January 7, 2013

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To see and be seen

I'm not a ninja rider - that's just asking for trouble. I always have lights with me to help see where I'm going and make sure others can see me whenever riding at dusk/dawn or at night.

Amanda Plante more than 1 year ago


I always ride with front and rear lights, for two reasons: To see where I am going, and to be noticed by motorist and pedestrians. Never a flashing light after sunset though -- only solid beam on the front. I use alternator-powered lights as default, and battery on occasion.

Joe Todd more than 1 year ago

Ridin' at night dope!

Look. The time of year riding at night is...well....COLD (I live in Boise). But during the summer month (and part of spring and fall) my family and I are always riding in the late evening and end up coming home well past sun down. It is always a blast riding on the greenbelt along the river at night when it is mainly you on the trail. But you still need to be able to see the path and others as well as making yourself seen. I prefer to be as lit as possible for numerous reasons but most importantly to be safe and to teach my kids that riding safely at night can be fun!

Nick more than 1 year ago


I keep lights on my bike at all times. I use them not just when it's dark, but when it's a grey, miserable day like it often is in Vancouver; I want to be seen as a responsible road user that wants to remain visible to all other people on the road so no one has nasty surprises. I hope that by using lights, I get other cyclists to use lights too, and so that other people see that cyclists aren't just rogues who have no regard for safety or can't afford cars.

Daniel Yen-Chiu more than 1 year ago

My sonar's been acting up lately

Or because I work in theatre and live up in the great white north. It is often dark on my ride to work pre-show and definitely dark post show on the way home. Also, since I work backstage in the dark, it is also super handy to have a small light with me at all times. :)

Sam H more than 1 year ago

bike lights....

To see and to be seen !

michel godard more than 1 year ago


I want to be seen by drivers but I also want to light the way. There are a lot of possums in my neighborhood and I'd hate to have to explain to my wife that wiped hitting a one of Kentucky's finest marsupials.

Mike more than 1 year ago

Daylight savings time

I teach elementary school and commute by baike every day. After school I tutor underprivileged students at the local library. By the time I'm done its dark and I use my lights to avoid near misses on narrow WV roads on commute home.

Tracy Asbury more than 1 year ago

Bike lights

I like to be seen at night, so in addition to riding in predictable manner I always have annoyingly bright lights (red in the rear, white in the front). I even have them during the day but I keep them stowed with tools and bike stuff.

Also, blinkers make the bike "lighter," because everyone knows weight really does matter. And if my bike is lighter, I'm that much more awesome.

Brian McGloin more than 1 year ago

More Lights

Darkness is a lot more of the day in winter. I believe that you can't be too visible.

Jeffrey Arnold more than 1 year ago

Why lights?

Because I tried getting hit by a car whilst riding my bike and I didn't like it.

J Leddy more than 1 year ago


Lights are great to see where you're biking. However, I mainly use my lights to make sure that the drivers see me!

David Higley more than 1 year ago

Because I Ride More at Night Than During The Day

I work a mid-shift, and since cycling is my only form of transportation, I spend more time riding when the sun isn't up than when it is. I always try to have all my lights with me, and have obnoxious neon covering my head. I ride every day of the year, no matter what, so some more lights for the foggy or snowy nights could make my life all the more safe.

hailey more than 1 year ago

Riding at night...

I've chosen to ride as much as possible for multiple reasons. Riding at night has been quite the adventure. I can be lit up like a Christmas tree, but still not be seen by what I can only guess are drivers with blinders on. Maybe adding more lights and looking like time square will help...

Larry Maday more than 1 year ago

Serfas giveaway

I bring lights with me so I can stay safe when it gets dark at 5pm and no one thinks people want to bike in the dark.

Amanda Bobbitt more than 1 year ago


Because my daughters want their daddy to make it home.

Name:Rex Redmon more than 1 year ago

A safe and secure return

I always make it to the monthly CM ride. (diehard) For the past few years a bunch of CM riders have been making long satuday or sunday rides for distance, not speed. These rides take us 10 to 12 hours or more to return. Although we really don't go that far away (compared to the LicraMongers) we always return at night. So to make sure I get back safe and secure I use both front and rear lighting. Those tag-along riders that don't have lights are asked to ride in the middle of the group. I'd like to up-grade to a reliable brand name in lighting, not just what the x-mart or big-box store offer. Y'all be safe out there.

Victor Vazquez more than 1 year ago

night lights

I always bring lights at night because being visible is safer.

sarah bryant more than 1 year ago

It's simple

I wouldn't drive at night without lights. I won't ride at night without lights.

Matt Fitzhorn more than 1 year ago


Where I live, there are few cyclists, even less so in the middle of winter where it is dark so late in AM and early in PM! I feel it is my responsability to be visible - bright clothes, but my bike looks alittle like a Christmas tree :) Lights on the bike and helmet - this one particularly helpful when I try to look at drives in the eyes - it gets their attention almost all the time.
Be safe out there!!

Marie-Claude more than 1 year ago


Two reasons:

1) It's the law.
2) I have a wonderful husband. I want to get home safely after my ride to give him a big hug.

JDG more than 1 year ago

Cycling Lit

I want to stay alive!! Even in the daytime - having lights on your bike makes you more visible to motorists. At night - reflectors just aren't enough.

Lynn more than 1 year ago

Hello!!! I'm over here!!

I normally ride my bike for transportation, sometimes for recreation, but usually for getting back and forth to work (about 7 km each way), grocery shopping, errands on the weekend that sort of thing. When I'm working the nights, the road I mainly travel on is unlit for about 5 km. No street lights, just some intersection lights.

You can see me from space! I've got two sets of rear Red strobes, front white strobe and a 400 lumin HID LED. I've got cars flashing me to "Dim Your Lights" - I have a Retro Reflective vest. Oh, and MondkeyLectrics on the frint and back wheels (they're for fun) and T-Bone prevention.

I want someone to say "What the hell is that?" - and then I know that they've seen me.

Brian more than 1 year ago

Brighter is Better

I agree with "Vegas on wheels" above; one can never bet bright enough! Even in the "Most bicycle-friendly city" (yeah right) in America, Portland, Or. a bicycle rider tends to disappear into the background "visual noise" of the roadway, being that the majority of drivers, driving comfortably-distracted are programmed to see CARS and not bicycles.

Robin Dale more than 1 year ago


Light helps to prevent darkness, and makes the are bright.

E27 Led Bulbs more than 1 year ago

More cyclists need to get lights

I value my life. I know how easy bicyclists disappear in the dark and there are so many that do not have any lights and if they do its just on the front. So having lights on the bike on the front and back is a bit more assuring I will be seen while I drive at night. Oh did I mention my bike is matte black. Its a must have.

Tanya more than 1 year ago


Living on Vancouver Island requires mega wattage power brights on the front bars to alert of looming deer road blocks! And where there's deer, there's a stalking cougar. They will hunt you in silence, but atleast your lights will illuminate their hellish glowing retinas as they pounce in for the kill!!!! The strobe function might buy you some time though!

lauraMc more than 1 year ago

It's illegal not to have them, and who wants to die?

For one, you're legally required to have lights at night. For two, I don't want to get hit.

Also, these lights are just cool. Attachable anywhere, and can be seen from any angle!

nhinkle more than 1 year ago

Lights alert drivers of your presence.

Lights alert drivers of your presence and that you are on the road. Generally, this helps prevent getting hit by good drivers, bad drivers will also see the light and will hopefully not aim to drive you off the road!

kent sanchez more than 1 year ago


I use my lights all the time- during day-time inclement weather, dusk, or at night! Biking is my main form of transportation, and using lights (especially in the winter) are essential to my safety and to the safety of pedestrians and drivers. Working for a bicycle advocacy organization, GOBike Buffalo, I hear about and see bike injuries and fatalities much more often than I would like, that is why i ALWAYS have my bike lights! My current ones are fading fast with all of their use, and shiny new pair would be incredible!

tdangvona more than 1 year ago

Being Seen

Half the battle of not being hit by cars in not being where they go. The other half is being seen. Use your lights night and day.

Zeaphod more than 1 year ago

Drivers don't always pay attention

Having your lights on one of the best ways to stay visible on the roads, drivers can be distracted and if you seem to appear out of nowhere (even though you weren't) lights help to keep you safe and it's the law.

chicky82 more than 1 year ago

Cycling is cool, and so is STAYING ALIVE

Me and my family cycle daily. While sharing the road, we expect (and appreciate)
others who obey the rules of the ROAD. Using lights is one of the many ways to gain respect, be seen, and be safe.

nina w. more than 1 year ago

Serfas Thunderbolt

I always bring lights with me at night. I ride a Babboe Big (a 3 wheeled bike from the Netherlands) and my 17 month old son comes with me everywhere I go. ensuring his safety is paramount, I want to be sure everybody else on the road here in Vancouver sees us!

Simon Fleming more than 1 year ago

You are welcome to light me up

And my bike too!

Barbara Bandhauer more than 1 year ago

it's the law too

Besides being visible at night (Ninja riders are invisible) it is the law in Ontario to have a light on when riding at night. Plus it is the smart thing to do.

Allan Harmsworth more than 1 year ago


In Chicago I run lights day and night, and have backup lights as well! It's always nice to have extras, especially this time of year when commutes to and from work are in the dark.

Julie more than 1 year ago

I don't want to die

Lots of crazy drivers in Thunder Bay so I do whatever i can to be seen (plus, i don't want a $125 fine).

jason bruce more than 1 year ago

To be seen is a good thing

mounts almost anywhere, good cause I ride a recumbent trike and USB-rechargeable, good cause I ride all the time & everywhere, for work (no car), for fun, but mainly just because ...(a progressive neurological disease that impairs coordination & balance I need to keep moving)

Sinner more than 1 year ago

visibility isn't just for the nightime!

I have started leaving my front/rear lights on "blinky" any time I am cycling with vehicle traffic. Can't count # of times drivers have said they didn't see me but caught the lights! Have a great Serfas on thr seatpost, but always fall into the category more is more when it comes to lights!

barton more than 1 year ago

It gets dark in Chicago at 4:45PM

I'm a commuter from within the city to downtown. I leave my apartment at 7AM and leave work at 5PM- both times when there is not a lot of light, if any. My cycling gear, clothes and even bike are black- lights are the only way for drivers and pedestrians to see me.

Jennifer more than 1 year ago


Being seen in dark Vancouver rainy winter weather is important. the brighter the better forget those tiny ultra bright led lights. Cars hardly see them. Have you noticed how big car lights are and how you can see them from fare away even in Daytime.

george liem more than 1 year ago

Serfas lights

Because I want to be seen, not cause a scene!

Suzanne more than 1 year ago

Lights, FTW!

I don't live in the most bike-friendly community. While that's a rapidly changing thing, I never take my chances when biking at night, and make sure I'm visible to motorists.

Ginger more than 1 year ago

Why I always bring lights with me when I ride at night

Because I have a brain and want to keep it in my skull!

Mark Solow more than 1 year ago

Serfas Thunderbolt Lights

I like making all those people driving cars jealous when they see me out their windows, enjoying my ride to work and around town. They can't be jealous if they can't see me, That's why I ride with lights!!!

Deanne more than 1 year ago


1- In my state (FL) it's the law when you ride at night (although I see plenty of violators and zero enforcement)
2- I frequently ride with (and as) traffic due to troublesome right turn lanes that make negotiating intersections difficult ... this causes me to have to take the middle of 3 lanes ... In order to do this safely you simply MUST be visible to motorists.
3- In the end if you want courtesy on a bike you must first extend courtesy by allowing other users of the road to see you and be aware of your presence.
4- If you want to be treated like you have a right to the road then follow the rules of the road .... motor vehicles are required to be illuminated at night ... you should do the same.

David more than 1 year ago

Bike Lights at Night

I ride with a Mini Maglight mounted to my handlebars with a special fitting I found at a hardware store in Boulder, Colo., years ago. I also have a Cats Eye red blinking light for the rear cargo rack. I saw these Serfas lights recently at a shop in Los Angeles and was impressed with how bright the light was. They are awesome lights and I could really put them to good use on my commuter bike. It gets dark in some places between Pasadena and East Hollywood, so having good lights to improve visibility is essential. Cheers, --Brian

Brian Bell more than 1 year ago

I want those lights! (please) :)

I have peace of mind when I am doing all that I can to be safe and visible while I ride. I'm confident that being visible with lights and reflectors at night, helps get me to my destination safe and sound. In particular, during the winter, when snow narrows the roads and/or bike lanes; I really want to make sure I am seen by motorists!

Lyndi more than 1 year ago


We need lights on our bikes in Tampa, FL because we have one of the highest casualty rates for cyclists in the US.

Justin Ricke more than 1 year ago


Where I ride, there are two options: ride on poorly lit streets, or ride through the city's bike paths, which pass through several parks abundant with wildlife. Why do I ride with lights? Because I'd rather not take a car to the butt, or a goose to the face. When I ride, my bike is like a mobile Christmas tree. I like it that way.

Travis more than 1 year ago

Feel Better

When I'm more likely to be seen, I feel better and I enjoy my rides even more.

Ken Ohrn more than 1 year ago

Lights always

I use rear light day and night. Front only when near sunrise/sunset. Gotta bee seen!

Richard White more than 1 year ago


I have lights with me, day AND night, when I ride my bike. Because at night, without them, I am virtually invisible. And I carry them during the day because it'll be night eventually, and sometime sooner than planned.

tb more than 1 year ago

Why lighst at night...

I turn my lights on for night rides on my way home from work because I don't want my 2 yr. old daughter to ever wonder why daddy's not home.

Lloyd more than 1 year ago

The invisible cyclist

When I ride, I ensure that my bike's brakes are working, there aren't any loose bolts and, at night, my lights are on. Why? Because I want to arrive alive.

I often see (or, almost don't see) cyclists at night without lights. They're pretty much invisible. This makes it a challenge for cars, pedestrians and other cyclists to see them, predict where they're going and stay out of their way.

Safety first, friends.

ben more than 1 year ago


Using lights is the simplest and maybe the most effective thing you can do to increase your visibility!

Betty Rides more than 1 year ago

Saftey first

I want to make sure car drivers are able to see me.

Lloyd S more than 1 year ago

Why lights?

I wear and use my lights in the dark because I like to say "here I am! See me!" I teach kids cycling safety in schools and if they saw me without lights I would be SO busted. In class I ask them to count how many lights I have on the bike. They are surprised to find out I have 7or8 on ol' Lulu. Safety first!

Lorraine smith more than 1 year ago

Nice to let people know where you are

I know I appreciate being seen and not doing the "bike ninja" thing.

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

Potholes & inattentive drivers

Be seen lights are always a good idea when you want to get out for an evening ride to unwind, train, or just get some quality saddle time in!

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

See and Be Seen

Have you ever seen that person wearing dark colors walking, running, or riding at night that just came out of nowhere? I don't ever want to come out of nowhere, be nowhere, or be going nowhere. I want to be everywhere!

Kristy Dactyl more than 1 year ago

you always bring your lights with you when riding in the dark.

Romance in the bike lane: I want to light up your life...

rich gunn more than 1 year ago

Why I always bring lights with me when riding in the dark

I always carry and use lights with me so other people can see me and when I am on some of the dark roads I travel, I can see.

seth kreiss more than 1 year ago

Trails and Traffic

Its always nice to arrive at a destination without having been hit by a car, without having run into something that was not visible until one is upon it and without having a pedestrian step out in front of the bike because it was near invisible in the darkness; all good reasons for illuminating the way with bike lights...yes?
Another good reason here in The Rockies is that I ride on trails. Roots, holes, animals and more are always a possibility as are other riders who are trying to avoid the aforementioned hazards as they hurtle towards me. I'd rather see and be seen for everyone's sake.

Zandra Cummings more than 1 year ago

Michigan Critters in the night

Lights are needed to spot all the Michigan critters on the trails, not to mention the cars at dusk that think they own your lane.

Idaband more than 1 year ago

Lighting up the Night!

Lights help me be more noticeable on the road! Even better at Un Tour la Nuit in Montreal!

Kevin more than 1 year ago


I always use lights at night because.....here in northern Indiana it gets dark early this time of year and the roads can be hazardous. I use them for both my commute to and from work. I need as much as I can get to make me visible to my fellow commuters in there non-two wheeled vehicles.

Robert Fiedler more than 1 year ago

Winter Darkness

I always bring my lights along since it is dark for much of the day in winter - especially during my daily commutes. I like to be seen (and not hit!)

Cory Peters more than 1 year ago

serfas light contest

To see and be seen. Plus, a headlight and rear reflector are required by law when riding after sunset.

Randy more than 1 year ago


To replace the awesome LED lights I had on my bike before my bike was stolen. These lights would be so awesome on my new bike!

Diane more than 1 year ago

Mobile (Safety) Dance Party

Obviously for safety, and less obviously for the handy mobile strobe light dance party!

Sarah "Bish" Bishop more than 1 year ago

serfas light contest

For the times my son says: "Dad, lets go for a ride tonight!"

Carlo more than 1 year ago

seras light contest

For those inattentive drivers.

Laurie more than 1 year ago

Serfas thunderbolt lights contest

For the times I need to ride on the road while on a mountain bike ride.

Tom more than 1 year ago


I do not want to be someone's hood ornament.

Curtis more than 1 year ago

You can't be too visible.

More lights more safe more rides!

Mae more than 1 year ago

Seras lights

I bring my lights cause it's cold and dark here in the winter!

Lou more than 1 year ago

Why I always bring my lights....

On the streets of the Silicon Valley, you need every advantage when attempting to be seen by those that might otherwise not. LED technology gives you the safety edge that may save your bacon. You can never be too conspicuous when dodging the Muni bus drivers and cars that are whooshing through the night. I never go out without my lights. If I had these babies they'd be put to great use.

Will Jammer more than 1 year ago

Lights in the dark

I still am a child at heart. I am afraid of things that go bumping me in the dark.

Bobakaz more than 1 year ago

A spoonful of sugar helps the LED light-up.

In a most delightful way!

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

Lights for...

I need lights at night so I don't hit any elk.

Dave more than 1 year ago


I have been squeezed and hit during the day, so lights are essential when riding in times of low visibility. Love the minimalist design and the rechargeable function.

Guy more than 1 year ago

To see another day

Because getting hit by a car is never fun. My theory now is one pair of lights is just not enough.

Mike more than 1 year ago


I prefer being seen in the dark. At least when riding my bike.

Cleverhood more than 1 year ago

Awesome lights

I am in need of an awesome set of lights for my bike! The ones I have just don't cut it and when I finish some of my endurance rides, I do need these!

Paula MacMann more than 1 year ago

I like black

I prefer to use lights because I prefer looking hipper than I really am by wearing all black all the time, so people have to see me somehow.

stephanie w more than 1 year ago


Riding to and from work in a trauma ICU is humbling and a reminder...wear your helmet, ride safe and light yourself up like a Christmas Tree so I don't end up the patient.

Karen N more than 1 year ago

Serfas Thunderbolt lights

I always use lights when riding in the dark so I can be seen by other road users and thereby reduce the likelihood of getting hit by them!

Tim Brown more than 1 year ago


I often ride to work in the morning when it's very dark and a good bright light helps me watch out for pot holes and ice and it helps motorists see me so that I don't get run over.

Alex Van Dyke more than 1 year ago

lights in the dark

I like making drivers think that it is Christmas time. When they see lots of blinking lights, they tend to get mellow and nostalgic and they slow right down.

wong, wing-siu more than 1 year ago

Could get dark at any time

Living in Portland, I can have a blue sky on the way to work and a dark overcast sky by lunch time. As a lifelong Girl Scout it's my duty to be prepared.

Morgan F more than 1 year ago

light on!

You light up my life.......

Robin Randels more than 1 year ago

Light up the Night be SEEN

Lights are a must. Riding at night and even in daylight, lights are vital to being seen. These look like nice lights can't wait to try them out. Also use strobe flashing lights front and rear in daylight and what a difference that makes.


Rick J S more than 1 year ago

Lights are all right.

Lights are all right.

Joel Biermeier more than 1 year ago

more the merrier

The odds are already stacked against us, we need every advantage we can get when riding on the roads or multiuse trails.

franko arsenault more than 1 year ago

light contest

Thanks Momentum Mag
Can't wait to light up my bike with these great lights. A great front light lights up my night.

Go for a ride :)

rick more than 1 year ago

Contest for Lights

I use lights at night regularly to enhance my safety (and that of others too). I can only guess what mishaps they might have prevented. Anything that might help has purpose. And the drivers around here in the Boston area aren't the best!

Douglas Kline more than 1 year ago


It is a matter of common courtesy to all those I share the road and pathways with. If we all thought about being part of a community rather that competitors we would have much less confrontation.

Bob McInnis more than 1 year ago

the more lights the better !

Cool lights ! The more lights you have, the better especially when you ride at night as my hubby does every day to and from work.

Tara Christie more than 1 year ago

Terras irradient

Can't find the right bike lights so I have been stuck at home. Was surprised my Public bike didn't come equipped with lights. In japan, they all have lights by law, I believe... so I need to somehow light up the world.

Leanne Ogasawara more than 1 year ago

Want to be seen

We always have lights on when we ride at night as well as reflective gear. We want to be seen, not hit.

Megan Gray more than 1 year ago

Lights in the dark

I always bike with lights in the dark because I often share the road with other cars. Even when I have a bike lane, it's good to let people know you're there!

Tamara more than 1 year ago

Lights out

Riding without lights could end in lights out.

Michele Chavez more than 1 year ago

Sometimes you have to keep working

You never know when that casual Friday is going to turn in to a hellish late night grind to get the job done, and nothing beats feeling safe and seen on a dopey ride home!

It's all about safety when you work emergency response!

Pedro more than 1 year ago

Light me up

I use lights at night (and sometimes in the day) because I think cyclists should be seen and not hurt.

Randy Gatley more than 1 year ago


I always bring lights with me, and extra batteries because it is stupid not to. I demand to be seen at all times so I don't die. I like to live and to cycle.

Kyle more than 1 year ago

Lights in the dark

I use lights when I ride in the dark to arrive safe home to be able ti give a kiss to my kids !

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

Vegas on wheels

that's how i describe myself when riding in the dark. you can never rely on drivers always seeing you. i have my frame lit up, my wheels, and of course i have front / rear lights.
if something were to ever happen to me, i never want it to end that i'm the one cited b/c the driver didn't see me.

jess mathews more than 1 year ago