June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

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Practical and Cool-looking Rickshaw Bag

I ride at night. This bag will definitely allow me to be seen, by motorists. It will look cool as a fashion accessory as well!

Priscill Hackney 311 days ago

Contest for for Rickshaw Bagworks Illuminated messager

I am a new bike commuter in Dallas, Texas. I have been carrying clothes, food, and work product in a basket. I am the only on the road (I see) riding 106 miles round-trip to and from work, so I need something strong, with a light that will get me where I am going with all the stuff I need to take with me! I am starting a new way of life for wanna be cyclists who have been told that Dallas is only good for recreational riding. I have lost more than one item of clothing and paper report on my rides, but I know with the new Illuminated message bag I can 1) fit my work in the bag and 2) keep the food and clothes in the basket.

Karen Jarrell 311 days ago


Textbooks and notebooks.

Lauren 311 days ago

Cool Rickshaw!

I run my own printing business and would deliver customer products in this.

Graham 312 days ago

rickshaw bag

I would use this to transport my groceries an all shopping , this would cut down on green house gases and , save me the parking hassles

Leland 312 days ago

Zero messager Bag

I will put my bike lock , tools for bike repair , first aid kit and leave some room for things i find along the way , groceries and leave the car at home :)

Caren Matticks 312 days ago

My stuff in the Halo Zero Messenger Bag

I am a yoga teacher and I will put my portable sound system and all my smaller accessories when I ride to my studio.

Vitellia 312 days ago

My precious cargo in the Halo Zero Messenger Bag

I will put water, lunch, ahat, a book, and little groceries I purchase along the way in my Messenger bag.

Marina 312 days ago

My carry contents of the Zero Messenger Bag

I would carry domestic sourced supplies and local grown foods in my Zero Messerenger Bag

Grant 312 days ago

What to carry in the Zero Messenger Bag

Like the bag I would be a minimalist carrier, have it empty but ready to fill with goodies when the opportunity arises

Dr. Ramey 312 days ago

what you'll carry in this Halo Zero Messenger Bag

work clothes & stuff when commuting

michael lim 312 days ago

Rickshaw Bagworks Bag

My husband is a chef and he could put all of his tools in this awesome bag. The reflector strip would add an extra layer of protection for him as he rides home late at night after work.

Kristy Lapidus 312 days ago

I have a kid too

Pretty sure I can just carry the kid in there. What? Bad idea? Ok, just more beer then.

Mike Pop 312 days ago

i have a kid

It will be a great place for the first aid kit .

john wylie 313 days ago

Packing for work...and more

I would be riding my bike to work, so I'd pack my tablet computer and a book.

Rebecca 313 days ago

Momentum Mag Contest

Without a doubt, I would carry books! My puppy would fit in there, too! :-)

Wanda Bergman 314 days ago

My Rickshaw Secrets

Keys, phone, ID, of course, and my leakproof travel mug all ready to go at the morning's first espresso!

Ken 314 days ago

I would carry

I would carry some emergency tools, spare tube, small bike lock, house key, phone, pump and beer.

Seth 314 days ago

What I would carry:

The last surviving egg of the Dodo bird, Voldemort's true wand, the tomorrow edition of today's paper, the wad of chewing gum Violet Beauragard chewed on Willy Wonka, and a bike tool

Ted Scheck 314 days ago

bike bag

I would carry books and a bike kits and money for tea :)

linda 314 days ago

Rickshaw bag

What would always be in there...my wallet, cell, writing journal, bandaids, planner, camera, and sunglasses. Sometimes a hankie, sometimes snacks, sometimes a book. Oh, and always my small bamboo spork. You never know when you'll be hungry!

Mistee St Clair 314 days ago


I would carry clothes since i commute everyday to work, then once i'm off and decide to put on the miles at night i would put tools, a book, phone, keys, and cycle to the lake.
I would benefit greatly from this bag as an everyday cyclist.

Jack Ansell 314 days ago

Rickshaw Halo

As a building manager, grandfather to a toddler and a bike commuter who doesn't own a car, this bag would literally carry my life at any given moment. It would be a briefcase, diaper bag or commuter carry all. Have to love a bag that can do it all!

James Rick 315 days ago

Rickshaw Bag

CO2 canister, spare tube, dry shirt, laptop for work days, extra nutrition, literature from my bike advocacy organization, better-than-my-smart-phone camera, extra smiles and sense of humor.

Kelley Westenhoff 315 days ago


I would carry a spare tube, tire levers, multi-tool, sunglasses, a book, some energy bars, rain gear, my wallet, phone, and maybe a beverage.

My old Rickshaw computer bag has been all over the world with me and is holding up great over 100,000 air miles, in desert, swamp, jungle, and snow. Great Quality Bags!

Casey 315 days ago

Carry on, carry on

My dog, my keys, my beer, multitool, extra tubes, my laptop, oh yea did I say beer

Ray Woodard 315 days ago


I would put everything I needed in it that little beauty. Water bottle, sweatpants, sharks, tubes, levers, locomotives, and a lock.

Joseph Szul 315 days ago


What would I carry? What wouldn't I carry? This bag would be a permanent home for all bike related paraphernalia- lock, lights, jacket, pump,, tubes and tools.

Guy 315 days ago

Be my comrade

This little beauty of a bag would be my daily comrade, carrying my essentials without which I usually don't leave the house, like prescription glasses, contact lens case, office keys, home/bike lock keys, wallet, USB drive, cell phone, lip balm... On top of that will be whatever I need for a successful and great day!

Kathi 315 days ago

Battle Trophies

I commute to work in Texas, so I have to carry a change of clothes as well as personal grooming things so I don't flood the office with gym smell. Other than those essentials, I carry an e-reader or book, a pen and notebook, my lock, keys, phone, and wallet. But most importantly, I carry the souls of my enemies that I slay in glorious combat, and that is a burden that not just any bag can carry.

Perry Cavender 315 days ago


My city is known for art, music and community rides. I also ride to work.

Id use the bag to carry a change of clothes everywhere and my electronics on the way to where I am headed.

Id use the bag to carry the CD, poster, patch, record, piece of art, etc... from the music/art show on the way home.

Michael Nixon 315 days ago

anything I want

Whatever I need to carry

Rob Hendricks 315 days ago

Library books!

I ride my bike to the library a couple times a week. I like to load up on deliciously free cds and books!

Caitlin 315 days ago


I ride with kids. I carry eveything under the sun, snakes, extra clothing, water, sunscreen, groceries... you name it. I have probably carried just about everything. No car family of 5.

Shelby 315 days ago

Rickshaw Contest

I'll carry all of my bike repair tools... -Karl Gossot

Karl Gossot 315 days ago

Perfect for commuting

I'm in the military and ride my bike to work each day, unless it's snowing (grin). I usually have my electronics: iPad iPhone BB and such. Change of clothes for the day and any paperwork and such that I brought home the day before. I like the openness and roominess of messenger bags and one compartment backpacks, because it doesn't limit what can be carried and allows for randomness ;)

Brian 315 days ago

Halo zero bag

I would be carrying books, groceries, and the occasional bottle of wine.

David Higley 315 days ago

I think the better question is what would I not carry in it!

With my daily commute across the city to and from work, to grabbing a pint at one of the local breweries, to meeting my friends for weekend excursion this bag would be a great way to carry everything I need on a daily basis, from my iPad, U lock, extra shirt, flask and heck why not a bike frame. These bags and carry it all.

ROx 315 days ago

A Kentucky Mountain Bike Association patch would look great on this bag

I would carry all of my information and project items for the local mountain biking club. The lights would be great for night meetings in the fall and winter!

Carrie Kirkpatrick 315 days ago

carry my collection of Momentum magazines

I keep meaning to take the extra copies to work

mae 315 days ago

minimal waste

I would use the bag to carry my multi tool and titanium spork, just in case.

Jon J 315 days ago

Daily bag

I would use this bag to carry everyday my items including bamboo utensils, a reusable straw, water bottle, cloth towels, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses and of course my phone.

Tamalyn Fraley 315 days ago

Bike Bag

I will carry my cat with his cat treats, water, and open the bag a bit so he is able to see and breathe.

Peter Shaw 316 days ago

Rickshaw Bag

I would carry my make-up, my snacks, my photo of my dog, and water.

Sande MacEachern 316 days ago

messenger bag contents

I am not a messenger so definitely no envelopes.

Lunch, my heavy Abus Granit lock, sunglass case.

Also a spare light and reflective sash for night riding.

Anthony 316 days ago

What I Would Carry With Me

Definitely sunglasses and chapstick. Snacks are a must! I would love to also transport groceries and carry any books I could!

Katie Baker 316 days ago


Being in the city with no car, I'm always on the go all day long. So my Halo Zero Messenger Bag would be filled with: laptop, book, journal, lunch, snacks, water bottle, camera, pullover, sunscreen, sunglasses, purell, chapstick...hmm, anything else?

Cory 316 days ago

Carry All

I'd carry my work clothes in there for the commute ... and it's great for when I work late nights with the added lights!

Wendy 316 days ago

In the bag

Squished and expired energy bars, crumbs and useless pennies

Tracey West 317 days ago

What I'd Carry

I'd carry enough snacks and tools to get me through whatever adventures I can find! It's a sad moment when your lack of cargo space decrees how far you can go and which adventures you can choose. This looks like a marvelous bag and since it helps you be seen at night there is no need to end your adventure simply because night falls! Ain't no party like a Rickshaw Bagworks Halo Zero Messenger Bag party, because a Rickshaw Bagworks Halo Zero Messenger Bag keeps you safe and stocked and thus don't stop!

Lenie 317 days ago

Going out stuff

I currently use Rickshaw's Large Zero bag and it fits lots of my clothes, wallet, and other biking essentials (map, lights, saddle covers). With the smaller bag size, it would just be the essentials.

Amy 317 days ago

What I would carry

I would have some empty candy wrappers and a fine layer of dirt in there.

Dave 317 days ago

Saving on plastic

I would carry a nice bottle of red wine from the SAQ

Ronald Gallant 317 days ago

my daily needs

I would carry my daily fresh groceries, dairy products My mini purse. sun glasses, sun screen, lip gloss old radio

Emillia Turner 317 days ago

How I Roll

I will use this bag primarily to carry stacks of $100 dollar bills (because cash is still king). I think this bag will be too small to carry any of my children (I have a very large professional size bag for that), but I think this bag would be a convenient size for carrying live chickens, rabbits, etc. Since it is waterproof, I may also use it to carry soup.

Seriously, though, nice small size messenger bag with bomber construction and flashing light--very nice.The light will be nice keeping out from under buses on the streets of SF.

Nathan S 317 days ago

Pump, spare tubes, levers, patches, wrenches ...

... you know, all the tools you've ever missed in past incidents and now carry around religiously because the day you DON'T have 'em is the day you'll need 'em. Beyond that, it depends on how many meetings I have that day (i.e., what size thermos of double-strong coffee, which client folders, et cetera) and whether I'm grocery- getting on the way back (canvas bags to sling from the handlebars).

marge 317 days ago

Picnic supplies

Delicious eats and whatnot for our family outing to movies in the park!

Iris W. 317 days ago


It's a toss up between Yuengling Lager and Dale's Pale Ale. Either of those would be honored to be brought to their respective destinations by a Rickshaw Bag!

Jun Z. 317 days ago

Some beer and a rain coat

Perfect for biking at night - perfect for caryring some beer and a jacket for a night out.

Siobhan Condon 317 days ago

Biking necessities

To carry: some wet tissues, dry tissues (if not in the pockets already!), some bandages and snacks, water supply, keys!

IrinaZG 317 days ago

What I always carry

... in my man bag: reading (in case I get stuck somewhere), kleenex (1,001 uses) and something to write on, in case I get inspired. Plus some tea bags.

Christopher Stephens 317 days ago

Gym Clothes

I would keep my gym clothes and shoes in this bag so that I could stop at the gym on my ride home from work. I would love to sport this Halo bag!

Lauren T 317 days ago

long, dark alaskan winters

what a perfect bag for our 23 hour, deepest, darkest winter soltice riding!

janet north 317 days ago

Max, the dog !

i've been gradually training our 20 pounds schnauzer to feel comfortable in a messenger bag and on my back, he's getting better, so once he's ready to come with us for actual bike rides he definitely deserves that Rickshaw/Halo bag !

timredkitten@gmail.com 317 days ago

Halo Messenger bag

I would carry all my essentials (cell, earphones, papers, wallet, lunch, umbrella...). The light is a nice had for bike commuting.

Olivier Thomas 317 days ago

rickshaw bagworks halo zero messenger bag

Great bag ! Would of course use it to pack snack for the family !

Tara Christie 317 days ago

photo time

I would carry my camera so im always ready for any photo opportunity.

Tracey Bombard 318 days ago


Beer to celebratea great ride.

John Bombard 318 days ago


As an avid cyclist and reader I would carry my books so that when I stop to take break I will always have something to read.

Dan Hanton 318 days ago

Rickshaw Bagworks Halo Zero Messenger Bag

I would carry my Camera for easy access.

Matthew LeDrew 318 days ago

cell phone, wallet, keys, whiskey;) fun

Ride on in style

timothy 318 days ago

Work and school

This would be my default work bag and also carry my daughter's lunchbag as I bike her to school

Justin 318 days ago

Rickshaw Messenger bag

I would carry my lunch and kindle in it as I road to work on my Canondale each morning!

Debra 318 days ago

Rickshaw bag

I would have a rain coat on hand, a book and perhaps a snack.

Catherine 318 days ago

Rickshaw Messenger Bag

I would stuff my sunglasses, bike lights, wallet, cell phone and a vest or windbreaker in this handy bike bag.

Maria Jackman 318 days ago

Halo zero messenger bag

I would carry my wallet, my lunch for work, water, my camera, and daytimer! Maybe throw in a scarf or light rain jacket in case the weather changes.

Chelsea 318 days ago

Hello Halo

I'll be carrying binders, clothes, food... pretty boring stuff. But at least I'll be visible!

Daniel Yen-Chiu 318 days ago

Best bag ever

I need a bag as I commute to work and most of the time I end up working late and have to ride at night. Having this bag would not only make carrying stuff easier but being more visible at night is superb. As safety is key the better cars can see me the better.

Tim Lee 318 days ago

All in a day's work

A bag of harpsichord repair tools (tuning hammers, spare strings and plectra) and a portable recording studio - laptop, microphones, cables, etc. The mic stands wouldn't fit in the bag, unfortunately, so they have to be slung over the other shoulder. Oh, and a binder of music for the gig, of course!

Jonathan Addleman 318 days ago

I'd carry -

Laptop, smartphone, a book, wallet, a snack, spare tube, fix kit, and my lock.

P Molnar 318 days ago

What would I carry in this bag?

iPad, phone, keys, wallet, papers for work, book to read (or ereader), first aid kit, pen, moleskine Smart Evernote notebook, gluten free snacks and a travel mug (when empty).

Laura Chutny 318 days ago

My messbag is for -

weekly groceries, event poster & flyer distribution, and carrying whatever else I need when riding!

gtjoe 318 days ago

In my bag you'd find...

a sammich, a lock, a repair kit, a beer, my phone, a notebook, extra socks, pen, some change, blinky lights, wallet, another beer, a baseball, a picture of my kids, spare tube, and a hat.

J Leddy 318 days ago

What I will Carry

Water, Tablet, Camera and esoteric brick-a-brack. It will more or less become a man purse

Mark Beauchamp 318 days ago

Perfect Papa & baby bag

I would carry all of those bits that are part of my required load these days now that I have a child. Diapers, wet-bag for old clothes etc, food for the little guy, a camera, notebook and writing and drawing supplies!

Doug CohenMiller 318 days ago

Daily commute

Items i shall carry include repair kit, work clothes, gym clothes, rain gear, a book or two and a bike lock and groceries.

Jacob H 318 days ago

Daily Essentials

I'll carry my sketchbook, pencils, field notes book, bike lock, aspirin, lunch, change of underwear, tools for roadside repair, headphones, batteries and my butt if someone hits me from behind.

Bryan Moats 318 days ago

Kid stuff

I take my kid to school and back most days on the bus. It's a long ride, so I always bring a book, a "friend" (one of his stuffed animals) and a snack. I'd love to carry them in my new Rickshaw bag!

tb 318 days ago

My favourite thing in my bag!

It would have to be my little chihuahua who loves to ride with me around town! Extra pockets for the moneys.

Madhuri Kaul 318 days ago

What I'll carry:

My iPad, pens, moleskine notebook, and Levenger Circa notebook. I will also carry my Apple bluetooth keyboard, and Sony digital camera. When I'm biking, will carry a spare tube, and my Park Tool

James Triguero 318 days ago

hell or heaven depends on what i will keep in Rickshaw Halo Zero Messenger Bag

Given that i am a pastor i will carry my Bible, my tablet, my copy of Robert's Rule of Orders and the latest Stephen King novel i am reading in my bag. In short... both hell and heaven will be in my Halo Zero Messenger Bag, if i should win it.

jacobbirch@gmail.com 318 days ago

Zero messager bag

I would carry my phone, cash, books, my gps if i wasnt using it, art supplies or more-depends on where i was going :)

Linda 318 days ago

Messenger Bag

I would keep a change of clothes for my evening yoga class and a snack for the way home.

Steven Ozer 318 days ago

messenger bag

I'd keep my ID, $/cards, umbrella, change of clothes for work, snacks and maybe a drink..

Ashley B 318 days ago