June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

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Ride like a kid!

Hit every sprinkler and water park along the way!

Queenie 318 days ago

How to keep cool?

For over 35 years I've been keeping cool by wearing little cotton dresses with flippy skirts, feeling the wind ruffle my hair. No need for lycra!

Nicoly Smith 318 days ago

Cool skirts to the rescue

Staying cool when riding on hot days involves a skirt. I love the way the breeze makes the skirt flow and keeps me cool and composed as I roll. Plus, I look cute which makes me want to just keep pedaling around. It's the absolute best.

Constance Pappas 318 days ago

summer cycling

I stop for an iced coffee at a cafe along the way!

Jaclyn Law 318 days ago

Selle Royal Respiro

Straw hat. Spiffy shorts. Comfy t-shirt. Slow pedal. Ride through sprinklers. Ice cream - before ride, during ride, after ride. Cold beer somewhere in between.

Ian 319 days ago


Fast rides along the water! Always more breeze there!

MarceeFoltz 319 days ago

cooler pack and short sleeves

I put thoses gel-type cooling pack is my jersey pockets. I also use a Selle Royale with hole in it, it really does let some air through.

Clay McFayden 319 days ago

Selle Royal Respiro Leather Moderate saddle contest

When I ride in those hot summer days, there isn't much that will cool me down more than jumping in my two daughters pool! We have a simple air filled pool, that is long enough for my 6'-1" frame (body that is). When I'm riding home in the heat...I just think about heading toward that pool, dismounting, taking off the sweat-laden jersey, shoes and socks...and giving a clear 'heads up' so everyone know papa is about to jump in. The water is very cold and fresh that day...so you have to just jump in (no sticking your big toe in first to try out the feel), just jump right in. Then, your whole body becomes cool, and that heat that you have been building up until then slowly vanishes and you are just one cool cat, with an advantage...because you have just had a great summer bike ride, and are now enjoying the family time in the pool.

Scott Engstrom 319 days ago

Icy Head

I carry a small cooler bag of ice and stick little pieces into the vents of my helmet!

Cory 319 days ago

Tallahassee Scorching Summers

I live in Tallahassee, Florida and our summers can be grueling. I like to plan routes that have plenty of shade and not too much traffic. If you have long hair, keeping it off your neck can make a world of difference. When time permits, biking by an apartment complex with an open pool for a quick dip really puts a smile on my face on those scorchin' summer days.

Farra 320 days ago

How to cool down on a hot summer ride

bike to the nearest Gelato ice cream shop for ice cream.

Robert Wong 320 days ago

Neck Coolers

I bought the neck coolers from a dollar store and keep them in a pannier in a mylar bag for frozen food and when it gets really hot, I just put on on my neck tied loosely and it does the trick. Works on wrists too.

Tracey Eide 320 days ago

How I cool down.

I ride to the highest hill and when I get to the top I drink me entire water bottle and after a nice rest with the breeze blowing I will begin my decent and let the wind cool me as I fly down a hill.

Chris 320 days ago

Cool down

I cool down on hot summer rides with an ice cold strawberry agua freseca.

Wayne Young 320 days ago

Dress for success

Light, flowing clothes!

Amy 320 days ago

pie in the park (and ice cream)

I learned this tradition from my fine friends Larissa and Pam in Montreal. since, we've continued the activity in many cities. it goes a little like this: tell all your friends to bike to a local park in the city and bake them pie and top it up with ice cream. guaranteed success and plus you keep cool while you're at it!-)

armel castellan 320 days ago

Dive into a mountain lake

The best way to cool down in the summer is to get sweaty and dirty on my mountain bike and then dive into a mountain lake with nothing else but natures voice around and letting the sun shine onto my belly while floating on the water.

Kathi 320 days ago

How I cool down

Since getting my Wisper 705SE e-bike last June, I've logged 2100km. Now I don't wear special clothes to ride, though I still get exercise. Finishing off a ride using more 'e' and less me, gets me to my destination cooly:)

Glen Doe 320 days ago

Ice cream

While I go on a nice summer bike ride I try to stop at one of the local ice cream shops for that added little boost of sweet energy.

Dan 320 days ago

How I Cool Down

several ways, drink lots and lots of water and take a cooling rag dipped in water and put in freezer about an hour before my ride, the rag is not completely frozen but cold enough to be a great cooling device

Brian Colon 320 days ago

Ice cold

To stay cool during hot rides, I try to take a shadier route, or if that's not possible, dump a bunch of water on my head. Drinking the water helps sometimes.

Daniel YC 321 days ago

Selle Royal Respiro Leather Moderate saddle

Ride down by the lake. The temperature always drops a few degrees once you get closer to it.

Mark Beauchamp 321 days ago

be a shady character

Stick to a shady bike route, sport your coolest shades, and, most importantly, ride nice and slow.

Kevin Chan 321 days ago

Keeping it cool

I like leisurely rides when its blaring hot. These involve wearing light breathable clothing, a vented helmet, and lots of cool drinks along the way.

Jim 321 days ago

just keep moving

As long as I'm moving, I have evaporative cooling. Stopping for stop lights (gotta keep peace with the folks bearing badges and guns) allows a nice build-up of sweat so that when the light finally turns green I have a brief moment of brrrrrrr-COLD before that evaporates and it's back to business as usual. Streets with shade trees and grabbing ice when cadging water bottle refills at c-stores also helps. Riding before sunrise would be ideal, but customers don't always want deliveries/ meetings/ et cetera at that hour. Half- gallon ("double gulp") or so of diluted iced coffee upon return restores balance to mind, body, spirit, et cetera. Any ride in full southwest sun that doesn't involve time in the right- of- way fixing a flat is a win.

marge 321 days ago

The coolest method for my biking in hot summer

I wear white or cream clothes to reflect the sun. I keep myself hydrated and I have good humor.

Vitellia 321 days ago

How I keep cool biking in the hot summer

I keep cool by not being nervous. I balance my psychological balance, my mind is clear.

Marina 321 days ago

My cooling off method riding on hot summer days

I cool off riding on hot summer days by following the beach bike path and jumping into the ocean when cooling is needed.

Grant 321 days ago

Cooling down on hot summer rides

I cool down on hot summer rides by wearing a poly-breathabale long sleeve shirt

R G 321 days ago

Selle Royal Respiro Leather Moderate saddle


Tim 321 days ago


i like to ride down some hills to cool off

thomas 321 days ago

light clothing

I wear light fabric shirts and shorts on hot days, and think about the cold beer when I get home.

Lloyd S 321 days ago

Summer attire

One of my favorite things about the summer is biking in a sun-dress. But biking up in Cape Ann and stopping for a dip at Good Harbor beach is definitely the best way to escape the city heat in Boston.

Carly 321 days ago

Sweatin' as an oldie in Central Illinois

If I'm riding to work, I take it slow. If you consider your overall speed as the time it takes you to get to your desk, riding fast actually lowers your speed because you spend too much time cooling down. If I'm riding for fun, I pour water over my head, back and legs, and look forward to the shelter of the next tree.

Sam J 321 days ago

Hot Midwest Rides

When I ride through the suburbs and I see home owners watering their lawns, I will call out to them "Hey, spray me!" After a perplexed look, I lower my sunglasses and respond "Seriously, do it ! "

Most crack a smile and happily hose me down with a child like giddiness. They get a brief break from the mundane act of watering and I get a cool down. Win - win situation.

Scott 321 days ago

Summer Rides

Ill wear shorts, tank top and sandals to enjoy my rides. I always be sure to take some cold water along as well. Ill ride in parks that have a lot of trees too.

Sandy N. 321 days ago

Hot Utah Summers

Luckily for me, my morning commute is significantly before the heat of the day. But, my commute home is quite toasty. To stay cool, I like to focus on what is going on around me and remind myself how lucky I am to be on a bike. I frequently remind myself how much better it is to ride in the heat than in the cold (at least to me!). On Sundays my best friend and I host long "slow poke rides," as and the temperatures get hotter we move the time to earlier in the day to try and beat the heat. We also try and do the hardest part of the rides first. And lastly, nothing is better than taking a pit stop to relax under a nice shady tree!

Annette 321 days ago


Pull out my shirt like a sail and let the breeze flow through.

Aaron 321 days ago

Stay cool in summer

To stay cool in Decatur, GA, I try to do all of my bike errands in the morning before noon. And luckily, there are plenty of public water fountains to cool down in the middle of a trip!

Audra 321 days ago

Summer Riding

To cool off on hot summer rides, I like to freeze my water bottles beforehand so I have an icy drink for the ride. I wear loose, light clothing, avoid the hottest hours of the day, and plan a route that provides shade. Afterwards, I stretch, shower, and have a delicious bowl of plain, nonfat yogurt with frozen berries in it. I'm loving frozen mango chunks and blueberries in it right now!

Lenie 321 days ago

ride by the lake

Stay cool and enjoy the ride

Mae 321 days ago


If it's hot out I'm usually just biking to the river to cool down.

Lauren 322 days ago

Tech shirt and vented helmet

Not the tight cycling jerseys, the tech shirts like the ones you get for a road race (marathon, half, etc.) Plus wearing a vented helmet helps tons!

Julian Anthony 322 days ago

Tech shirt and vented helmet

Not the tight cycling jerseys, the tech shirts like the ones you get for a road race (marathon, half, etc.) Plus wearing a vented helmet helps tons!

Julian Anthony 322 days ago

University Summer Class Adventure!

Last summer for 2 weeks I rode my bike 10km to my university summer class, which was in an air conditioned building. Homework at the end of the day at the university where it was cool (or outside), then 10km on my bike back home :D Much nicer to bike than the bus for sure.

stacy p 322 days ago

Staying cool

During the summer, I like to ride through the path of lawn sprinklers and feel the refreshing mist!

Janice 322 days ago

Jump in the lake

I live nice and close to the water so on the ride home I stop and take a quick dip in the lake.

Wendy 322 days ago

To go up, to go down

It may appear counter productive, but I go up. By biking up a hill I get to go down - fast - which basically installs air conditioning. If its really hot I plan my root along the creek trail at home to get the benefit of going downhill and cooler air near the water.

Margrith 323 days ago

To keep cool,

I take a ride on my bike. Not too fast so I don't work up a sweat. Just fast enough to create a cool breeze.

Eric 323 days ago

Staying Cool

To cool down, I drink lots of water, and every time I have a chance at a water fountain or any other kind of fountain, I soak my bandana and put it back around my neck. When it's dry, it's time to find more water. That keeps me refilling my water bottles as well.

Kelley Westenhoff 323 days ago

Royal seat

My local bike shop is having a ride and pool party in July --we will ride our bikes and then jump in the pool! Otherwise, i drink tea and water after my ride :)

Linda 323 days ago

Do... nothing!

I grew up in Florida and the Middle East. The best method of cooling off is to... get used to it. Heat is lovely. Far better than cold. It's mind over matter. Well, I do drink water, of course, but the hotter the better. Also, pedaling faster can help. Get there faster and go faster on the way which makes it feel slightly cooler. But, just grinning and bearing it is best. Builds up tolerance!

Lonny Salberg 323 days ago

tie on a cold one

Stop at a patio for a cold beer.

tracey bombard 323 days ago

the right backpack

A well ventilated hydration pack with loads of ice in my water

john bombard 323 days ago

the right back pack

A well ventilated hydration pack with lots of ice in my water

john bombard 323 days ago

The right Helmet.

Keeping your noggin cool is definitely key to having a comfortable ride. Wear a well ventilated helmet with built in sweat bands.

alex 323 days ago


I keep cool by wearing breathable clothing,light colours and try not to ride when the UV index is really high.

Tanya 323 days ago

cooler summer rides

The thing i do to cool myself on summer rides is live in Canada... it hailed here on Monday of last week. Yes i rode through hail to work on the last Monday of May. :I

j birch 323 days ago

Tree-lined streets

It's as simple as choosing a beautiful route that makes use of the shade under plentiful trees. Everybody wins!

Colo Czar 323 days ago

Biking by the Great Lakes

I wear lots of SPF and I always try to ride by somewhere near water. I am in a Great Lakes State so it isnt too hard! Usually i pull over and dip my feet in and it cools my whole body off.

Maeve 323 days ago

summer riding in the Bay Area

In San Francisco it can be actually very cool in the summer due to the fog. So I wear layers, peeling them off throughout my ride, drink loads of water, wear sunscreen and reapply often (regardless of the fog!) and of course plan a watering hole destination along the way! ;)

Erin 323 days ago

cooling off while riding

I sweat!!

nikki 324 days ago

How to cool down on summer rides

I carry lots of water in my bicycle basket. I am a slow sit up rider, But I can ride for miles and miles along the dikes beside the river. I also wear a skirt and that really helps with the breeze

Emilia Turner 324 days ago

Small town amenities

If you are touring through Saskatchewan there are two amenities that you can count on in STSK (small town Saskatchewan) -- hockey/curling rink and an outdoor pool. The rink won't help you but the pool will have cool water and frozen treats.

Don Cook 324 days ago

Keeping my cool

Wet bandana, lots of water, shady route, leisurely pace, and stop at every lemonade stand along the route!

Lori 324 days ago

In Seattle

Anytime I'm close to the Sound, I take off my sneakers and socks and put my feet in the water. Always cools down my core temp. And in the ID, I get a frosty bubble tea.

Joe Slaby 324 days ago

hydrate to cool off

I live in Toronto. In early summer, I head to the lake since the temperature by the lakeshore at that time of year is cooler by 2 to 5 degrees.
Later on, increased fitness from much riding helps me tolerate the heat. You can couple that quite effectively with consumption of considerable volumes of liquids, especially water.
I put cold water from the fridge in my hydration bag, then put that inside a neoprene insulating pouch that I bought at Decathlon in France. That keeps the water cool for a good hour.

Anthony 324 days ago

Summer ride cool-down

The most important thing about keeping cool down here in the humid South is plenty of water, so I always carry two water bottles. Our Riverwalk has drinking fountains placed along its entire length if a refill is needed. And, if it gets really hot, I pour some of my cold water over my head, find a shady spot, and relax while watching birds and wildlife for awhile.

William K. 324 days ago

Summer rides

Biking to the lake and jumping right it. Hot and sweaty followed by cool relief

Anne B 324 days ago

Cooling down on summer rides

When it is really hot I will cycle to the beach and splash some water on myself. Then I find a place in the shade to take a short rest.

Judy 324 days ago

To cool down....

Ride past sprinklers that are on!!

Beng 324 days ago

Grokking in ever-present wonder

The time honored cowboy kercheif , soaked and tied with a jaunty knot . You can also wash down at the mountain stream, into the mystic

lee Kenney 324 days ago


I look for a route with a breeze (like by the shore).

Christopher Stephens 324 days ago

namaste you guys

Summertime bike rides,
Cooled by frozen grapes.

Diego 324 days ago

Get wet

Wet down my hair and jersey and keep moving, in a shady forest preferably.

Stephen Chessor 324 days ago

Cool Down in Calgary

Calgary doesn't usually get too warm, but pouring cold water over my head on a long ride is great! For city riding I just go slowly and relax!

Laura Chutny 324 days ago

Cycling Under the Phoenix Summer Sun

Frozen water bottles melt pretty fast. The trick is small drinks as they melt. The less melted water in the bottle, the slower the ice melts. Keep the rides early, or save 'em for late, and don't forget to use some of that cool water for the top of your head!

Kimberly Chavez 324 days ago

Hockey for me

Often I will give myself 15 minutes before my next appointment and stop at the nearest community centre hockey rink to prepare in the cool air.

Mike Carrier 324 days ago

Philly fountains!

I dip my feet or more into the nearest fountain. Then make sure I have a frozen treat waiting for me when I finish my ride.

Heather Shultz 324 days ago

Fresno knows heat!

After getting my sweatin' on aka stepping outside my door, I like to run through random lawns when the sprinklers are on. True story.

Gwen Racca 324 days ago

hot summer rides

I cool off my friends Ben and Jerry!

Deanne 324 days ago


To cool down, I try to enjoy the downhill portions of my ride.

Oliver 324 days ago

way back home

kiddie pool, jello, and lots of bumblebees

Ace 324 days ago


After a hot, sticky ride, I like to dip my feet in the soothing waters of Lake Michigan.

Eva 324 days ago

cool down

Cold beer, cool shower

chris 324 days ago

popsicle ride

freeze my water bottle, so it's like a popsicle ride

Julie Melanson 324 days ago


lemonade n belly shirts.

Sarah Peterson 324 days ago

Cool off

Let my 7 year old set the pace

Rob Hendricks 324 days ago

Shady lanes

On really hot days, I allow myself a little more time and take a shadier, more scenic route to/from work.

Brian 324 days ago

Flowing water

I try to find a nice stream crossing with a good downhill approach!

Jun Z. 324 days ago

Technical foodstuffs

Ice cream break!

Iris W. 324 days ago

Staying cool

I keep to neighborhood streets and ride through as many sprinklers as possible.

Dave 324 days ago

I look for waterfalls to bike through

There aren't many waterfalls around here, so sprinklers, people with buckets, or spray blowing off the lake onto bridges or parts of the shoreline fit - but there is nothing more refreshing than passing through a wall of spray!

Rich 324 days ago

Just Ride :)

I hop on one of unique bikes and I look so cool that it immediately brings my temperature down. :) Be it on my road bike, my Brompton, or my Greenspeed recumbent. Each make me feel very, very cool!. If that doesn't work, I bring my daughters (8 and 11). Nothing makes you more cool than biking with your children!! :) Finally, I live on the coast in Northern California. It really doesn't get that hot. :)

Brad Albee 324 days ago

Head Downhill

Find a really nice downhill jaunt and feel the wind in my face. Hopefully I don't have to go back UP the hill afterwards...

Megsy 324 days ago


The hottest riding was in Saskatchewan a few summers back. Wearing leathers on a motorcycle was brutal. So, I wrapped ice cubes in a bandana and tied it around my neck. I haven't tried it cycling yet, but I imagine it would work.

C Byron 324 days ago

Head Beach-ward

When the hills start getting too warm, there's always a cool breeze at the shore. Of course, a pair of icewater-soaked wristbands doesn't hurt, either.

Dirty Dave 324 days ago


Drink water, and spritz it on my Omni-Zero neck gaiter... also wear headgear that has a wide brim.

Wendy Peabody 324 days ago


I meant...

W. P. 324 days ago

Cooling 'gel' neckerchief improves evaporation

Like the commenter before me, I use evaporation to stay cool when riding in the summer. I have a gel-filled cooling neckerchief that I soak in water for 30 minutes before hiking, biking, or gardening. You would be surprised how much of a difference it makes to have something cool around your neck!

Carey 324 days ago

Just Keep Riding

Staying hydrated is obvious, but I also find that I stay cool as long as my bike is moving. It's when I stop and get off the bike that the heat starts getting to me. So it's back in the saddle again!

Miranda Stringer 324 days ago

Evaporation is still the best

It's amazing how much cooler it is to bike with wet hair. The wind from the bike speed just makes it work better!

Jonathan Addleman 324 days ago

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