January 27, 2014

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secure bike = less wondering (and worrying)!

Despite living in a small town, bikes still get stolen. The worst part is you'd probably see that person riding your bike! I'd like to avoid this by having a better bike lock than the cable one I have now :)

Betina Buten 318 days ago

Looking Good

That's what my bike will look like wearing this lock. Nothing like it in my town. I'm tired of carrying 4 big heavy U-locks.

Tracey Eide 318 days ago

Cool lock

Oh, with a cool lock like this I could take my bike out to do errands and not worry that my bike won't be there when I get back. Now I must leave one of my children to guard my bike.

brian 318 days ago

I like free things

I've had a few bikes stolen generally because I was using a cable lock. Now I lug around a super heavy u lock. It would be nice to have something lighter that I could also take on my long training rides. That would allow me to carb up at the closest brewery and keep charging all day. Also as mentioned above I like free stuff and love you.

Roger Williams 318 days ago

Game changer

I read about the TiGr lock a couple months back in the Bicycling magazine. I like the idea that this a different type lock, that new inventions for bike locks are still coming. It has been a long time since new type of lock has entered the market. With bike theft still a common occurrence, bike locks need to be adapt and change to challenge the bike thieves. I believe that the TiGr lock promotes this and is one of the reason why I want this lock for my bike. I commute, ride recreationally and have just joined the university tri-Athlon club, meaning I ride a lot. Having a lightweight lock, with the design makes it easy to attach to frame is important to me when I am go. I live in Edmonton and go the University of Alberta, where bike theft can be pretty bad at times but the university is working on it with introducing new surveillance projects. I ride to school every day (weather pending) on my 1990’s specialized dolce as I have converted into my commuter. My specialized dolce was my first road bike, so it has special meaning to me. To keep it running well I have invested both time and money into with new parts. This bike gets me most places and having it stolen would be heart breaking. Not only is it my main mode transportation but it has so many memories ingrained with it. Making sure that I know my bike is safe and secure where I leave it is essential to me. Having a TiGr lock would give me that extra piece of mind. Also having a TiGr lock will probably be the closed I get my dream of owning a titanium bike!

Michaela Quinn 318 days ago

Why having a secure bike is important to me

My beautiful touring bike, the bike I had ridden around America, the bike that fit me perfectly, was stolen. She was parked and locked in a bike rack in front of the botanical garden in which I was volunteering. I felt shocked, sad and violated and I don't want that to happen to my bike, nor to any part of my bike, ever again.

Sharon Guenther 318 days ago

Time > Worry

No matter where I go and no matter how good my view is, I always worry about some part of my bicycle getting stolen. I'll be out and having a great time with friends, and right when I get comfortable and forget that I was worried about the security of my bike, I remember again and make a brief exit to check on my ride. 10-20 minutes go by, and I'll be sure to interrupt my social group check again. My bike is important to me, but my social life is, too! I put a lot of time and effort into building my touring bike which also serves as my daily commuter. If my bike or wheels were to get stolen it would be pretty devastating. It would also be nice to have a secure lock that would look sexy at the same time. Thanks!

Dallas 319 days ago


A quality bicycle lock gives me the peace of mind to waslk away from my bike while I am at work, at appointments, running errands, or any other time when my bike will be out if my line of sight.

Drew 319 days ago


because i'm a 40 year old, married, bike-obsessed male who doesn't even know whose playing in the super bowl. There's an award for that, yes?

Stephen 319 days ago

It's my bike

And a good lock will keep it that way. Plus, a titanium lock will match my wedding ring.

Grant 319 days ago

Pedals and Pups

I can secure Fido's locking leash with my ride.

Kelly Bowyer 319 days ago

Bike thieves suck

I love my ride, and someone taking it is something I want to prevent!

Iris W. 319 days ago

To prevent...

...the sadness of coming out of a place to a bike that has "rolled away of its own accord without you".

Jun Z. 319 days ago

All over Boston

I bike all over Boston and its suburbs--a farmers market, a bike shop, two events at two museums, grocery shopping for the week, and a dinner today, probably around 30 miles of urban biking. My bike today was a wonderfully elegant white Fuji Cambridge, and I need a secure lock such as the TiGr, which looks as good as the bike.

Jessica Mink 319 days ago

A lightweight bike lick is important

Because without it I could be without a bike. And that would be debi stating.

Jeff Aicher 319 days ago

Stupid spell-check!

debi stating = debilitating. Doh!

Jeff Aicher 318 days ago

TiGr Lock Contest

Having my bike secure is important to me, because my bike is important to me…and I want to keep it.

Heather K Miller 319 days ago

I live and ride in New York City...

...need I say more?

Eric McClure 319 days ago

TiGr loves my bike

My bike is my best friend.....irreplaceable and precious......would be sad and lost without it. TiGr is sleek, strong and beautifully stylish like me and my bike

marcia skinner 319 days ago

TiGr lock content

A good lock is important to me because My bike is my baby. I've had it since 1986, and it's taken me more miles than I can count and is going strong.

Paul M. 319 days ago

Cycling in a larger city (Vancouver) reqires not only the best lock but the hippest...!

Always appreciate the quality of a good product.

Steve Webb 319 days ago

TiGr Bike Lock

A secure bike lock, is very important too me, because my bike is my main source of transportation and it would cost me a lot to replace it.

Matthew LeDrew 319 days ago

Lock my commuter bike securely!

I would use this great lock to keep my daily commuter bike secure. I bike 16 miles to work every day, and need a strong lock!

Chris Covert-Bowlds 319 days ago

Secure bike lock!

It's important to have a secure bike lock so I don't lose my bike! Having a bike around means I can ditch my bus pass! WHEE!

T N 319 days ago

Heavenly Tigr

Dear Heavenly Tigr Goddess,

Please bestow upon me, your most humble servant, a bike lock. Please bless that the free will of the judges of this contest will have their choices stripped away and be forced to pick me. In the name of all that is holy, amen.

Jonny 319 days ago


There was a time not so long ago in history when I didn't lock my bike. I could just leave it, resting against a tree or beside the building I was going in, trusting that it would be there waiting for me when I returned. And it always was. Times have changed...in good ways and bad ways. The bad? Your bike may be stolen. The good? More people want to ride it!

Andrea 319 days ago

secure lock

It is important to me because I am on a limited income and my bike is my lively hood. My seat has been stolen once and can't afford to have the bike stolen. I have a lock but the more the merrier!!!

mike 319 days ago

TiGr Lock

A secure lock is important to me because I teach kids how to lock their bikes as well as how to ride safely. Too many kids raise their hands to say their bikes have been stolen and I'd like to be able to show them something that really works. Plus, my bike is my car, so the two lock system I use now could be enhanced by the sleek TiGr!

Lisa Brady 319 days ago

TiGr Lock

Knowing that my bike would be there waiting for me after making a stop to get chores close to home accomplished would make it so that I would ride my bike more often for the small stuff and leave my car at the curb.

Paige 319 days ago

TiGr would be great for me!

I am in grad school, and I bike to school every day- polar vortex or no. I have had my bike for 7 years, and I love how cycling to work or school makes me feel. I do not have the money to buy a lock of this value or to buy a new bike, but my bike it truly priceless. I know how frequently bicycles are stolen, so this would help my immensely, no matter my destination.

Allison 319 days ago

Because I'm a disabled-athlete & couldn't afford a new bike.

I have two awesome bikes (road & MTB), but they're both from circa 2000 -- before I got injured and a series of multi-pathogen infections wrecked my body/immune system. I keep them going as best I can, but often have to ride many miles with half-working parts ready to bust at any moment. I couldn't possibly afford to have a bike stolen, and losing either bike would devastate the progress I've made with my health recently. Carrying the toughest lock around isn't an option because despite the progress I've made, I am constantly on the ragged edge of disaster that would land me back in bed indefinitely;my spine in particular is a house of cards, and just a few extra pounds in the right place could bring it down on my head. So having just the right lock is essential. My life (or quality of life, at a minimum) quite literally depends on it.

Ryan Meader 319 days ago

Lock my heart away

I would so love a TiGr lock to dress up my classic vintage machine and ensure my ride is there to ride from one destination to the next. Without a TiGr, there may be no ride...

Allie 319 days ago

It's gggreat!

Be a cool cat like Toni the Tigr...lock it or lose it, there is no points for second place, and talk to me goose!

ding 319 days ago

I want a TiGr Lock

I have already had one bike stolen & now even locked up if I can't see my bike I can't relax.I have a Ulock but they are so heavy & bulky to carry around.

Chamayne Ortegon 319 days ago

Pick me pick me

My last bike, which is my primary transportation, was stolen while locked up behind a barricade with a Kryptonite lock under a security camera with two security guards within 20 feet right in front of Walmart. I am hoping this would be better. Thank you!

Lynn Corbaley 319 days ago

My primary transport and "medication"

Since my bike is not only my primary transport but also the best "medication" option for Parkinson's Disease, bike security is extremely important to me. If I have to leave my "PD Avenger" alone even locked up with my current lock it is never out of my site. Even at work my bike is stored in my office rather than the underground parking. The Tigr lock would certainly give much more peace of mind.

Richard 319 days ago

bike commuter

For the last several years I have been commuting by bike. I've ridden in snow storms and tropical storms, 100+ degree days and days when the wind chill is -5. There's only one thing that can stop me from riding... And that's if someone steals my bike! With a TiGr lock I'll never have to worry about that.

Travis 319 days ago

Peace of mind

When I lock my bike and enter a store, the last thing I want to discover is that the bike is gone when I come out. Having a good lock that at the least reduces that concern goes a long way in giving me that peace of mind. And since I commute back and forth to work, with a stop at the store for groceries most days, a light weight one will definitely make the ride easier.

Ralph Branch 319 days ago

Aye Aye Matey

I NEED this lock because the law took my pirate sword away last time I chased fellow cyclists down main street w/ it...this outfit looks silly w/o the sword :(

lou chavez 319 days ago

One Car Family With New Baby

We only have one car so the bike is a major form of transportation for me. If someone stole my bike I would not only be sad but out of luck in the transportation department. I have had bikes stolen before and I know how important it is to have a high quality bike lock. Bike thieves are tricky!

Tess Nancarrow 319 days ago

keeping my ride safe

I depend on my bike for transportation. Bike theft is a HUGE problem in Chicago. I've invested a bit of time and $$ to create a ride that fits me well and meets my needs. I don't want to lose it. For some destinations, I need to carry 2 U-locks. Being able to replace one of those with a lighter lock would be a big improvement.

Anne Alt 320 days ago

Peace of Mind Protecting My Best Friend

I don't Love my bike - that would be unhealthy - but I do Love My Bike.

I live car-free, and ride to work, to home, on errands, for groceries, to socialize and for health and entertainment. 

My main daily bike is not a fancy bike or an expensive or high performance bike, but it is my bike and we are a pair and a team. 

I would be heartbroken if someone stole it! 

I take precautions to keep it safe. It seems sometimes one can never be too safe. 

But a TiGR lock would go miles to giving me peace of mind when I have to leave it in not the safest spots!

Les Connally 320 days ago

High theft city!

I live in Vancouver where bike theft is REALLY high...even in places with lots of lights, people walking around, etc...I know so many people who had their bicycles stolen so I'm extremely paranoid! I'd bike more if I felt comfortable locking it up!

Yvonne Beland 320 days ago

Thieft the downside of living in a bicycle friendly town

I need a strong main lock for the bike I use to compute around downtown. I usually use two locks when I am downtown, but both of them are cheap cable locks. I think a strong main lock that is light enough to carry would be the best way to protect my bike.

Kirt Murray 320 days ago

Two reasons

1. My bike is my only commuting option. I love her and I want her to be secure!
2. Having your bike securely and properly locked shows people how much you care about your bike, how it is important and valuable.

Carlo 320 days ago

Sense of Security & Sophistication

when you walk away from your bike, you want the same sense of security that comes with walking away from a locked auto… only I'm never as attached to my car as I am to my bike, so that feeling with twice as intense :-) For a lock to provide that while looking as sophisticated as I do (at least in my own mind)… well that's just the icing on the cake!

Walter Cardona 320 days ago

Love to give to my brother

I have a brother who is really into cycling and this would be a perfect gift to give him for his bike. He is contemplating a trip to the Tour De France and what better way to send him off than with this.

Rob 320 days ago

amazing bike locks scare bad people

this is a gorgeous bike lock! i love cycling but am terrified of having my bike stolen. this would scare even the most skilled bike thieves away!

jackie 320 days ago

Making Bikes Visible to Everyone

Good bike locks are important for more reasons than just keeping your bike safe. I could do that by taking my bike inside my office with me. But when people (esp non-cyclists) see lots of bikes locked up safely outside, it becomes the norm. When non-cyclists see cut chains/cables, or u-locks with no bike in them, it spreads the idea that biking isn't safe, for you or your property. Better bike locks mean that more people will ride and for more utilitarian purposes!

Rebecca 320 days ago

There goes the ride ...

I sold my car nearly 9 months ago and have been a happy bike commuter ever since. If my ride was gone, I'd be out of luck!

Emmy 320 days ago

bike locks are important

they're important to me since this spring through fall, I plan on riding my bike to and from work and to get around town and it'd be nice to not be worried that when I return to my bike, it will be stolen.

Ashley B. 320 days ago

Secure Locks

Secure locks are important to me because sadly, you can't trust everyone in the world and generally after riding somewhere, you need to be able to return--preferably on the same bike that you used to get there! Plus, I'm pretty fond of my bike and as selfish as it sounds, I'd rather keep it for myself! ;)

Lenie 320 days ago

Lock it up

Lock up your bike right and don't be sad when your sweet ride is missing.

Brandon 321 days ago

I love my bike

A secure bike lock is important to me because my bike is my transportation to work and I would feel lazy if I couldn't ride my bike there. Plus, a bike was stolen from my work last year.

beth 321 days ago

They just look so good.

Perfect color for my silver bullet. Plus I hate my super heavy cable lock.

Josef Forsberg 321 days ago

TiGr locks rock the world

I have a Redline D600 29er that I ride a lot, and I enjoy the outdoors. Keeping my bicycle locked is a priority for me. My bicycle is my primary mode of transportation to keep me in shape. The TiGr locks are innovative and versatile, and I love that TiGr locks are made in the United States :)

Samuel 321 days ago

Without one no more bike

I love my bike, and it's mine. So I need to protect it with the best lock available. That's the reason this lock look good for my needs and what a beautifull design !

Olivier 321 days ago

Strong and Solid

Tough is good.

Barbara 321 days ago

Love Bike--Bike Love

Couldn't stand the pain or the shame.

Turbo Bob 321 days ago

TiGr Lock, what is not to love?

The TiGr lock seems ideal for those of us who commute around town on our trusty two wheels, but who also don't want to risk the theft of our beloved bikes. The fact that it is both lightweight yet rugged enough to withstand thieves makes it very attractive for an easy and fast ride around town.

Tamsin Douglas 321 days ago

A necessary city lock

Living and working in Boston and trying to commute we as little gear as possible makes this the perfect lock for me!

Kim Rosen 321 days ago

save the cost of a bike and the time to replace it

Aside from the cost of replacing a stolen bike, there's the disruption of having to go through the process of finding a bike that suits your needs, adding the accessories to make it really right, and riding it enough to merge your riding style with the bike's performance. Secure locking? Definitely worth it.

Ross 321 days ago

How could I survive without my bike?

A method of securing my bike ensures my ongoing sanity. I need to ride ( yes need is the correct word) and would not survive the trama of a bike stealing event. For me bike security allows me to continue to ride, which is the same as continuing a sane and happy existance!

Susan Taylor 321 days ago

Tigr lock

Secure my son's bike when he is commute to his school and knowing that his bike is secure!

Memi pluznik 322 days ago

No replacing that bike

I'm 6'9" tall and there is no replacing my bike. I would have to wait a long time for another bike to be built just for me. Nothing "off the shelf" even comes close to fitting me. And, I love my bike!

Scott Grenerth 322 days ago

A secure bike lock is...

Peace of mind! Knowing that I can go to that show, shop for my groceries, and that when I come back, my favorite way to get around will be right where I left it!

Guthrie 322 days ago

Secure bike lock

It's nice to rIde your bike of choice--not the bike you expect few will wish to steal. Knowing your serial number is just not enough. A good lock is a key tool in finding your bike where you left it.

Liz 322 days ago


To secure my one true love from prying hands, when out of sight.

David Mackay 322 days ago

Having a secure bike lock

is important to me because an insecure lock is a waste of time. Since this lock is "smart, versatile, elegant...tough, and easy to use," it is the perfect match for my mid-70's Follis mixte, Brigitte. The only thing they don't have in common is that my Brigitte is not light at all, so having less weight from a bike lock would help keep the yin with her yang, not to mention make it easier for my pedaling efforts. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Monique 322 days ago

Stolen bikes...

I've had 3 stolen bikes in my life. All of them had industrial U locks and for some reason, these didn't deter the thieves. I finally got around to getting multiple locks, but this doesn't stop them from stealing other parts of my bicycle: baskets, wheels, etc. I haven't had an incident with the latest bike I have...yet. My bike is my only mode of transportation. Taking a piece of it is like taking a piece of the engine of a car. I can't go anywhere, it's a huge inconvenience, and it breaks my heart because my bike is like a piece of me. I've had to carry several heavy locks, but a lighter lock would definitely help me with peace of mind and have less of a load.

Zoe 322 days ago

A secure bike lock

I like to find my bike where i left it.

Albert 322 days ago

having a secure bike lock is important to

having a secure bike lock is important to because my bike is my mode of transportation and losing that transportation mode would be burdensome

tim 322 days ago

Canal Love

I don't want my bike to wind up in the canal. Not that it would because I don't live anywhere near Amsterdam, although I've visited there and it looks like a really nice place to bike around. That's not to say that having it go into a canal is impossible, though. There's a finite, yet very, teeny, tiny possibility that someone could steal my bike if it's not properly and securely locked, and make off with it. Freighting it across Canada, and across the Atlantic on a grimy freighter, then docking in Amsterdam and, in the dead of night, dropping it into the canal. I hear that happens a lot over there - dropping bikes into the canal. No idea why they'd do that though, but you can never be too safe. Thus, I need the TiGr lock to protect my bike.

Kim Kelln 322 days ago

good luck

I am bad luck so I need good lock!

David Viens 323 days ago

for the love of my bike

because i want to ride my bike everywhere i'll go, work, shopping, beer, doctor, school etc.. everywhere. so i need a secure bike lock to park my bike everywhere, even in the bad neighborhoods.


Florin Gherghina 323 days ago


I love my bike so much I don't want anything to happen to it. We are down to 1 car now and I use it for my transportation as much as I can.

Peg O 323 days ago

Need it

My bike is my sole method of transportation. Without it I am in trouble.

Christian 323 days ago

Bike Lock

I have an expensive bike and am always worried when using my current lock, its not the best, its old and made for a kids bike, but it works. I always worry if my bike is still where I left it when coming back to it.

Sandy Nevels 323 days ago

Aesthetically pleasing + functional

The TiGr lock is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. A combination difficult to find in a bike lock! I've been using a 20 year old u-lock on my beautiful Bullitt cargo bike. Time to step up the deterrent!

Tanya 323 days ago

Tigr lock entry comment.

I have used my bike(s) to get around for over half my life (20 years, and I'm 35 now). I've had a few stolen in that time, but they were either in a shed at my house or "borrowed" to never return. I always lock my bike, otherwise. I like knowing my bike is going to be still be where I left, be it a tree (yes I lock to trees, I trust trees), light pole, guard rail, or even on the back of a co-workers car. I've been somewhat lucky at my local school using a junky cable lock. I'm not in the city where U-locks are a must (well people say it). Most locks that are so called "the best" add 10 lbs to my backpack. Really, all a lock does is keep honest people "honest." If the thief really wants it, they will find a way. A light lock that isn't easily breakable is something I have been after for some time. A lock that can be used for self-defence can be good too, as the Tigr looks like a nice baton, also.

Carl Drexler 323 days ago

TiGr Lock

I live in Portland, Or.; 'nuff said?

Robin 323 days ago

TiGr Bike Lock

The bike lock is like a password to one's email: it's a key to partly how we experience the world. For many of us who cycle, particularly for whom a bike is our means of getting around sans car, a bike lock is as essential as a helmet or any other equipment. A bike is an emotional vehicle, connected to our souls. Unfortunately people like to jump our souls!

christian ward 323 days ago

So light!

My bike is how I get around Los Angeles. To not properly lock it up would result in theft and large disruption to my life from visiting friends, getting to work, and grocery shopping. Often I ride in a combination of bike/transit. Carrying my bike up and down the stairs to the train platform constantly reminds me that even the slightest bit of weight makes a difference. My neck of the woods (Echo Park) is also extremely hilly. Again weight is an issue. If I were able to replace my heavy Ulock with a lighter and just as secure TiGr, this would make living in LA CARFREE that much easier.

Neal spinler 323 days ago

Why a good lock is important

A thief takes your security and sense of well being. It adds insult to have my main mode of transportation the target of theft. If I am in a place where my bike is not easily seen or locked up in the dark, my anxiety level elevates. It is bad enough I have to literally strip my bike down to leave it locked up. I once came back to the wrong bike rack and nearly cried until I realized that my baby was on a different block.

Carol Hawkins 323 days ago

Safe and secure

Having a secure bike is important to me because my bike has a lot of sentimental value and I would hate to have it stolen.

Daniel YC 323 days ago

Because you can never be too sure

A stolen bike = my broken heart. I am very attached to my bike and would be devastated were it to be stolen. This design will keep me one step ahead of the thieves!

Lori B. 323 days ago

TiGr lock

I would love the TiGr lock for my "new" bike a vintage Schwinn I purchased for 50.00 and cleaned up.. she is a beauty to ride and puts a smile on my face however I don't have lock yet! The TiGr lock would be a welcomed addition to my " Sweet Caroline"

j.sharp 323 days ago

TiGr Lock

Living in a city, it would be fantastic to not worry about my bike while running errands or going to work, and to know that my bike is safe and secure.

Katie 323 days ago

U-Lock Replacement Needed

This is a great suggestions for a replacement for a bulky old u lock. It would certainly light up my commute.

Chris 323 days ago

U-Lock Replacement Needed

This is a great suggestions for a replacement for a bulky old u lock. It would certainly light up my commute.

Chris 323 days ago

I need to protect my babies!

My bikes are my babies and I cannot imagine losing one to theft.

Chris U 323 days ago

TiGr Lock

My son rides to high school every day and I would love to know that his bike will survive the year.

Kelley Westenhoff 323 days ago

That sinking feeling....

My bike is my livelihood,I'm lucky enough to make a living on my bike so the obvious answer would be the lock would give me an added sense of security and ensure I can make money to live. What I really feel is, the lock would help me to avoid that terrible feeling when you get your bike stolen. If you've ever had a bike stolen you know what I mean. That terrible sinking feeling when you come out and look for your bike and think, I know I locked it here but maybe I locked it somewhere else and then the second you realize, omg my bike was stolen. Your stomach drops and then your mind starts to think all the costs you have to replace the bike and how much you will miss that bike and all the memories that you've shared. That is why I would really love this lock, to avoid those feelings! :) Thanks so much!

Matt O. 324 days ago

My transportation.

Give how often have difficulty walking very far, and riding in motor vehicles is also difficult, my trike is of great importance to me for getting around. Besides, people who steal bicycles should be tried as horse thieves...

Wendy Peabody 324 days ago

Most Valuec Possession

My bicycle is my one and only most valuable possession. When I have to lock my bike to a rack I sometimes double or triple check that I have properly secured my bike. It's not just a possession it is an extension of me. My bike brings me great joy, I feel powerful and triumphant when I ride, I forget about life's anxieties and live in the moment when riding. These are things I never want to lose.

Eileen Matos 324 days ago

bike lock

A lighter lock which doesn't take me longer to safely lock my bike than it took to actually ride to my intended location and if i am doing multiple stops, it can be problematic! Thank you !

Linda 324 days ago

Bike To Work

No bike, no work and I'm tired of carrying 15 lbs of locks everywhere

Dave Erskine 324 days ago

Protect my baby

Vancouver has a crazy high bike theft rate. The better the lock the more chance I'll still have my ride.

Andrea 324 days ago

Bike outside all day

My son's bike is parked behind his school all day. Lots of opportunity to steal bikes and he really needs his to get back and forth.

joyce s. 324 days ago

a good lock is important

because i live in a city where bike theft outstrips car theft 3 to 1!

bex 324 days ago

My Bike is my Transportation ALWAYS!

I ride my bike everywhere, so I'm on and off, locking then unlocking often 5 or 10 times in an afternoon doing errands.
Having a lighter lock would make my life happier and more convenient.

Ray Don 324 days ago

A secure bike lock

I believe a secure bike lock is important as it takes a long time and many hours work to find and buy the bike of your dreams, then to adapt and adjust it till you ride together like parts of each other. I live in a poor area with many people who think nothing of taking any bike they fancy, and then abandon it at their destination, they don't even have the character to keep it as their own. This is not the fate I want for my beloved Giant.

Sue Myall 324 days ago

TiGr bike lock

My bike is my lifeline & an extension of me. I don't look at it as a possession but a means to provide for my fam.

Jbmontano 324 days ago

Why a secure bike lock

Having a secure bike lock is important to me for many reasons. My bike is my primary transportation method. My bike is part of my lifestyle. I usually begin and end my day with you guessed it, my bike. I keep it indoors at home and at work. But when I am out and have to lock it up, and this is often when out on the town, running errands or other, I need to know it is secure and save it's the lock it is locked up with and the object locked to. I have an older U lock I will not even use because I do not feel it is secure any longer.

With the tiger lock, I know my bike would be secure. And you cannot go wrong with its unique look. For a lock, it is pretty darrned unique and pretty.

Seth 324 days ago

Avoiding Heartbreak

Because having a bike stolen is one of the worst feelings ... ever. It doesn't matter if your bike is worth $50 or $5000, a little piece of you dies if it is stolen.

Christopher Porter 324 days ago

We both know the answer...

Having a secure bike lock is important to me because you already know why it's important to me... because it's so obvious... because it's good looking. My bike, that is.

D + G 324 days ago

Why having a secure bike lock is important

Living in Austin TX is great. The bike culture here is so diverse and welcoming. Having to commute from downtown, back home, and to the university campus can be tough when you have to worry about your bike getting stolen. There's always a chance of theft, depending on where you are in town. It's hard to really enjoy your workout, focus on your work meeting, or savor a delicious cup of java when you're constantly thinking about whether or not your ride will be there when you walk back out. Ulock + cable lock? Great tools, but can be cut in minutes. Peace of mind is priceless. Is it wrong to have a good looking bike that you can park around town? No, no it's not.

Joseph V. 324 days ago

TiGr Lock!

Our bikes are like our kids, we want the best for them. They all live indoors, well except for one, she was naughty. But seriously a secure lock is piece of mind that one's transportation will be there when you return. Freedom of transport is very important to us and the feeling that we would lose that freedom is quite unsettling.

travis_pedals 324 days ago

My bike is MY transportation!

I can't risk losing it, or any part of it, and I've been mostly fortunate... one wheel theft, another wheel taco-ed in an attempted theft. In this day and age, since the police don't follow up very often on bike theft, it is up to us to protect our interests, and a great lock is critical. Thanks for having the giveaway!

Brent Stewart 324 days ago

Why having a secure bike lock is important to me

In San Jose, we're seeing an uptick in bike thefts. I've been the victim of one myself. I lost my old school Schwinn Breeze to a thief. I'm a big believer in titanium, and would love to have this lock to use on my beautiful Breezer Freedom. Thanks for the chance at this great looking device.

Bill Deibler 324 days ago

New rider

I just started riding my bike, but I'm realizing that buying a bike isn't the end-all solution. You need fenders, bells, rear rack, occasionally a handlebar basket, good gloves, a helmet, and yes, a LOCK that costs nearly as much as the bike itself. Hopefully I can win this lock and not have to keep my bike cooped up for fear of thieves.

Angela 324 days ago

I would prefer dont need it!

But because there is not only good people, I need to protect my daily ride

David Viens 324 days ago

Protect my investment

My bike saves me so much money on transportation costs but I am always so paranoid all those savings will go to loss when some pesky thieve thinks my bike is now theirs. Having a good bike lock means I can relax knowing when my bike is locked it is going to stay that way!

Tanya 324 days ago

Biking for Transportation

Having a secure bike lock is important to allow me to use my bike for every day transportation. It is easy to ride a nice bike when you don't have to lock it, and it is easy to lock a bike when it's cheap, but feeling comfortable locking a decent bike while you're around town is something else.

Caleb Langer 324 days ago

TiGr Bike Lock Contest

I need a lightweight secure lock.

Kevin Osburn 324 days ago


A stylish and strong lock are important to make it cool and practical to ride a bike.

Drew Collins 324 days ago

TiGr Bike Lock Contest

Having a good lock that is light, portable and easy to use means freedom to take your bike anywhere at anytime. The fact that it looks cool is just a bonus.

Gabe Comolli 324 days ago

Bike lock contest

I need a light weight, durable lock to rotect me from theft as a bike commuter.

dan lenik 324 days ago

Why a secure bike lock is important to me

I just bought my first Dutch bike, a Gazelle, and I don't want to lose it! It took me a long time to find one and the bike means a lot to me.

Caroline Smith 324 days ago

A Haiku

Triple U-locked
Stay with me
Trusty steed

Jonny 324 days ago


As I frequently work as a sub teacher and never know where I`ll end up for the day, I can`t rely on a secure indoor space and need a good lock

Christian 324 days ago


You always need a good lock here. So many bikes, so many thieves. My wife's bike takes her and my son to and from school, and anywhere and everywhere else we want to go around the city. He loves to sit up front in his Yepp Mini Seat. We're pretty sure he loves bikes more than we do, and that is saying a lot. Having a TiGr bike lock would give us peace of mind, and it's light which is a bonus cause the little guy isn't getting any lighter.

Mark Hansen 324 days ago

A lock for road bike days

This looks like it would be great for the road bike - so much lighter than my heavy U-lock

James 324 days ago

Peace of mind and no curls

Last year they stole my brake pads which I didn't realize until I was trying to brake on a downhill towards a busy road. Until I can find a fix for that, a brand new TiGr lock might just be the thing to keep me sane, if not my brake pads safe. Anyone else out there get tired of threading the curls of a traditional lock through spokes, I sure as hell do so would much appreciate the straightness of the TiGr!

Margaret 324 days ago

Easy-to-use lock is important

Being able to easily lock my bike up is important. Aside from my feet, it's how I get around, so it's very important that my bike stays where I leave it. Having a secure lock that is easy to use ensures that this happens.

Emily 324 days ago

TiGr lock

nothing's more valuable than my bike!

Rick Mayer 324 days ago

TiGr Lock

If my bike gets stolen I am at the mercy of the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)

Mark Beauchamp 324 days ago

My bike is my sole transportation

If my bike gets stolen I would have to walk everywhere. I live in suburbia and I have been car-free for more than five years. Since my town has lousy public transportation I'd really be stuck if my bike is stolen. This is why I always use two locks. My bike is my life!

Jackie 324 days ago

It's how I get around!

My bicycle is how I get to work and do most of my errands. I need a good bike lock to protect my transportation!

James Wilson 324 days ago

Last bicycle stolen

My previous bicycle was stolen, which is especially difficult because it is my only mode of transport. I had to get a loan to buy a decent replacement and can't afford to have another bike stolen, which is worrisome because crime in my neighborhood has been spiking over the last few months.

Fritz Kreiss 324 days ago

safe & secure

Using a dependable bike lock gives me the peace of mind that my bike will still be there when I return. I love this lock because it seems less cumbersome than most. I'm small and ride a small bike. I usually struggle with my big bulky lock.

Tara 324 days ago

Trust in Allah, but tie your camel!

I often refer to my bike as my horse because it is my main mode of transportation. Whether it's a 5k round trip to the store or 100k one way to a friend's cabin, that's how I get there. I'm not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but I love my ride and I have it customized just the way I like it now. The thought of having to break in a new bike, find a saddle that accommodates my girthfulness, is too much to bear. Tie that sucker up!

Rob Patterson 324 days ago

There is a special place in hell for bike thieves

I had my favorite bike stolen despite being locked by one of the burliest locks available at the time, I've vowed never to let that happen again. I look forward to having a lock that I can feel good about so that I don't have to plan trips around being able to put my bike in my car or bringing it inside with me.

franko 324 days ago


Having a secure bike lock is important because I simply love my bicycle. If my bike were to get stolen, I'd be ever so heartbroken. This lock seems super awesome, and I'd love for it to be mine!

Koula Redmond 324 days ago

Nobody should violate my bicycle

My bicycle is mine and it should not be violated by some scumballs balls. To have his butt sweat all over my saddle and have his hands touching whatever else before he touches my handlebars is just wrong. My mike is just that, mine and I do not want it defiled by some junkie that will just end up selling it so he can buy drugs.

Matt Storms 324 days ago

Locked with Ti, thief goes 'bye

Love my Ti bike (Litespeed), and don't want to lose it to some undeserving thief. What better way to protect it than with this beautiful and functional lock?

Allyson 324 days ago

... because I enjoy the ride home too.

I commute to work every day, and park my bike in my company's parking garage. The reason a sturdy, secure bike lock is important to me is that I enjoy the ride home more than I enjoy the ride to work.

Kendall Hill 324 days ago

Ride more!

I would ride my bike on more errands and going out for recreation if I was more confident it would still be there when I finished!

Janet Fletcher 324 days ago

Tigr lock contest

A secure lock is important to me because the sentimental feelings & fantastic memories on & w/ my bicycle mean nothing to the thief looking to make a quick buck.

lou chavez jr. 324 days ago

Definitions work

LOCK: a device used to prevent the operation or movement of a vehicle or other machine: a bicycle lock.
SECURITY: the safety of a state or organization against criminal activity

Michelle C 324 days ago

Ti lock for a Ti bike

Ive been neglecting upgrading my lock since I got a bike worth upgrading for

Rob Hendricks 324 days ago

Peace of Mind

Unfortunately nowadays you really do need a good bike lock. Having peace of mind when you leave your bike locked up somewhere is a great feeling.

Traci Phelps 324 days ago

Lock'em & Keep 'em

Part of the price we pay for living around a multitude of vibrant, wonderful people is the realization that a few people around us are going to do bad things. Our lives are full of risk and reward and biking is no exception.

Tracy Murray 324 days ago

A stolen bike = loss of more than just an item

I had a bike stolen and not only did that mean I had to shell out a bunch of money to buy a new one, but I also lost my favorite means of exercise AND transportation. It is like someone stealing your car and breaking your leg at the same time.

Dylan Graves 324 days ago

It's necessary

Leaving your bike unlocked is like leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition.

Graham Lavender 324 days ago


There's nothing like knowing that your bike will still be there when you get back to it.

Rhi Myfanwy Kirkland 324 days ago

My bike is too important to me

I use my bike for transportation but I also love her. I've had bikes stolen and it's a heartbreaking experience. I never want to have to go through that again.

Melody Stone 324 days ago


Securing my bike is important as this is my main source of transportation in the Washington, DC metro area

James D. 325 days ago


I bike all the time - and I love how relaxing it can be. However, you lose some of that relaxation when you're worried about your bike getting nabbed. I love my bike and I hate knowing that if I'm parked near a train station or if it's night, it wouldn't be a surprise for somebody to try and steal it. When I first saw TiGr locks last year, I was seriously impressed. Would love to not have to worry and keep on relaxin....

Abigail 325 days ago

Lock Comp

I need to lose lock weight!

Warren Rudd 325 days ago

secure bike lock is important...

A secure bike lock is important to me, as I look @ the map of Vancouver & all the bike thefts... http://vancitybikewatch.ca/ .. I've seen the bolt-cutters' in action. These titanium brands may be just the answer, ... the ab*s links are good,but, so heavy, there must be an alternative. This could be it!

Ron 325 days ago

A secure bike lock...

...allows me to continue having wonderful adventures with my bike.

Ian 325 days ago

It's my only method of transportation.

I ride my bike everywhere, every day, and it's my only method of transportation. If it were to be stolen, I'd have to walk or use public transport, significantly increasing my travel time.

Nate Sharpe 325 days ago

Sounds great for kiddo hauling!

Having a secure bike lock means that I have peace of mind when I carry my kids around town. We have a longtail Sun Atlas - a great bike that we want to have for years to come. A TiGr lock would be a really appreciated fast and easy way to keep our bike safe as my 1 year old and 4 year old venture out with me!

Kirbee 325 days ago

The Luxury of Safe & Secure for some Peace of Mind

I ride my bike long, hard, and often and I've never left it locked up where I couldn't see it at all times. At this point I haven't committed to the idea of being a full-time bicycle commuter because that would be like committing to the possibility of your bike being stolen. Needless to say that I have often thought about commuting by bicycle but that would require leaving it locked and unattended -for that I need a lock that I can trust! Due to the countless stories and youtube videos on bike theft that have left me feeling paranoid -it'd be awesome to have the luxury of packing light, plus bicycle safety without worrying about carrying the weight of a u-lock and cable.

Marilyn Perez 325 days ago

a light weight and reliable bike lock ....

.... is something I've been longing for for a long time. I practically live on my bike. Having it stolen is a major worry for me. I use a u lock but it adds extra weight. The TiGr lock looks like my dream come true! I don't think I could afford to buy one but maybe I will win one!

lee anderson 325 days ago

TiGr Bike Lock

I need this because I can't afford to replace my Ebike!

Jeff 325 days ago

In need of a second lock!

Last June, one of my old bikes was stolen outside a busy library after a thief cut through my u-lock. I live in a neighbourhood where bike theft is rampant, so using a second lock on my one remaining bike would ease my mind about theft while running errands and deter thieves.

Jocelyn 325 days ago

security is iffy in certain locations, like Brooklyn NY

Having a high security bike lock offers a huge piece of mind when leaving it at the mercy of any stationary object, whether if it's in a high visibility area or not, I stress each and every time I lock it up and leave it. This hopefully will curb some of my fears. though I've been very lucky in recent years.

©YIP 325 days ago

Nice and Stylish Lock

Nobody wants to think about having their bike stolen. Losing my bike would be losing my transportation. With this lock you can feel secure and look pretty darn cool too.

Shaughn 325 days ago

Reducing the weight of my messenger bag...

...leaves me with one problem: the U-lock. Good, sturdy protection, my bike lived outside, parked on a city street, for over a year with only the U-lock to protect it. When someone attempted to steal the bike, the lock held against a furious attack that left the top tube badly dented and a wheel destroyed, but with the bike still there in the morning. Unrideable, but there. What I need, though, is to reduce the weight of my messenger bag and protect my back, but when I start emptying it out, the weightiest item is always the U-lock, and I won't go anywhere on a bike without it.

Michael Wise 325 days ago

Love my Bike

I would be absolutely heartbroken if bike stealers stole my bike. Also, I would be stranded.

Gretchen 325 days ago


I would love a nice lock like this because my last bike was stolen due to only having one lock. Now i use 2 different kinds so thieves will need 2 different tools. This one looks like a beaut!

Drew Mabry 325 days ago

TiGr Bike Lock

I would love a lock like these because it's so lightweight but strong that I would actually take it with me. My current lock is heavy/bulky so I never want to carry it. I love my bike so I want to keep it secure.

Kim 325 days ago

High crime area living

My custom bike is irreplaceable. This sturdy looking lock would protect my bike and discourage the bad guys.

Tami 325 days ago

Locked Up Tight

I recently had another bike--one that was locked to back rack--stolen, so I know not all locks are created equal. Fortunately, the bike that was stolen was an old one that I wasn't using much anymore. But it would be devastating to lose a new bike--especially my shiny new Civia!

Yvonne Zipter 325 days ago

Would love to win this!

I live in Chicago (...) and our family had three bikes stolen last year alone. I am a Chicago Public School teacher and commute to work by bike. This lock would have me worrying less about my bike while at work and at home.

Amy Bizzarri 325 days ago

Awesome lock

Saw this lock on Kickstarter but sadly didnt buy in, Love the thought of a lock that is as strong as it is light. Would love to win this so I can keep my bike safe - like most of us, our bike becomes a personal extension of ourselves to hate the thought of anything happening to it.

J C R 325 days ago

Finding my bike gone would be heartbreaking!

My bike means more to me than just the sum of its parts. I lock it vigilantly with a U-lock and cable. It's inconvenient but a small price to pay for prevention. Of course I'm assuming the locks are secure! I know they're not foolproof...maybe I need to look into more secure locks.

J P 325 days ago