July 29, 2013

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I love riding with my wife around town

Jeremy ash more than 1 year ago


My wife and I love riding together. Our first ride together was over 80km and we look forward to riding even farther! Sure would be nice to have a place for all of our snacks.

Rob Patterson more than 1 year ago

Timbuk2 Cog Giveaway

I most enjoy riding with my kids. It is truly awesome to share that experience of freedom and discovery that only happens on the bike with them.

Duncan more than 1 year ago

bike riding

I love riding with my wife

Steve Z. more than 1 year ago

timbuk2 contest


rudy kehler more than 1 year ago

not entering

I won a Cog Pannier in an earlier contest and don't need two. It is excellent - fits well on both my 700c and 26" bikes, convenient to carry off bike. The pockets are convenient, and the water proof cover is easy. It is heavy but sturdy and large enough for the commuter who needs to carry every thing.

Tony Panero more than 1 year ago

timbuk2 contest

My friend Janet

Leanne more than 1 year ago

Need the tote...

I need em.

dolphin45 more than 1 year ago

I like riding with... my community!

From critical mass rides to bike parties to commuting to work, there's nothing like sharing a nod and a love for getting from one place to another in the cheapest, fastest, most efficient and fun way with a stranger (or many), and sometimes making new friends in the process.

Becca more than 1 year ago

My New-Found Wife

With our daughter going off to college in less than two weeks and our family preparing for such an event shortly after her graduation earlier this year, my wife and I have found solace and a renewed bond as we've taken to cycling together in the evenings.
This gives us the time to reflect on this change in our family.
The health benefits have been noticeable as well making the change more agreeable.
I believe that our glass is half-full!

Evan Comer more than 1 year ago

Timbuk2 Cog Pannier tell us who you most enjoy riding with

My family

michael lim more than 1 year ago

Biking to Work

Just started biking to work. Pannier would be great for the laptop, lunch, and a change of clothes.

Camille more than 1 year ago

My Roadie Peeps!

I LOVE cycling with both my serious and non-serious roadie peeps in Ottawa. I like to get a good mix of rides with fluff stops such as cafes in small towns, quick dips in the Gatineau river on hot days or stopping at a depanneur to split a cold beer and bag of chips (we did this last weekend while doing a 90km hilly ride in 'la belle province'!!).
While I love fun group rides, I also LOVE the powerful feeling of being in a well oiled, efficient, and hard working peloton. I love 'the sound of bikes', wheels, clicking of gear shifters etc, when everyone is so focussed on staying with the peloton it goes quiet.....ah...sigh....

Natalie Labbe more than 1 year ago

Biking with Zossima

Zossima (12) and I bike to the swimming pool 4 1/2 miles away almost every day here in Oklahoma City. I quite enjoy biking in the heat, and Zossima says it's so much more fun to ride his bike to the pool than to sit in a car and just wait to get there. When we leave the pool, we're so glad we don't have to climb into a hot car, but can climb on our bikes and feel the breeze (sometimes a very hot one, granted, but a breeze anyway) as we ride home.

Mary Granger more than 1 year ago

my friends

We all ride both road anx mountain. We plan trip just to ride. Whether a weekend ride. Or a long epic ride in the mountains we also having a great time.

Joel Wakeland more than 1 year ago

My kids

With a 20 months old and a 3 years old, we love going out on our cargo bike. It is so much fun to see our son to see lots of "Gas meters!" When our 3 year old enjoys his findings, our one year old loves to see everything! It is really nice to ride with kids.

Beth more than 1 year ago

Who I most enjoy riding with...

I most enjoy riding with my husband because it usually means we're going home at the end of the day and it's time we get to spend together talking or just relaxing along the city streets.

Elaine more than 1 year ago

My wife

I enjoy riding with my wife. We get to bond and get a work out.

Noab more than 1 year ago

Small bike business travelling brief case!

As a small business person, I need to at times transport my laptop and important papers. What better way to transport than to have this handy beautifully designed pannier by Timbuk2 to have a small bike business keep her records, marketing, and data base management running smoothly

Laurie Featherstone more than 1 year ago

Timbuk2 pannier

I like riding with my 2 year old daughter in the trailer. Hearing her "woohoos" as we make tight turns or speed down hills reminds me how much I love cycling as well.

Guy more than 1 year ago

Who I most enjoy biking with

I enjoy biking with my dog, Aili. Aili is a 3 year old labradoodle and she loves to run. I connect her to my bike, a 1994 GT karakorum, and we head to the local rail trail. I get to ride and we both get exercise!

bonnie Daisy more than 1 year ago

timbuk2 cog pannier

i most enjoy riding with my daughter

lisa mcfarland more than 1 year ago

a fellow cyclotourist

I associate panniers with a tour, a trip, because they are absolutely necessary for this.
I have a friend who is very entertaining and loves to tour as much as I do. He is also a very capable rider so I never worry about him, even when we are going up a steep hill, when I have a lighter bike,, lighter load, and slick tires as opposed to his knobbies. Even him I hear him breathing hard to keep up the effort, I know that he is tougher than me and will make it.
He is temporarily back from abroad and we are going to do a trip next week.

Anthony more than 1 year ago

Partner riding

My favorite riding buddy is my kid. We used to commute to school together by bike. Best memories as a dad.

David Higley more than 1 year ago


I always ride with my partner and she loves riding as well. This Cog Pannier will help a lot with carrying our lunch when we ride with our friends as we always go on a picnic with them. Come rain or shine this pannier will help a LOT. Many thanks.

Peter Shaw more than 1 year ago


Each type of riding has its own unique joys; I love riding with my kids to explore with them and overcome new challenges, with my wife to share a sense of freedom and adventure, with friends to just get out and ride for fun, and by myself to clear my mind and push my own limits.

Caleb more than 1 year ago


it's all about family. sharing in the scenery/experiences along the way through the guise of my loved ones has always been enjoyable. i especially think back to tandeming along the rogue river with my wife and enjoying the wildlife around the wetlands in our backyard with my daughter.

bikefridaywalter more than 1 year ago

Ride buddy

I did always enjoy pedaling with my son , and I do like to haul my dogs in a trailer ( THEY LOVE IT), but I enjoy riding with my husband the best. He is predictable ( very safe , follows the rules of the road) and motorists don't get all peeved at us because we do things like signal and obey the traffic signals. Its nice to take an adventure with him, giving us things to talk about when we get home.......having said all of that, I will say that riding in a group of spoke folks, ESPECIALLY when we are costumed for a theme or pedaling in a parade, well, THAT is hard to top.

Pat Reily more than 1 year ago

I most enjoy riding with my wife!

As cheesy as it is, my wife is the best. Cruising for a beer on a long haul she rocks.

Albert more than 1 year ago

Like riding with

I like riding with just about anyone. Large group rides especially are fun.

Seth more than 1 year ago


I like riding with anyone. Also local cyclists, friends and family. I once rode to Harsen's Island with complete strangers and got a return trip on their boat.

Jacob F more than 1 year ago


My wife and kids and I do regular family rides all the time.

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago

timbuk for two

I love riding with my wife. we go on long rides together all the time. Our first ride together was 80 km.

rob more than 1 year ago


I most enjoy riding with unknown cyclists - the ones who go really fast and are very confident on the road. I'm still a little shy, so it's awesome to have some biking inspiration.

Natalia more than 1 year ago

I'm no bag lady.

We ride with many local groups, but I have to say I love riding with my Bob

Barbara more than 1 year ago

Timbuk 1

i enjoy riding solo because, after all, it is all about me... my pace, where i want to go, and how cool i want to look so don't mistake me for a hipster cuz i'm original retro

danny more than 1 year ago

I fell in love with cycling all over again when riding with . . .

For the past 4 years my bike has been my primary mode of transportation but when I met my partner 2 years ago I really got into cycling for the sake of cycling. Cycling isn't just a way to commute anymore it is treasured past time and new way to travel! We are planning to try out some multiday cycling trips this summer and I cannot wait!

Amanda more than 1 year ago

Biking Together

Well, I love it when we all bike in May, for 5 Boro Bike Tour! That's the best when thousands of us going in one direction, so different and unite at the same time!

Irina@OrangeGaryFisher more than 1 year ago

I will ride with any takers

I like to ride in groups or on a date! Its a great date idea. You get to know someone well when you ride bikes together.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

I ride with...

I ride (nearly) every Saturday morning with my friend Rich, and his trusty Limecycle. We explore Toronto and go places I might never bike to on my own, with no particular destination. Often we ride in the Don Valley trail system, although there are lots of other sidestreets and trails to explore (the Belt Line, the Waterfront Trail/Martin Goodman Trail).

Brandon Quigley more than 1 year ago

I love to ride with...

Almost anybody, it is sooo lonely riding by yourself. My favorite riding companion would be my dog, Mac, in his trailer.

Ron Whitmire more than 1 year ago

I like to cycle with.....

me,myself and I. There is something about hitting the street and not having to Think for a while. Go where I want, go home when I'm done. Sometimes its a long ride, sometimes it's just around the block. Not having a time limit or destination is so liberating!

Sylvia Huizinga more than 1 year ago

with my son in tow in his recumbent trailer

We always get stares and questions. He sits on a recumbent trailer with a 5-pt harness behind me. And he often has his arms out and pretending that he's flying...so I need to watch those narrow passages! When he was younger, I pulled him from my recumbent bike...I've never see another recumbent pulling a trailer...I wonder why. Anyone out there?

Steve more than 1 year ago

All those awesome Toronto cyclists...

...who make riding around this amazing city a total blast.

Captain Sam more than 1 year ago

Who I enjoy riding with the most....

I've always been a fan of riding by myself and my bike. It is a way for me to do what I enjoy the most with just myself. It allows me to get away from everything and just explore without any worries of when I need to be back, if the other person is enjoying the ride, etc. I feel like riding by myself there are no limitations and I can just ride and ride and see new things while I'm out and about on my long adventures.

Danny Murphy more than 1 year ago

Favorite riding buddy

While I love riding with my husband, my favourite riding buddy is my older brother - he's a much faster rider than me in general, but always considerate when it comes to pace when I ride with him, he always points out the holes and hazards on the road if he's in front, and he has endless enthusiasm and energy.

Kelly more than 1 year ago

Solo can be the best

Although riding with my wife is awesome, there is that special person I've known all my life that is my best riding buddy.
There is something that's always been perfect about seeing the world with only my bike as a partner.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

I enjoy riding with...

my friends! Long rides are a great way of getting out of town and just hanging out for the whole day. And we always get the best pizza when we get back home. :)

Allison more than 1 year ago

My wife

I love to ride with my wife. I love that I was able to get her interested in cycling & convince her to try a road bike!

Ryan Barry more than 1 year ago


I love riding with new and old teammates from Team In Training. Go TEAM!

Cory more than 1 year ago

the family that rolls together...

Hands down, my favourite people to ride with are my two sons, aged 6 3/4 and 3. The older guy almost exclusively rides his own bike, with the rare trailer ride, and our younger son mostly rides in the front seat (between me and the handlebars) although he is in the process of graduating from his run-bike to pedalling (WITHOUT training wheels!)
I love that we have the time to talk about our surroundings and our lives while we get places we need to go, and I am so proud to be teaching them how capable they are.

Robin Rombs more than 1 year ago

Family & friends

I love riding to the farmers market and shops with my wife and two daughters. I also like to ride to work and exploring the back roads with my riding buddy.

Tom Roetker more than 1 year ago

our boys

our 5 & 7 year olds, because they just put it all out there!

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

The fam

Love riding single track w/ the guys, but my fam, for sure! Especially bike camping!

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Who rides

I like going for a ride with my friends or my brother.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

Musical Ride

I enjoy riding on the weekend with my fellow trombonist and band mate, Bob!!

Alan Magnusson more than 1 year ago

My one true love!

I most enjoy biking with my one true love. We work at the same university and are able to bike commute together daily. And just like our relationship, t never gets old!

Kathy Forde more than 1 year ago

The gang

Our ragtag group of riders is a motley crew of road rangers, pleasure seekers, new cyclists, and transportation advocates. We don't ride fast and we don't ride slow, we ride as a group. Always assist each other out with repairs and share trail mix all around on our pit stops. It may not be the sportiest way to ride, but there are always new faces in the gang and this makes for the most enjoyable rides.

Emily N more than 1 year ago

My biking buddy...

is my dog...though I'm doing all the work :P. She is a good passenger though and sometimes wants to say hi to other cyclists at stop lights :). She's excited to get into her trailer and loves resting her head on the top of the trailer. We can go pretty fast on my electric bike but bumps are not so fun for her. I'm sure she loves feeling the wind :)

Beng Khoo more than 1 year ago

who i ride with

my favorite ride is with my wife and kiddos. kids sit in their trailer and i've been know to sing. its funny to hear other riders respond to 'on top of spaghetti'

rose more than 1 year ago


I enjoy riding with the wifey the most. She knows that even if I am grumpy or not feeling up for a ride it will make me feel better. There are times when I would rather drive but she is persistent about riding. Sure enough after a few minutes on the bike, life's troubles go down the drain and there is nothing but happiness left. It is the best way to spend the evening and she is the most lovely person to spend it with!

Tyler Corcoran more than 1 year ago

Pannier Response

Anybody! I just got a new cargo bike (a Yuba Boda Boda) and my favorite thing about it is that people can sit on the back. It's been especially fun getting non-biking folks on the back to give it a whirl.

Abigail more than 1 year ago

Timbuk2 Cog Pannier

I like to ride with my wife who is happiest when she is on her bicycle.

Ray Stericker more than 1 year ago

Timbuk2 Cog Pannier

I most enjoy riding with my husband, although it doesn't happen often enough.

Darlene Stericker more than 1 year ago

Me & my buddy Jim

Jim has been a frend and riding buddy since we met over twenty years ago. In cycling and in life, we seem to ride "at the same pace".

mark pace more than 1 year ago

My RTCC ride team, TEAM OVCARE!

We all ride together for one united cause and it is to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. As ovarian cancer does not discriminate who it affects, we are such a diverse and eclectic group, which makes riding together and making friends that much more fun!

Vanassa Daranikone more than 1 year ago

my helmet

keeps me safe

helmet4timbuk2 more than 1 year ago

Who I ride with

I enjoying riding by myself on my eBike

Mike Turek more than 1 year ago

My Partner

I like to ride with my partner because she loves to ride too. We get a little competitive and next thing we know we're zooming along at 20+ and laughing!

Kent more than 1 year ago

My bike gang!

We have fun planning rides together, we rotate who gets to choose the route.

Amy more than 1 year ago

My Wife

My wife has a steel rod in her spine. We can't go for walks, but we can go for long bike rides!

Jeff more than 1 year ago


Myself and my thoughts...that's already a lot!

Yannick more than 1 year ago

Biking with my daughters

Cycling is one of my favourite things to do and it's even better when my kids and I ride our bikes together.

David Sutcliffe more than 1 year ago

Baby Girl

I love taking my baby girl for rides around the neighborhood. She gets exhilarated and loves to exclaim and point.

Jeremy more than 1 year ago

biking with friends

Biking with friends is the best. Get a group together and head out to the local beer garden. Best that summer has to offer!

Camille more than 1 year ago

Biking with my nephew

I love to go biking with my nephew. He's a great leader through the trails.

Maria Jackman more than 1 year ago

Biking with Kids Rocks!

My favourite person to ride with is my three-year-old son. Love seeing the world through his eyes as he points things out from his iBert seat on the front of my bike. :)

Lisa Corriveau more than 1 year ago

I enjoy riding with...

A good headwind at the start of the day to challenge me and make it feel good to arrive, and a tailwind at the end to carry me home easy.

Cory Herc more than 1 year ago

Best Riding Buddy

My best riding buddy is the work dog, at lunch we ride down to the River, so he can run along the river bank. We then ride back to work and eat our lunch.
We could take our lunch down to the river with us if we had this pannier. (instead of the dog eating our lunch in the trailer on the way to the river...)

Debbie Snihur more than 1 year ago

All and one

Every swing of my leg over the saddle, brings anticipation. New meetings, brief but always welcomed. A wave and a smile, "passing on your left!", politely given, to be sure. Breath of sweet air, wind through hair, give and go with a passing nod. Gaining fleeting friendships and so much more.

Mike Charlton more than 1 year ago

The Salt Lake Bike Party Crew

Once a month a group of cyclists (all ages, all abilities, and all styles of bike), get together to pedal the streets of Salt Lake. The casual group ride is based purely on celebrating the joy of riding a bicycle. Each month, there's a theme to the ride (Superheroes, Patriotism, The 1990's, etc.) so it's always fun to show up in costume and see other people embracing the theme and enjoying the event. It's a fun and positive way to meet other riders, increase awareness of cycling in Salt Lake, and ride in a BIG group that's just out there having fun, playing music, and looking ridiculous. As somebody with panniers that I purchased specifically for bike touring (which are HUGE and cumbersome for everyday use), this pannier would be PERFECT for me to use for general commuting/errands/groceries/etc and I love Timbuk2!

Havilah M. more than 1 year ago

I most enjoy riding with the wind

I most enjoy riding with the wind, especially uphill on a hot day; this pannier should increase my sail area.

Stephen C. more than 1 year ago

Cog Pannier

Could I have one in orange to match my awesome Public C8?

Sondra Bernard more than 1 year ago

Seasoned cyclists

I learn how to be an aggressive yet intelligent commuter by biking near the cyclists that look like they've been biking in the Bay Area for centuries.

Ben more than 1 year ago

My husband

He challenges me to ride harder and faster and stronger, and today he helped me push my bike over all the downed trees in our way. Yeah, we beat that trails butt!

Deanne more than 1 year ago


I enjoy riding with other folks as it's a great community activity. But I love to do most of my riding alone. Just a man, his bike, and his thoughts. "Riding can be lonely, which isn't a bad thing"

Justin E. Hoffer more than 1 year ago

I enjoy riding with

My thoughts. I work in a high stress job where customer relationships are key. I work from 8am to 8pm some days where all I do is talk to my coworkers and our clients... My only solace is knowing that I can take the long way home and learn more about myself and my body instead of products, cost sheets, and company procedure.
Those 7 miles home can sometimes stretch to two laps around the city where all I have is me and my bike (no matter what the street traffic is like). My greatest moments of growth have been just me and my bike and the road and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Kate Bennet more than 1 year ago

My boyfriend

We go on bike dates to lakes, movies in the park, and art museums via 2 wheels.

Catherine more than 1 year ago

My Preschooler!

No matter if I'm hauling him in the trailer, pulling him on the trail-a-bike (whilst he pedals backwards), or riding slowly alongside him on his balance bike- I enjoy sharing my intense love of cycling with my mancub. Every curb and hill he bombs fills me with a slight bit of fear and a vast amount of pride. Together, we conquer the streets...and the occasional trail.

Amy more than 1 year ago

Favorite riding partner

Wife?...Sure, I love riding with my wife. But she's not a cycling nut like me. Kids?......I ride with them almost every day, love every minute of it, and look forward to doing it long into the future. But my favorite riding partner is no one. I love the solitude of long, winding, no destination solo rides. They clear my head and protect my sanity. Viva la Solo!

J Leddy more than 1 year ago

I enjoy riding with...

My kids. I love helping them get more and more comfortable on their bikes by riding alongside them, especially taking them places they aren’t otherwise allowed to go. We have fun, and it’s another super way to build my relationship with them.

Ed Eubanks more than 1 year ago

I enjoy riding with

I enjoy riding with out-of-province visitors and new riders. When riders visit Prince Edward Island, the roadies are amazed at the scenery, and trail riders are amazed at the single track here. Always great conversations! It's great to ride with new riders too, you can tell when they're hooked.

Chris WIlkinson more than 1 year ago

I Enjoy Riding With.....

My Wife! She's not an avid cyclist, nor is she into long distances or high speeds. When I ride with my wife I am forced to enjoy riding for the simple pleasure of riding of a bike. We go around our neighbourhood and stop many times to take in the sights, share a popsicle, or just steal a kiss. Not only is she my best friend, but she makes riding fun.

Clinton Charlton more than 1 year ago

I enjoy riding with...

My dad! We don't get to anymore because we live far apart, but his enthusiasm for cycling at the age of 65, and the way he makes it look so easy, inspires me.

Caren more than 1 year ago

Momentum Mag Contests Blog

I most enjoy riding with my Salsa Fargo. My Fargo does exactly what I ask of her every time, without argument. She hauls whatever I load on her front and rear racks without complaint. She gets me through the Portland traffic quickly and nimbly during my daily commute. And while she's under me I feel confident and proud to be riding her, as the other cyclists shoot glances of envy and approval of her style and utilitarian flare.

Jon Gove more than 1 year ago

My 11 year old daughter

Whether riding to the library, school or downtown to get some lunch, my bike trips with my daughter are the best. Always lots to see, experiences to catch up on and journey to take together.

Doug Bursnall more than 1 year ago

Pretty much everyone....

On my bike, the world is a different place...everyone is nice and beautiful....so, I am happy riding for 5 minutes with the kid on his fixie, or the mom loaded up with groceries....nods are passed from the other side of the street from the colorful spandex team....and for a time, the world is pretty awesome. Biking connects us, so I like to ride with pretty much everyone...

Christy more than 1 year ago

Who I most enjoy riding with...

I would say my friend Richard. When I'm riding with him that means I'm in Portland enjoying the bicycle boulevards, bicycle lanes, esplanade and waterfront. We are always willing to get lost, putz around and stop at any brewery in sight. If that isn't living the dream of the 90s I don't know what is...

RIthy more than 1 year ago

I like riding with . . .

My daughter's dog, Dusty. He hangs out in the cargo bay of my Bullitt, except for when he decides life is more interesting on the street. Then things get interesting.

Kelly more than 1 year ago

My Favorite Riding Buddies

My favorite buddies to ride with are my partner of almost 15 years and our new "puppy", who we've had since January. He runs with the bikes pretty good now and has done three "long" days (up to 16 miles), but we've yet to do an overnight. We figure by next summer, he'll be "ready", i.e. mature enough so as to not overtax his currently still-growing body. HE is looking forward to it, but with all the rain we've been having, we will definitely NEED some waterproof panniers (I already have two for my front hub, but they won't hold ALL that we'll need to keep dry!

Susan Cole more than 1 year ago


Riding with a friend is also great, but mostly I love riding around by myself to get out of my head.

Kate more than 1 year ago

Biking is electrifying

I love biking with Kenntron my boy friend also and eco friendly person like me. We recently got an electric bike, I'm waiting for my opportunity to get my own electric bike. But recently after my bike tire went flat we had to improvise on our trip to brunch. I got to ride the E-Zip Skyline and he was on his board hanging on. We did a slight Marty McFly impersonation but failed, even got it on camera. That was a memorable moment for he and I, and we could sure use some new gadgets for his new bike!!! Our Review/recording are both on youtube to share the awesomeness with all!!!

Molina Meow more than 1 year ago

Pannier Contest

I like to ride with my wife, and sometimes with my son and his wife as well.

Jeffrey R. more than 1 year ago

I like riding with

My husband. He rides to my work every day at the end of the day and rides home with me. It keeps me motivated and its a wonderful time to share our day.

Laura more than 1 year ago

My Family

It doesn't matter if it is only one or all of them. Riding with family members is always special. My wife and I have ridden across the GG Bridge just for dinner. My daughter likes to ride on the back to pick up my son from camp. Riding with all of them to the zoo. It's always an adventure and loads of fun.

JJ Strahle more than 1 year ago

I like riding with...

my kids

Corey more than 1 year ago

the sun

living in seattle means that if its sunny... you ride!

Rhae more than 1 year ago

Group wanders

I love taking urban rider friends on wanders on the Bay Trail, checking out nature, hitting the upper limits for mileage, seeing and exploring new neighborhoods near us.

Loretta more than 1 year ago

I like riding with

new friends - I see the same old places in a new way.

Elaine more than 1 year ago

I like riding with …

… my wife and children.

Aaron more than 1 year ago

Monthly Ladies' Ride

Once a month my friend Jess organizes a ride just for us girls. Up to 50 women have gathered to ride the streets of Columbus at dusk and engage in good conversation. I always look forward to riding with these ladies!

Spencer more than 1 year ago

Family bike ride

I like biking with my family in the park near our house.

Jon more than 1 year ago

Riding Partner

I most enjoy riding with my girlfriend. She likes to take it slow and enjoy the sites, which is something I forget to do. She would love this pannier for carrying her gear around and perhaps even for packing a picnic.

James more than 1 year ago

My team!

Team Slow inspires me to actually get out there and race! We have good rides to and from races, fun rides at other times, and support each other with cheering and beers after races.

Ben more than 1 year ago

my family

Family rides with my wife and sons

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago

My Wife!

I bought my wife a Dahon Eco a couple years ago, so she could replace some driving trips with bike-train-bike trips. I wasn't sure how she'd take to it, but she's really embraced it. We now regularly bike together all around NYC.

Eric McClure more than 1 year ago

My Brother Mark

My brother is a badass. We used to take several bike trips per summer. But we haven't done it in years. We've lived apart for quite some time, but now we have a sick trip coming up quick. He's coming to visit me in Northern CO next week - we are taking a week to ride the CDT, knocking off 3 local mountain passes. This kid rides like the wind. If anyone needs a slick new pannier it's him. He commutes daily in the city of Pittsburgh - one of the most unkind cities to cyclists in the country. Just a few years ago, I was struck by a douche speeding in his Porsche while riding Mark's bike. The driver hit and ran. He was never found and he got away with the crime of the century - he busted up the bike Mark had saved up for years. When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by paramedics who were strapping me down, but the most painful thing for me was the look on my brother's face when it was going down. I like to think that he saved my life that day. He didn't even care about the Trek's broken frame. Long story short: my bro is a great dude that rides like a boss and deserves all the good vibes we can send him.

Andrew P. more than 1 year ago


I love riding with my wife, getting away from everything.

Jeff Perry more than 1 year ago


Currently I mostly ride alone but my husband is slowly catching the bug!

Jessica more than 1 year ago


Currently I mostly ride alone but my husband is slowly catching the bug!

Jessica more than 1 year ago

My 4-year-old daughter

Love riding alongside her... her training wheels crunching along on the pavement on the way to school or the park. We're thrilled that our children have inherited a love of biking, as this is how my husband and I met and fell in love (on two wheels, that is).

Clare F. more than 1 year ago

momentum bag

I enjoy riding with my dog because he loves the exercise and he is the only one willing to go with me.

sharon meagher more than 1 year ago

My Dad

He first taught me how to ride a bike nearly 20 years ago, and we've been riding together on a regular basis ever since.

Lisa more than 1 year ago

My Wife...

My wife is without a doubt my most enjoyable riding partner, in fact, our very first date (before we even knew it was a date) started out with us riding our mountain bike together (in which she had a pretty bad crash in a technically downhill section). First forward about 5 years and we had a bike themed wedding and even now she's still my absolute best (riding) partner anyone can ask for.

Minh Nguyen more than 1 year ago


I enjoy riding alone and having the quiet time to think.

Elaine Ashton more than 1 year ago

My sons

I like biking with my sons. The older in the Weehoo and the younger in the Chariot trailer. I hope it will give them the taste to continue riding. My wife follow us when the beat is slower.

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago


Love riding with my boyfriend - we often will take the Go Train from Toronto Union Station to a far off location and then ride all the way back to Toronto along the Lakeshore Trail. As we are often gone for the entire day, we love to pack picnics, maps, cold drinks, books and I would LOVE to have a Pannier bag instead of carrying a heavy backpack which is very warm on these summer days!

Karen more than 1 year ago


I've had my best experiences riding with street bicycling newbies. There is nothing better than looking back and seeing that gargantuan smile on their face when they realize that riding with traffic is not scary and is actually a ton of fun! I recently introduced my girlfriend to it and now she bikes to and from work most every day. Her bike is currently in repair (front wheel swiped) and I haven't heard the end of how inconvenient and boring her drive to work is now.

Philip more than 1 year ago

My spouse

It says something about our marriage that my spouse is my fave person to ride. I got the road bike bug first and since then our best holidays have been on bikes!

Samantha Brennan more than 1 year ago

My wife

She's my best riding partner. The view from behind is especially nice.

Scott Cramer more than 1 year ago

My Grad School Roomate

I love riding with my roommate from Graduate School. We tried our best to conquer the hills and valleys of Northeast England and Scotland while we studied at Newcastle University. Now, continents apart, I still miss our time touring across northern Britain on our student budget touring bikes. As I ride around the rolling hills of my native Maryland, I miss having my buddy Ivan riding with me. Such a great time going inn to inn and pub to pub to have a long exhausting ride only to celebrate with a great cider or stout at the end of it! Having a pannier like this will help me get back into touring here in the U.S. and hopefully will persuade me to organize a reunion back in the UK in the near future! It would also help me on my daily commutes to work and back! If you know Maryland weather, you need something protective because a thunderstorm can roll up at anytime! Thanks, Momentum MAG!

Ryan Williams more than 1 year ago

I enjoy rides with...

My dog. The best rides are summer evening cruises with my pup by my side. She's a black lab/heeler mix and she's the best riding buddy. She doesn't care we go or how fast we ride. Dogs are the best way to remind us to focus and be happy in the moment!

Greta more than 1 year ago

My Mom

I love riding with my mom! I only get to about once or twice a year, so it's a super special thing. I let her pick a bike to ride when she comes up to stay. She's always nervous about riding and doesn't want to go very far. We will head to locally owned places for ice cream, ect and she has a blast. A permanent smile on her face. We get back home and she is amazed about how many miles we rode together. Then she talks about our ride for quite awhile after she goes back home. It's such a blessing to be able to ride with her.

Tracy Murray more than 1 year ago

I love it because...


SK more than 1 year ago

The obvious! (but it's still awesome)

I LOVE riding along with my wife. She has gears and I don't, which means she can drop me at nearly any opportunity, but we stick together. She carries the water, I lug the repair kit & maps. Somehow, we both manage to have a great time and incredible workouts. I want to transition some of our rides from exercise to utility!

Chris more than 1 year ago

My wife and soon our dogs

We plan some bike overnites to be completed soon. This bag would be so helpful. Timbuk2 is made in San Francisco so I like the product and support them.

Mae more than 1 year ago

Riding to school

I love starting my day with a relaxing ride with my son to school. We have the best conversations pedaling through our neighborhood.

Marne Duke more than 1 year ago

Riding solo

I prefer riding solo, it's my time for me. Safely away from the demands of others I find time to contemplate and decompress... some do yoga I ride my bike

Crispien more than 1 year ago


I love riding with my local ladies group, the Spokeswomen. No matter what kind of ride I want to do, whether it's to the farmer's market on my dutch-style commuter, on a century ride with my road bike, hitting the singletrack on my 29er, or across Iowa on RAGBRAI, I know that there will be at least one crazy lady willing to join me! I am a year-round commuter in any kind of weather and could really use a pannier like that--hope I get picked!

Sara more than 1 year ago

I love riding with my husband

and need a sweet pannier for all the touring we want to do

Tami more than 1 year ago

My best gal

I most enjoy riding with my partner of more than 25 years. We commute together by bike almost every weekday, run errands together by bike on the weekends, and bike to social engagements whenever we can. It is so great to be with someone who completely shares my passion for biking and who, like me, is always on the lookout for the best new accessories to make our riding time even better. Along those lines, a pannier would definitely make life easier.

Yvonne Zipter more than 1 year ago

I most enjoy riding with

I most enjoy riding with my wife... Heather. She rocks a Giant Via 2 and i ride an old heavily modified Giant Cypress. I cycle to work 12 months a year and COULD really use this pannier as i currently have to back pack my suit and stuff to and from work. Hope i win!

Jake Birch more than 1 year ago

Anyone looking to explore

I enjoy riding most with people who are looking to discover some place new.

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago

Who Do I Enjoy Riding With?

My kids, although now that they're older teens, I don't think they'd give the same answer.

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago