear Rack

My rear rack is my best friend. I've gotten the strangest looks hauling all sorts of oddly shaped and overly sized objects that I've somehow managed to strap onto my rack. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Ps. Love the Po Campo bags!

Alisha Oloughlin more than 1 year ago

My saddlebags

I really couldn't commute to work without my saddlebags. I have to carry my laptop as I am in IT, a healthy lunch and work clothes, and my panniers allow me to carry all that and more. They also carry about two bags of groceries when I don't want to drive to the store.

Janet Michaels more than 1 year ago

First of all I love bike accessories...baskets, packs, bells, lights, locks, grips, trailers, you name it.

...but my rear rack is definitely the one I could not live without. I use almost everyday. Although in the fall I can't ride home from work without my lights and I love all 900 lumens of my front light. So, it's a tie between my rear rack and light.

David E. more than 1 year ago

It's all about the Baskets

I can't be without my baskets. It carries sooooo much stuff when I travel by bike to work, the grocery store, the library, etc....

Lisa L more than 1 year ago

Front basket

I can't ride with out my front basket.
Keeps my lock, shoes, and other items handy!

Lisa more than 1 year ago

Safety First!

I could not do without my handlebar mirror that allows me to keep an eye on cars that might be coming up behind me and the driver miss seeing me. I also have to say my lights to attract the attention of the aforementioned drivers!
I would love so much to win this bag! Looks perfect for my needs!
Thanks for the awesome giveaways that you do!

Joy more than 1 year ago


I'd have to be practical and say fenders. I live on the Wet Coast and ride all year. Also lights.

oliver more than 1 year ago

My buff

I started biking once I got a buff. My ears never get cold!

Cail Smith more than 1 year ago


I can't do without my light makes me feel safer when the sun goes down.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

The bike doodad without which I could not live.

The rearview mirror that is attached to my helmet is probably the best ten bucks I've ever spent. Allows rearview on the mountain and recumbent bikes, and also lets me know when I'm holding people up in the grocery store aisle when I'm gawping slackjawed at the energy bars. Running a very close second is the so-far bombproof tyre pump that has saved my bacon on many a ride.

marge more than 1 year ago

can't do without...

My Linus front basket to carry all my stuff around

Sarah Lewert more than 1 year ago

Favorite accessory

Can't be without my helmet and lights to keep me safe.

Joel more than 1 year ago

Can't live without..

..my dynamo light. Love that I don't have to think about the batteries running down!

Anita more than 1 year ago


My bike panier rack ... without it I couldn't carry all of my stuff!

Wendy Jansen more than 1 year ago

Win a Po Campo Streetville Clutch

I cannot live a good quality kick stand.

Emilia Turner more than 1 year ago

I can't bike without my bag

I love having a bag to hold my phone and wallet and a book or two, and it's the one item I don't bike without. I'd love to win this beautiful bag for my wife so she could have a great bag to hold her stuff, too, instead of trying to cram them in her pockets or using a bulky backpack. When you know your stuff is safe and secure, it makes the ride even sweeter!

Jarrod more than 1 year ago

Hairy Situation

Adorable bag! Believe it or not, my #1 bike accessory is an elastic for my hair. Nothing like having hair in my eyes so I can't see where I'm going

Becky more than 1 year ago


I need to have reflective stuff all over my bike, my kids, and myself!

Michelle more than 1 year ago

Po Campo handlebar bag

Not for me, however my styling daughter would love it!!!

Lou more than 1 year ago

Nutcase Helmet

When I feel the wind in my hair, I feel vulnerable and naked. It feels dangerous. Maybe I'm a joy-hating scardy-pants, but I need my helmet to feel comfortable on my bike. It has saved me from serious head injuries in the past. And my Nutcase Style looks pretty cute.

Lauren more than 1 year ago

Safety first!

I don't go anywhere on my bike without my HELMET! Definitely the #1 accessory because it keeps me safe and out on the road each and every day. Although this clutch, looks clutch, and might just be my new favorite accessory to show off around town!

JB more than 1 year ago

My “can’t do without” bike accessory


Marina more than 1 year ago

My essential bike accessory

I’ve got to have my speed/odo/meter to know how far I ride and how fast I go, so I can tell my husband how great my rides are when I am not with him!

Vitellia more than 1 year ago

Essential Bike Accessory

I can’t do without my surf board rack on the side of my bike to get to the beach without any parking hassles!

Grant more than 1 year ago

Bike accessory I can’t do without

No question, my helmet mounted rear-view mirror is the bike accessory I can’t do without.

R G RAMEY more than 1 year ago

bike lock

I couldn't do without my bike lock! Its kept my bike safe for years.

Kelley more than 1 year ago

Clutching a clutch

I know that my partner would love this as a gift.

mae more than 1 year ago

Po Campo Clutch

Hi there. The bike accessory that I can't do without is a handy place to keep my keys. I never want to have to root around in a bag or backpack for my keys to my bike lock, the bike room at work, and the doors to my home. I currently use a lame little bag that hangs around my neck.

Sara Jane more than 1 year ago

Bike lights

I use my lights and don't want to ride without the rear one lit. I always want to have my lights with me.

Jeffrey R. more than 1 year ago

To win the clutch

Would be great. To have for my bike.

Roberta R. more than 1 year ago

My brass bell

I love my brass bell, ding ding, ding ding

Karry more than 1 year ago

Can't do without...

my bag of extra cash, extra inner-tube, mini pump!

Jill Kokesh more than 1 year ago

Bike Lock

Where would I be without a bike lock? Probably walking or taking the bus!

Amanda more than 1 year ago

Bike lights

Bike lights are most essential for me.

Julie more than 1 year ago

Yo Mama!

Just what a on-the-go Mama needs! Like a third hand, so helpful!

Queenie more than 1 year ago



Anitha Kuppuswamy more than 1 year ago


I could not do without the various racks on my bike. I inevitably have extra things I need to lug, and if I did not have my rack and basket, i would never be able to cart anything!

Beverley Strain more than 1 year ago

Most Necessary!

I could not do without my bike bags/panniers...they are jammed full of the day's needs as i ride to some combination of work, yoga, happy hour, grocery store, etc. every day...I bought them from a maker in The Netherlands because, if I'm going to concur my fear of riding in traffic everyday, I want to get excited for the ride. (and most american made panniers are boring as heck.) my bags are baby blue with white cherry blossoms and a delightful heavy white webbing trim. they are the best!

LethaColleen more than 1 year ago

What I need

My lock. Always. My bike is my transportation, not a toy (although it's more fun than a toy).

Elle Bustamante more than 1 year ago


My bike lock, I am always on the go but I need to lock my bike lock.

Brian more than 1 year ago

Pannier & Lights

I don't like to carry anything on my back, I need my pannier at all times. And I need my lights because I need to be seen.

Rocio more than 1 year ago

bike basket

love my bike basket - throw all that I need in there and then go !!

tara christie more than 1 year ago

Bag giveaway

I cant do without my blingy bell! I have benn looking for a fun bag for my handlebars and this is awesome

Miria Ski more than 1 year ago

helmet cover

...for the rain

franz l more than 1 year ago

So many tourists... i need my lights more than anything!

Living in the Honeymoon Capital of the World - Niagara Falls, Canada - i need to be seen more than anything else by all the tourists that populate our roadways. With people weaving back and forth across lanes looking for the McDonalds or trying desperately to listen to their GPS, watch their GPS, keep their kids calm and drink their coffee, i need my lights to keep myself visible out on the tourist laden streets of Niagara.

jacob birch more than 1 year ago


They one accessory that I can not live without is my bike pouch under my seat. I keep all my emergency items (like spare tubes, tire separator and an emergency patch kit) and there is still some room to keep my cell phone where i use map my ride to keep track of my adventures in the city!

Amanda more than 1 year ago


This purse is cute enough to make me want to start carrying one again! It's adorable!

Kaylah Karpel more than 1 year ago

Hauling gear.

My rack and panniers get plenty of use, since most my riding is around town. But, I just got a Brooks saddle, so that might end up as a favorite in years to come. However, I really love riding alongside my kids, 4 and 6 years old; and they are both on bicycles now so I might be able to ditch the kid-hauling Burley on rides around town. Yay!

JessicaG more than 1 year ago

Can't live without...

I was going to say my cup holder that conveniently holds my travel mug full of chai tea, but then, after reading others posts, I'd have to say fenders. Practical, stylish and the only reason why I ride in inclimate weather. They are what keep people riding.

Lindsay more than 1 year ago

Waterproof pannier

I could not live without my waterproof pannier to carry and transport my goids around town.

Amy Stovall more than 1 year ago


Can't live without my planners to carrier all the other stuff I can't ride without.

Patti more than 1 year ago

Po Campo Streetville Clutch

I can't do without my pump and spare tube - because walking home sucks.

Tim Brown more than 1 year ago

I can't live without

Fenders! I live in Victoria, so it's raining more often than not. My full coverage fenders keep my feet and bum nice and dry.

Andrea R more than 1 year ago


Got to say GPS on the phone so I can find my way home!

Hugo more than 1 year ago

Can't do with out!!

I personally can't do with out wife on her bike when she is riding besides me, I really can't call her an accessory, but I do consider her a beutifull permanent addition to my life. It would be really nice to win her a Po Campo bag. She would look really cute with the bag on her handle bars!!

Mike Young more than 1 year ago

bunge net

I love my bunge net that I keep on my rear rack so I'm always ready to carry anything. It's low cost enough that I can just keep out on my bike and so far it hasn't been stolen. It's my favorite bike accessory. Couldn't live without it!

Sacha Ielmorini more than 1 year ago

I like to have....

My rack and panier! that way when I am on the way to school I can ride with out a back pack! So much more fun to ride a bike with nothing on my back!

Aarilynn more than 1 year ago

I Need....

Nutcase Helmet......with so many color and style options I am never without a reason to wear my helmet......I love my brain!

Myra more than 1 year ago

Can't Do Without

Crane Brass Bell, the lever action Bell has the best DING ever! even people with headphones on in construction areas turn to see me coming! all my bikes have one now!

Granden more than 1 year ago

Can't live without...

...my bike racks! Whether I'm hauling groceries home or carrying my work clothes in a pannier, without my front and rear racks, I wouldn't get nearly the same use out of my bike as I do right now.

AnneK more than 1 year ago


Lights and Lock.

You gotta be seen when on the streets and lock it up in order to keep the ride.

JJ more than 1 year ago


I can't live without my lights. I want to be VISIBLE.

Mendo more than 1 year ago

Must have...

I can't be without my chain guard. I don't ever have to worry about what I'm wearing. :)

Olena more than 1 year ago

I can't live without

my helmet!! New Orleans drivers are crazy.

Allison more than 1 year ago

flower power

Maybe I could live without it, but I still smile every time I walk up to my bike and see the flower and vase that are attached to the handlebar.

Karen more than 1 year ago

Must have my...

Cup holder. C O F F E E.

MaryBeth more than 1 year ago


I can't live without a good set of fenders as I ride in all weather and my six corners wristlet.

Debora Arnold more than 1 year ago

Flat Tire Repair Kit

I always have a flat tire repair kit handy. Murphy's law is in full affect on the daily commute and pinch cuts and punctures always occur on the worst possible days.

Kyle more than 1 year ago

I can't live without...

Apart from my helmet, lights, reflectors and everything I need to patch a flat tire (but I consider those are essentials, not accessories), the biking accessory I can't live without is a bag, of any sort--something that looks good and carries all the essentials.

Vicki Cunningham more than 1 year ago


My riding glasses are so important for keeping out the bugs, dust, rain, sun. It's the first thing I'd replace after losing my bike gear I expect.

Carolyn Jimenez more than 1 year ago

bike accessory

My front (grassy) basket!

keka more than 1 year ago

I can't live without...

A messenger bag or something to hold my lock, tools, tube and anything else that I am carrying. In fact, a bag like this will do the trick!

ted ratcliffe more than 1 year ago

Po Campo clutch

I could not live without my biking gloves. Especially with this never-ending winter, my winter biking-gloves are getting extra wear.

Sara Maria more than 1 year ago