February 11, 2013

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night rides

feels like you're flying!

john more than 1 year ago

night rides

I love the sense that you're moving faster than if you were during the day; I like being able to look into peoples homes and imagine the cozy and comfort; I like moving through invisible areas of fragrances of flowers that only open at night. I like the way the moon follows me, that I'm moving with the wind and hear the dry oak leaves rustle. Mostly I love that the cars have gone to sleep and I can ride down the centre of road, sit upright, hands off the steering and really look around.
I like being able to imagine a much more ancient time when all was dark at night and also imagine that a future lies ahead when darkness will return.

cyrus more than 1 year ago

Night Rides

Need to be seen at night. I use my bike as my main transportation and for sure the more visable I am the safer I am and this would help enormously. Love your articals.

Maurice Prokaziuk more than 1 year ago

Night Rides

In the summer months in Florida night time is often the only time it is cool enough to ride anywhere other than on the beach. When the moon is full the beach here in St Augustine is bright from the reflected light and lots of people will come out to ride the length of the beach . Being a popular destination and a very small town ,St Augustine is much more easily traveled by bike than by car, due to the narrow streets and limited parking . The recent addition of bike lanes and "sharrow" lanes across the bridges between the sea islands and the mainland has encouraged more cyclists to commute by bike and also to ride their bikes to music events or to the clubs and restaurants. The increased number of bikes on the streets has raised the awareness of motorists to their presence and has the effect of making the streets safer for both cyclists and pedestrians. The sense of camaraderie between cyclists and pedestrians is more noticeable at night, it seems ,probably because people are in more of a leisurely mode and the opportunities for conversation are enhanced by the fact that they are not isolated by glass and steel as they would be if riding in cars. When I was much younger and working as a bike messenger in DC, the streets we're less crowded with vehicular traffic at night and it was actually safer because you could tell where vehicles were in low visibility spots by their headlights .
I have always enjoyed night riding just because there is an extra intangible element of excitement!

Alias Johnson more than 1 year ago

Night Riding?

Because it's full of stars!

Didier more than 1 year ago

i love ride my bike night

What I enjoy most about riding my bike at night is, having all the street for me, at night there are not many cars on the streets then I'm very free...

Felipe more than 1 year ago

Night bike

I love riding my bike at night because the city seems so much more exciting when the sun sets beyond the horizon. I love seeing the people out and about and the lights of the buildings make for a beautiful backdrop while riding my bike.

Amanda more than 1 year ago

Night Riding

The cool air and less crowded streets/trails. And also in the woods, running into some creatures of the dusk.

Shannon more than 1 year ago

Night Riding

I adore night riding, recently Saint Etienne now Victoria, as there is often no cars and I can weave back and forth across the road happily. Plus, occasionally I might just be a little tipsy from imbibing in some yummy hop infused beverages, and the drifting merrily along in such a state is pure heaven! And seeing the stars as I zoom along is fun too.

Matthew Justice more than 1 year ago

rider in the night

I love the less-trafficy streets and the cooler air.

rachel more than 1 year ago

Going home

If I'm riding at night, it probably means that I'm leaving work for the day. How sweet is that initial burst of freedom and those few soothing, non- fluorescent minutes when you know that the final destination is your front door.

egeos more than 1 year ago

Cycling @ Night

The adventure of riding at night in the City of Miami Beach can not compare to any other city. South Beach does not sleep and it has an amazing energy. I would love to enjoy my city safe and with better visibility!

Erick Cedeno more than 1 year ago

Thundrbolt lights contest

Less traffic, moonlight, streetlights, quiet streets, etc.

thegreencross1976 more than 1 year ago

Beacons in the night.

From an airplane, our frenetic civilization stays still. Rows of beacons of soft white sit on the opaque canvas where lines of red and white lights snake through the concrete freeways. With a bicycle, the fixed path opens up to a topographical map, with convoluted adventures and hidden nooks. The only keys you need to this closet to Narnia are two wheels and your beacons in the night.

Eliza Strack more than 1 year ago


My life is full of noise all day long, from yelling children to barking dogs and constantly ringing phones. At night on my bike I can actually listen to my own thoughts.

flowerabby more than 1 year ago

Big city lights

While often visiting San Antonio Texas, I like to see the lights at night as I ride along and see the historic buildings in that city. I like to ride in large groups at night and it is a lot of fun.

Roberta R. more than 1 year ago

Win a Set of Thunderbolt Lights

What I love most about riding my bike at night is how Zippy (my Currie EZip Trailz) and I move as one--like a firefly, quietly and subtly announcing our presence and our rightful place among others who rely on gas propelled machines.

Lotusfire more than 1 year ago


I like to ride at night on a cool summer night. With reflectors and lights on my bike I feel like vehicles should be able to see me, maybe better than in the daytime.

Jeff R. more than 1 year ago

why I like riding at night


VeloMel more than 1 year ago

no sharks.

it's like swimming underwater...in an ocean, but no sharks. and on a bike.

shauna more than 1 year ago

Night Rides

Riding at night - as well as in the early glimpses of morning - is an exercise in self-intimacy. The rest of the world is tucked in bed or stuck in front of a tv while I'm out thinking and living - it makes me feel ablaze in comparison.

Lacy more than 1 year ago

the moonlight.

i fell in love with my boyfriend while on a midnight ride to the ocean. the moonlight was perfect, the streets quiet. raccoons flashed their eyes at us, peering through the redwoods in golden gate park. the breeze tousled our wild manes. i had never felt so free, so present in my own body--my heart was beating faster than my wheels could turn. My thighs burned. We leaned our rides against one another in the sand and dipped our toes into the cool water. Panting and sweaty, we had our first exhilarating, bike-lovers kiss.

Amber more than 1 year ago

owning the night

I get off work late and when I'm riding home at 1 in the morning, most of the roads are pretty deserted so it can often feel like I have an extra wide bike lane. A million times better than feeling cramped by a bunch of speeding cars passing by!!!

Judah Margolis more than 1 year ago

NIght Rider

I prefer riding at night because the weather is bit cooler, traffic has died down and it just seems you are more aware, since your visibility is a bit more limited to the area that your light has illuminated. Better lights and being more visible to other is always a big plus for night riding. Serfas Thunderbolt lights seem like the perfect addition to night riding

Joe Shepherd more than 1 year ago

evening bike ride

cool breezes after a long day, the lovely silhouettes and shadows of trees before dark , the different hues of colorful sunsets, aroma's dinners cooking, and a relaxing bike ride at night is good especially if a sweet dessert awaits my return. I would love the Serfas LED lights to put on my bike for better visibility.

J.Sharp more than 1 year ago

family riding

Since acquiring our Cargo Bikes, dark seems to be the way we roll. Everyone gets bundled up and wrapped in as much reflective gear as possible.

Michelle C more than 1 year ago

pretty lights

the lovely lights of downtown sparkling as I roll home at night = awesome.

Lisa more than 1 year ago

Night Biking

We like biking at night because we don't have to worry about parking, getting a cab, or when or where to go. Your bike can go anywhere -- even at night! :)

Sara more than 1 year ago

Speed Rush

I especially love riding down hills in the dark. Normal riding speeds seem magnified when the landscape outside the cozy bubble of your headlight is barely visible. Property lit, I think me and my bike may be more visible to cars than during the day, but I still pretend that I'm invisible to them, just in case.

Amy Rowland more than 1 year ago

Dental Student

As a 4 th year dental student with a 3 yr old, a 1 yr old and little girl on the way the only time I can ride is at night. Less traffic, cool air, and starry skies.

Michael P more than 1 year ago


More lights, more visible, more rides, more better.

mae more than 1 year ago

They Eyes Staring Back at Me

I like riding the trails in the nearby state park--especially after a light snowfall. The best part is when your helmet light catches the eyes of an animal staring back at you. Down low, it's probably a raccoon or maybe a fox. Up high it is likely big round deer eyes.

Anton Nielsen more than 1 year ago

The car is always wrong!

In Holland a car is always wrong if you take care of a good light on tour bicycle!
I hope that everywhere the bikes become more important than the cars!

Corinne Jaspers more than 1 year ago

Alone Time

At night, most everyone is in, which leaves the road free and lets me not have to worry about being hit by a car as much.

Zach A. more than 1 year ago


At night, It's just me and my bike. Very few cars in my neighbourhood, and a good night ride is a great way to decompress from the day, and to think about all the wonderful things I'll be doing tomorrow. :)

George Schoen more than 1 year ago

light at the end of the tunnel

You can always see car headlights!

Jessica K more than 1 year ago


Late at night the city sleeps and you have it all to yourself. Very calming and peaceful.

Brad Waldoch more than 1 year ago

What I enjoy most about riding my bike at night....

Actually it's a few things:
1. Sometimes having the road to myself and the freedom it brings.
2. The cool crisp San Jose air - it's almost always balmy at night and very comfortable to ride.
3. The solitude that is brought by quiet of the dark night.

I sure could use these lights to keep me safe when I don't have the road to myself!

Thanks much!

Will Jammer more than 1 year ago

Pint Light

Any good cyclist will take all opportunities to have a quick pint. Summer evening rides are often plagued with these social pit stops. Before you know it, the sun has set and your ride home is a dark one. Luckily these little lights fit in your pocket and thank goodness you have made a habit of grabbing them before each ride. Cheers!

Eric more than 1 year ago

Into the darkness!!

For me, there's something almost meditative about riding at night. Focusing on the illuminated area in front of me, riding in near-silence... it's pretty cool.

Daniel Yen-Chiu more than 1 year ago

The Keeper of the Eddystone Light

With a yo-ho-ho, let the wind blow free,
It’s all for the life on the rolling sea!

Barbara Bandhauer more than 1 year ago

Night Ride

I prefer to ride at night. There's just something that feels more right about it. Maybe its the cool air, less people, less noise, or less heat. I really can't say, but Night riding manages to be calm and adventurous all at once. There's nothing like screaming through roads and trails with only a headlight to guide your way

Travis more than 1 year ago

Darkness and light

Living in Anchorage and biking year round, there are several months where the morning and afternoon commute is in darkness. One of the things I savor about these dark rides is how serene and quiet the local greenbelt, my main route to and from work, seems to be.

Brian more than 1 year ago

cool and calm

We live in the rural south, and night time is the only respite from the heat for much of the year. It is already 70 degrees this time of the year (mid-feb.), and it is often over 100 by mid-summer. We wait until nighttime to return library books, go grocery shopping, etc. in order to avoid the heat.

Rebecca more than 1 year ago

Night riding

I enjoy the peacefulness of riding at night. It feels like your doing something special even if you're only commuting home from work.

Ryan Strode more than 1 year ago

Night light

Riding at night through the beautiful city of Chicago is a surreal experience every night. The lighted cityscape, smells of late night food, lack of business men and speeding cabs makes for self empowering form of solitude. Most people despise there daily commutes. Mine are the highlights of my day.

Joseph szul more than 1 year ago

Riding my bike at night.

This might sound silly, but it always feels like I am going much faster at night than during the day.

Dave more than 1 year ago

Feeling the pulse of the city and neighborhoods

I like feeling like I'm part of the urban heartbeat, listening to the sounds of conversation and glass clinking from open bar windows as I silently glide past.

Iris W more than 1 year ago

The silence and peacefulness

There is a different kind of sleepy solitude when you ride at night, the wind sounds different, the sounds of the city sound different. The smell of fallen leaves and the shadows cast by LED and sodium lighting. It's very peaceful, I love it.

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Night Riding

I love the freedom of night riding. Its always cooler too in the summer and I can enjoy a nice crisp cool air bike and run away from the beating sun. I've always been a night person so night time rides are my favourite and always will be.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

riding at night

I guess if you live far enough north commutes to and from work tend to be at night.

Steve more than 1 year ago

Night riding

The quiet, the cool breezes, the audible gasps from the joggers who have their headphones turned up too high

KJ more than 1 year ago

Tuesday Night Rides in Charlotte NC

In an effort to get more people on bikes, I started a Tues Night Ride last year. This year, the first Tues of every month is just for ladies. On the first one, I needed 3 sets of lights for new people and only had 2 extra sets. I need another pair of lights to help keep people visible. I love sharing my love of riding with others. New riders build confidence on the road, I take them on all neighborhood streets, the traffic is at a minimum. It's serene, fun and hopefully gets people on a bike when they otherwise would not be riding. Last year I had a total of 84 people on rides. One person at a time, we can help people discover the fun of riding a bike.

Pamela Murray more than 1 year ago

Riding at night.

I like to ride at night. Most of the fun happens after dark. Riding bike is a great way to get there, and back,safely.

Kurt Franke more than 1 year ago

riding at night

I ride through the fancy neighborhoods to get home and I can see into everyone's houses.

Kim H more than 1 year ago

But Soft, What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

It is the east and Thunderbolt is the sun.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago


I love how empty the streets are, it's so peaceful and quiet. I feel completely alone with my thoughts.

Melody Stone more than 1 year ago

Riding at night

Riding at night for me is usually returning from an evening out with friends at the cinema, the pub or a restaurant. Such a pleasant way to reflect upon the evening and I always arrive home feeling grateful for the wonderful people in my life.

Dean McLeod more than 1 year ago

Night rides

Sometimes I don't have the choice to right at night especially in Spring or Falls. But sometimes I'd like to right in quiet and peaceful place during the night with less walkers and cyclists. But in any case I need to be visible !

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

Serfas Thunderbolt LED lights

quiet and peaceful, especially in the summer, with a cool wind off the lake. Nothing beats riding at night - but being seen for cars and pedestrians is also important !

tara christie more than 1 year ago

Night Rides

You can ride the same area and trails during the day and get to know each bump, every corner, and all the little details that make up the ride... When the moon is up and your out on those exact same trails, it's like being on them for the very first time. It's like a new area and you're getting a chance to see it new.. love that feeling.

Rich Stianche more than 1 year ago


I like how quiet it is biking at night. It's very peaceful. With fewer cars on the road, it's a very pleasant ride, too.

Tamara more than 1 year ago

Night riding

There's a calmness in the traffic at night.. but of course that means people may be paying less attention, so it's important to be very visible!

Amanda Bobbitt more than 1 year ago

thunderbolt LED lights

Because its quiet and peaceful, and much less traffic.

sharon meagher more than 1 year ago

Night riding

I love night riding for the feeling of freedom from conventional transportation.

Carolyn Jimenez more than 1 year ago