June 30, 2014

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Old bike

Older bike needs new tires

Tanya 164 days ago

Too many flats

I have a bit of dirt road to get to pavement from my house and I'm having too many flats in that part.

Daniel H 164 days ago

New shoes

'cause it's time to replace the shoes of my 2009 Kona, so that I can continue riding fast and riding anywhere, rain or shine!:)

Kathrin 165 days ago

no more flat tires please!!!!

I do a lot of touring and always do at least one flat every 5 days!!! Would love a set of new tires!!!!

nathalie marcotte 165 days ago

my tractor

This is the size of tire I prefer for the bicycle I refer to as my 'tractor'. This indexed-shifting, Mega-Range-geared aluminum hybrid is a real workhorse: I carry my younger son on a Wee-Ride seat in front of me (sometimes with a bike or two slung over my shoulder until we reach our destination), pull our MEC trailer for hauling kids or groceries, load up the panniers with over 50 lbs of groceries, and tow my bounty home from the U-Brew with it. Strong yet comfortable puncture-proof all-season tires are what it demands and deserves. Thank you!

Robin 165 days ago

Fresh rubber for a fresh build

My wife is about to add an Xtracycle to her bike to haul around our growing family. She hasn't had new rubber on that bike since 2006 when we built the bike. I'm unlikely to be able to convince her to BUY new tires, so winning some would be VERY helpful!

Sam Van Dellen 165 days ago

Delicious Tires

Some nice shiny black threads would go a long way to upping my cool factor.

Jason Brune 165 days ago

need new rubber

My Surly LHT saw this contest and made me enter...

Perry 165 days ago

bike tire Contest

These Contis would be just the thing for my fall light touring plans. They would also handle my daily commute needs very well. Edmonton city street potholes are vicious!

Don MacKenzie 166 days ago


Because mine are held together on superglue and a prayer.

Adam Sokol 166 days ago

Fixing college student's junker

My son is going off to college in the fall. I found a junker bike but I don't trust the tires. Will buy a set, but winning these would give him that much more $$ for food, books, etc.

Tom Prager 166 days ago


My bike would be grinning from ear to ear with these shoes on!

mark 166 days ago

new tires old tires

I could use new tires due to the fact that mine are fraying.

Steve Stone 166 days ago

It's time...

I ride everywhere, and I love trying out new tires when it's replacement time. And that time is....very soon :).

Sara 166 days ago

I gotta a lot of riding to do

I commute at least 5 days a week. To and from work, the grocery store - I like really fresh veggies and fruit and pick them up daily - and errands on the weekend. A good pair of tires, especially with extra flat protection, would be appreciated. I've tried several different tires but not these yet. So winning them would help me on my search.

Ralph Branch 166 days ago

New tires---More miles

More miles is good.

Barbara 167 days ago

Because I have a tire fetish

The sidewalls are fraying on my old Conti Cross Country tires! And my bike will look so purty with some shiny new tires.

Lori B. 167 days ago

Continental Tires

Why could I use a set of these tires? Because riding without tires is very bad for my rims. Duh.

Anthony Hunt 167 days ago

Continental tires

I just bought a bike! I got a crazy Jorg & Olif bike which is very cool! However, this bike is used and therefore the tires look like they need to be replaced. The set of tires from Continental would be perfect for them, and last a very long time.

ted 167 days ago

continental bicycle tire giveaway

Because little old ladies who ride everyday, everywhere,(and I mean everywhere), to do everything (everything -last month I brought home shrubbery), but not very fast deserve good tires too. This LGH (little grey head) is a constant reminder to all who see her, that biking is for everyone of all ages,no matter what; that it is for every occasion no matter when or where, and that it gives one a lot of chances to shout "WHEEEEE" and that is a very good thing.

sarah heyman 167 days ago

Just started

brought a bike last month after many years ( over 30) have been riding now over 60 miles a week, I want to ride across USA, so I have many miles to ride and need to get my spare parts started. thanks

Juanita Singh 167 days ago

Too Many Miles - Too Many Potholes

My bike is now one year old. Have already been riding more than 4K miles. Need to change front tire soon. Back tire ran into a key left on the road, so I had to get new tire. So I need some tires to continue riding....

Espen 167 days ago

Continental Bicycle Tires give away

Current tires are almost bald.

Mark Beauchamp 167 days ago

tire-d of my old tires

i nearly sprained by ankle when my bike skidded across a wet patch of grass.

rey 167 days ago

My (unfortunate) new project

My sweetie's bike was stolen last night while he was at an overnight sleep study. We live in downtown Toronto. Seeing this contest inspired me to commit to building him a new bike over the course of the summer (or however long it takes). I have an old frame I can use, but it needs all sorts of new parts. These tires would come in handy... and this also give us something to work on together, rebuilding our way out of our (sigh) fourth stolen bike in this (still lovely) city.

Lisa 167 days ago

rough winter!

This last winter was really cold and snowy and icy. With commuting to work every day and the road chemicals, my tires are getting pretty shabby. No fun to have a flat on the way to work. This is just what my commuting bike needs to keep me rolling!

marcia s. 167 days ago

Continental Bicycle Tires give away

I could reall use a new set of tires mine are 6 years old.

Sam Cope 167 days ago

Indiana roads suck!

I haven't been riding very long and our roads around town suck real bad and I know the tires i have are not going to last me very long. it would be nice to have a set of these. Also I'm a big fan of Vanderkitten :)

Jodi Stephens 167 days ago

Construction debris stinks

There is a lot of construction debris on the shoulder around here. I have had several nails got through my tires during rides.

Kurt Prescher 167 days ago

Save me from goatheads

If you ride in New Mexico, you will have a flat unless you take precautions. A high quality touring tire is one of those precautions. One that I need.

George Pearson 168 days ago

momma needs a new set of tires...

...and these happen to be my faves! nuff said.

Julie Ward 168 days ago

Contis rock!

My daily commuter could use some new shoes, and these tires would be a serious upgrade!

Mark 168 days ago

New tires are hot

Way cool wheels!

David 168 days ago

I hate flats

I hate having to change a flat tire on the way to work.

Lloyd 168 days ago

mine are ready to go!

my tires get lots of use, so a new set would be great! Thanks!

Brent S 168 days ago

Sneak attack

Some odd alien life form snuck into Indiana last winter and survived under a blankets of white stuff by eating our roads. Evidence of this could be found all over once the white stuff disappeared. These tires would stop the tube deaths I have been suffering this year. Looking forward to winning these great tires because that is the way I roll (or at least hope to roll!)

Dave Schaller 168 days ago

Love these tires!

Perfect for your next ride

Chip Brundage 168 days ago

When the rubber hits the road

Round and round she goes---and where the tread goes---nobody knows.

Turbo Bob 168 days ago

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I used to have a set of Contintental tires but let them go with the bike they were on. I know how great they are (never had a flat while riding in New York City), and now that I've cycled over 1500 miles with my dad, I know that good tires are essential for touring. With every long ride, my heart grows one more size. Size it up with the Continentals, please.

Claudia 168 days ago

Good tires

...make for gooder biking.

Mike 168 days ago


Contees look cool and looking cool is what city bikers are...

d 169 days ago


... are no fun. I don't hate much in this world, but I _hate_ getting a flat tire.

Christopher Stephens 169 days ago

A Brute of a Commute

Oh these would come in very handy for my daily commute. A rough winter and small budget has the roads and pathways in my area in dire need of assistance. I've been thinking very hard about a good set of rubber

Clinton Charlton 169 days ago


they would make my bike look sexy. Of course, the durability and utility of some hardcore touring tires is also a selling point.

Jun Z. 169 days ago

Continental tire contest

I've never really tried a higher quality tire. I usually go pretty frugal on that part of my bike. I imagine it probably makes quite a difference. A difference I'd definitely like to explore. Free tires would give an immediate scratch to that itch.

Misty Evans 170 days ago

Grit and glass begone!

Finding something that won't let me down on multi season daily commutes here in NYC has been tough but these seem like just the thing!

Nick 170 days ago

No more flats!

I'd love to be able to ride without being constantly worried about when my next flat will curse me...

Melissa G. 170 days ago

Gotta get home!

I want good tires because getting home without problems is always critical. I don't want to deal with flats; ever!

Jared Powell 170 days ago


I would love to mount these on my Townie :)
We live in Boise Idaho where all of the goat heads in the world come to die :(
I have Continental Town & Countries mounted now. Fine tires but the plus would be a great upgrade.

Steve from Boise 170 days ago

My tires don't match! haha

I've had mismatched tires on my bike for a couple years now... it sure would be nice to have a matching set especially since one is bald haha!

Cory Smeltzer 170 days ago

Need some new skins

Need to put some new tires on my commuter bike, these would be fantastic.

Gordon Williams 170 days ago

My tires are as bald as my head

My reliable stead is ready for a new set of tires to pump up its lust of adventure. Plus, if you have an extra rug for my head, I'll take one too.

Jason Brune 170 days ago

Momentum Mag Continental Tire Contest

I could use them for transportation as they are very flat-resistant which is more important for transportation than for other purposes and resilient in rain and snow which is also important for transportation and all-season club riding.

Douglas Kline 170 days ago

Always needing more tires...

...it would be nice to have some of the best!

Joe 170 days ago


My tires are tired. Just had a blowout through the side wall. Time for an upgrade.

Jon 170 days ago

Tires for Trish

Touring I shall go...

trish 170 days ago

Ginger Biker who Loves to RIDE!!

I would love a new set of tires I put in many miles this year training for the ride to conquer cancer which I completed 2 weeks ago. I am also a commuter and am training for a triathalon in September...I LOVE To ride my bike and Love good tires!!! They would surely be put to good use

Colleen Rebalkin 170 days ago

I use my bike every day :D

I have two years now with my Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires and they are great but sooner or later I'm gonna have to get new tires. I use my bike instead of a car or public transport, so I ride 500-900 km a month depending on my activities. I would love to try this Continental tires to compare them.

Antonio Ojeda 170 days ago

great reason to start biking again.

I like a new tire because mine is almost all broken, would be a nice thing to have to get me back to biking again.

Laura 170 days ago

Continental Tire Contest

I would love some new tires.

P.J. Pemberton 170 days ago


I just found a hole in my tire this afternoon!

Jon 170 days ago

Marathons are officially bald, like me, but not as beautiful

The tread is gone. The grooves are smooth. The grip is bald much like my head. When I hit the brakes I skid and shake. I need new rubber before I end up dead.

Brn 171 days ago

Planning a tour

Next summer hoping to tour from Copenhagen to Paris - new tires would sure help!

Susan 171 days ago

Need Tread

The tread on my tires is worn out, definitely need new tires to stop skidding in the rain.

Kaye 171 days ago

don't like flats

Just plain sick of flats on my daily commute, need something that's the bomb

Margaret 171 days ago

an amazing tire

My son is riding from Indianapolis to Portland, it's been almost two months and he's in Bend, OR. He chose Conti Touring Plus as his tire and they're freakin' amazing. It was almost 8 weeks before he had a flat and even those didn't happen until the dreaded thorn corridor of Idaho. I want these for my daily commuter!

Aaron Spiegel 171 days ago

Dusty Bike!

My tires are too worn out to make the ride to work reliably. These new tires would be just the thing to make bike commuting a possibility.

Travis Nelson 171 days ago

Go the distance

I'd like to be able to have more comfortable tires to take on longer tours!

Dan Yen-Chiu 171 days ago

Highway miles!

For touring from BC to Washington to Alberta

David 171 days ago

new tires

Getting in a lot of long rides this summer. Time for some new treads will be any day now.

w siemens 171 days ago

reliable commute

as a teacher, I can`t afford to be late for work because of a puncture

Christian 171 days ago

Los Angeles, Where the Streets Sparkle

I ride every day in Los Angeles, where the streets sparkle with broken glass. I go through tires like Paris Hilton goes through chihuahuas. Please win me these tires. I will be forever in your debt.

Brian Bell 171 days ago

City Riding

Riding all over the city requires the use of durable tires with great puncture resistance and these would help in that regards.

Amber R. 171 days ago

New Shoes

Because I've logged 1,700 miles on my daily commuter since this past December and my bicycle would love new goat head resistant shoes! Honestly, if I win them I will donate the set to the Reno Bike Project's Biggest Little Commuter program so that a deserving veteran can have reliable tires to get to/from interviews and/or work!

Cuter Commuter 171 days ago

Worn down, not out

I'm afraid to tell my story. Somewhere out there the cycling demons are lurking, waiting to hear this take and make their way post-haste to my apartment to embed slivers of wire and glass in my tires. But then again, maybe I shouldn't be so scared. With nearly 10,000 miles on my Conti Touring tires (700x37) I have run over glass, metal shards, potholes that shake me to the deepest part of my gut, and anything else the road throws at me. While others tremble in fear, I push on - a behavior learned from experience (or maybe lack thereof). I carry 2 spare tubes, but they grow bored. The only time in these 10,000 miles I have had to change a tube was when the valve stem broke off. The rear tire is worn now, it looks like a road slick, but I push on. When it gets a flat I'll swap front to back to even out the wear I tell myself, but I'm still waiting for that to happen. Whether it is commutes, bike overnights on gravel towpaths or a ride through city streets - I've got a lot of confidence in these tires, and I would love another pair because eventually, someday, maybe, my originals will call it quits.

John Roche 171 days ago

10,000 miles later

I bought a Fuji Touring bike last year to raise money on a cross country bike odyssey to end polio. We pedaled 2,901 miles and raised over $3,000. This year, I am in training for another and have over 10,000 miles on the tires i have. I've noticed a couple of wear spots and know they won't last another 10,000! Winning these tires will save on expenses that will amount to more than 116 doses of polio vaccine, saving that many children from paralysis or even death.

Hl Ballard 171 days ago

sorry for 2 posts

The story is the same. END POLIO NOW!!!
60 cents makes you a hero, 1% left; let's make it zero!

Hal Ballard 171 days ago


My husband has been so busy working on my vintage bike that he has overlooked his own need for bike parts! I would love to be able to win these for him!

Melissa 171 days ago

After almost 10,000 miles

Last year I bought a new Fuji Touring Bike and rode across country to raise money to End Polio Now through Rotary International, raising over $3000. This year I am training for another odyssey to raise more than twice that, and see a couple of wear spots in the tires that won't last another 10,000!
Wining these tires will save some personal expenses and ensure that if I do get a puncture, it won't be because of worn tires.

Hal Ballard 171 days ago

Get Momentum

I recently made a 127mi trek without any hiccups along the way. I woke up the next day to what had looked to be some kind of animals teeth mark on my back tire. Needless to say, I could use a new tire right about now!

Jennifer Chamberlain 171 days ago

Tires needed!

My tires on my bike now are old, tired and worn out. Plus the front tire has a flat.

Sandy N. 171 days ago

New tires, please

My Surly LTH tour/commute bike could use a new set of tires. I'd love for it to be these!

Allyson Gill 171 days ago

Tour Europe

Wining these tires would make my Continental tour that mush better!!!!

Nicola Colarusso 171 days ago

ready for N+1

If I win these tires, I'll have a great excuse for building up a new bike around them. Plus, I "need" a touring bike.

James 171 days ago

Old Tired Touring Tires

Before I go on another tour, I need new tires. Because patching flats really isn't fun.

Gretchen Howell 171 days ago

Continental Touring PLUS Tires

My current ones are looking a little... worn...?

Tim Brown 171 days ago

Continental Tire contest

2 year with my tires and they need replacing. I would love to replace them with a set of Continental's!

Wayne Bagley 171 days ago

DC potholes

I can summarize my need for new tires in one word: potholes...and in one map: http://ddot.dc.gov/service/pothole-repair ...I ride everywhere in DC, and love it, but potholes mean rough bumps and extra gravel and particles on the road. New tires would make my day.

Erin Wilkinson 171 days ago

best tire ever

I bike commute every day. I replace tires twice a year. with continentals, it would last a lot longer!

alfredo valenzuela 171 days ago

Long distance commuter.

I'm an avid commuter & long distance endurance rider who goes through tires often. I've tried different brands but always come back to Continentals. Currently riding on my first set of Gatorskins.

Ryan Barry 171 days ago

better tires!

Means less concern about flats!

Chris 171 days ago

i hate flats

The description says "suppiror puncture resistance" that's enough reason for me.

Lloyd 171 days ago

High mileage

Given I use my trike for transportation, I put a lot of miles on it. I put about 9K miles on my last rear tire, which isn't bad, and need a good replacement.

Wendy P. 171 days ago


Winning a set of these Continental Touring PLUS tires would definitely be a blessing for me. Every summer for the last 3 years I have had to purchase a new set of tires (not to mention the 11 tubes I had to replace for flats) and I fear my new set for this year will not last the season. I ride over 3,000 kms per summer (roughly 1,800 miles), in and around the island of Montreal on road surfaces (like most cities), plagued by potholes, cracks and just plain worn out...I am vigilant and try to avoid these tire menaces but sometimes it is impossible or unsafe to do so in certain situations. It would be a blessing to win these!

Howard Pinkas 171 days ago

Why I would like new tires.

I would like new tires for my wife's city bike because living and riding in Montreal as we do, we quickly learn that our bike paths have the magical ability to attract all the broken glass and nails and tacks and other detritus created by a million odd ( sometimes very odd ) people.

My wife is the one who normally brings our daughter to daycare by bike and having her get a flat en route that I will then have to hear about and then fix is not my idea of fun.

My wife is riding an Opus city bike and the stock rubber is terrible, too narrow and too heavy for what you get so please make my life easier and help ensure my 18 month old chaos muppet has a good ride to daycare,

RJ Bachner 171 days ago

Reliable tires

I want them because they last forever without flats.

France Lebeau 171 days ago

Fewer flats...

...means getting home instead of changing tubes by the side of the road.

George Pearson 171 days ago

less flats = more sleep

I allot way too much time to ride to the train station because I don't want to miss my train due to a flat tire... again. These tires should help deal with all the roadside debris that vehicles leave in their wake.

franko 171 days ago

Bike trashed

I need new tires because my bumper failed, dropping my bike rack, sending my bike doing 55mph backflips down the highway. Oh, and I need a new bike while you're at it too. Thanks!

Aaron 171 days ago

For my Fuji Mixte

Starting to build a new bicycle based on an old Fuji Mixte frame and I could use all the $ help I can get to finish it before summer is over!

Robin 171 days ago

new tires

Need a set of these to replace the offroad tires on my cyclo cross bike

Jim 171 days ago

new tires, new life

These new tires would really breathe some new life into my tired (bald tired) commuter!

Stuart T 171 days ago

Pot Holes

My pot hole filled daily commute has ruined my current tires.

Jeff 171 days ago

Agh, slicks!

I bequeathed my old TourRides to my wife because she was using funky proprietary tires, and now I only have slicks, and that isn't super cool with the rain we've been getting.

Perry 171 days ago

Too lazy for touring...

But I'm in desperate need of good tyres for my polo bike. Everyone rides circles around me and I can't keep up to them with what I have

Jay Bruce 171 days ago

New Bicycle Tires!

I would love to win a set of Continental Touring PLUS tires. Although I would love to try them out myself, I would probably give them to my husband to try. He cycles a lot all year, especially in the summer. He's had to make some "MacGyver" quick fixes on his rides over the years, including using a protein bar wrapper inside his tire to make it home after a puncture. Thank you for the great contest!

Stacy 171 days ago

New Tires?

My touring tires have a couple thousand Km on them already and it's starting to look like time to replace. Continental has always been my favourite and I'd be thrilled to throw a set of these on my touring rig!

Cory Herc 171 days ago

New Tires?

My touring tires have a couple thousand Km on them already and it's starting to look like time to replace. Continental has always been my favourite and I'd be thrilled to throw a set of these on my touring rig!

Cory Herc 171 days ago

No flats!

These look great and hopfully would keep me from flat ting while hauling my twins in their trailer!

Jen H 171 days ago

Conti Tire contest giveaway

I would like them be a use with 7 bikes in the garage, upkeep and maintenance gets expensive.

Ryan 171 days ago

touring bike upgrade

I hope these come in a 27" version!

mark pace 171 days ago


My old Roberts needs some new tires so I can take it on some new adventures!

Dave 171 days ago

Conti Tire Contest

I could use these tires because they are my tires of choice ... I have approximately 8500 km on my current set ... the rear tire is close to bald and the front is due for replacement ... Contis ... the only tires for me!

Robert 171 days ago

Family of cyclists

Cant afford to keep up with all 4 of us running through road, mountain, commuting bike tires. I need help. ;)

Rob Hendricks 171 days ago