January 20, 2014

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Because fun is contagious

These lights are awesome! Not only do they make you much more visible but no doubt put a smile on passerby's faces as you ride! Being safe when you bike doesn't have to be lame, conservative or boring, these lights perk up your ride and personalize your bike. Love it! As a full time bike commuter, I'd love to win these .

Kate Menzies 363 days ago

Way of Life

Biking is a part of our family. My husband rides to work every day and my oldest son rides to school every day. My husband hand built a cargo bike to allow him to transport our youngest son to school on his way to work. Sometimes when it is cold and windy it is hard to motivate them to ride. A type of light like this would be so cool since it would really make it fun for the kids.

Danielle Cummings 364 days ago

Awesomeness so drivers won't hit me

I have seen several bikes with these marvellous wheels! Not only did I see them; I had an experience of wonder, joy and awe. Never have I seen such fascinating and beautiful spinning wheels. The closest experience is putting beads on my spokes as a child to not only decorate my bike but to hear the clink, clink, clink of them when I slowly moved my petals. Thank you for making biking safer and more awesome!

Christine Walsh 364 days ago

light my way

I commute to work on my bike all year long and being visible is key so I don't get hit by unsuspected drivers. Just last week, my light must have gotten turned on in my bag and was non-functional for my 5:45 am trek to work and I had to pull out my headlight - don't know how I ever rode with that in the dark. These lights are super cool and would add extra character to my upcycled retro bike! Please, please, please!

beth 364 days ago

provoking envy :D

Of course, I would like to be more visible, but what about making other people go, "I want me some of that monkey lights!"
I've seen some people with Revolights, they're cool, but I haven't yet seen anyone around here with crazy patterns or custom messages in their lights, so, I want them bad ;)

Antonio Ojeda 364 days ago

safe riding

help drivers see bike riders from more directions

Peter Martin 365 days ago

safe riding

These lights make bike much visible to careless drivers

Peter Martin 365 days ago

Monkey Lights Wanted

I'd like to light up the local Salt Lake trails with some style while tooling around in the evenings, and feel a little safer buzzing back home on the roads.

Mark Maday 365 days ago

Dusk riding

I often don't get to start my rides until dusk. So these would help be safer, and look cool as well

Joe LeDuc 365 days ago

Look Awesome, make people happy!

I would love to have a set of these just to light up the trail wherever I go, make those places just that much more interesting!

Ray Don 365 days ago

monkey lights

would love these for my monkey's ( my 12 yr olds) bike! she would think i am one cool mama!

kathy goldberg 365 days ago

Delivery business

I would use them to advertise my bicycle delivery services. They increase visibility greatly and make drivers pay attention!

Jacob 365 days ago

MonkeyLectric lights

I would use those lights for training on Tuesday nights when like minded peeps get together to ride on the perimeter of local business park, I've tried it last time and enjoyed it but would prefer to be more visible since days are still too short and the darkness creeps on us too early.

Olga 365 days ago

Monkey Lights

I would love to have these lights for camping, alot of times at camp grounds there are no lights and you can easily run someone over!! These lights would definitely let you be visible AND stylish at the same time! The talk on the campground i can only imagine! My 29'er cruiser bike would feel like the top dog with these lights on.

Kevin Harder 365 days ago

I want to light my bike up

I used to be afraid to rode a bike but now it is my only form of transportation and I ride a bike to and from work. My town has no streetlights so more awesome lights for my bike would be great!

Katana 365 days ago

Monkey Lights

My favourite mode of transportation: Bicycle
My favourite animal: Monkey
My favourite status: Safe
You can help me with it all.

Sara Maria D. 365 days ago

My bike would make people smile, and it would be fantastic!

I saw this posting and I got really excited! Now I'm have visions of elephants and rockets and hearts and patterns galore.

Why do I want them?

Because I could rock the lights at our Eugene, Oregon social bike rides Bike in Shapes and Moonlight Mash.

I could also use them every evening as I ride home from work from one side of town to the other.

My bike would make people smile, and it would be fantastic.

Thanks Momentum for all you do, and for all the cool commuting products you showcase. I love it!

Kelsey Moore 365 days ago

Pick Me

I would love the light set for better safety

Vickie Jones 365 days ago

MonkeyLectric Love Haiku

You see my hearts flash.
I see you smile as I cross.
Safe travels, warm hearts.

Robin Randels 365 days ago


I have spent years equipping my bike with just the right lights and reflective accessories to feel safer on the road. The addition of the MonkeyLectric M232 Monkey Light would, without a doubt, make me more visible. What more could a girl ask for? Safety and beauty!!

Jodi Spence 365 days ago

Cycling is my husbands way of life!

I would like to win them for my favorite valintine, my husband , of 31 years! He commutes every day between two university towns. Cars would be sure to see him with those fun lights! And he is a fun guy, he would be great advertisement for your lights.

Sue Kappmeyer 365 days ago

Dark and Wet Winter Commutes

I would love these lights. I live on the West Coast of BC, commute 25 Km to work, in the winter it's dark and frequently raining. I have lots of lights on my bike but these would be so much more fun and add to my safety. Love them!

Frances Friesen 365 days ago

Breaking through the dark

I often end up riding late at night, and visibility is so important.

Drea 365 days ago

In my country don't have it.

I never try this before. In my country don't have it. I'd like to be the first one. Thank you.


Hope somebody in my hometown wins...

I would love to to win, but if not me somebody else in Peterborough Ontario. I would surely loce to see the monkey lights in action and It would be great to spark more local conversation about bikes and appropriate transportation modes (ie.; the best tool for the job).

Gord 365 days ago

bringing disco back to the streets

I want to win so I can bring fabulous patterns to this cold, monochromatic winter.

Barbara Leiterman 365 days ago

MondeyLetric giveaway

These would be fantastic to ride on the ABC Mobile Social ride to the Blinkie Awards on Valentines Day!

Amber Raley 365 days ago

I want to raise the fun factor - and inspire others to have fun on their bikes

I have MonkeyLectric lights on one of my bikes. The other bikes are jealous. Cheers!

Heather Higgins 365 days ago

Be Seen, Be Safe

I commute 25km a day between 2 cities. It is dark and rainy here in Vancouver so anything to make myself visible to both cyclists and motorists is a bonus!

Helen Leung 365 days ago

From a nighttime commuter....

I want to spread the love and joy out there....using the "heart" monkey lights....what better way?

Kristina 365 days ago

I want to be the coolest kid on my block

While I certainly already consider myself to be one of the "cool kids," riding my bike up and down the block with these lights would undoubtedly raise my social status to even greater heights.

Graham Lavender 365 days ago

I want to be seen!

I love riding at night, and in he winter riding home I don't have a choice anyways. I remember seeing the MonkeyLectric lights years ago, and was amazed. It made me want to light up my bike like an christmas tree! And nothing would be better than getting noticed by the cars in a way that makes everyone smile!

David Stoyko more than 1 year ago

Why I want these awesome Monkey Light bicycle lights

These have to be the most awesome thing I have ever seen when it comes to gearing up your bike. I have a brand new Schwinn Beach Cruiser that I bought for myself- because I used to ride one when I was a teen and I missed it. I have yet to break it in- and I have had it for some time now. These Monkey Lights might just be the best thing since sliced bread and may actually get me to finally ride my bike! What better reason to get on and ride and show off the awesomeness of bike riding with the Monkey Light bike wheel lights!

Jeana Mohr more than 1 year ago


I love to ride and road road bikes for years. I now have to ride an upright and would love to show off with this cool machine!

Donna more than 1 year ago

Lights well, looks swell.

I'm currently shopping for a bike to replace one that was stolen, but my budget is pretty slim. I'll likely end up with an older, and slightly beat up model. A set of these lights will boost my visibility at night, and maybe distract people from chips and scratches on the frame during the day.

Jason more than 1 year ago

My 4 y/o

will be awestruck when we ride together with these on my bike. And when he moves up to bigger wheels maybe I'll pass them on to him. Maybe.

Markus Kellerhals more than 1 year ago

Happiness on a bike

I am happy, happier when riding a bike, happier still when singing while riding a bike, happiest when singing Ylvis "What does the fox say?" at the top of my lungs with MonkeyLectric lights setting a disco beat while riding my bike! Work it!

Victoria Levesque more than 1 year ago

I'm too old to get run over

After 40 years out there, I need all the help I can get - the reflexes are slower, and I don't bounce the way I used to.

Ross more than 1 year ago

Monkey Electric Giveaway

The added visibility, and sheer wonder that these would create on my weekly evening commutes would be wonderful!!!

Andrew r. Mitchell more than 1 year ago

Ride yer bicycle... at night!

My hubby got me some awesome lights from momentum at christmas, I would like to return the favor!

S. Lew-Havard more than 1 year ago

Side visibility!

I have lights for my front and back, but lack lights for the sides. Being visible from the sides would greatly improve the chances of being seen by everyone on the road at night, increasing my safety. The fact that these lights look so cool is just an added bonus!

Catherine more than 1 year ago

Come On Monkey, Light My Fire

I love love love night riding. For the perfect mix of clarity and lack of thought. But it's hard to keep the train or zen-like peace with the nagging fear of being wiped out by a well-meaning driver with poor night vision. So come on, Monkey. Let me keep this night adventuring fire lit.

Phil more than 1 year ago

Best girlfriend ever.

My loving, bike-adoring boyfriend would fall so hard for these. Would love to win them for him!

Anne Cayer more than 1 year ago

Because they are the coolest new safety feature I have seen in a long time

We have cold dark winters in Canada and it is dark when I go to work and dark when I return home too. I have not yet found a better way to make my bikes visible or safer for these dark commutes.

Chris U more than 1 year ago

Light my way

I would love these, anything that sets my bike apart in fun and interesting ways - especially for when I lead group rides. I try to show that you don't need to wear "gear" to enjoy a bike ride and fun lights would definitely add something special to my riding in the streets of Toronto.

Genessa Radke more than 1 year ago


What better way to make my official foray into full time cycling. I live in Richmond BC aka Lulu Island. Big sky and flat as a pancake living. What a fun and great product!

Erika Koenig-Workman more than 1 year ago

help me be safe riding in pitch black commute every day in rainy Seattle, 16 miles each way

help me be safe riding in pitch black commute every day in rainy Seattle, 16 miles each way

Chris Covert-Bowlds more than 1 year ago

They won't run over me if that would end the light show!

As a daily commuter in the heart of Los Angeles, I need all the visibility I can cull together. I'm covered from the front and back, but I really don't want to be T-boned, so I could really use some side visibility. :)

Moore Rhys more than 1 year ago

Lights and happiness!

I would put these lights on my 7 yo son and he would rock the city!

caroline more than 1 year ago

Due to...

...the fact that it would be COOL, vs. right now just being COLD!

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Because i love it!!

Would be a great addition to my bike!!

Yann more than 1 year ago

Fat Bike Bling

I figure they'll look fly on a fat bike.

chris byron more than 1 year ago

It's a lifestyle

I've been riding a long john around town for the past two months. It gets plenty of looks during the day but the long wheelbase makes being noticed at night a bit difficult. A MonkeyLectric on each wheel will let everyone know when I arrive and when I leave!

Cort more than 1 year ago

Fun and Excitement on Two Wheels


Barbara more than 1 year ago

For Daughter's Commute

She's been hit by cars twice so far. Maybe looking like a snazzy carnival ride will catch the drivers' eye before they mow her down for good.

Cassandra Viers more than 1 year ago

Snazzy lights for the commute

Those lights are really sweet! I would seriously LOVE to sport those during my work commute & after dinner rides. Great advertisement opportunity for my Cincinnati, Ohio area cycling!

Lisa Millhouse more than 1 year ago

Light hacking... #Swoon

I have this dream where I rock these with 8-bit art and punk lyrics from the early 80's and that becomes my "thing"

Ryan Thomas more than 1 year ago

For life

As a car-free commuter, I value my life! I'm also a pedallove.org bloggess who will definitely give a review of these lights. Design + functionality are huge.

Charis more than 1 year ago

60's Lightshow Here I Come

Fun lights and utility lights are great to have during any ride.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

i need lites

impaired nite rider needs extra visibility for safety

rick antoniuk more than 1 year ago

Unique lights will be more noticeable

Fun and safe at the same time, what could be better?

George Pearson more than 1 year ago

safety & fun lit up as one

Need lights - might as well make them cite!

jen sims more than 1 year ago

not a bike friendly area

I live in north east Ohio and could use the lights to stay out of car grills

Bob Johnson more than 1 year ago

For Safety

There are an average of 2 bicycle related hit and runs per month in San Antonio.... I'd be less of a target if I had those bad boys.

Chris more than 1 year ago

For the Kids

My kids have fun biking and I think these would make them even more excited to get out there, especially later in the evening and when we are camping!

Kris Fruin more than 1 year ago

It's Cool

Will fit right in with the San Jose Bike Party monthly ride, the monthly 3000 cyclist bike cultures celebration.

Zeaphod Beeblebrox more than 1 year ago

Better than sliced bread!

It's true Monkey Light bicycle wheel lights are better than sliced bread...well in my humble opinion they are.
I'm about to turn 17 and am entering my last year of high school in Western Australia, what a way to kick off the year with a set of M232 Monkey Light bicycle wheel lights!
Monkey lights are fun and incredibly convenient when riding at night; you can ride around in style while practicing safe riding habits. Not only are monkey lights fun and convenient but they are a great incentive to get on the bike and go for a ride; I can jump on my bike and encourage friends and family to come for a ride with me too. Riding, like any form of exercise is a great stress and anxiety reliever, with my upcoming year of school I could really do with a good stress reliever and form of respite, which I believe riding can offer me, so why not do it in style with some Monkey Lights!
Monkey lights are fun, convenient, and a great incentive to get on the bike, I would absolutely love a pair of the super funky monkey lights!
Cheers :)

Roisin Johnson more than 1 year ago

Light Up My Life!

I would love to win this prize and give it to my little sister who lives in Finland. She's visiting me in Florida this summer. It would be so great to surprise her with a set of Monkey Lights. She would have the coolest ride in all of Finland.

Erin Foster-Willet more than 1 year ago

dark and cold

I live in Finland and it gets very dark here. this would bring visibility to me and spark of light to other commuters

Daniel Richert more than 1 year ago

Funky Monkeys Don't Get Crushed

Not getting killed is key to my retirement plan, and monkey lights can go a long way towards achieving that that goal (besides I like when people stare at me).

Brad Waldoch more than 1 year ago

Look cool on the not-cool roads

I often bike home at night in the summer. Unfortunately, the roads heading to my house suck. I am accompanied by cars traveling 80 km/h (sometimes faster). It would be swell if they could see me! It would also be swell if my city could finish building the bike path next to the road. :p Were I to win these, I would equip my trusty commuter and head out! That's basically it. I'd bike.

T N more than 1 year ago

Growing cultures

I've been working to develop cultures of cycling in Edmonton. From the MEC-clad commuter to the casual recreational rider, youth riding for independence and fun, to seniors (riding for independence and fun...).

Part of that, on top of advocacy, education, and outreach, has included organizing informal night rides. Putting some MonkeyLectric lights on Edmonton's streets, and showcasing the soul-fulfilling part of cycling (we only do it because it makes us happy) helps shift the perception of cycling from mind-numbingly utilitarian, hard-work, and dangerous, into something much simpler: something joyful.

Send a couple here, and I'll flip them into a local contest (courtesy Momentum) to win the same!

Chris C more than 1 year ago

Monkey Liight Contest

My family owns a bicycle shop and we love fun lights for our trail night rides! These are unique ones that I've never seen. We are sponsoring a Valentines night ride next month and these hearts would be perfect!

Michele Dicks more than 1 year ago

Monkey Light bicycle wheel lights

Hi Michele, Thanks for entering the momentum contest to win a Monkey Light. I'm not sure where your family's bike shop is located, but if you would be interested in carrying our MonkeyLectric lights, please drop a line!

Catherine more than 1 year ago

Classroom conversation starter

I am a high school teacher at an all-girls school. I'm always looking for cool science/tech examples to get student imaginations going.
I am also a daily commuter (17.4 miles per day). There have already been a lot of conversations involving exercise, environmental benefits, and money saved for me doing this.

Monkey Lights are a way for these two things to be blended in conversation. I've explained the concept to students and I would definitely be bringing my bike into the classroom to let them see it for themselves!

Promoting safety, design, practicality, and ingenuity are things I try to do a daily basis. Monkey Lights would provide something concrete to point to that brings all of these thing together.

Mike B more than 1 year ago

Monkey Bike Light

My son can bike home from school at night without me being nervous cars can't see him and they're really cool looking

Aura more than 1 year ago

Put words in a monkey's mouth

I've seen mention of Monkey Lights from time to time, and while I find them interesting, I've never made room in my budget for them. If selected, I'd write on my blog about the experience of installing and using Monkey Lights--perhaps tipping other interested-but-not-willing-to-commit riders into the buy column. On the other hand, I might find that I like Monkey Lights so much that I buy out the year's production myself. Given my current non-owner status, there's only one way to find out which course of action I might pursue so, make a Monkey out of me.

Sam J more than 1 year ago

Monkey lights for retro man

Of course I have the same odds of randomly winning the MonkeyLectric prize. However, if it's up to the quality of my post and why an older long time riding fellow with no style sense should win versus a hoard of smart ass hipsters, I believe I've just answered the question in this sentence. As someone who rides 3000 miles per year the more lights on my rides the better. I have a new bike that I bought for a 20 mile round trip suburban ride and given the vast number of cross streets I pass on that route the MonkeyLectric's would be perfect.

Phil Lindsay more than 1 year ago

Pimp my bike!

It is cool and safe at the same time

David Viens more than 1 year ago

Monkey Lights

Woot! A new way to light up my bike.....moving lights increase visibility and are cool, to boot. Would love to apply to my 'bent.

Pat Arbour-Reily more than 1 year ago

Monkey Lights

These would be perfect for my morning winter commute. Plus, they look super fun!

Dave more than 1 year ago


...MonkeyLetric lights put the FUN between your legs!

Don Szakal more than 1 year ago

More bikes, more safety

Monkey Light bicycle wheel lights would be absolutely the first ones in my area, and peharps in Italy. We all are searching for efficient systems to make more safer our bikes. Monkey Light bicycle wheel lights will make my bike safer and very very cool.

Maria Gonnella more than 1 year ago

Lights to keep the cars away

When I bike past sun down cars in my town are reluctant to give me space on the road. These lights would help ensure that I am visible to cars from a distance and make me feel safer on the road!

Robert more than 1 year ago

Style Points

On my bike commute to work I would get pulled over for not having sufficient lighting on my bike. It happened like 3 times last summer. My point being that police patrol my route a lot. This year I could stunt on them with some Monkeylectric lights!

Kenneth Arthur Sanders more than 1 year ago

It's like having cards in your spokes

Since the first time I saw MonkeyElectric lights, it brought me back to the fun and excitement of riding my bike as a kid. Taking a playing card and a clothes pin, my stingray bike transformed to something beyond a regular bike. We jumped ramps, had contests to see who could make the longest skid mark, and who could ride the longest wheelie. As I great older, my stingray was replaced with road and mountains bike. But, just as we all long for the simple joys of our first bikes, the MonkeyLights helps to revive those youthful pleasure that made us fall in love with riding in the first place.

John Bennett more than 1 year ago

crazy awesome and safe

They are so cool and would be so much safer to ride back home after work, especially in winter time when it gets dark early. And they are made in USA, that's even better. You guys rock.

Jessica more than 1 year ago

Light up the night with hilarity!

I once bought a pair of Monkey Lights! I was so excited and proud to rock them as I rode my bike through the dark streets. My son thought the were just hilarious, and kept giggling from his attached chariot. My pair made flowers and patterns! They were glorious UNTIL I left my bike parked outside my favorite coffee shop for an hour. As we left, my son asked why my tires weren't flowers any longer and I saw that my spokes were boring, barren, dark. Should a pair of these beauties ever rest on my bike again, I promise to never leave them to the city street alone.

Kellianne more than 1 year ago


Monkey Lights are funky!

Jim more than 1 year ago

Bright customizable idea

so much fun and safety for such a bright idea. so many graphics to implement... great all the way!

Tom Calisti more than 1 year ago

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

On the streets of San Jose, you have to be agile like a monkey, to remain abreast of the traffic. The MonkeyLectrics are just what the Dr. ordered. Would love to sport your lights on my Breezer!

Will Jammer more than 1 year ago

As a bright meteor don't want to land on a stupid car! Thank u! Br well! Be good!

As a bright meteor don't want to land on a stupid car! Thank u! Br well! Be good!

Valerie Parmentier more than 1 year ago

Monkey tricks for magic rides!

I have been shy about riding at night so this would be perfect for me and I could show my monkey tricks and have magic rides!!
Love that it's made in the US too!
Get ready Santa Cruz!!

Sandrine more than 1 year ago

For the looks, and the preschooler

I look forward to the looks I'll get, especially when riding with my preschooler and showing off to her friends!

CaroLyn. more than 1 year ago

a fun gift!

I would give this to my wife, to make her commute to work a little brighter, in every sense!

Joe Tilman more than 1 year ago

I will trip out the trippers..

I'll ride past all the hipsters and blow their minds with the awe inspiring patterns created by the Monkey Lights! Whoa, dude!

Brent Stewart more than 1 year ago

Let me light up Hollywood!

I commute through Hollywood, CA by bike, and these lights would help me commute safer, and in freaking style. I could bike up and down the walk of fame lit up like the Hollywood Sign.

Heather more than 1 year ago


Those would be the coolest things to add to my orange Public C8i!

Sondra Bernard more than 1 year ago

Bringing a new level to Trail rides!

I would love to win M232 Monkey Light bicycle wheel lights because they would be great for nighttime rides and they are really cool. I live right next to the new Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail in beautiful Leelanau County and Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Lakeshore. These would allow me to ride the trail at night and provide free advertising for you. This area has blown up with tourism since the new trail went in and being named "most beautiful place in America" by Good Morning America. Oh, and I would have the sweetest bike Ever!!! My daughter has already requested a set for her bike! She's 5!

Jana Gray more than 1 year ago

Fun side lighting is appreciated by all.

I organized a "Christmas in July" Velopalooza 2013 ride where we lit our bikes, and have run a ride every solstice since 2011 all in the name of better bike lighting. I have some cool spoke lights, but nothing like this baby!

Steve Vanderwoerd more than 1 year ago

Safety & Style

I would love to win a set of Monkey Lights. Safety is very important of course and these lights will offer a chance to ride in great style as well!

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

It's all about the Christmas tree!

As I look to ride later and later in the evening, my wife wants me to be as visible as possible. To quote her, she wants me lit up like a Christmas tree!

Matt Whitlock more than 1 year ago

Extra Bling!

I would love to have these to show off at the Critlcal Mass every month!

Ivan Roldan more than 1 year ago

Safety First - side lighting is very important

I already use a lot of lights, but don't have much on the sides and these would just finish off my well-lit ensemble and make me one of the safest, most seen cyclists in my town.

Tracey Eide more than 1 year ago

Let there be... LIGHTS!

My goal for the new year is to commute to work and school via bike every day. It's dark when I leave my house, dark when I get home, and I feel as though I'm living in invisibility... a dark planet which only has sunlight on weekends. This would make it SO MUCH MORE FUN!!! Plus- these lights are the furthest from invisible a bike can get!

Rachel Benton more than 1 year ago

Lights love Nebraska

When I bought your first set, my son rode my bike everyday to show friends at home and school. People see us now on the trails especially when we ate camping and I haven't been able to get a local dealer to supply....so I enjoy showering the people of Nebraska technology! Our favorite time to ride us Thursdays on the taco ride on the Wabash trace trail. If I had these on me I could sell dozens. Love love love these lights!
Cindy and Zach :) ride happy

Cindy more than 1 year ago

Monkey light

To keep safe when riding my bike.

Roberta more than 1 year ago

Being brightly lit and awesome at the same time! You can never be well lit enough when commuting in the dark!

Awesome and bright, perfect for my night commutes to and from work!

marcia s more than 1 year ago

Monkey lights

They look cool plus safety. Fun.

Nonnie Cross more than 1 year ago


I have wanted these since I first learned of their existence. They are brilliant. They are like the bike bell: they make your ride safer and help the rider take himself/herself less seriously. They are so fun!!! GIMME!

Rob Patterson more than 1 year ago

light up my life

I need this to stay safe while cycling.

Bob A. more than 1 year ago

Safe and cool

I want these so bad not only do they make me more visible on the road how cool are they! so fun! I only have a front light and I have a matte black bicycle I always fear I'm invisible on the road at night. This would make me a mobile Ferris wheel.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

to be safe

being visible is the first step

Christian more than 1 year ago

Old ladies on the road

I am a daily bike commuter (11 miles each way) and want to make it home safe to my baby girl (just turned 4 months). I always have 2 lights in the back and 3 up front, plus 2 on my wheels. Even with all that, last month an old lady flagged me down to tell me that I need to have a light on my bike! Then last week a guy jumped out of his car in the middle of the street and tried to beat me up because I was "blocking traffic". I easily just biked away, but maybe if I have cool lights he would have been mesmerized by them!

Steven Nancarrow more than 1 year ago

Monkey light up

To be seen and entertain my fellow commuters. It looks like fun, as long as it can stand up to winter salt and crud. I commute at night in the wintertime... Shorter days. On the street through the center of town

JD more than 1 year ago

Polo, night rides, parades; oh my!

I would love to rock the MonkeyLectric lights at bike polo tournaments and parties! Derby/footdown behind the bike shop! What WOULDNT be made better with a set of MonkeyLectric lights?!? Here in Minneapolis, we do so much by bike, year round. What better way to up the party than animated light up wheels? Awesome product!

Ebbin Martin more than 1 year ago

bright and fun :-)

These lights look awesome and they are a great way to be safe while biking at night. In prince George BC it gets dark so early, so I would love to win these cool lights :-)

Erica more than 1 year ago

So cool ,Awesome and visible

Its always good to be visible.

george Liem more than 1 year ago

Would like to win them then I can ride safe and use a gear product

Very good safe product

Shaun taylfprth more than 1 year ago

To show them the light.

I work at a bike shop, so I get to meet all kinds of cyclists. Pretty often I let potential cyclists take my own bike for a spin. Not only would seeing Monkey Lights get more people interested in cycling, but it would spread the word on the lights themselves!

Eric Lincoln more than 1 year ago

Side view lights -- genius idea

So many collisions take place when drivers say, "I just didn't see the cyclist!" M232 Monkey Light bicycle wheel lights reduce the possibility of this cause, especially in cases where the driver and cyclist are crossing each other's paths. There aren't many products that address side visibility.

jooltman more than 1 year ago


I want to win the M232 lights not only for better side visibility, but also because they're f-ing fun.

Christopher Joy more than 1 year ago

More commuting and more fun...

I would love to win the MonkeyLectric lights so I and my hubby will feel better about me commuting at night from work and school. This will also help with all of the lovely pub crawls and the ride home. Our lights leave something to be desired. Plus, how awesome would we Jemson (my bike), and I look?

Starr more than 1 year ago

High Light

Since 1month ago i mount the M232 in my frontwheel. Every Morning i Ride to work all the childrens Along the Way they are Waiting for me and crying shouting they nearly go Crazy about These LEDs . So i like to Win One More for my sons!

Heini more than 1 year ago


I love the visibility but especially the way these lights are very creative too!

Andrea more than 1 year ago

No other bike safety feature can look even close to this cool!

I would love to win some Monkey Lights so I can ride around at night and know that I will be seen. The LED pattern designs are sure to be catch the attention of anyone nearby. The fact that I have yet to see anyone with these lights in my area means there will be lots of people asking about them and it would be nice to spread the word. Please choose me!

David V. more than 1 year ago

Why need to win

To make my child laugh at me and want to really ride with me.

Wil Colquhoun more than 1 year ago

Need to win these lights

Riding for me is fun, I enjoy it a whole lot, now that my daughter is old enough, will be going riding with her, winning these lights would make it a whole lot safer and ALOT OF FUN,all in one.

Barry Granderson more than 1 year ago

Monkey see, Monkey do

My husband needs a set so he doesn't feel left out on our date night travels. Love my set.

Sara more than 1 year ago

Monkey Light Right

Monkey Lights will make me visible on my night rides crossing through intersections,
...... when the head/tail light doesn't show my presence from the sides ! thanks.

Ron more than 1 year ago

Stop Monkeying around! Pick me

I commute often and would love a system like this. Thanks for the opportunity!

Lisa more than 1 year ago

Riding to school and back

My son rides to school and back everyday except in the winter. He comes home at night and this would be great to ensure people see him.

joyce s. more than 1 year ago

Beautiful Fun Silent Bicycle Messaging System

I want to win so I can use them on my bike during the 2014 Greensboro Ride of Silence.

Jeff Sovich more than 1 year ago

Wonderful and fun!

I would love to win these to promote a super cool product/company and of course, for the added visibility. All to often, drivers are not paying attention and this is a way to prevent that. To be able to customize the graphics makes your ride your own.

Riko Chock more than 1 year ago

Because I want to MONKEY around in the dark. And I like to party...

Aside from the obvious fact that this is the most amazing accessory that you can put on a bike, I would love to feel a little more safe than just having the standard lights. These lights are sure to entertain people that pass me by and they will forget that they were annoyed that they had to go around me. They will most certainly be a conversation starter and I LOVE talking to people. And, I am a great sales person so I am sure you would receive some sales from my enthusiastic non-salesey sales pitch. :) I honestly really would LOVE to win these lights! Please pick me!! Thanks for your time!

Medina Valencia more than 1 year ago

Bicycling the lights fantastic

Those are great lights. I posted the page on bike club I'm in here in Moncton. I work until about 2130 and I'm always paranoid about being visible enough since I ride from rural to an urban area. Also they look awesome :-)

Julie more than 1 year ago


They would show off my style.

Erik Swedlund more than 1 year ago

Monkey Lights are cool!

I want these lights because I want my bike all pimped out when I take it on the Critical Mass ride. These lights would lure thieves to want to jack my ride, so I would only use them on special occasions like the CM rides! Lights won't save you from a self absorbed driver who is too busy texting...
They are the most fantastic looking bike wheel lights!

Nick Wilson more than 1 year ago


monkeylectric is the way than everybody have to feel
it s so cool

mathieu more than 1 year ago


I have MondyLectric bike lights love! And I want to share it.

LInda Hanlon more than 1 year ago

Promote FUN riding

I'd love to win these! I love the concept of riding bicycles for utility and making it FUN rather than just racing. These are fun and also perfect to catch that drowsy car driver's attention, maybe put a smile on their face, and get them out and about on two wheels.

Zoe more than 1 year ago

Wish I had these!!!

I love riding! It can be so dangerous in my neighborhood due to the lack of visibility! With these lighted wheels, I would be safe, seen and able to spread a happy message with everyone I pass!! With these wheels, riding would become my main hobby once again!!!!

Jessica Talamantez more than 1 year ago

Bike lights contest.

Simple. Because I'd like to be seen, not hurt.

John Luton more than 1 year ago

year round visibility

riding year round means lots of dark nights and mornings. these lights add extra visibility and safety when it is critical!

ruby more than 1 year ago


I ride in the dark a lot and would love to add these to my collection of blinky lights.

Susan more than 1 year ago


These lights look like they would be fun to have.

Lloyd more than 1 year ago

omg....those are the coolest lights ever!!

i would be the talk of the town with those on our night rides!

eric stobin more than 1 year ago

Fun Lights

Would love to win because Monkey Lights are so awesome! It would be great on our XtraCycle! :)

Michelle C more than 1 year ago

Monkey Lights!

Why do I want these? Because I work with bike advocacy and need visibility in the community!

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

A fun way to be visible!

These lights are both fun and useful - what a great way to brighten up the bike routes and turn some heads during the school drop off on foggy mornings. :-)

Tonya more than 1 year ago

Love these lights!

These would be the perfect accessory for nighttime commutes & bike parties!

Tara more than 1 year ago

Being adequately visible!

Plain and simple...
All I want is to be as safe as possible!

Jennifer Chamberlain more than 1 year ago

Recumbents are more visible...

Being that I'm lower than most bicycles, this could be very useful. People on recumbents are harder to see in some situations. These lights will make a recumbent trike much more visible in low light, busy streets and at night.

Wendy Peabody more than 1 year ago

Safety for teen bikers

My teenage sons love to ride their bikes to hang out with friends, and many times I've crammed those bikes into my minivan when I insisted on picking them up after dark. The MonkeyLectric lights would make them much more visible and they could choose a really cool design!

Rachel Byrne more than 1 year ago

seen from all angles!

i agree with mae below ; it is never a bad thing to be more visible! i bike year round in MN {and it gets dark here at 430pm in the winter!} wearing lights on spokes, pants, helmet & back is never too much! i would rather look like a lite-brite than not have a driver see me!

diana more than 1 year ago

more visibility

more visibility is always good

Rob more than 1 year ago

Side visibility. Also, uber cool!

I like these lights as most normal lights you can only see from the front (or back, depending), but these lights are definitely the ones to see at night when you're riding! They are uber cool looking with cool designs. I saw their website and they have amazing designs!

Anyway, I want to be seen at night and they are super cool too.

ted more than 1 year ago

You can't be too visible!

Well, maybe you can; roving police helicopters conducting a spotlight search for me, Bob trailer with neon lights flashing "girls, girls, girls!", lights come up at the Oscars and I roll out onto the stage .... you catch my drift. But barring any of that, Monkeylights!

Mae more than 1 year ago