February 10, 2014

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our daughter would be safer

our daughter would be safer, biking with this bright bag, in the dark, rainy weather here around Seattle

Chris Covert-Bowlds 308 days ago

Charming and Practical

I would be very happy to acquire this bag to equip and encourage my partner to bike more. —And if that falls through I think I could put it to good use myself.

Paul Wirsing 308 days ago

To be seen!

I want to win this bag because of its high visibilty.

Yann 308 days ago

Pick me!

I want to win this bag because it is cool-looking and highly visible!

Julie Baier 308 days ago

Why I want to win

I want to win this bag to keep my stuff contained and dry. In the pacific north west it can get very wet. I cycle year round so you are bound to get wet sooner or later and it is nice to keep your stuff dry.

Seth kreiss 308 days ago

Proviz Messenger bag=visibility

Here in the midwest we seem to be married to our cars. The drivers text, talk on their phones, drink coffee, put on makeup, anything but pay attention. We cyclists constantly fight to be visible to these people with whom we share the road. Often at our peril because even the local governments don't think of cyclists as necessary visible constituents who ALSO use the roads. Products like the Proviz Messenger Bag make a statement: I am here too. I would proudly use your product.

Christian R. Ward 309 days ago

Proviz Messenger Bag

I not only commute to and from work by bike, but do most of my commuting by bike. Since I spend a lot of time on my bike, I carry a change of clothing and lunch/snacks with me. the Proviz bag would definitely make my life easier!

Holly Malone 309 days ago

Proviz Messenger Bag

My old bag is getting pretty "ratty".
The Proviz would be a great replacement!
I commute home at night quite often, and like the fact the Proviz adds to visibility!

Andrew R. Mitchell 309 days ago

Proviz Messenger Bag

I am always riding my bag. I would love to wear your messenger bag.

Wayne Bagley 309 days ago

Proviz Messenger Bag

not only is this a great looking bag but it will hold everything comfortably that i need to carry

lisa mcfarland 309 days ago

messenger bag contest

As a cyclist commuter during the non- winter months , this would make me more noticeable during my evening rides. I often commute on dark roads and this would make me feel safer on the roads.

Kristin Johnson 309 days ago

Leading by example

I would love to have this bag. It is a great way to demonstrate that bike commuting can be effortless and stylish. I serve on the board of directors of the bike advocacy organization in Sacramento, where I ride past legislators, staffers and lobbyists on a daily basis. I am a community advocate and a visible presence in and around the city as a regular bike commuter and consider myself an ambassador for utility cycling. I also work to ensure that land use plans around CA include a heavy emphasis on biking and walking. This bag would complement my efforts well!

Maya 309 days ago

Leading by example

I would love to have this bag. It is a great way to demonstrate that bike commuting can be effortless and stylish. I serve on the board of directors of the bike advocacy organization in Sacramento, where I ride past legislators, staffers and lobbyists on a daily basis. I am a community advocate and a visible presence in and around the city as a regular bike commuter and consider myself an ambassador for utility cycling. I also work to ensure that land use plans around CA include a heavy emphasis on biking and walking. This bag would complement my efforts well!

Maya 309 days ago

Proviz Messenger Bag

I need a messenger bag that doesn't spend half the ride trying to choke me. Visibility is also cool.

louise 309 days ago

I want to win

I love this bag, and it matches my jacket! I don't want to bounce off the hoods of any more cars pulling out in front of me, so I dress to be seen!

Deanne 309 days ago

Safety Messenger Bag

I would love to win this bag. I bike in a busy city. The color and brightness of the bag would bring attention to me on my bicycle. I'm all about people and drivers being aware of my presence while I'm biking. The safety aspect of the bag is what I like best. Plus, it's very fashionable, so I would love sporting it around town.

Stephanie Miller 309 days ago


being visible on the road is TOP priority~ looking good while being seen….even better!!

scott Hudson 309 days ago

Bicycle safety and beauty

Congratulations on promoting great safety and stylish products. This bag compliments perfectly my safety jacket :)

Mercedes 309 days ago

Enter the ninja

I would like to win because my ninja cycling skills aren't powerful enough to keep me from harm during night rides. I admittedly know my cycling ninjitsu is weak, and hi-vis would be a solution to my feeble skills.

Jun Z. 310 days ago

Water resistant!

I would want this bag because me and my husband can both use it, without one of us compromising style (me) or masculinity (that would be the husband).

Kirbee 311 days ago

A bag for every purpose

It's good to have several bags for different purposes. This one fills a niche for over-the-shoulder and high capacity. I need it! I need it!

Ross 311 days ago

Carry Stuff Contest - Proviz Perfection

What a perfect bag!! Waterproof (I live in rainy Vancouver), lots of space (I commute everyday with clothes and lunch), and the built in light is so smart. Thanks for giving this away to someone (me I hope!).

Sara Jane McGillivray 311 days ago


I like the reflective properties so you can be seen at night

Jim DiLoreto 311 days ago

See me rollin'...

...they hatin'. I share the road with four lanes of high speed traffic separated by a center turn lane and many driveways to cross. It's nice to highly visible.

ann smith 311 days ago

One word .....

Seattle rider. Oops, that's two words.

Mae 312 days ago

A Beacon of Bike Excitement

Big and bright is just my style.

Turbo Bob 312 days ago

Great Bag

I could carry more stuff and be seen!

Jeff 312 days ago

It's everything I have been looking for

I am currentlly in the marked for a new messenger bag and this one meets all of my needs. It's practicle, stylish, and most important, highly visible! Can't wait to get one!

Chris 312 days ago

It will make it impossible for automobile drivers to not see me.

Looks good and bright!

Spencer Hawkes 312 days ago

Never Had A Messenger Bag

Have always wanted one but never quite made the commitment. Trying to get out on the bike more and this would provide that extra motivation and inspiration to do so.

Gabe Comolli 312 days ago

Great bag to make me look good!!!

I want to ride in style!!!!

Nicola Colarusso 312 days ago

Awesome bag for safer commute

Safety and visibilty, especially in a West Coast Climate - rain, rain, rain. I would love to arrive home with dry items in my bag.

Wendi McDonald 312 days ago

Great looking bag!

I love the combination of keeping my work papers dry and being visible to traffic. It would be a wonderful addition to my daily commute.

Sue Kappmeyer 312 days ago

Perfect for Work

I work for a bike accessory company. Having an amazing messenger bag would really help my cred!

Adrienne 312 days ago

Night riding

Living in the north we have so little sun light many of my commutes are in the dark in both directions. Having a highly visible bag would make it possible for me to ride more. My wife would be more at ease knowing that I will be seen on the country roads.

Dean Tahtinen 312 days ago

That is one sweet bag!

I love the combination of functionality and looks here - visibility is always a concern during my bike commute. It's often raining and dark and the hi-viz fabric makes a big difference for safety. Also, I just checked out the Triviz light pack and that looks awesome. Together, it would make for a pretty damn good-looking bag.

Annie 312 days ago

The Proviz bag

I would love any bag that glows at night and further helps me be visible to cars and other vehicles when riding my bike :)

Linda 312 days ago

Proviz Messenger Bag

I love the Proviz products concept and would love to present a well-lit presence to motorists in my community. And I could use a new messenger bag; my current one is fifteen well-used years old. And I would be a foothold in the U.S. market!

A. McNally 312 days ago


My wife says myvold Swiss army backpack is looking rough

christopher jason roper 313 days ago

extend season

I would like a waterproof bag to extend my riding season

Christian 313 days ago

bright to be seen

This very bright and reflective bag would really gelp me be seen on my dark work commute!

Marcia Skinner 313 days ago

for quick trips

For those days when I don't want to take the panniers.

Lloyd 313 days ago


In my area, there aren't very many cyclists. There is a group attempting to get the word out about how drivers can learn to share the road with bicycles and make it safer for us, but until then I need to be as visible as possible! Winning this bag would be amazing because I've been needing a good bag to take cycling with me and it would make it safer for me to bike at night.

Lenie 314 days ago

3:00am is always dark

When I ride into work at 0300 hrs. it is always dark no matter what time of year it is. This would give my wife a bit more security that I would be seen on the way into the PD.

Phil Merritt 314 days ago

My ride home from work is in the dark

This bag would be great for carrying my stuff to and from work.. and beyond. My ride home is in the dark so the extra visibility of this bag is a welcome feature.

Gordon Williams 314 days ago

Need a good bad

It really is that simple. My old bag is wearing through, and my morning commute is always before sunrise, and this looks like a Really Good Bag!

Joe Tilman 314 days ago


What a cool bag to schlep my stuff around in!

Sondra Bernard 314 days ago

Safety First with Proviz!

I would love to win this messenger bag because it will make me more visible in traffic.

Matthew LeDrew 314 days ago

Retro look

I'd like the Provitz messenger bag because it harkens back to the ski hills of the 80s.

Chris byron 314 days ago

This Would Go Perfectly With My Proviz Jacket!

This messenger bag is a perfect match for my Proviz hi-viz jacket. Totally matched.

Tracey Eide 314 days ago

been seen is #1...

I trust myself, but not drivers to see me riding...so, anything that might wake them up to actually see me would be great. And, a cool bag is a cool bag!

Brent 314 days ago

All Neon everything!

This bag would go perfect with my neon specialized Echelon helmet, my neon commuting shirt, my neon Fila running shoes (that I wear biking) and my neon / reflective stitched tights. This also goes will with the yellow on my Lemond Etape. My new commuting bike also has no rack mounts, so I am in the market for a new bag!

Steven Nancarrow 314 days ago

I want to win

The bag looks great for everywhere I go on my bike. The more visible I am, the better.

Miranda Cox 314 days ago


High visibility and high functionality? Why wouldn't I want to win this bag? My wife could use this on her commute to work across the city. She was knocked off the bike twice last summer by cars coming too close- perhaps some extra brightness would help.

guy 314 days ago

get there safely

Riding everyday and having to carry an assorted amount of stuff makes winning this really useful. I can be seen and not loose anything on route.

joyce s. 314 days ago

Mobility with Security

Riding my bicycle everyday for my daily needs. I am in always in need of a messenger bag. Being seen and stylish is important, It makes bicycling more fun and protecting by electronics is a must for my WestCoast lifestyle

Emilia 314 days ago


Be seen to be respect

David Viens 314 days ago

Loving Life

The increased visibility, just might save my life.
It's good to ride.

James Gasko 314 days ago

Proviz Messenger Bag for Grandma

As a grandma of a 3 yr old, I need a Proviz Messenger Bag to carry wipes, snacks, water, and everything else we need when we take a walk to the park or ride our bikes.

Pam Flynn 315 days ago

Proviz Messenger Bag

This bag would be great to carry my laptop and other stuff I need, especially at night.

Eugenie 315 days ago

Proviz Bag

What a cool bag! I'd like to win because the capacity, visibility and water resistance will help my laptop stay functional much longer than it might with lesser quality bags!

Kelley W 315 days ago

add bicycle commuting

I'd like to explore commuting via bicycle to work, and this would be perfect!!

Joe LeDuc 315 days ago

Proviz Bag

The Proviz bag could be a life-saver. My daily bike commute unavoidably includes a stretch of 4-lane highway with no bike lane, no sidewalk, and no shoulder. Only a 6-inch stripe of white paint separates the travel lane from the rough roadside, and only visibility separates me from traffic moving at 55 mph or more. I watch my mirror and use a headlight, a taillight, and a flashing LED light clipped to my backpack. A reflective bag could keep me from becoming a hood ornament. I am 61 years old, and would like to see 62. Thanks!

Jim Strillacci 315 days ago

Nightly Commuter

Made a promise to ride to work every work day here in Chicago and it's been brutally cold some days. But I always show up to work with a smile on face. My coworkers worry about me though and this bag would not only carry my stuff, but keep me safer :)

Lewis Fowler 315 days ago

Great for my commute!

The Proviz Messenger Bag would be ideal for my commute to work. It is often hard to be seen when commuting back at night.

Jacob 315 days ago

Fantastic Messenger Bag

The Proviz bag would be perfect for all my books and supplies on the way to school!

Katie Baker 315 days ago

Proviz FTW

This would be great to use at night, when my Timbuk2 is just not quite bright enough to provide me with that feeling that the driver coming up from behind sees me.

Robin 315 days ago

For my daughter

Me and my son have messenger bags that we use and love. my daughter has been wanting one for a long time to use. would love to win this for her.

Jamie 315 days ago

Useful and more discreet (in a hi-vis way)

I somehow shove all my daily stuff (wallet, phone, etc.) and lunch (sometimes lightweight Tupperware, sometimes glass Pyrex containers) plus the as-needed array of winter gear (sweater, earmuffs, legwarmers) and office papers into a variety of moderate-sized cross-body or backpack-style purses. They're getting precariously close to bursting at the seams.

I don't use my backpack for commuting to work because it's inconvenient to grab the wallet/layers/bike lock and because it is shaped like a giant shark with eyes and fins.

Jess 315 days ago

proviz Messenger Bag

This bag is awesome and could hold all my go to's for rides!

karyn koehler 315 days ago

Provitz Messenger Bag

It would be ideal for me to win this bag since I have just returned to work and am cycling to the store, bank, running errands, and to and from work. Right now I am using just a nylon shopping bag as a back pack to carry my belongings and supplies.
The Provitz Bag would give me a little more class while riding. unfortunately, I have been asked by the general public who I meet during my errands if I don't drive due to a DUI, that seems to be the general impression our community has towards bike riders and we are stereotyped. I dress casually and am well groomed but my bag looks trashy and my bike is an E-Bike. It really bothers me that I get that negative reaction towards my method of transportation and would like to change that stereotyping. The Provitz bag would definitely improve the image of the cyclist in my community and provide me with added safety on my way home from work since I ride at night.

Mike Young 315 days ago

Keep on keeping on!

I would like to give this bag to my best friend. She's wanted a new messenger bag for quite some time, but has a hard time buying things for herself.

Jennifer Chamberlain 315 days ago

Would love this

I dont have a bag, I would love this!!

Vickie Jones 315 days ago

One to be seen

This would be far better to bike with than my current backpack. There are a lot of crazy drivers out there and with this there are no excuses not to have been seen. I like how bright and reflective it is!

Heidi 315 days ago

Perfect for commuting

I love riding to/from work and this would be a perfect way to tote my clothes/lunch/laptop everyday. Love the bright, visible yellow. Even when decked out in lights, I sometimes feel uncomfortable riding in the dark. The more visible the better!

Tara 315 days ago

Proviz Messenger

I love how visible it is. I have a bag but it's black and I am really concerned with being seen by drivers. Love that it's water resistant too.

Kim H 315 days ago

For my health

I recently have been benched from cycling with a surprise heart problem but should be able to start up again soon. When I do,.. I hope to have a new job with an even more convenient cycle commute and would love to have something to offset my all black outfit and all black bike,.. (I do wear reflectors and lights,..) that isn't a pannier.

Steve 315 days ago

My backpack is dorky...

I'm trying to ride my bike every day in 2014, and the backpack I have, while very functional, is rather dorky. This bag would make me feel as non-dorky as possible with my right pant leg rolled up...

justinian hatfield 315 days ago

Messenger Bag

This would be perfect for my daily commute. Staying visible is important especially during the dark days of winter.

Dave 315 days ago