October 28, 2013

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fall riding & selle anatomica

cool weather, rides out to the stadium to watch a football game, & down to the pub afterwards to enjoy a pint

andrew Kalakailo 353 days ago

Every day in Canada.. the cool..cooler...cooler... cold...ouch.

Riding to work is extraordinary here. Being on the bike paths in Ottawa, and the the back street shortcuts, the cool..cooler...cooler... cold...ouch. It's always better than the sweaty arrival at school during June.
The head is clear. Happy. Ready to face a full day with grades 4,5 & 6 kids totally relaxed.

Erix 353 days ago

Kaleidoscopic effect...

In the Northeast, where I bike most, autumn brings with it a dazzling array of shifting tones--the leaves change quickly, as does the light--the scenic view from my bicycle is mesmerizing, and transforms beautifully before my eyes! Perhaps, due to this magical morphing, the excitement in each ride is magnified: can I take in the fantastic visual display, while making sure to pay attention to my riding all at once??!?

Toby 353 days ago

mud and leaves

I enjoy autumn rides into the cottage thru the mud and fresh layer of leaves.

clare 353 days ago

the colours

I love seeing the colours slowly change. Beach day is fresh and different.

Tracey 353 days ago


Ooh - riding comfort & style!

Rainider 353 days ago

Autumn Cycling

In Autumn, later sunrises give way to the paradoxical marriage of chilly air and the warm sun. The whisper of the wind is enunciated in the movement of leaves beneath my wheels, and on the open country roads, pedal strokes become transcendence.

Peter LaMear 353 days ago

autumn cycling

cool weather, being able to wear normal clothes and not sweat my a$$ off, plus no traffic at along the beach.

Tony Peters 354 days ago

Autumn cycling

I love hearing the crunching of leaves beneath my tires and that the weather is not too hot, nor too cold - perfect riding temperatures!

Kiran 354 days ago

Autumn cycling

I love hearing the crunching of leaves beneath my tires and that the weather is not too hot, nor too cold - perfect riding temperatures!

Kiran 354 days ago

fresh tracks

10 cm if fresh autumn snow in calgary. That's what I love.

John 354 days ago


Watching Venus set in the gloaming as I head west to home!

Andrew Ross 355 days ago

Autumn riding

A wool hoodie is the best piece of cycling gear I own. In the fall it keeps me the perfect temperature. The only problem: wet leaves.

James 355 days ago


Autumn cycling , light up and be zombie free . Autumn night rides , harvest moon rides are the best !

lee 355 days ago

two things

I love about fall riding (1) zooming through piles of leaves with my four year old, (2) riding to work without even breaking a sweat

Markus 355 days ago

A Midsummer Night's Dream

With two wheels, my bell and a smile as wide as the sky, I love to ride in the colorful countryside this time of year.

Barbara 355 days ago

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

The beautiful nights are riding bliss.

Turbo Bob 355 days ago

Autumn biking

I enjoy being in the woods flowing down the trail as leaves fall all around me blanketing the forest in colors.

Brandon 355 days ago

High Desert Riding

Great weather for riding the trails.

rich 356 days ago

Leaves on the pavement

I love the sound my bike makes when rolling over sun dried leaves on pavement.

Charles 356 days ago

Fall Favorites

Mcdonalds has free coffee from October 30th to November 3rd. and I got a nifty bicycle coffee cup holder that holds the XL size. so I get Coffee scented breezes on the way back from dropping off the kids at school. Yes I said nifty.

Xander Labayen 356 days ago

Fall Riding

What I love most about fall riding is the cool air and bundling up. i love being cozy!! I love the AH-mazingly colorful foliage that is unique to our region, and that distinct humus smell of the earth and fallen leaves, especially on a nice long ride outside of the city.
At this time of the year, the roadsides and ditches are still speckled with hints of summer. The late blooming flowers and the now subdued earthy hued grasses create a beautiful landscape against the dried brush. The skies and fields truly show their openness and grandeur…sigh!

Natalie Labbe 356 days ago


I love the leaf covered greenways & side roads.

Ryan Barry 357 days ago

Fall Fun

I enjoy feeling the crisp air while cycling; it wakes me up in the mornings.

Cecile 357 days ago

First snow

The air of the first snow is so sweet!

David Viens 357 days ago


crisp fresh air is what I enjoy most

franz 357 days ago

Riding in Autumn

I enjoy the cool crisp air!

Matthew LeDrew 357 days ago

muffle sound

love the muffled sound of the leaves under my wheels

Christian 357 days ago

Riding in Autumn

Dodging hordes of the furry tailed rats otherwise known as squirrels.

Steve 357 days ago

Nightrider, this is strike...

I feel the need, the need for speed
Your ego is writing checks that your body can't cash
There are no points for second place

danny 357 days ago

The Autumn Riding Season

What's not to love about crisp air and colors all around you. Yep, a little rain comes into your life, but then guess what? There's a rainbow!

Ken 357 days ago

Riding in autumn

Layering up and enjoying the cool crisp air and all the beautiful colours of the changing leaves.

Dora Ho 357 days ago

autumn riding

I like the weather in autumn. Whether it's socked-in, muffling fog or cold bright sunshine highlighting the wonderful changing colours of leaves, as long as it isn't actually raining it can get as cold as it wants and I'll ride in it!

Robin Rombs 357 days ago


i love stretching a leg out and kicking up piles of leaves on the street.

Dan 358 days ago

brisk air

I love riding with wool arm warmers and being just the right temperature!

Spencer Hawkes 358 days ago

biking in Autumn

I love getting bike parking almost everywhere I need to go.

Barbara Leiterman 358 days ago

Autumn Riding

What I love about Autumn riding are the sunrises and sunsets, the colours in the trees, and the cold heavy air on my face.

Martin Utley 358 days ago

Autumn riding

I love that the weather is cool enough for light gloves and a headband but you can still wear shorts.

Anthony de Ridder 358 days ago

Autumn riding

Autumn riding means being able to dress for the Vancouver rain without getting too hot.

Stephen C. 358 days ago

Fall's fresh air

I love riding my bike in the fall because of many things: the crispness of the air, the lower angle of the sun on the horizon, the colours and of course, the ruffling sounds of riding through fallen leaves. Yet, my favourite part of fall is watching everyone ride their bikes around town in their hallowe'en costumes!

H 358 days ago

Fall Colours

The gorgeous views of rich autumn colours along the bike paths to work.

Joe Lee 358 days ago


The crisp cool air and the sweet smell of decay with the brightly coloured leaves on the way to a New England apple orchard to pick my own and have some freshly made cider.
And I should add that I am very much interested in this saddle to relieve my symptoms of chronic prostatitis. Riding could be more enjoyable in all seasons.

Steffen 358 days ago

Autumn Riding

Nothing beats the combination of cooler temps and the changing colors.

Shaughn Uebinger 358 days ago

Leaf pile

I enjoy the unexpected in and among the leaf pile. The crackle changes from pile to pile, I ride on to the next random street to find a taller one.

Todd Kraemer 358 days ago

Autumn no longer

Fall fell two days ago as we were hit with a blizzard. Still went riding with kids yesterday (- 10 with enough snow to make the trails interesting).

Chris Byron 358 days ago

Pleasures of autumn riding

The weather, colors of the trees and smell of the air make of autumn the best cycling season of the year

Benoit Laniel 358 days ago

Perfect commuting temperature!

Autumn temperatures in the Pacific northwest are perfect for commuting by bike - not too cold, but cool enough to keep sweat at bay!

Colin 359 days ago

Autumn riding

I love the milder temperatures of the fall.

Dave 359 days ago


My first Autumn as a commuter and easily my favorite season. Cool, brisk and crisp.

Jeff 359 days ago


Racing! Commuting is a distant second, though.

Jun Z. 359 days ago


The snap of a crisp wind and the smell of leaves.

Iris W. 359 days ago

Autumn Paths

Just this morning, I did a ride on my favorite path loop. Turkeys, deer, fresh colored leaves along the path, above and below me.

Ed Antrim 359 days ago

Riding in Autumn

The smell of the leafs, the cool air, the feeling of the last ride before the harsh winter!

Yann 359 days ago

Autumn bike rides

The nice cool breeze, the crunchy leaves under my tires, the beautiful fall colours and scenery.

Tanya 359 days ago

Best. Season. Ever.

Best weather for being outside. Hands down.

Christopher Stephens 359 days ago

Riding in Autumn

Cool air and beautiful scenery - that's pretty much it.

Randy 359 days ago

Fall rides

I enjoy the fact that I keep riding to work everyday even when others stop because fo the weather change.

beth 359 days ago

brisk air, fall colors, bright nights

When the season changes, we get more fall color - oranges, yellows, and reds, and the brisk air and clear nights make for some fun riding!

Brent S 359 days ago

autumnal south

Humidity & mosquitoes replaced by crisp air & crunching leaves...fall riding in Georgia is the best!

Brent Buice 359 days ago

Autumn Bliss

I love riding in autumn for the cooler temps, the beautiful colours and the extra effort required to ride into the season's wind.

Guy 359 days ago

Autumn riding

When the air is cool and dry
And the leaves go flying by
I love the autumn air
My bike I ride everywhere

wong wing-siu 359 days ago

riding in Autumn

The cooler weather and beautiful scenery is what is most enjoyable about riding in autumn.

lisa mcfarland 359 days ago

Beautiful fall colors ...

and comfy riding are what I enjoy most, before the temps really drop! :)

Michelle Beauchene 359 days ago

... Less boneheads on the road ...

I love the freedom of the autumn ride, ... it gets considerably quieter when the season changes....the bonehead no-handers, texters, have all gone back to their computer screens ... leaving my routes open to enjoy!

Ron 359 days ago

crunching the leaves

Trying to hit every leaf on the trail. Not having to worry about sweating too much or freezing.

Rob Hendricks 359 days ago

It's about balance.

Autumn is when you can spend all day on and off the bike, surrounded by the crisp air you've been waiting for all summer, appreciating everything around you. You ride from the city into the country and feel like you're riding out of one season into another, away from the traffic and the density and toward fields and open roads.

It's the best light of the year, where the sky is clear blue and clouds float above you. The sun is never harsh, just a pleasant warmth on your face. Apples are in season here in Virginia, for when you and your friends stop for a snack.

You know that very soon every ride is going to become a careful system of layers and skin care, but for now it's just you on your bike, and the world is beautiful. That's what it's all about.

Chase Javier 359 days ago


this won't win but here you go...
Fall's cool, I can ride in the evening without being plastered by bugs. Generally, I've got enough layers to ride and be comfortable without having to slice open my Tauntaun.
But I love Spring! Spring and summer are where it's at for bike riding.
The longer I can ride in the fall, the bigger the "FUCK YOU!" to winter stir craziness is.

n8 359 days ago

riding in Autumn

I like riding in the cooler air and hearing leaves crunching under my wheel's

Paul 359 days ago

The snap in the air...

…is what makes autumn riding so great.

Eric McClure 359 days ago

Fall weather

I love riding in the fall's crisp air in the morning. I love seeing more people out on their bikes now that the weather's gotten a little more tolerable in New Orleans. Best time to ride down here!

James Wilson 359 days ago

Autumn Leaves

The colors of fall are splendid, as are the riding conditions--not too hot! Also, we live in a rural area and I love the smell of campfires and harvest.

Sara 359 days ago

Fall Trifecta

The wind (whipping up crisp leaves and blowing through wool sweaters as I pedal). The receding light (and riding through those dappled rays and earlier sunsets). The smell (I love the smell of my commute in the Fall! Leaf mulch and recent rain is hard to beat).

Julia Freeman 359 days ago


The crunchies when riding through leaves that have fallen into the street.

George Pearson 359 days ago


Easy, the fall colors an crisp cooler weather.

Ron 359 days ago

So much to appreciate

The fall is my favorite season for riding. Period. The temps are cooler, the air crisper, and around every corner, at least here in Vermont there is an absolutely mind-blowing explosion of color. The only thing I wish there was more of is daylight. With conditions this good it would be ideal to have a few more hours to ride!

J Leddy 359 days ago

Autumn Air

I love the smells of fall; cool, crisp, refreshing. Wait, that sounds like a beer commercial …

Aaron 359 days ago

Smell the Air

I love the crisp clean smell of the air when I'm riding in Autumn. After the humidity of summer, it's such a nice break!

Kelley Westenhoff 359 days ago

When the Santa Ana winds aren't blowing...

Autumn is the rare time in southern California that the air is crisp enough for deep breathing, but not yet so sharp that you need to bundle up. Ride as hard as you like in a tee shirt and a pair of cargo shorts, and still comfortable at ride's end.

Dave McGowan 359 days ago

Beanie weather

Cruising around in my favorite flannel while sipping on some pumpkin mocha listening to Interpol (circa 2005).

Dmitri 359 days ago

Autumn Biking

There is a lot to love about biking this time of year, but little is more satisfying than the crackle of a well colored leaf under a fat bike tire.

Zac Vance 359 days ago

Favourite thing about autumn riding

My favourite thing about autumn riding is that I'm not a ball of sweat when I finally arrive at work, so I save even more time by not having go have a shower.

Steve Dinn 359 days ago

Cool weather

Cool weather and colors.

Jeff Arnold 359 days ago

Selle Anatomica Titanico Saddle

What I like about riding in Autumn is the cool air and not overheating and the lack of insects.

Tim Brown 359 days ago

A Sparkling Day

We are in training for a 200 km ride and yesterday was absolutely sparkling along the water and the sun shining on the fire-red leaves, that with the fresh crisp air, the ocean, the mountains and good friends - the only other thing I could wish for is a comfortable seat : )

Jacqui Oostergo 359 days ago

Titanico Leather Saddle.

I love riding up the Delaware Canal and seeing the colors and wildlife and getting in my exercise

Maree Grandy 359 days ago

Autumn riding

I love the cooler weather where I can start adding layers and am not sweating buckets like most of the year. Fall is the best time to be riding in the south.

Christopher Joy 359 days ago

Cool weather!

In the desert, fall and winter is riding time! Opposite from the rest of the country.

Tom 359 days ago

My favorite thing about riding in fall is..

Riding with a jacket and not sweating.

Kyle Crawford 359 days ago

Cooler, quieter days

The days are comfortable, the sky is (usually) bright blue and the air is beautifully clear. Even the birds have calmed down and are quieter. Fewer people on the trails makes me feel like I have my own little world all to myself. I crank up some tunes and I enjoy cycling bliss!

Jacquelyn Luta 359 days ago

Fall Colors

I love how my normal ride to work turns into one with breathtaking colors as the leaves change. Adds continued motivation to stay on the bike as the weather gets colder.

Chris 359 days ago

Sweater weather

Riding over over leaves during sweater weather.

Rhi Myfanwy Kirkland 359 days ago

Aumtumn Rides

What I enjoy most about riding in autumn is not sweating as much as the summer on my commute to and from work/school.

Josh Ward 359 days ago

Biking in Autimn is great

Fally colours, cool temperatures, it's a great time to get back into riding after busy summers.

Adam B 359 days ago

Cycling in autumn

It has to be whooshing through dry leaves, what a glorious sound!

Erin 359 days ago

Cycling In Autumn

Love the cooler weather during my commute times! Yet the overall weather is still great! The air seems fresher, and the headwinds of spring and summer are absent.

Mark Johnson 359 days ago