January 20, 2013

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The Rickshaw Bag

I'd carry a bike lock, ipod, laptop, books, spare jacket, lunch, pens, and a film camera.

Ash more than 1 year ago

Rickshaw bag

I'd carry a spare tube and tools, my helicopter headset and flight books, and some post flight snacks.

Thomas O'Donnell more than 1 year ago

In the bag

This looks like a great commuter bag for my laptop, my lunch, and the a book. On weekends: some library books, snacks for the kids, food from the store.

Mark more than 1 year ago

Rickshaw Bagworks backpack contest

Roadside repair tools, spare batteries.
Laptop and materials for GVCC meetings.
Couple of copies of Bike Sense.
Couple of copies of Cycle Therapy.

Jim Alix more than 1 year ago

Rickshaw Bagworks' Velo Backpack


I recently retired and ride my bike almost everyday. In my new Rickshaw Bagworks' Velo Backpack, I will not need to carry computers, iPads, change of clothes, or anything related to the world of work!
So, I will carry whatever the hell I want! This is just one of the beauties of being retired.

Dennis Matheson more than 1 year ago

The important stuff

I will carry my carving board, tools and project wood for those warm days carving fun things trailside. I will also bring have my trusty red thermos full of hot coffee. Proably stuff my iPad in the laptop sleeve for those quick stops to get my thermos refilled.

Jim Fluharty-Cooper more than 1 year ago

If I win the bag

Swore I already entered but do not see my comment.
If I win, I will carry work laptop, change of clothes for after work, spare tubes, patch kit, tools, backup light, lunch. Ya know, the essentials

seth more than 1 year ago

rickshaw bagworks backpack contest

I will carry my lunch, groceries, pump, flat-fixing-stuff and my shoes and stuff for work. :-)

Ken Mitchell more than 1 year ago

rickshaw bag

Definitely useful in transporting the kids snacks to the park !

Tara Christie more than 1 year ago

Lots of stuff

I would definitely use this to carry my laptop to class, writing materials, food--basically everything I need. Ummmm I feel like this is a really boring response, but it's true! Oh, and tea. Yay tea!

Tamara more than 1 year ago

great for gear and writing material

Rickshaw is perfect for carrying tech gear and writing material.

Bob McInnis more than 1 year ago

Rickshaw bag contest

On work days, I'd carry my usual - change of clothes, laptop/tablet, some fruit and snacks, point and shoot camera. On non-work days, tablet/e-book reader, jacket/sweater (depending on weather of course), munchies

Ralph Branch more than 1 year ago

rickshaw bag

Soup. Not in a container, but right in the bag (it's water-proof, right?) Hey - is it microwave safe?

rich gunn more than 1 year ago

velo backpack

i'd carry my usuals...laptop (when needed), charger(s), extra shirt/hat, leatherman tool & flashlight, a book & magazine (never know where you'll get stuck!), headphones for my phone, meds... and anything i might need for that specific day depending on where my travels take me! ...and my slippers when wearing clip shoes!!!


brandon more than 1 year ago

Passing on old....

If I won a new bag I would pass on my old Banjo Bros and Timbuk2 bags (both used daily) to my two cycling sons.

Darin more than 1 year ago

100% sparkle.

Well, it's hard to know for sure, but the most likely answer is surely canned unicorn meat.

Linn more than 1 year ago


Along with my laptop, file folders, rain jacket, fruit, and office keys, I will, once each week, carry flowers across the Hawthorne Bridge to my beautiful, hard working wife, at her office in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Jon more than 1 year ago

Rickshaw Bagworks' Velo Backpack!

Everything I need to do the Bike MS ride this year for my 4th time! And of course, drinks for after the ride will replace the bike gear at the end of each day. ;-)

Suzanne Perkins more than 1 year ago


I would luv to have this to carry my paperwork and laptop for my volunteer meetings would be so cool.

deb butterflys more than 1 year ago

Bowling ball!

If I had won this already, it would be coming with me for a very chilly "full moon werewolf ride" tomorrow night to the bowling alley. So lucky for my future Velo Backpack, it will be spared this time from carrying my bowling ball, nasty old shoes and beer. Its hard to say exactly what I will put in it when I win, but it better come prepared to give 110%.

Douglas more than 1 year ago

Commuting, hiking, etc.

Commuting needs (gloves, headphones, sunglasses,laptop, earmuffs)
Hiking needs (snacks, water, binoculars,) so many things!!! :)

Sarah Hardin more than 1 year ago

kid stuff

I'd attach this bag to my new-to-me Yuba Mundo and fill it with drinks and snacks for the 2 kids riding behind me.

michelle more than 1 year ago

Beer and nachos

everything for a great day at the beach! Beer, nacho chips, flip flops, sunscreen, towel, and mini boom box

josh more than 1 year ago

Beer, always beer

Dude, I like hate carrying stuff on my back, but that's like, why I got a cargo bike. So I'd like put this sweet backpack in my cargo side loaders and fill it with beer, you know, like growlers, or bottles, or even cans, and ride the F home. Righteous!

Rob more than 1 year ago

Velo Backpack Contents

I would pack along my iPad, iPhone, Kindle and Moleskine. All my charging cords, extra glasses, eye drops, ibuprofen, a smaller Moleskine, two pens (Zebra F-301).

Those are the essentials. Some days, like today, I'd include a necktie (shoot me!) and a camera. Hmm....with the iDevices, I guess that's three cameras. Get the picture? Once in a great while, the trusty old MacBook, or a Bluetooth keyboard to go with the iPad.

Dave Danielson more than 1 year ago

commuting stuff

Regular everyday commuting to work. Clothes, food, electronics.

Adam more than 1 year ago

What I'd carry

I'd carry my extra clothes to change into once I get to work, my lunch, my coffee thermos, my snacks, my wallet, my phone- basically everything I'd need at work when I commute. It would be awesome.

Becky Billingsley more than 1 year ago

Craft Beer!

A re-fillable growler of locally brewed craft beer from one of the many bike-friendly breweries in my neighbourhood.

Dean McLeod more than 1 year ago

and it's made in the USA!

My little Rickshaw bag is lonely. It needs a big sister to carry more stuff on the bike.

Mae more than 1 year ago

Just the essentials

My bag is always packed to survive the next 24 hours, because it travels with me to work, the gym, friends’ houses, and spontaneous destinations alike. Some mornings, I realize I won’t be home for the next three days, and I pack very carefully.

The Essentials

Every day: water bottle filled with Nuun-charged water, a change of clothes and shoes, a toiletry bag, and my waterproof swim/weightlifting log book.
On cold days: white fuzzy hat, fuzzy houndstooth gloves, and an extra pair of tights.
Sunday nights: the week’s groceries, including a bottle of Sangiovese if I’ve stuck to my budget.
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: swim suit, swim cap, goggles, and flip flops.
Tuesdays and Fridays: red weightlifting sneakers.
Saturday nights: high heels and dark chocolate.

Vanessa Naylon more than 1 year ago

School Girl

I recently just purchased my first bike. This past summer I read up on blogs and books on the bicycle culture and wanted to change my life to model that. I never liked driving because of being hit and the recklessness that sometimes comes with it and so I opt for a bike. If I were to win the Rickshaw Bagworks' Velo Backpack, I would carry my laptop in it, a notepad, blue pens (because they are my favorite), my camera and a sketch pad. I feel like life is too beautiful for us not to enjoy it somehow. If I win this bag, it would also help with people seeing me while riding, especially from the library and the lack of lights on the street. I try to wear as many bright clothing as possible, but sometimes its not enough. I have always been concerned with that and really wanted a bag by Rickshaw but it's a bit expensive with graduation coming up and paying for those needs.

Amber more than 1 year ago


That bag will carry lunches, picnics, bottles of wine and thermoses of tea, groceries and kitty toys and plumbing fixtures, replacement bike tubes and laundry soap. It will carry just about everything that my life could need, and it will carry it back to my place, around the neighborhood, to work, out for a sunday spin, and down to my girlfriends!!

Rick Pasley more than 1 year ago

Oh,Sweet Blindness

A little magic,
A little kindness,
Oh, sweet blindness,
All over me.

Barbara Bandhauer more than 1 year ago

messenger bag

I just started riding, that bag would be cool to carry around my sticker/art, & help out with quick trips to store.

Jason Freeman more than 1 year ago

Backpacking my baby to Broadway.

Downtown style and everything.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

New Commuter

I have a new job and it will be great to use a bag to carry my laptop to and from work. Add to that the regular day to day things of a lock, lunch, clothes, tubes, pump, and other knock knoacks I need through the day. Awesome!

Corny more than 1 year ago

Bag to go on beer runs

I am avid bike rider now, but it all started because I needed to use it as transport. I always go to the grocery store to pick up the needed item and one item is beer. I like to try new beers all the time. Right now this bag would being carry Sierra Nevada Bigfoot ale and some Stone IPA too. Also, this bag will of course help me carry my stuff when I ride 10 miles to work; clothes, lock, lights, food, sometimes shoes.

David more than 1 year ago

Same as my messenger bad

I carry a messenger bag, so same stuff. A couple of point and shoot, a spare meal supplement, a small water bottle, and some papers, and my lotto ticket.

Allan Harmsworth more than 1 year ago

It'll go everywhere, man

This bag will be my lifeline when I'm on the road, which is all the freaking time. It'll house my MacBook, iDevice chargers, Moleskine folio, assorted paperwork, and anything else I need for my travels both on the road and in the sky.

Ed more than 1 year ago

A bigger bag

I own the small Zero messenger bag and would like a bag w/ more room. I'm currently carrying a camera, bike lock, water bottle, bike pump, bike lights, and a bike tool. Would love to fit in a tablet, book(s), and maybe a laptop if I had a larger bag.

Richie more than 1 year ago

Still trying to figure it out.

I'm in my early 50's, and even though I've been biking for years-- I still have a hard time getting it right. Most of the time the bags I use are adequate enough starting out but by the time I return, I lose room for important things I purchase, usually so that I can save a trip another day. I'm hoping this bag is roomy! I love it's stated features. I already carry a change of clothes (so I can get out of my uniform) windbreaker and gloves. But soon I'm purchasing a six pound lithium battery because my distance will be increasing. I ride an eBike, which sits a little heavy. So weight matters and I need to stay as light as possible and still be safe. Thanks for the opportunity!

Regina Cruz more than 1 year ago

What to carry.

I would carry cats. That's right. I would put my cats in there and take them to the vet.

Dave more than 1 year ago

A bag that works!

I would use this bag to replace my current non-water-resistant backpack (great for Vancouver) to carry food, a laptop, and books for school.

Dan more than 1 year ago

RE: For My Multi-modal commute

Been looking for a bag that will carry everything the kind of commute found here >>
biz attire, shoes, small toiletries, external HDD, power bars and everything in between.

Prattle On, Boyo more than 1 year ago


I would carry my lunch and anything i would need to change
a flat on my bike

keith gorham more than 1 year ago

Velo Packpack

Although I'm bit a wee hobbit, I would carry the velo backpack whilst biking into Mordor to show the rest of middle earth that cycling is a superior form of transport.

Bilbo more than 1 year ago

Work and School

Since I'm going back to school in a few months this bag would carry my MacBook Air, iPad, schoolbooks, moleskin, pens, digital recorder, and possibly my kindle as well since I will be reading school material on it.

William more than 1 year ago


I would carry a change of cloths, camera and my lunch. It would be great for commuting to work and school. Cool Bag!

Charlie Lawrence more than 1 year ago

Perfect bag

Coat & scarf, current knitting project, notebook, a Neil Gaiman book, ginger candies & a little bottle of Tabasco (cause you never know).

Jen more than 1 year ago

From diapers and snacks to gym clothes and iPad

I would use thus for traveling with my toddler as well as trips to the gym. It would also work great for day to day use, carrying all my supples to work (iPad, headphones, lunch, makeup, keys, etc.).

Alissa more than 1 year ago

love this bag!

As a full time liveaboard sailor, with a bicycle as my land transport, this marvelous bag will help transport groceries, laundry, boat parts, library books and any number of items needed on a cruising sailboat. I would like to have this bag especially to attach to my folding bike trailer. I also think it would be a practical carry-on bag when traveling by train, bus or plane. Not bad for an impromptu picnic at the beach or just land sight seeing.

Susan Jachimiec more than 1 year ago

Everything but the kitchen sink...

...because it looks like it can hold it all! At the very least, my wallet, a sweater, and a notebook with my latest screenplay-in-progress.

Kara more than 1 year ago

what won't I carry

sounds like it can do it all

Patti more than 1 year ago

Doggy rickshaw!!

Looks like the perfect size to take my little chihuahua Coco around town in style!

Madhuri more than 1 year ago

Everyday personal stuff

Just the everyday stuff I need to commute to work on nuclear submarines

Scott C more than 1 year ago

An odd assortment

An extra pair of socks, a change of clothes, maybe some shoes.
A pair of shoe covers and a shower cap for my helmet when it rains!
Extra lights
Keys, Wallet, Cellphone
A french textbook and flash cards
Some snacks
Whatever crafty things I like: fabric, buttons, paper, paint, bizarre decorative items from the thrift store...
In the summer, probably a carefully cushioned potted plant or two!
Out to party: A wrap and a funky dress, some sparkly shoes, beer or wine, a bottle opener, more snacks!

Laura more than 1 year ago

art majors problem...

Finally I can bring home all my projects from past semesters without looking like a crazy person on the subway! and yes, i made some weird stuffs at school.


ming more than 1 year ago

My bag will carry treasures!

I'll be sailing with the Tall Ships this summer, and can only pack what will fit in my bunk. That will be my folding bike, so that when we are in port I can bike to town and pick up all the treasures my fellow sailors have missed while out to sea.

Deanne Fridley more than 1 year ago

My bug-out-bag...

1. 1Q84 by Murakami
2. Solar/bike-powered iPhone charger
3. Balaclava/cycling cap
4. Tubes/lubes/wrenches
5. At least 2 bottles of scotch (medicinal and useful!)
6. Oiled wool rainwear
7. Campfire espresso maker
8. Headlamp/bike light
9. Rain booties
10. Extra socks
11. Something sharp and weighty
12. Chamois Cream

Chris L more than 1 year ago

What I Would Carry

Two pairs of gloves, back up wool balaclava, everything else I need for winter commuting in Minnesota (brrr).

Jessica more than 1 year ago

A bag full of awesome

Maybe my lunch, an extra layer for warmth, my wallet and phone don't sound awesome, but they would *seem* way more awesome if I were to carry them in that sweet bag.

Ginger more than 1 year ago

A gift for all of us!

I would carry a few of my own things, but it would mostly be filled with my kids gear--from bandaids for boo-boos to sippy cups to keep them hydrated!

Gwyn more than 1 year ago

in the bag

In the bag I'd carry my camera to photograpy all the beauty my eyes capture while riding, a journal to record the feeling of the riding adventure, a scarf ( always carry a pretty scarf) a sweater for the cooler weather.. a bike pump, just in case of a flat, a a bike lock and of course a reuseable coffee tumbler for when I ride over to visit the local shop.

J. Sharp more than 1 year ago

Rickshaw Bagworks' Velo Backpack

I'd Be Able To Carry All My Nursing Instruments And Gadgets And Look's Like My Lunch Tote Would Fit In There Too! Be The Velo Of All My Fellow Nurses! Thank's For The Awesome Chance To Win!

Maree Grandy more than 1 year ago

What else but...

The latest copy of Momentum magazine!

Yuri Artibise more than 1 year ago

the bag of many

The bag would carry small instruments such as my ukelele, drum sticks,small synth and sheet music to band practice. It would also carry my weekly dose of groceries from the supermarket. Not to forget my books to the library and my umbrella if it is raining (and i'm not on my bike). For late night rides, the bike will carry bottles of homebrew or wine for dinner dates. And when i'm feeling the sun it will bring a towel, loads of sunscreen & a nifty bathing suit. Oh and lets not forget, some really important bike tools & hand pump tucked away for all time use.

Lise more than 1 year ago

what I would use the backpack for....

It would be used to biking to work (taking with me what I need, apron, hat etc.). It would also have my lunch it it for work. I could use it for taking my gym clothes with me to the gym, cycling gear to spin class, over night bag when I am going to be away (such as the Ottawa Bicycle Club's annual Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour). The possible uses I could use it for are endless!

Kathleen more than 1 year ago

Grocery Getter

I will use on my shopping trips with my bike. Looks like it can hold a lot of fresh veggies from the farmers market!

Heidi more than 1 year ago

in my bag

I would carry my wallet, lipstick, notepad, probably at least two pens and a sharpened pencil, a change of shoes, a scarf regardless of the season, WATER, my latest knitting project, whatever I'm reading, IPad, and a snack! It would be perfect on and off the bike!

Karen P S more than 1 year ago

Really important stuff, including...

... a photo of Don Ameche, duct tape, a sample of igneous rock, a copy of my will, a black hole starter kit, five ladybugs, one croquet ball, a well-worn copy of Great Expectations, two wool socks (one with a hole in the heel), three Ron English stickers, an expired bus pass, a crow feather, a key to a luggage locker at LAX, an empty yogurt container and an old book of matches that strikes on the wrong side.

Rebecca Roush more than 1 year ago


Beer, cheese, bread, and a hammock. What more could you need?

Casey C more than 1 year ago

Everything I need

Lunch, clothes, groceries, music, books, a few tools. Flowers occasionally

Randy Gatley more than 1 year ago


Work stuff

mike gionta more than 1 year ago

everything fit to carry

Laptop, iPod, earbuds, cables, cameras, memory sticks, work paraphernalia, meds, pens, pocket knife, tools, swim fins, fin booties, swim paddles, Speedo, swim goggles, towel, work clothes, razor, shampoo, bike lock, keys, gloves, hat, mittens, raincoat, sunglasses, reading glasses, notebook, business cards, and Momentum.

Peter Mac more than 1 year ago

stuff for work and play

Files and writing utensils for work; gorp/hats/sunscreen/bug spray for play!

Iris Winter more than 1 year ago

Gear, lots of gear

Library books, bike parts, lunch for long rides, small Ewoks. Whatever the pack can carry for me on a ride!

Jun Zuniga more than 1 year ago

I would carry

I would carry my Ipad,some books, a lunch and my girly stuff like make up bag and hair brush.

Tanya more than 1 year ago


While I might fantasize about a couple flute glasses and a bottle of champagne, it would more likely have whatever I just picked up on an errand or need for a meeting.

Tony Panero more than 1 year ago

Life's little necessities

I would carry all the things that I normally put in my front basket. Then I can take my dog with me on my rides!

Lisa more than 1 year ago


Should I win this bag, I would carry my coffee, lunch, water, coffee thermos and cycling shorts. I'm a multi- modal commuter ( car to train, bike to work.) I love the style of your bags!

Patsy Robles more than 1 year ago


I recently described myself as living out if my bike, the way some people live out of their cars. I would carry my life in that bag.

Jessica more than 1 year ago

Bag it.

I would carry around a lot of baggage. My therapist says to "let it go, you can start fresh." What the hell is she talking about. With this hip and stylish bag I'll just take it with me!

Ken House more than 1 year ago

What I qould carry

I'd carry as much as I can ! I will take my computer when needes, my lunch for the day and all the small stuff necessary.

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

All of the Things

As a student, I usually am carrying my whole life on my back. Between my laptop, meals for the day, notebooks, books, thermos (or two, or three) of coffee... a bag like this would be awesome. Especially since I live in rainy city, where not having a waterproof bag can derail my day's bike trip.

Haylee more than 1 year ago

What I would carry.

My laptop, lunch box, and wallet, cell phone etc. I have food allergies, so I carry my lunch box everywhere.

Robin Brown more than 1 year ago

Velo Backpack

I'd carry my laptop as well as my wallet and cellphone.

Eugenie more than 1 year ago

Pick me!

I'd carry work papers and books, pens, my lunch, a copy of the city bike map, and my little laptop.

Rachel more than 1 year ago

What I'd carry in this Velo Backpack

I'd carry my groceries that I pick up a couple of times a week from my local Safeway, here in Santa Clara. I also hit the Santa Clara farmer's market on Saturdays.

Part of my lifestyle change to help my weight loss regimen has been a commitment to riding my bike every day and use it for utilitarian purposes as well. I have a basket on the back where I carry a grocery bag - but I don't always have enough room in there for my load.

The Velo bag would help a lot in that I could carry additional groceries on my back too!

By the way, this is a great looking bag! I like the refletive strip on the back.

Will more than 1 year ago

The bag

Craft beer and cloth diapers!!!!

Jessica Nelson more than 1 year ago

What to carry?


Ian more than 1 year ago

what I'd carry in the Velo backpack

My lunch, business documents and bike lock along with an extra scarf and gloves for my rides to work. It's been awfully chilly lately!

Kyna more than 1 year ago

THE bag

This bag is perfect for riding into town for groceries or just a wander around. I would especially love to use it for riding to the farmers market each week. Looks vegetable sturdy!

JM more than 1 year ago

Awesome bag.

I would use this for my gym clothes, my chef coat and
and my chefs knives so I can cook delicious food for

WENDY CAMPBELL more than 1 year ago

Rickshaw bag

It's freaking cold here, so currently I would be carrying my laptop, work junk, lunch, and every piece of extra wool clothing I could fit

Joseph szul more than 1 year ago

If I win the bag

If I win this awesome bag, I would carry on a regular basis spare tubes, minimal set of tools. Then depending on where I was going, spare clothes, lunch if going to work, bike locks and probably more cloths to change into at work.

seth kreiss more than 1 year ago


Gotta carry my cousin when she gets off school.

Amy more than 1 year ago

Backpack contest

School books and groceries. All part of the biking commute.

David Higley more than 1 year ago

Pack a quick picnic

This bag would be amazing for those trips to the grocery and grab items for a spontaneous picnic in the park. I can easily fit bottle of wine or water and a few deli items without worry about it shifting around on the ride. Who wants to join me?

Monica more than 1 year ago

All my work stuff!

I'd bring all my stuff for work in this bag, and look nice doing it: a change of clothes, my lunch, wallet, phone, lip balms, and more then on the way home, my biking clothes if I was going somewhere after work and didn't want to wear my spandex!

Amanda Bobbitt more than 1 year ago

Camera Gear and Water

I would be carrying some photography gear and some insulated water bottles for picture excursions on my bike.

Jeff Rottman more than 1 year ago


I'll use this bag to carry pottery I sell on my Etsy site to the post office! It'll be much more secure than toting breakable stuff in a pannier.

Koula Redmond more than 1 year ago

Carrying my work stuff

I would be carrying my clothes, lunch, ipad, laptop, assortment of gadgets and lock for my daily commute to work.

Travis more than 1 year ago

What else will I be carrying but school supplies!

This bag would be awesome especially for the quick jaunts to school and long rides to my family in the unpredictable Seattle weather.

David more than 1 year ago