November 4, 2013

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We'd be lost without our bike!

I ride with my three small children on my cargo bike, and I'm pretty paranoid about getting my bike stolen (I had my commuter bike nabbed a few months ago). Our downtown and midtown are pretty notorious for this, and it often takes me quite a while to fingle my locks to make things fairy secure for our family bike, and even then I worry. Unfortunately, with 3 little ones, that's time and frustration I can't afford. Quick results and peace of mind with an awesome TiGr lock would make our day-to-day life much easier and worry-free. Thanks!

Jarrod Fischer more than 1 year ago

The VERY BEST lock there is!

I have been following the TiGr lock since the day they started their kickstarter fund-raising and I am not alone in my belief that this is the very best lock available! I just can't afford one at the present time.

Robin more than 1 year ago

bike lock

it's important because I love my bike and wouldn't want to have to replace it ;)

Nat L more than 1 year ago

TiGr Bike Lock

Replacing a bike is not affordable and it would be nice yo show off a cool and unique looking lock.

Gabe Comolli more than 1 year ago

Very cool lock

I'd love to try this out. Matches my bike too.

Josef Forsberg more than 1 year ago

Hey, this is my wheels we are talkin' about

I love every one of my bikes from my 1991 Mongoose Mt. Bike turned utility bike to my gunmetal gray Cannondale all retrofitted with new parts. I saw this lock about a year ago at the Seattle Bike Expo and thought, these guys just might have something here. Security, light weight, peace of mind.

Ken Benny more than 1 year ago

Defensive cycling

It's all good and well to secure your bike against theft when you have to leave it unattended, but what about attacking hoards of undead zombie bikers? The TiGr addresses this issue by being the only lock on the market that might be deployed as a cavalry saber.

Rob more than 1 year ago


Like many, I wake up at 3am wondering if my bike is safe, even when it's inside my house. An unbreakable lock gives me peace of mind day and night.

Spencer Hawkes more than 1 year ago

Why we need TiGr locks...

because it is about the bike.

Dave Holland more than 1 year ago

TiGr Lock

I really need a great lock, my bike is my main source of transportation and recreation.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

TiG r lock

I live near the beach and bikes are often stolen. I have an older bike that I love and it could've be replaced. I need a good lock to secure my bike and not be afraid it will be stolen.

Judy more than 1 year ago

TiGr upgrade welcome!

Currently I use an actual Siberian tiger to secure my bike. It's 100% effective but quite heavy when it comes to transport. Plus there is an...odor, let's say, especially in the hot summer months. I'd love to upgrade to a lightweight (and odor-free) TiGr and enjoy the same level of security without the bulk and fur.

Mike Pop more than 1 year ago

I love my bicycle

I live in the city...people lock their cars and pay to park. I always look for bike valet service because it will make a difference if I will go to an event.Why wouldn't I lock my transportation? Secure bike parking encourages more people to ride bicycles with less worry about theft.

Janet Fletcher more than 1 year ago

Fearless Cycling

Instead of constantly fearing that my bike will get stolen, I can enjoy cycling more with secured bike parking.

Joe more than 1 year ago


My nerves get a little frayed when I have to lock up my bicycle far from my eye line. So whatever security measures I can use will greatly calm my brain that's quietly fretting, "I hope my bike is still there when I get back."

Cecile more than 1 year ago

Expensive bike

My bike is worth a few thousand so having a high quality bike lock is vital. Its an investment in your high valued bike.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

Elegent and Secure

Secure bike parking is important to me as I lock my bike outside about 99% of the time, it only gets brought in during snow storms as I have a very small apartment inside storage is really not a viable option. Until more secure parking is offered in downtown Toronto I really rely on outside parking and the underlying fear of having my bike stolen haunts me day and night. I have the tiny pang of fear that it's stolen every time I egress out to ride my bike until I see it sitting waiting for me. The TiGr is beautiful and elegant for a lock and certainly will aid in relieving my fears of having my precious transportation kept safely locked up.

Genessa more than 1 year ago

I live in Winnipeg, 'nough said

I good lock is critical in Winnipeg. Yes we have snow at least 6 months of the year but the other six months are bicycle stealing season. A bike without a GOOD lock does not last long here.

Geoff more than 1 year ago

we can't leave a bike outside for a minute

My son will be starting to ride his bike to school next season and in NY you can't leave your bike unlocked for a minute without it being stolen

Aura more than 1 year ago

New bike!

I just got a new bike - a really nice commuter - and am consistently biking to work now!! Not only am I interested in keeping my bike, since I would be hard pressed to afford replacing it, I would like to see my city, Atlanta, start offering some municipal secure parking for all of us who ride!

Ruth more than 1 year ago

My bike is worth it

... I only have space for my bike to be outside at home, so it's outside 99% of the time (Aluminum frame), as well as at my workplace. I do have a lock for it but I do believe it could be hacked through if somebody wanted my bike. Secure bike parking is very important to me-- otherwise, I'd be parking it far away from my work on a lamp post or in the alleyway out back, which could be sketchy. I'm lucky enough to have bike racks at work. A good lock is very much worth it for me to keep me from losing my transportation to work!

Ted more than 1 year ago

secure bike parking is important to me

because I spend nearly as much money and probably a lot more time buying and upkeeping my bike than many car drivers do

Kathryn Hurchla more than 1 year ago

Keep my bike from being stolen... AGAIN!

and when I say locker... I mean Lock! lol

Marta more than 1 year ago

Keep my bike from being stolen... AGAIN!

I guess I used to be more trustful with people, until my bike was stolen! not anymore! I get it now, I need a good locker!

Marta more than 1 year ago

Miles to go before I sleep

I tend to ride really long distances and I would hate to have to walk home just because I ran into a cafe for a latte and a pee break.

rob more than 1 year ago

More shopping

I would do more errands on my way home on my bike if I had a lock that didn't take up a ton of weight or space. I already ride with my laptop and other work accessories. The TiGr would let me do more errands by bike!

Janet more than 1 year ago

Because I like my bike!

Who wants their stuff stolen?

Allen Hancock more than 1 year ago

Lock Your Bike!

I just had my bike stolen and it was locked! I'm going to get a Tiger!

cam varcoe more than 1 year ago

TiGr Bike Lock

I want the peace of mind my bike will stay where I left it. My bike is my "car" so I rely on it a lot in getting to where I need to go.

Heidi more than 1 year ago

Bike locks

I want my bike to be there when I return from my shopping. I have a titanium bike. I titanium bike lock would match my bike!

Susan Bernhardt more than 1 year ago

2 reasons for secure bike parking are ....

1) I hate bike theft 2) secure parking actually sends a message that bikes are real transportation and can easily be used day by day 3) we love our bikes. Wait, that's 3 reasons and also ....

Mae more than 1 year ago


Because there is some people that does bad thingh, I dream of a world where nobody would need a TiGR lock. But I will still biking!

David Viens more than 1 year ago

TiGr lock contest

Using a bike for transportation for several decades has shown me the importance of taking care of my bike(s). Secure and dependable locks are a large part of that care.

Louis Melini more than 1 year ago

Seamless Security

Bike security should be efficient and quick, just a part of the package when deciding whether or not to use your bike for a commute. Feeling that your bike is secure is essential to enjoying your ride.

Wayne MacDonald more than 1 year ago

I love my ride

It's important because I love my ride and losing it would be doubleplusungood.

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

So that more people will utility ride

Having secure bike parking encourages more of us to get out there!

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

TiGr Bike Lock

As is the norm, most cyclist are very attached to their bikes. I am no exception and could not replace my classic Puch. Having only one QR to deal with would make this a Fort Knox locking system.

Michael Smith more than 1 year ago

secure bike

I purchased a new bike recently and need a new lock to go with it.
thanks for the opportunity.

Debbie more than 1 year ago

TiGr Lock

I live in a big city better security better chance my bike is there when I come back

Mark Beauchamp more than 1 year ago


I appreciate secure bike parking as it is that much more discouragement to would be thieves. Anything to deter them is a good start.

Andrea more than 1 year ago

Point A and B

Because having your bike getting stolen is very inconvenient and expensive. If you rode your bike somewhere you need it to get to the next place.

Rhi Kirkland more than 1 year ago

Lock it or Walk it.

Because not matter how much your bike costs, it's the sentimental value that counts.

Ricardo more than 1 year ago

Secure parking would be a godsend

My bike is a part of me. The bike and every component was chosen to reflect me. If it was stolen I would morne the loss like losing a good friend. Secure parking would enable me to take my bike places where I now don't because of the fear I have of losing it.

Wayne Bagley more than 1 year ago

Thinking of bikes first, not later

Secure bike parking is useful not only because of the obvious security benefits, but also because it makes cycling a more viable option. By allocating space specifically for bicycles, this signals to the cyclist that the space is bike-friendly.

T N more than 1 year ago

Transport Equity

Having secure cycle parking is important to me because it represents equity for cycling compared to motoring. Parking for bicycles is often forgotten, so having secure facilities means that thought and money has been spent to support cycling. In short, it means whomever provided the parking, cares about cycling.

Moreno more than 1 year ago


I usually ride my Peugoet UO-8 from the early 70s. It`s the bike my dad bought when he was young with his own money, and I`ve lovingly refurbished it and it`s entirely irreplacable.

Christian more than 1 year ago

Afraid of theft

Need to try and stop people who feel entitled to my bike when they see it parked while I'm out and about.

Kate more than 1 year ago

They're Gr-r-r-eat!!!

The bicycle is my primary source of transportation; I bought it, ride it, care for it, and love it.

Steve G more than 1 year ago

Reason why

Secure bike parking is important to me, because stealing my bike is important to others.

Anthony Mikrut more than 1 year ago

light weight and secure

I live in a busy high crime area and have to carry my bike up a steep set of stairs at night. I ride to work, run errands and for fun every day. I'm not getting any younger and l ifting my bike with the two heavy u locks (one is b roken and just for show) is not that easy sometime s. A lighter yet reliable tiger lock would help keep me on my wheels and hopefully setting an example to all in my neighborhood that getting around on a bike is a great lifestyle for many different reasons.

elizabeth more than 1 year ago

secure bike parking

secure bike parking is important to me because I invested a large (for me ) sum of money into my bicycle and would not be able to replace it. And, it would be like losing a member of the family. She's honestly become one of my buddies in the last 6 months.

Darcy Allen more than 1 year ago

Another Barrier Down

Having secure bike parking (and covered secure bike parking is even better) removes one more barrier to people biking. If they know their bike will be there when they get back, they are more likely to use the bike for the last mile solution!

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

Secure parking

Secure bike parking is necessary because bike thieves suck!!!

Lloyd S more than 1 year ago


If I lost my bike, how would I get home?

Doug B more than 1 year ago

Secure bike parking

Secure bike parking is important to me because I don't want to have my bike stolen. I dread having to rush buying a replacement.

Stephen Chessor more than 1 year ago

Locking Bikes

Locking my bike is very important because my $500.00 bike is more than I can afford to replace!

Jeff Arnold more than 1 year ago

Bike Parking Means Business

There are several businesses that I don't visit when I'm on my bike because they don't provide secure bike parking. This even includes one of the Walmart stores in town.

George Pearson more than 1 year ago

Outside ain't safe

Locking a bike is a major necessity, and a major pain. No matter the quality or the cost, having your bike stolen is a personal violation. Avoiding that is a first priority. But carrying a lock usually means a huge chain around the waist, or a big U-lock, in what would otherwise be discreet. There's no reason to advertise you ride a bike everywhere, any more than flashing your BMW fob. It ends up being small talk with a non-cyclist about something they don't understand, but usually have strong feelings about. It's hard to avoid, though, when you need a bag the size of Brooklyn just to carry a lock. Now that we can arrive not looking spandexed-out, can we have some way to lock up without calling attention to what we need to carry it?

Michael Wise more than 1 year ago


Losing a bike is like losing a little piece of oneself...

CTJ more than 1 year ago

The importance of locking my bike

I not only have romantic feelings for my bike, it also gives me fun, environmentally friendly, healthy transportation and it brings me joy and the sight of it makes me happy. So if I lost it I'd be angry and sad and mainly angry.

CSL more than 1 year ago

Protection is key

I help to build safe places for people to lock their bikes at UBC and I know that having a solid lock is the number one thing you can do to protect yourself. I would love to have lock like this in a high theft area like a university!

Adam Cooper more than 1 year ago

An ounce of protection...

Because I heart my bike too much not to protect it!

PK more than 1 year ago

TI Bike Locks

Secure bike parking is important because I try to use my bike as primary transportation as often as possible in town. Luckily I live in a city that recognizes that bikes are a viable transportation tool and they are working toward adding more bike infrastructure!

Steve Kachnowski more than 1 year ago

promote cycling

because parking a bike should be as easy as parking a car

franz lefort more than 1 year ago

My bike is worth too much to me

Locking your bike isn't a matter of how much actual value that bike holds, but how much of a value it is to you. I bought my Trek 820 full-rigid for $60, granted I got a great deal, but locks alone are worth more than that. So it's not about how much you spent on a bike, but how valuable it is -- to me, my bike is invaluable. It's my mode of transportation, exercise and entertainment. I also only just have one.

Aaron Couch more than 1 year ago

Because Toronto

1 <3 T.O. is the bike theft capital of the universe. People here don't lock their houses, but you better have a U, cable, chain and Jurassic Park fence on your bike, or it'll be gone by morning.

Captain Sam more than 1 year ago

Secure Parking

There is nothing so frustrating as having to walk around a parking lot looking for something secure enough to lock your bike to.

Deanne more than 1 year ago

Locks done beautiful

For me, my bike is a statement. Not only for health & enviroment but in style and fashion. I want to not only feel good but look good on my bike. That is why I feel this lock achieves all of these. Function and fashion.

Monica more than 1 year ago

Because my bike was stolen on Wednesday...

Having secure bike parking is incredibly important to encourage riding to all destinations, and not just those where one might be able to bring their bikes inside with them. I ride my bike to the Light Rail, and take the train to work. I had my favorite bicycle stolen from the train station on Wednesday evening while it was locked with a U-Lock and a kryptoflex double loop cable.

Because I've been violated, I feel less confident leaving the frankenbike I'm riding now with less than 2 u-locks on it, forcing me to bring a bag everywhere I go.

I want to put your TiGr in my pocket and go about my business knowing that my uLock and your product are protecting my ride while I work, and that I will have a way home when I step off the train.

Nicole Weiler more than 1 year ago

Secure locking

The more secure my bike lock is the better peace of mind I'll have. I have an old lock that needs updating and this would be wonderful to have. We are down to 1 car and I use my bike for more than a fun outing. It's transpiration for me. I don't want to lose it.

Peg Osborn more than 1 year ago

secure bike lock

I want to feel able to ride anywhere and not worry about parking my bike and having it safe and secure

lisa mcfarland more than 1 year ago

Bike commuting

I bike commute every day from Glendale to Pasadena, Ca. We have bike parking at work, but two bikes have been stolen from the racks. Both times a cable was cut and security guards were walking around. I just got a new bike and I get worried about it getting stolen because my family only has one car, which my wife and our new baby girl need to use. If I lose my bike or wheel, I will be stuck at work and not be able to get home and hold my baby girl.

Steven more than 1 year ago

Lost Lock

Lost my lock on a bike tour two weeks ago. Luckily not because it was taken off my five year old tibike. Ti rules.

Karen more than 1 year ago

Lost too many bikes

We had two bikes stolen from our 'secure' garage last weekend. That brings the number of stolen bikes up to 5 bikes in 3.5 years. Steel cable wasn't enough.

Anne more than 1 year ago

Losing a bike

I had a bike stolen over 10 years ago that I still look back and feel a little sad about. And it was stolen because of a lack of good parking options where I needed to be that day. Had the only option to lock up to not been a flimsy parking sign I'd probably still have my Evangeline.

Nichole more than 1 year ago

Secure bike parking

No one likes anything stolen, but my bicycle(s) are very dear to me (I ride year-round). They are not just a means of transportation, or exercise to me... they are time-machines, taking me back to childhood every time I ride.

Robin Lendrum more than 1 year ago

Secure Bike Parking

Having a good lock for your bike also encourages riders to use provided locking stations with other bikes, rather than putting the bike within eyesight or in a place that inconveniences others.

Bryan Moats more than 1 year ago

Secure bike parking

I enjoy my bikes, they are like part of my family complete with names. I want to keep them safe yet I want to ride and park without having to seat next to my bike.

Wilma Schmitz more than 1 year ago

I love my bike

I secure my bike with a quality u-lock because I've had too many wonderful bikes taken from me by terrible, low-life bike thieves.

Melody Stone more than 1 year ago

Bike is my ride

My bike is my ride - to work, to the grocery, to the movies. Having an extremely secure lock means I don't have to worry about what shoes to wear... because I won't be walking home.

KKS more than 1 year ago

secure bike parking

Car backed into mine and bent rim. Great then the thieves still take bikes in this college town.

christopher sorel more than 1 year ago

Secure bike parking

Aside from the cost of replacing a stolen bike, there's the disruption of having to go through the process of finding a bike that suits your needs, adding the accessories to make it really right, and riding it enough to merge your riding style with the bike's performance. Secure locking? Definitely worth it.

Ross more than 1 year ago

Secure bike parking

Secure bike parking is important to me because I leave my bike unattended for hours at a time downtown. I can't be worrying about my bike all the time.

Dave more than 1 year ago

bike parking

Why secure bike parking is important to me: I live, bike, and park in Chicago. Any other questions?

Jan S more than 1 year ago

Secure bike parking

I would think secure bike parking would be important to anyone who owns a bike, but it's especially important to me, at this juncture, because a bike I had given to a friend to use indefinitely was recently stolen. That bike served me well for many years, and I am sad that it has fallen into the hands of a thief.

Yvonne Zipter more than 1 year ago