April 21, 2014

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A missing Link

When I travel to other cities I am always frustrated that I cannot discover these places on a bike. I own a couple of these life transformer tools, but none that I can hide in the trunk of a car or a plane. There is a missing Link during my travels, and I am awaiting that the mighty Tern Link D8 opens new horizons for me!

Eric Lefol 272 days ago

First Mile Last Mile Solution

The Tern Link D8 is the perfect commuter solution for accessing the new light rail line rolling into town next year. Quick to the rail station, easy on and off, and no fuss riding the last mile of downtown Portland. With the Tern Link D8, we are a one car family. The Tern Link D8 is the cost effective commuting solution.

Chris Ortolano 272 days ago

So Handy

I was at a bar yesterday with a bunch of friends who arrived via bike. As usual, there was a shortage of bike parking out front. One guy had a folding bike which he simply tucked under the bar counter and he was good to go!

Jo 273 days ago

Awesome ride

I would love to have the Tern to travel not only around NYC, but around the US and abroad. It's an amazing way to explore my own backyard and new territories.

Brandi 273 days ago

Because car share and bus interior don't have bike rack

BACKGROUND: I bike and bus to work, and get around town after work by bike and Car2Go (the car-share service). CHALLENGE: All is well except 2 issues: 1) The Car2Go vehicles are Smart cars with no way to fit my bike in or on them (even with front wheel removed). 2) Sometimes both bike spots are occupied on the bus's front platform, so I run 20-30 min late awaiting (hoping for space one) the next bus. SOLUTION: With a Tern Link D8 folding bike I could use Car2Go more often and freely as I'd be able to put my bike inside (for example, use the car-share when I get out late from an event, drive it to the end of the car-share zone, then ride home to last few miles on the folding bike). Also, I could bring the folded bike inside the bus during the times when both exterior bike spots on the bus are taken. IN SUM: More riding, more sustainable city travel, more safety!

C M 273 days ago

Take a Tern for the Best

I travel. I travel a lot. I take a train, or take a walk. But I fly a lot, which is not so hot.
My folder died, and yes I cried, and now I need a brand new ride.

I go to places and talk to folks. I tell them they need to calm their roads.
I tell them how and why to ride, and that a ride can save their hides.

I want to fold my Tern right down, and smile as I begin to rest.
I want to see their eyes light up and dream of taking a Tern for the Best.

Robert Ping 273 days ago

Turn Riding

I think it would be great to ride it everywhere and not have to find a place to lock it to. I'll just fold it up and stick it in my back pocket... It would be nice to have a bike that didn't take up much storage space inside.

Dan Stver 273 days ago

Turn ,turn ,turn

Going to England in TDF season , got Brit -rail pass , If I won the bike , it would the devon clotted cream on the scone .

lee kenney 273 days ago

The only way to explore a new city...

I have the chance to visit Portland, Seattle, and Chicago this summer. The subway is great, but it's no way to explore a new city. Like Hemingway said, “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.”

Matt Van Hamersveld 273 days ago


I ride my bike to enhance every day and every aspect of life. I would take a Tern on Tour. In NM where I live there is limited mass transit and full size bikes can't go on all busses and trains but a folding bike allows me to use mass transit then get off at the end of the line and go - 0 mpg and this makes me happy.

Moriah Mahoney 273 days ago

Bring my bike every where

When I travel, the better way to visit a new city is by bike. Having a folding bike allow to bring the bike evey where

David Viens 273 days ago

Life is unfolding before our eyes

I once pedaled to the bus only to find no more space on the rack. A guy hopped off the bus and took his bike off, folded it, and stowed it under the seat. I was grateful to him, but methinks not as grateful as he was to me for offering an opportunity to fold his bike! :) In any case, I'd use the Link D8 in a similar manner.

Dan Narsavage 273 days ago

A teacher Commute to school

I would love to commute to my school (7 miles) and park Tern, the bike at the corner of my class...

Meir pluznik 273 days ago

Tern contest

I would use it to ride from Home to my work. Ir would be great to do exercise and also avoid traffic

tomasrcm@gmail.com 273 days ago

Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Torn Folding Bike

Help me make the last bit of each commute more bearable on a folding bike.

Robert Neiuber 273 days ago

I will ride it to work...

I like to commute by bike to work. My 10 mile ride (each way) includes traversing 6 miles of bike paths along the Willamette River and I can't think of a better way to use the Tern.

Kent Anderson 273 days ago

I will ride

I will ride to and fro, wherever I go, who could know know, where I will go?

Bill Gibson 273 days ago

city bike Contest folding bikr

I will use this bike to travel across new zealand and australia for the next year.

Marianne 273 days ago

a Gift for my wife

I would give it to my wife for her daily commute. She lives in DC and regularly travels via the metro and then onto and across the the base at Defense Medical center Bethesda to work with/for the Wounded Warriors for the VA. Having reliable transportation that she can take on the train with her would greatly improve her quality of life.

Tony 273 days ago

Carpool with Bike

I live in Toronto and work in Brampton (55 km one way). I recently started a carpool but my carpool buddy doesn't have a bike rack. So when I need to run errands for work (which I do on my bike) I have to take the bus (a much longer, and more expensive trip) so that I can get my bike to Brampton. I could put this bike in his car and we could keep carpool more often!

Erica 273 days ago

Caltrain and Safeway here I come!!!

As a self employed fellow, I often have to work in San Francisco and a few times I've used my conventional bike to make my way from the Train to my final destination, e.g. the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and other gigs. Having such a cool and effective form of transportation to my final destination would serve me well. I'd also enjoy using it on my trips to the local grocery store. As the bay area continues our move toward getting people out of their cars, this would be another great example for my fellow San Jose citizens. I hope you'll consider my request.

Bill DEibler 273 days ago

If I win the Tern...

it will make my commute that much easier. No longer have to try to fit my large commuter bike on the lightrail with angry people staring at me. Just ride to the station, fold up and go. They I can easily unfold and ride the rest of the way in to work.

Josh Ward 274 days ago

Safely commute and be able to take my bike into the office!

With short rides on either ends of my commute and nowhere safe to lock it except in my work cubicle,.. a Tern Link D8 could turn the drudgery of the walking parts of my commute to fun and smooth ride!

Laura 274 days ago

Extended transit exploration!

Yes, most transit can accommodate a few bikes but no,... not all places have unlimited capacity for them. With a Tern in hand I can extend my transit map immensely and check out all the nooks and crannies at home and abroad!

Steve v. 274 days ago

Checkin' out new cities

I would love to have a bike like this to take with me in my travels to new cities, so I have a portable way to explore.

Mangry 274 days ago


Me and Pedro will take it off some sweet jumps.

Virgil Starkweather 274 days ago

Perfect for the studio

I will use this bike to get to my studio and tuck it away nicely until it's time to go home. The studio is on the third floor, so a folding bike is ideal/

Pierre. 274 days ago

it's my tern

I would use this to pedal to my dreams.

melissa 274 days ago


I would keep this beneath my cape during crime-fighting jaunts for the smoothest getaway vehicle ever.

Kelly Anne Conley 274 days ago

i want this bike

to go to work in style everyday

alain gauvin 274 days ago

Expanding my horizons

I want to travel the mighty west coast and can't afford to take a buncha months off to tour like the 20-something that I'm not. And internal hubs are RAD!

Not so big Jim 274 days ago

City exploration

every time i go to a city i want to explore it by bike. Bike Shares are popping up in major cities and are great but there are lots of cities with no bike share system. With the D8, every city we go to will be explored by bike. Its the perfect way to see a new city or roll through cities you already know.

Brian Litmans 274 days ago

Stop me before I finally snap

I travel about once a month for work in week long stretches and miss my bike while I’m out. If I ride a stationary bike at the hotel gym, I’m bored out of my mind. And without a travel bike, I am stuck with using a car to explore the area. The worst of all is traveling to a great biking town and not having a bike or time to arrange a rental. Seeing others on their bikes enjoying the remainder of the day is just frustrating. Help me with a new Tern Bicycles Link D8 before I do something crazy, like grab someone else’s bike for a joyride.

Kurt Prescher 274 days ago

Research in South America

I am a graduate student in Latin American History. I spend summer months in Chile conducting dissertation research. Much of my time is spent in archives in Santiago, Chile but I really want to travel and see more of the country. Buses are the best way to cover long distances from north to south and across the Andes. I would love to be able to do a full-fledged bike tour, but that kind of trip just isn't realistic for me right now. A folding bike would enable me to get around the city and hop on a bus to explore a little more off the beaten path. Last season I borrowed a bike from the owner of the hostel I stayed at in Puerto Vargas and pedaled about 60k along Lago Llanquihue. It was a dream come true and the most beautiful scenery I've ever encountered. Can't wait to do it again on my new Tern!

John Stegeman 274 days ago

Solves local transportation logistics when traveling!

I made a career switch a few years ago, from bicycle mechanic to traveling synagogue musician and music educator. When a synagogue or Jewish community center hires me to visit their city and perform or teach, they often ask if they can rent me a car during my stay. The problem is that I don't drive, meaning that they either have to provide me with a loaner bicycle and trailer or a driver who is willing to schlep me around. (I make repeat visits to one synagogue each year and they have a bicycle they store there for my visits, but that's an isolated case.)
Having a folding bike I could take with me would solve these logistical concerns and make it easier for me to market my services. The environmental savings would be an added bonus. In fact, the few trips I've made so far have opened many minds and hearts in mostly car-centric communities when they see that there IS another way to look at local transportation.

Beth Hamon 274 days ago

Spread the joy

I would give it to my friend Shirley who wants to ride but doesn't have her own bike.

Barb Schaab 274 days ago

Swingin Tern Dancer/Rider

Imagine the contra dancers seeing me ride to the North New Jersey contra dance with a Tern bike, you make me da coolest dude on wheels. The community is called Swingin Tern, this bike was made for that community of fun loving contra dancers.

Dan Black 274 days ago

To Show-Off of course! :)

I have not ridden a folding bike and would love to "show off" this cool invention. My boss has one he takes to Holland, bike mecca, and avoids taxis! He takes it inside restaurants and the office. How cool is THAT?!

Kim Clark 274 days ago

Reliable Transportation in every city

As a coach and instructor for the Smart Cycling® program sanctioned by the League of American Bicyclists, I travel to over 20 cities each year, evaluating candidates' knowledge of the material and bike handling expertise. Because of the high cost of shipping a bike-in-a-box, I am compelled to borrow a bike at that city which can (and often does) result in a mismatch between me and the vehicle. If I had a Tern Link D8, I could take the bike with me to every city and have reliable, fun transportation for the class, but also to visit each city by bike!

Ballard Hal 274 days ago


I regularly take people on canoe-bike trips through Edmonton. We transport the canoe by bike trailer: when we get to the river, we put the trailer and bikes into the canoe, paddle, and when we're done, we take out, put the canoe back on the trailer, and ride home.

Having a folding bike would make this process much easier!


Chris C 274 days ago

A moment with my daughter

Since I get divorced, i taught my daughter how to swim and how to ride a bike, hoping one day we could travel around with our bikes enjoying the magical moments between a father and his daughter. I have mine (tern link D8) and it´s time to get hers, so we can realize what we are waiting for. We will take our bikes to unexpectable places and the most important… together.

Marcus Rodriguez 274 days ago

Tern Bicycle Contest

I'd love to use a folding bicycle to take a six week tour of Ireland by bike. I just started cycling two years ago and I find my curiosity of new places to bike and travel is growing. My first bike-tourism trip was last year - I went to New Orleans specifically to bike around neighbourhoods.

Leanne Prain 274 days ago

The places.

So many places to go, to see, to visit. I travel frequently for work and as a freelance journalist, but the D8 is meant for the times in between. When I'm home, there are other trails to commute to the office, a different path almost every day. When flying abroad, fold it up, overhead bin-it, and get to the next destination through a different perspective.

For me, it's a two-wheeled means of exploration, not just a commuter.

Matt O'Rourke 274 days ago

I will travel around SiChuan of China with D8

I am a software engineer,male,26 years old, work in sichuan.my hobbies is Photography,music,road bicycle.

My plan is travel around SiChuan by bicycle+Bike Trailer+tent,use my time in half a year.

SiChuan province is amazing and beauty place,Which in western of China,sichuan have many world cultural and natural heritage, such as Jiuzhaigou valley,HuangLong,DuJiangYan irrigation system,Mount Emei,Leshan Buddha.

These places all in my plan, But My most important plan is take bicycle to shangri-la,highland.snow mountain. Prairie.and Mystery Of Buddhist!

I will take some natural picture, of course tern D8 will always in my photograph.and I will share my experience to webside: www.fengyunbike.com ,I'm a members of them.

By the way,I had test D8 a year ago,Very satisfied.

Look forward to reply.

BobLeo 274 days ago

Take it on the bus!

If the weather turns rainy I take the bus home and leave my bike at work . . . I'd be able to bring this beauty home with me!

Kelly 274 days ago

win a Tern Link D8 folding bike.

I will use this bike as a commuter between work, home, and public transport. On Some days I put the Tern Link D8 folding bike.in the trunk of my car for short city trips with the family

Jerry Sluisdom 274 days ago

Win the folding bike

Would like to rise a folding bike.

R. Rottman 274 days ago

inside my car share

that's how!

Franz 274 days ago

Tern Link D8 folding bike

I would use the Tern Link D8 folding bike when I visit my brother in Ottawa or on other trips when I don't have access to my usual ride.

Matthew LeDrew 274 days ago

Ten link d8

I would love to win the tern for my wife. She is currently riding pretty felt cafe but doesn't want to use it for commuting to work because her office is on t h e 6 floor and there is no secure parking available.

Martin Young 274 days ago

Office capatible, road ready!

I would use this to bike to work. Secure bike parking is insufficient where I work and my office can't hold a bike with a rigid frame...a folding one, on the other hand, would allow me to commute by bike on days when I can't get in early enough to get a secure parking spot. Have bike, will travel!

Victoria 275 days ago

From Metro to home

I don't have a car and bus service is limited so this would be a perfect way to get from the Metro to my house in a jiffy. Thanks!!

Amelie 275 days ago

Tern Link D8 folding bike contest

I been eyeballing folders to facilitate amtrak/bus connection boarding especially on the trains that require conventional bikes to be boxed. With the Tern Link D8 I may only need to put in a carry-on bag. Viola!

Diego 275 days ago

Train in the rain

This would give me a good option for using a train on a rainy day

JThorne 275 days ago

If this bike could become mine....

If this bike could become mine, I could bring it in to my cubicle, and never have to worry if a ne'er-do-well would be able to cut the bike lock off.
If this bike could become mine, I could ride this to our new arena in Lincoln Nebraska when Paul McCartney comes to town (woo hoo!), and not have to deal with Lincoln's downtown parking!
If this bike could become mine, I would be able to show motorists how technology and innovation have been brought to cycling, and how fun commuting can be!
If this bike could become mine...adventure awaits!

Lee Cornell 275 days ago

Portability and Security

My commuter bike was stolen out of my garage last September. I've been looking for a new set of wheels, and studying bike security since then.

This bike would be great for getting it to work, and small enough to store at my desk or in my house instead of locked to a rack outside.

Jason Wright 275 days ago

Tern Bicycle D8

As we are a car free family of 3, we would use this bike so we could all go on the bus together and ride further afield. 2 bikes on the outside bus rack, and this folding bike right on board with us!

Wendy Ashton 275 days ago

Tern Link D8 folding bike.

I would use the D8 to commute and take along on the metro. I would keep it in my car trunk for the flexibility and option for a bike ride whenever I'm out. If I'm near the beach, I could park and take a quick ride along the boardwalk.

Mike S. 275 days ago

Folding Bike Use

I would use it while traveling & short local rides running errands.

Ryan Barry 275 days ago

Tern Link D8 folding bike

This would be the coolest bike to just throw in the back of my Smart car & head to the bike paths at Lake Tahoe for a day of riding. Oh how I would love that!

Sondra Bernard 275 days ago

Tern Bike

This would be great for taking on the train and going right to the beach!

Jacob 275 days ago

tern bike

I will use this bike for travelling on public transit.

Darlene Stericker 275 days ago

tern, tern, tern

To everything...... as the Byrds once sang, folding bikes create an attitude that says, slow down, you move too fast, and with the tern I can see the world easily from two wheels.

Ken Benny 275 days ago

Give me the bike

These are great for travelling. Imagine visiting a new city, maybe even for work purposes. You can take along this bike and do tourism and work with it.

Guido 275 days ago

Give me the bike

These are great for travelling. Imagine visiting a new city, maybe even for work purposes. You can take along this bike and do tourism and work with it.

Guido 275 days ago

Folding bike use

I plan on using the Tern folder as a parking lot commuter from my 2003 Mini Cooper to the building I work in at Boeing.

Scott Glover 276 days ago

Tern Folding Bike

I recently bought a Mini Cooper car and the folding bike would fit nicely. In like to ride bikes and my bike doesn't fit in the car. The folding bike is the answer to my problem.

Judy Waterstraw 276 days ago

Term Folding Bike Contest

I would use the bike as my daily commute bike and fold it up at work and bring it to my desk. I would also use it on the local train service on weekends and promote how you only need a bike to get around.

Joe Arruda 276 days ago

Tern folding bike

I have always wanted to try a folding bike! It would take me to my office in Winnipeg and travel with me to conferences where they don't have bike sharing.

Beth McKechnie 276 days ago

Tern folding bike contest

If I had this bike, I'd bring it with me every time I visit the west coast, the east coast, even when I travel to visit my dear old aunt in Holland--no more running around trying to find affordable rentals!

Nicoly Smith 276 days ago


I've been using Car2go and while the concept is good there often isn't a car close at hand. If I win the bike I'll be able to bike to the closest car, stow my new Tern and carry on my way.

Duane 276 days ago


Simply put, the Link D8 is the perfect travel companion for my urban rides through Minneapolis!

Jennifer Chamberlain 276 days ago

Security meets freedom

This bike would be perfect for getting to my workplace in a high-theft area of town. I could fold it up and take it inside with me, relieving me of the worry of coming out after work to find my transportation gone.

Robin Rombs 276 days ago

Great for travel

This bike would be perfect when travelling by train.

Graham Lavender 276 days ago

For my wife . . .

She thinks folding bikes are really cool. I'd give it to her.

Chris 276 days ago

Ticket to Ride

Our family just travelled to Cuba for the first time and I would have loved to have a folding bike with me. While I enjoy walking, there is nothing better than exploring new places by bike.

Catherine Henry 276 days ago


I would definitely pack this beauty up and head west…Idaho, California, Washington,etc,etc…and ride to every vegan friendly restaurant I can find!

Trish Harriger 276 days ago

No More Worries

I've had secured bikes stolen from work, so a folding bike is perfect to keep in the office after my ride into work

Sarah R. 276 days ago

Take it with me everywhere

Love folders, take one when traveling and then leave it , for someone else to enjoy, big plus is that you don't get charged for flying with a bike, when packaged right.

Frank Baranyai 276 days ago

Money Maker

Im not going to lie...too bad at making up stories about all the grand adventures I will take with this bike.

It will be a daily commuter nothing more nothing less. Taking the metro with a full size bike is the pits. People stare at me for taking up too much space. This bike will help in my quest for anonymity on the creep trains.

Jess 276 days ago

Traveling in Canada

I go over to Canada quiet often and this would be a perfect stow-a-way bike to take on my trips. I usually end up in Windsor or Hamilton, ON. This bike would be perfect for cruising around both downtowns. Also, this would let me save space and not have to haul my bike rack and other bike.

Brian 276 days ago

Film by Bike

Each year we have a festival of films made from a bike.... Oh think of the places I could go the sight I could see and the film I could make. People all over the world could see my film. My bike and I would become a symbol of freedom and living our passion . We could have a bring your bike to meet my bike tour, I could film bikes meeting it would be glorious....... And all because I won this amazing incredible folding bike.

Jean 276 days ago

To Infinity and Beyond!

I plan to find new ways to travel by #bike and love the new #tern like a child loves their first bike...

TL Lansdell 276 days ago

Afternoon Adventures

Working at a desk and staring at a computer all day is draining. Luckily, I work in the outdoor sporting goods industry based in Boulder, so we are encouraged to enjoy outside activities as much as possible. I would love to be able to easily store this bike in my cubicle and then unfold it whenever I need a break, to explore the many great bike paths in this beautiful city!

Mary 276 days ago


I'd take this bike on vacation.

jeff perry 276 days ago


I have been drooling over folding bikes for a while now. I would love to use it in a bike/bus combo for commuting to work. I think it would also be great to take on the bus down to Denver (from Boulder) so that I could bike around Denver while I'm there. And, most of all, I would LOVE to be able to fly with it when I visit family out of state so that I could bike around their cities rather than relying on borrowing their cars.

Angie 276 days ago


To work, to school, to take the kids to the bus stop, to run errands, to go to baseball practice, to go to little league games and just to take it out for the looks I get and the conversations that will begin centered around the bike ... that's how I would use it ... as a tool to enhance my life.

David Colon 276 days ago


Right now we have no real lock up space outside our home and have to lug our bikes from a basement with narrow stairs if we want to keep them safe. A folding bike would be an excellent remedy to the bruises we're now getting from doing this.

Amy 276 days ago

just go work

Good fo go to work every day and easily climb the hill by bus when I go back home and I am tired.

David Viens 276 days ago

Have bike will travel

I'd love to take a folding bike with me when traveling!

Anne 276 days ago

My soulmate

I would take a folding bike on a bus, on a plane, on a train. I could carry it on another bike or take it for a walk. I could take it inside with me, and not have to worry about locking it up outside. We would eat lunch and stroll along the beach together in the moonlight. ;)

Rachel Ruhlen 276 days ago

Room for furniture!

With a folder, I could actually have room for a chair in my living room. So, I'd fold my bike, then be able to sit in a chair ( which I would buy to replace the furniture I tossed a couple years back when I tossed EVERYTHING to make room for my bike. Bikes first, furniture, a distant second!)

Pat Arbour-Reily 276 days ago


Moving to Colorado from South Carolina. We are closer to the mountains, beautiful trails, and four seasons. However, one obstacle is that my wife and I share a car. This can present an obstacle to getting to work quickly. I commute by bike, but would like to have the option of bringing my bike on the bus and/or light rail system here in Denver. A Tern Link D8 would allow me that freedom and give me options when commuting, especially when there is inclement weather. The Tern would honestly give me more options and make life easier (and allow my wife to take the car more frequently). :)

Brian Davenport 276 days ago


It would be great to use when traveling!!

Emily 276 days ago

When the bus bike rack is full...

and it is raining, 30 miles from home and it is the last bus; it would be Great to be able to fold this up and take it inside the bus to go home!

Robin 276 days ago

Tern Link D8

It'd make it a lot easier to keep biking while on road trips!

Steve Feng 276 days ago

Folding bike

Much simpler to travel in a Prius with a folding bike than the fatbike.

James Rick 276 days ago

Folding bike

It will be easier to put this bike in girls trunks than my surly steamroller

Patrick Gibson Jr 276 days ago

Tern Link D8 folding bike

I plan to use it on weekends doing errands for my wife instead of the car

Joel Choy 276 days ago

Folding bike

It will be easier to put this bike in the trunk of girls cars than my surly steamroller

Patrick Gibson Jr 276 days ago

going to mountains

I plan to climb the mountains with it

sergey 276 days ago

Going to work

I am going to work by this bike.

Allen 276 days ago

Commuting and travelling

I think a folding bike would be great for commuting and taking on transit. As well, it would be great to travel with a folding bike, as it would be great for traveling around different cities.

Colin Brander 276 days ago

canoe tripping

folded up in a canoe to the top of the lake, then unfolded to tow the canoe to the best spot in the world. Folded back up and paddled home

James 276 days ago



afintic chen 276 days ago


现代化的城市,更多的人选择汽车出行,拥有一辆折叠,可以让我探索户外,准备骑行川藏318 exploring my life~

张惠峰 276 days ago

Pack it


Thomas Fish 276 days ago



zhayo 276 days ago

Riding to work = Tern

I would take it on the sky train, and with the awesome rack be able to take my computer. woot woot

Wendi McDonald 276 days ago

I would ride this everywhere

This would be a fantastic bike to have for day to day commuting. Parking and storage would be a breeze!

Gordon Williams 276 days ago

Tiny house = folding bike!

i will ride and ride and ride, and when i'm done i will fold it and keep it in my tiny house!

Heather Myers 276 days ago

Riding Around

I will ride it wherever I can!

Finnegan 276 days ago

Bike Fun

I will ride it almost everywhere!

Keira 276 days ago

Folding Fun

I will ride it to and from work!

Amanda 276 days ago


I would take it on the streetcar when it's rainy or windy and I'm wiped out after working a night shift. At the moment I'm too embarrassed to lug my full size bike on the ttc but it would be nice to have the option in bad weather.

Kate 276 days ago

Slick Ride

I would ride to work and park the bike, folded up, next to my work station!!!

Dale 276 days ago

Park Inside!

I'd bike to work and park inside, under my desk instead of leaving the bike on the street

Gary Roth 276 days ago

Living the dream

I would carry my folding bike everywhere with me, like a person who cradles a guitar, and then when the mood strikes me - I'd play sweet music on it! A bicycle allows my spirit to soar.

Cycling Christine 276 days ago

Great for commute

A folding bike would be great for my daily commute, which includes a small bit on the commuter train. Small, compact and convenient!

Christopher 277 days ago

Folding bikes

This bike looks like it has everything you need on a commuter bike: fenders, rack, and just enough gears to keep yourself from sweating. However, it is a folding bike... As someone who rides to work every day on a conventional bike, and having never ridden a folding bike, I am curious to discover how a folding bike can do it all, plus offer the benefits that folding provides. So I would be very excited to use this bike in every way I use my current bike: commuting, running errands, and generally getting around, to show myself and anyone who pays attention that folding bikes can do it too!

Patrick 277 days ago


I often go to Mtl and this would allow me to park my car and ride around the city freely!

Christian 277 days ago

Tern D8

I could take it along when traveling and explore other cities without wasting hard, cold cash on renting a vehicle. I could blend in with the locals and have an excellent. more heightened traveling experience!!!

Tracy Murray 277 days ago

Nice Ride!

I want this bike so I can commute to work.

Bob A. 277 days ago

To do evening biking toward Green Belt

It is straight 15 miles ride to reach a beautiful and serene place here which makes me feel so close toward nature - lakes, ducks, blue sky, trees and Boise river. If I get this I can do get there more frequently on the bike lane to gain peace on mind and soul. Also, I can go more eco-friendly and ride it to and from my University daily and fold it to my side! #Awesome

Milson Munakami 277 days ago

Folding bike is awesome!!

I would love to win this as I usually walk to work and would love to ride this to work.

Sande MacEachern 277 days ago

My little errand boy

I think I need to stop using my car for my lazy butt every time I need to pick up something from the grocery store, the corner store, the whatever store here in downtown Toronto. My bike has been stolen twice and its frustrating because I can't bring my bike into my apartment. I think this bike would be a great addition to our home.

Steve 277 days ago

Tern D8

I would use it to get to and from work, knowing my bike is safe in an office closest instead of out in the open.

Mark Fredrickson 277 days ago

Drive and ride.

I would take it with me on days my Fiancée has the car and drops me off in town to shop. (we're a one car family, and I try to only use it when I really have to.) I can use it to get around more easily and even ride home afterwards. I do this now, occasionally, with a full size bike, but it is a huge pain!

Paul Molnar 277 days ago

Oh, the places I'd go...

I would keep it under my desk at work, and pull it out for a noon time ride. I'd fit it into a large suitcase and bring it along when I travel for work, exploring new cities and towns. I'd bring it on vacation. I'd ride to the bakery on Saturday mornings and the coffee shop on Monday morning. Oh, the places I'd go...

David Bengston 277 days ago

I like it,I love it yeah

I enjoy the folding bikes of recent years. I spend a lot of time on he road amd this would be.abetter option for travel.

John 277 days ago

Everything Tern, Tern, Tern

Every season...Tern to bus stop, FOLD, bus to train depot, FOLD, train to airport, FOLD & carry-on then reverse/repeat/refresh...one less car.

d 277 days ago

i would...

ride it here & there...yonder & between...rain & shine...with chocolate in my pocket, and lillet in my thermos.

shauna 277 days ago

On my commute

I would use it to get to get from the bus to my work!

Julia M 277 days ago

A Former Pickup Owner

Three short months ago, having grown restless and ready for a new way of life I sold my pickup, grabbed as few of my belongings as I thought necessary and moved to New York City from Dallas. One of the things I was most looking forward to was being free from an oppressively long commute. 5 years of a one hour commute each way had left me fat and unhappy and with a bevy of bad habits. Since moving, I've only been a car a handful of times, and that was when a cab was required because the late night subway service here can be spotty at best, downright non-existent at worst. With this bike, I'd hope to cut out cars altogether. A folding bike like this would allow me to commute more easily, especially on rainy days when I could just ride to the subway and minimize my time in the rain without taking up a massive amount of space during rush hour (I currently don't bring my bike on the subway as a courtesy to other riders). It'd also allow me to explore more of the city more easily for the same reasons.

I currently bike as much as I can, including commuting to work, but my bike is an third-hand single speed beater that I'd love to replace. I hope I'm picked and I can make this bike a part of my new, healthier and happier lifestyle.

Thanks for your time!

Joel T 277 days ago

Folding bike contest

I've always wanted a folding bike as my second bike to take when I travel or when I just want to scoot around the neighbourhood or go the store.

Ingrid Larson 277 days ago

Fly away on a Tern

Loving the folding bike---I would ride it all over.

Barbara 277 days ago

To Travel

I can take it to other cities during holidays to ride!

YM Lee 277 days ago


To travel the soon-to-open rail line running through our city, up and down the state, and beyond!

Caleb 277 days ago

How would I use it?

I would ride it!

Stephen Clark 277 days ago

On the Vancouver Seabus

I live in North Van and it'll be great to bring a folding bike to the sea bus to commute to Vancouver, even during rush hour.

Violin Chan 277 days ago

Every day is...

...ride your bike to work day, and having a folding bike increases the options.

George Pearson 277 days ago

Multi-modal commute

I can ride this folding bike to the skytrain as part of my commute to work!

Joe Lee 277 days ago

It's all about the commute

I commute to work by bicycle and train. It is usually not a problem in the morning, since my shift is early, but coming home, the train can be crowded, making it difficult getting a full-size bike on there. If I won the Tern Link D8, it would make life easier for me, and for all of the passengers nearby me on the train.

Kendall 277 days ago


A folding bicycle would be so fun!

Michelle C 277 days ago

For my daughter...

I write this as I settle into a cup of tea after a morning of moving my daughter's things. She is a university student moving into her first place. She needs a new bike, deserves a new bike, and a foldy would be perfect for carrying up those apartment steps.....sniff, sniff, there goes my little girl....off and riding!

Queenie 277 days ago

Remove worry about my ride

With my bike with me all the time, I don't have to worry about who may be vying to steal it or eyeing it with ill-intent. I don't have to worry about how good the bike lock is... or even about what happens to it if it rains or bad weather.

Steven 277 days ago

To avoid thieves

I commute every day on my bike, but I have to hide the bike in a secret place so it doesn't get stolen, but in that place is not permitted to keep bikes, so I'll use the folding bike to keep it close to me in my office without breaking the rules.

Fernanda 277 days ago

Family Resource

Getting around in a car dependent town can be a challenge for our car-less family. We use our bikes and transit and usually both together. Too often we have had to watch a bus pass us by because the rack was full, or not available from November to March. This beautiful machine can be the solution! No more worries about missing a bus or hassles putting a too heavy bike on the rack- just fold and board. Transferring a Bionx kit from my partner's big bike to this slick ride will enable us to go the distance as family- for our after school adventures, family outings and our day-to-day. What's more, the ability to take this bike along on my work trips means I can stretch my legs after a meeting and explore the town, all while saving my non-profit org travel fees.

David fields 277 days ago

Vacation transportation

I'll use the Tern folding bike when I go on vacation, the bike can be used to run errands. When it's raining I can use the bike to carry on the skytrain and ride to work.

Lloyd 277 days ago

renting a car

I'll use it to ride my bike to the car rental place, then I can just fold it up and put it in the trunk! Currently I have to park my full-sized bike outdoors at the car rental for the weekend, which isn't ideal.

Susan 277 days ago

Multi-modal commuting

The folding Tern bike will allow me to ride the commuter rail system in Philadelphia, during rush-hour. Currently non-folding bikes are banned during that time. I use the rail to get around to different appointments, including my decades long work ob bicycle infrastructure.

Bob E Ruddy 277 days ago

The Sun Also Rises

As a fan of Ernest Hemingway, my dream bicycle tour is to ride from Paris, France to Pamplona, Spain and stay for the festival of San Fermín. As in 'The Sun Also Rises,' I'd stop in San Sebastián and Burguete, and ride from San Fermín to Madrid to conclude my tour - all told, a journey of just over 800 miles.

Chris Murphy 277 days ago

multi mode commute

I would use it for my regular commute. It's a mile form home to that busway, and another mile from the busway to work. A folding bike would be awesome, because I can bring it on the bus when the rack is full. It would also be great for running errands and to take on car trips.

Henry K 277 days ago

Dorm and Birding

My daughter could use a folding bike to conserve space in her dorm room for a handy mode of transportation to and from class. I could use it for birding trips. The Tern Link D8 would fold nicely in the back of our Prius.

Renoir Gaither 277 days ago

School and Work and a little fun.

I would love to take this bike around town and drive ride it to work.

Erich G 277 days ago

Do not want it!

My wife and I already have two very nice bikes and have no real use for a foldup.
BUT. We do enjoy reading all of the nice comments and VERY much enjoy Momentum magazine.
This online version gets two thumbs up from us. Happy Springtime everyone :)

Steve Howard Boise Idaho 277 days ago

Recovery Rides

I can take this on recovery rides and challenges brought to us by www.ride2recovery.com. Sometimes the bus wont take my bike and it get's really expensive to have to ship it. I can eventually send this to college with my daughter so she'll have something reliable and small she can put in her dorm room

Michael Dismuke 277 days ago

Have bike will travel...! :D

Me & my soon-to-be-mine ;) Tern Link D8 will go everywhere together. I can take it to work on transit, hop on a train or the Greyhound - we'd be best friends!

Beng K. 277 days ago

City life

The folding Tern would be great to have in the trunk for those days which it is a bit too cool in the morning, but excellent for a ride at night home.

Patrick Bowers 277 days ago

City livin'

I would love to ride one of these on my trips around town. Great for running errands and meeting friends for lunch or coffee. Also perfect for the Saturday Farmer's market.

Tara 277 days ago


This will let me mix up my commute a bit by taking the train/bus to out of the way places and biking to home / work. A change is as good as a rest

Kris Fruin 277 days ago

What I will do with a folding bicycle:

I would travel around the world on this sweet folding bicycle, or at least as far as I can get to at the age of 72. I would take this bike with me everywhere I went. And there is no place I could not get to on a folding bicycle.

Jeanne Cronin 277 days ago

great for trips to the city

I'd love to take this on trips to Toronto, so I could park the car way outside the city, and easily get around on transit and bike.

Bart 277 days ago

win tern link bike folding

oh boy! could I use this! to cmmute to work and be able to bring it into my cubicle. this would be great for this old lady with old injury's. I want to hang up my keys and my commute is 7 miles each way. I try, but with a folding bike! oh! I would'nt have to worry about kids and "adults" vandalizing my bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while it's locked up outside in the intense heat of NV and the wind and everything!

jennifer scanland 277 days ago

Have bike, will travel!

Would truly appreciate the ease of being able to have a folding bike in the trunk of my car to be ready for a ride at a moments notice! Would also be great to have a second bike for riding with a "bikeless" friend on those rides when you want a little company!

Eileen Malone 277 days ago

Use in town for daily commuters with the metro

It would be a nice complement to my daily commute to go from home to the metro station and avoid the bus. It could be usefull at the cottage to go to the grocery store.

Olivier Thomas 277 days ago


It would be great to take camping!

Marci 277 days ago

TERN D8 - It will fit in my mini cooper

This lovely bike will fit in my mini cooper. Can you say VACATION !!!!

wendi mcdonald 277 days ago

Breaking the pattern of daily commuters

I live and study in Montreal where bike theft is currently at an all time high and there seems to be little initiative by the city to tackle this endemic problem. I usually lock my bike on campus and around for long periods of time. I am talking 10-12 hours during finals season. Having a foldable bike greatly reduces the likelihood of theft because it can be brought indoors as well as locked outside for shorter periods. It prevents thieves from scouting out bikes that are left outside for predictable lengths of time.

Brendan 277 days ago

Tern D8

I frequently take a bus from my home to downtown Seattle so the D8 would be perfect for commuting the final 2 miles to my office. I also like to travel so it would be a handy way to get around in the city I'm visiting.

Todd Gray 277 days ago

Easier to take on the bus

This bike would make it easier to commute to the bus stop, then catch the bus. The bike racks (only 2) are frequently full.

Colleen Welch 277 days ago

All things mini

I love all things mini: studio apartments, potted terrariums, small bikes that can fit in my apartment and help me fetch more terrariums. (Plus, unrelated to the mini-theme, I'm ready to become one of those people that take their bike with them when they fly!)

Zach 277 days ago

For the planet

If I could ride anywhere AND take the bike in with me, that would be awesome. I could even travel with it!

Eric Merkys 277 days ago


We live on an island and typically leave the car behind when we travel. A folding bike would allow me to avoid the LeMans-start style sprint from the ferry to the transit bus upon docking. There are only two bike racks on the bus and they are typically both full.

Not only would a folding bike eliminate the sprint, it would also eliminate my need to train for the sprint! More biking - less running!

J. Gill 277 days ago


For the times where you just don't want to leave your bike locked outside.

Lindsay 277 days ago

Commuting around the city

A folding bike would make it easier to travel around between biking and transit

Tanya 277 days ago

Hour commute

I'd ride for my daily commute, a 2:hr round trip. I would also use it with the car2go system, especially when trying to reach places outside the home area.

Sophie soko 277 days ago


A folding bike would come with me everywhere! From business travel to avoid cab rides and rental cars, to trips to visit the relatives and have the freedom of biking!

Tanya 277 days ago

Ride a bike? Why, yes I do.

Ease, fun and life are my thrills for riding a bike.

Turbo Bob 277 days ago

Tern folding bike

I'd keep it at work (over an hour car commute away from home) and take a daily lunch ride (and maybe a quick jaunt before getting in my car to drive home). Would certainly uncrush some of that soul crushing commute.

Ryan Bedell 277 days ago

Ride everyday

My commute is long and hilly. I would keep the folding bike in the car with some rain gear and always ride the last 2, 5 or 10 km depending on weather and motivation levels. And we would bring it on trips, no roof rack required.

Max 277 days ago

Bus transport

My area has lousy support for bike transport on busses. If I need to combine bike riding with public transit I can fold up my Tern and carry it on the bus.

Don Tito 277 days ago

Take it with me

I would put it in my cars trunk to take on road trips so I can explore the city on a bike.

Tanya 277 days ago

Multi Modal transport

I work in outside sales and i would put this bike in my car's trunk, commute to the city i work in for the day and use it to ride around and visit my customers.

Graham 277 days ago


I would use the bike to do daily shopping rather than use a car.

Craig 277 days ago


I would use the bike for commuting to and from work each day.

Brian 277 days ago

Quick trips by transit or car or sometimes train

A folder would be fantastic when I want to take a bike on another mode and don't want the hassle of a standard bike. I'd take it to work on transit when I don't want to ride the whole way or when travelling by car and don't have access to a rack or don't want to load up my bike on the rack.

Mike A 277 days ago

home to office and travel

I live 5 miles from work and I need something compact to store. Also would love to take it with me on our beach getaway

jeff 277 days ago

folding bike

We drive a small car and it's hard to get our bikes inside, esp. when it's a family bike trip. I've wanted a folding bike for a long time, ever since I saw my dad's many years ago. Plus I could take it with me when I visit my folks in another state, and we can bike together!

Ava Philippus 277 days ago

Vital Business Travel Accesory

I travel so much on business that my cycling fitness suffers badly. Gym spin bikes are OK for a few days but are no replacement for a real tredley. Its probably best I don't mention what I think of those other gym exercise bikes (it would be unprintable) with the big saddles and so on which are sometimes the only thing available in hotel gyms. I have hired bikes in various cities but after a while that cost begins to add up. So the combination of compact folding, using the Airporter luggage bag, and performance on the road makes the Tern the best travel accesory I can think of and the first thing to be packed. It would also make a great commuter for those days when after working late it is quicker to catch the train and ride the 2km from the station to home rather than the whole 25km from work.

Andrew Keith 277 days ago


I'd take the bike traveling. Amtrak through the canadian mountains, Montreal and Fort Collins, and Switzerland next year. I sold my car 2 years ago so I'd love to round my bike collection out with a foldable.

cory 277 days ago

More multimodal commuting

I'd use the bike to take longer multimodal trips, both as a commuter and as a way to dabble in bike travel!

Daniel Yen-Chiu 277 days ago

Taking it on the Skytrain

Take the skytrain almost every day .. I can take this bike and wouldn't be blocking the doors.

Greg L. 277 days ago

Cycling for trout

I would take the Tern on the bus to the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, where I would cycle to Rice Lake to fly fish for trout. Coming home would be downhill (yipee!), with maybe a stop for some smoked bacon to fry with my catch.

Gary Barclay 277 days ago

Folding fun

I would use this for daily transportation and as a camper bike to take with my motorcycle pop up camper.

Dean Tahtinen 277 days ago


I would use this bike for commuting and bring it right in my office...no more need to lock it outside with all the risks!!!

Yann 277 days ago

Tern foldable

Currently, I rent a bicycle most places I travel, and am just sad when there is no rental available. If I had a folding bicycle, I could pack it up with me, and never feel sad when I travel again!

Sara Maria D 277 days ago

RTW trip

I am leaving on a 10 month RTW trip in September and would love to have a foldable bike for the first two months in S Korea and Japan. I would be cycling along the newly created 4 Rivers bike route from Seoul to Busan them to Kyushu island in japan. I could send a trip report and bike review if you so desire :). I have done extensive bike touring in the past but not recently and am planning to start up again.

Mary Shin 277 days ago


I recently found out I will be relocating to the Big Apple in a few months. In scoping out affordable places to live (ha!) I realized a folding bicycle would be ideal to get me not only from home to the train station but will solve my "last mile" problem! Not only that, but what better way to explore a new city than on two wheels?

Laura Kelly 277 days ago

Tern Contest

I will give the bike to my nephew and his wife. They are interested in getting back into biking and I think they will love small wheels and the ease of folding bikes

Steve Sloss 277 days ago