September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

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It's the best time, no heat and no humidity, so it's the best!

Irina 350 days ago

Autumn rides

The morning begins cool...even crisp. No matter how many times you've done it you still wonder if you are making a mistake not wearing knee warmers. Legs feel just a little stiffer than they did last month and you wonder if this ride will hurt more than it should. After you get rolling and your body like the weather begins to warm things begin to fall into place. Your pace quickens, you shed your arm warmers and begin wondering if you can still get the first fallen leaves raked if you ride an extra hour?

Duncan 350 days ago

what I enjoy most about autumn rides

I love all the same things that I love about riding in every season, namely, fun, adventure and convenience. with autumn rides come the wonderful smells and sights of the new season: mouldering leaves, calling geese, apples ripening, the wind from the lake. It is also pleasant not to be so hot!

Alison Hackney 350 days ago

Autumn in So Cal

you really can't tell it's Autumn in southern California but when it is the months of October through December I do enjoy the cooler air especially when riding to work. I love the crisp air and setting some of the trees changing colors.

Luke Lopez 351 days ago

Autumn in So Cal

you really can't tell it's Autumn in southern California but when it is the months of October through December I do enjoy the cooler air especially when riding to work. I love the crisp air and setting some of the trees changing colors.

Luke Lopez 351 days ago

Autumn rides in the Sacramento Valley

Autumn rides are a joy here in the Davis, CA, as cool air starts taking over for the intense heat of the summer and the colors of the sunset become more vivid!

Judy Leatherman 351 days ago

autumn rides

Autumn bike rides here in the Sacramento Valley are a welcome relief from the heat of the summer! Temperatures cool down and the sun is less intense so biking becomes a joy!

Judy Leatherman 351 days ago


The colors in the river valley will be come more reds/browns and quite pretty as the seaon matures. Who doesn't wantvto see that?

Russell Price 351 days ago

A Ride in Autumn

The best thing about an Autumn ride here in the Southeast is that the sun may still be bright and summer-like, but the temperature and humidity decrease to much more comfortable levels, making for a more pleasant biking experience.

William Killeffer 351 days ago

Autumn Rides! Tempature

I have to say one thing... Temperature and breezes. Oh and seeing the fall colors : )

Shelby 351 days ago


I love wearing more than a t-shirt. Of having a scarf blowing in the wind and flashing groovy knee highs with my shorts. I love the crisp air, gloves, birds with destinations. I savour every last ride that has no snow.

Kim Wilton 351 days ago

Autumn rides

I love starting out a bit cool, then slowly heating as I ride (uphill) to the university, reaching a state of comfortable warmth but without breaking a sweat. The cool autumn air blowing through my wool sweater regulates me just right. Foggy days are even better!

Robin Rombs 351 days ago

The Angle of the Sun

Nothing feels better in Phoenix then watching the sun tilt a bit to the south and knowing that angle will bring cool rides and a happy farewell to hundred degree mornings.

Loren LaPlante 351 days ago

Crisp Air

I love the cold crisp air. I also love to pull out my colder weather gear!

Amy 352 days ago

Long sleeves

I love autumn rides because its time to consider bringing another layer along & covering up in long sleeves

Allison 352 days ago

Smell of the air\leaves

Fall is my favourite season, I love riding during fall as I get to enjoy the cool crisp air and the beautiful colors of leaves

Andrew P 352 days ago

cool commuting

As the summer sun drifts away, commuting to work on my bicycle requires a few more layers and steps in preparation. Adding a sweater, adding another blinking light, adding my steaming coffee mug to the cup holder on my handlebars! With the extra preparation, I am rewarded with the golden sun just on the horizon, the crackle of drying leaves on the pavement, and the smell of the fall harvest in the air as I make my merry way to work.

Victoria Levesque 352 days ago

Back to School

She gets on the bus, I hop on my bike. She knows I'm following her yet she's nowhere to be seen.
As the bus pulls into the school driveway, her little hand slowly rises above the rear window sill, gives me a goodbye wave and quickly disappears. The image stays with me for the next 20 miles as I commute to work.
I love autumn rides...

Harout Dedeyan 352 days ago

Beautiful colours

The best things about fall riding are watching the leaves turn colour, and the weather is cool but still sunny!

Beng 352 days ago

Quieter routes

Cycling in the autumn is great. First, there are fewer cyclists out on the road to jostle me about during my commute so there's less stress. Second, the air is cool and crisp so I don't arrive to work like a wilted mess.

Cecile 352 days ago

Cool air

Cool, late evenings when the city streets are emptier and nothing can stop me.

Heikki 352 days ago

Crisp Leaves

The crunch of the crisp leaves underneath my tires as I glide along in the cool breeze.

Arden 353 days ago

Crisp Leaves

The crunch of the crisp leaves underneath my tires as I glide along in the cool breeze.

Arden 353 days ago

Crisp Leaves

The crunch of the crisp leaves underneath my tires as I glide along in the cool breeze.

Arden 353 days ago

Crisp Leaves

The crunch of the crisp leaves underneath my tires as I glide along in the cool breeze.

Arden 353 days ago

Crisp Leaves

The crunch of the crisp leaves underneath my tires as I glide along in the cool breeze.

Arden 353 days ago

Crisp Leaves

The crunch of the crisp leaves underneath my tires as I glide along in the cool breeze

Arden 353 days ago

Being able to see really far

Because there are less leaves on the trees!

Iris W. 353 days ago


...the flying monkey theme from Wizard of Oz as I sail through falling clouds of leaves.

Jun Z. 353 days ago

Autumn riding

I love fall colors and great weather.

Josef Forsberg 353 days ago

Cycling on an Autumn Day

Besides being my favourite season, an autumn cycles are spectacular for the sunny days, cool crisp air, and beautiful foliage. Have all this while travelling on a quiet cycle path--it's bliss!

Moreno Zanotto 353 days ago

cool breezes

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danny 353 days ago

Sweat Free Work Rides!

Summer mornings are beautiful, and I'm pretty sure when the snow starts flying, I'll miss the summer morning rides to work. However, fall provides me the best of both; brisk air in the morning as well as not arriving to work needing to change shirts, towel dry, wash up, etc from the excessive sweat from the ride in. Cheers to fall bike commuitng and perfect mountain bike temps!

Kevin 353 days ago

Riding in the rain

Wear a poncho and smell the automn!

David Viens 353 days ago

Illuminated messenger bag

This will be great to get my six pack of beer back home to my balcony

Alan Magnusson 353 days ago


The crisp smells!

Amy 354 days ago

Autumn rides are awesome

Riding in the fall is like taking the best of each season and dropping it into a bucket and pouring it all over the just cooling down earth. There is clean and crisp air in the morning, with lots of oxygen and sometimes a little dew. There are spectacular sunny days that allow you to go a ride at noon if you want. And then there are seasons of flowers and animals hushing around looking for shelter before the winter comes. All that is being accomapnied by incredible colors of leaves sighing their last breathes for the year.

It's beautiful.

Jan 354 days ago

Finally, I can breathe!

Fall rides mean longer miles, cooler temperatures, "normal" ride times (instead of trying to schedule around the scorching sun and the hot air). All of which allow me to pull my son in the bike trailer without fear of him over heating.
However, this year, it also means actually checking the weather or possibly being swept away by the flash floods!

Paul Hosmanek 354 days ago

Watch Out!

Sure we get cooler weather in Vegas... Instead of frying in the sun, it starts to feel like the Midwest. But what I like most about riding my bike in the Fall (especially on a trail) is that I notice we have a second "spring"... there are some flowers that come out and bloom again, there are more critters out and about... like tarantulas! :o)
Regardless of the season, I love to bike because it gives me a sense of freedom!

Suzie 354 days ago

Less Crowds, Fiery Foliage....

What's great about autumn rides? Cooler rides means less sweaty backs when cycling with a loaded backpack. Another great plus is less crowds on more popular cycling routes such as the Seawall. Yes, we must also deal with the rain. But when you're properly dressed, who cares about a bit of Vancouver drizzle? But the best part is to see the season's change in colour. All the fiery oranges, reds, golden yellows of the leaves turning before the winter's wake. And to be able soak it all in through sight and smell while cycling on my's a pretty cool experience, especially after a rainfall.

Catherine Maw 354 days ago

fall rides

love riding my mountain bike on the trail of Gatineau park when they're covered in multicolour dead leaves 354 days ago

Light, Color, Action! The 5 reasons why you should love Fall rides

What is great about riding in the Autumn is 1) you don't sweat to death from heat; 2) The colors in all their splendor and glory are quite magnificent; 3) The light and how it bounce s off everything lets you know that summer is gone and cooler of shade of grey light of winter will be approaching; 4) the ability to ride trails and get fantastic photos are all the reasons why I like autumn rides; and 5) the ability to carry all my photography and farmer market purchases in a Rickshaw Bagworks with a Halo Belt would be ever so trendy and cool.

Lisa Pierson 354 days ago

Wind beneath my...

I love the feeling of a slight breeze hitting my rose colored cheeks and getting the slightest chill from the fall air.

traceyp. 354 days ago

Leaves under the tires

My favorite part of fall rides, is riding down a tree-lined lane, and listening to the soft crunch of the fallen leaves under my tires.

Kendall Hill 354 days ago

Riding in the fall

My favorite part of riding in autumn is that it's finally warm in San Francisco- the gloomy fog of July and August is over. The sea breeze whips the flags on the sail boats along the piers here. I ride along the Embarcadero day and night, so the Zero bag would help me be visible while hauling all my books home.

Janie 355 days ago

Autumn Rides

Autumn is my favourite time of year because of its beautiful nature scenery. The continuous changes in colour makes each bike ride different from the previous making the whole experience unpredictable and adventurous.

Sophia 355 days ago

Filtering Sunlight

Autumn bike rides in Vancouver means still having the sun up after work and being able to ride under the changing colours in the trees. The beauty of the light coming through is just unforgettable. Plus, it's cool enough for me to wear my favourite cable knit sweater.
Also, who doesn't love the sound of crunching leaves under bike tires?
And I like to think I'm pretty cute when I come home with rosy cheeks from that nip in the air!

Angela Jarvis 355 days ago

the riding weather is the best

It feels so comfortable to ride when the weather is just cool enough to keep me cool in a long sleeve shirt, as long as I keep riding. Of coarse once I stop the body heat catches up to me but while on the bike the balance is so comfortable like a warm ocean swim.

Albert 355 days ago

Autumn rides in Wisconsin

What I like most about autumn rides in Wisconsin is that it is one more day to ride before the snow comes...

Ali Vadeboncoeur 355 days ago

Fall riding in Maine is second to none

I love finding a quiet, off road bike path, canopied by trees, with a low setting sun and the smell of the leaves as I ride by. Always nice to warm up after with hot cider!

amainegal 355 days ago

during the autumn...

every day is a tweed ride!

washingtony 355 days ago

Autumn Rides

What I enjoy most about autumn rides is getting rid of the stress of the day with the beautiful colors of fall, invigorating weather, and the wonderful smells of fall! Riding my bike helps me stay sane and always improves my mood and when combined with fall, it's the most wonderful time of the year! :)

Lenie 355 days ago

Autumnal Rides

Less sweat, more consistent weather.

Scott Cramer 355 days ago

Fall rides

No mosquitos nor horse flies.

C byron 355 days ago

I enjoy the crisp air of fall rides

What I most enjoy about autumn rides is the crisp air.

Barbara Leiterman 356 days ago

Autumn rides bring Autumn colors Duh!!!

I love the new colors and layers that come with Autumn. Autumn is always a great excuse to get some new outfit for your bike or yourself. Its one of the few times you can get away with a nice fall blazer, shorts and the ohhh so sweet argyle or brightly patterned socks and not look like a complete lunatic.

Hamzaa 356 days ago

Autumn rides

Love the vibe of the fall and seeing a lot of students on bicycles from young to old.

Emilia 356 days ago

Autumn Rides

I enjoy the cooler temperatures and there is just something about the quality of the sunlight.

Matthew LeDrew 356 days ago

autumn rides

I love the cool crisp yet comfortable fall air where you can throw on a jean jacket and a scarf and be totally comfortable!

sarah 356 days ago

Autumn Rides

I enjoy the beautiful sunrises coming up above the mountain on my morning commute and the occasional setting of the moon looking like it is rolling down Glassford Hill Mountain near my home.

Beth 356 days ago

Not sweating

cooler temperatures

Rob Hendricks 356 days ago

beautiful colours

I love looking at all the fall colours

tracey bombard 356 days ago

the crunch of leaves

I love autumn the best. Cool evening air, crisp clean air and the colours of the leaves

john bombard 356 days ago

Autumn bike rides

One of my favourite things about autumn rides is when it gets cooler--but not so cold that you really need to layer up! I love wearing scarves and the fall is the perfect time to keep your chest warm and be super stylish at the same time! Heheh.

T Nh 356 days ago

Cool dry air...

Autumn is the best time of year in California. We don't have the fall colors, but everything else is great, almost magical!

Mark 356 days ago


I love riding to school - any excuse to get in the saddle!

florence fan 356 days ago

Autumn Rides

Fall colors and cooler temps!

Rithy Khut 356 days ago

Autumn rides

Are the best because the its nice and cool! Not to mention the throngs of tourists are gone.

calvin lee 356 days ago

Autumn Rides

What I like best is the temperature is so cool, the air is low humidity, and people are generally friendly.

Kelley Westenhoff 356 days ago

What I enjoy most about Autum rides

Love autum rides through tree covered areas. The leaves change the rainbow of colors. The daylight get a bit darker and that can be fun depending on where you are riding.

seth kreiss 356 days ago


I love the Autumn leaves - red, gold, and orange - and how they flutter when you ride through them.

Andrea 356 days ago

Autumn rides

Cooler weather and, soon, a chance to wear some things I haven't worn in a while.

Miranda Cox 356 days ago

Riding a bike in autumn is great because

everything is perfect.

Randy 356 days ago

autumn rides

I love the cooler weather and watching the colors change on fall bike rides.

Deanne 356 days ago

autumn rides

I love that in the autumn my ride starts out a bit chilly but in no time thanks to the cardio workout i am getting i am warm and enjoying the fall colours.

jake birch 356 days ago

Colors and cool temps

In autumn, I like to ride in cool temperature, enjoying the colors of the leaves. It's perfect to ride to be prepare for the skiing season !!!

Olivier Thomas 356 days ago


Perfect size to carry all of the essentials!

Kirsten Daniels 356 days ago

Perfect days

I commute to work, so autum rides mean cool mornings and evenings, still not too cold on the way to work and a nice breeze on the way home.

Gina HM 356 days ago

autumn rides

I absolutely love the foggy mornings followed by (hopefully) sun later in the day as I live near saltwater. The leaves crunching and the smell of crabapples!

Darcy Allen 356 days ago

Autumn rides mean...

Long sleeves.

J Leddy 356 days ago


I love riding in the rain but being dry under all my rain gear.

Jessica 356 days ago

Fall leaf colours

I love riding in the fall with the beautiful leaves and this bag will come in very handy when I return at night.

Peter Shaw 356 days ago

Night riding

This will be the best item for riding at night which I do a lot.

Sande MacEachern 356 days ago

The weather, of course

I love the cooler weather. I can ride hard and not get all sweaty like I do in the summer months.

Dave 356 days ago

Sunrises and Weather

The mornings are nice, brisk and calm and the sun is rising during prime commuting time.

Kris Fruin 356 days ago

It's the weather, of course

Knowing that you won't be fighting the elements - that's the best part of riding in the autumn.

Christopher 356 days ago

Autumn Rides

I love being able to ride in the coolness of the morning and the evening and not be sweating! As I ride often at night, I would get a lot of use out of this wonderful, illuminated bag and I love the fact that it was created with the environment in mind. I make a practice of sourcing eco-friendly products!

Karen 356 days ago

Autumn rides

What I love most about autumn rides are the crispness that is beginning to creep into the air, but it's hard not also to love watching the landscape change daily as the leaves begin to change color and the grasses and flowers droop and turn a modest brown.

Yvonne Zipter 356 days ago