September 3, 2013

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Awesome trails

I'll be using my bike to commute to school and work. If I'm sitting at a desk all day, who wants to drive? It helps that the trail I take is gorgeous, and keeps me out of heavy traffic.

Mel more than 1 year ago

Life keeps me riding

I work, play, and doodle by bicycle. Life keeps me riding.

Diana more than 1 year ago

Santa Cruz Open Streets

I'm getting on my Miyata on Sunday, October 13, 2013 to join my community celebrating Open Streets and you should come too! Your chance to Play in the Street on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz from Lighthouse Field to Natural Bridges State Park!
This unique, FREE and family-friendly event temporarily blocks car traffic for people to bicycle, walk and play through the closed street in a safe, fun and CAR-FREE environment. Along the route will be free activities (e.g. Zumba, hula hooping and climbing), music performances, food trucks and resources for healthy and sustainable living. So yeah, that's going to keep me riding this fall! (Last year dolphins joined in the fun, leaping in the waves next to the moving party).

Martha more than 1 year ago

New road!

A new road with dedicated bike lanes is opening up in October and I'm looking forward to a smoother, safer commute!

Stephanie more than 1 year ago


I ride because it is good for me, good for the environment and gives me time to myself. I will continue riding through the fall because these things are true all year!

Gina more than 1 year ago

So much fun

The wind in my hair, the kick in my feet, the burn in my muscles, the thrill in my heart. The dry food in my waterproof Timbuk2 Cog Pannier.

Christopher Dembia more than 1 year ago

Football Season

My daily rides allow me to enjoy my snacks, beer, and sofa time every Sunday in the Fall!

Miranda Gardiner more than 1 year ago

Riding into Fall...and winter, actually!!

I love a good road ride on a sunny fall morning, when the air is a bit cool and the sun warms your skin. But practically speaking, I am a year around cyclist who commutes to work by bike (which is exactly why this pannier would be SWEET for mucky days). What will keep my cycling into the fall you ask?...the convenience of not having to warm up or scrape car windows, being able to park right at the front door, beating all the people stuck in traffic on snowfall days, the independence of not waiting on traffic or waiting at a bus stop....this bag would fit my lifestyle very nicely~! Have a great day Momentum your magazine!

Natalie more than 1 year ago

Back on two wheels! Yay!

This summer was lovely - not as hot as usual and we had enough rain to keep things green. Unfortunately, I was not able to ride my bike until just a few weeks ago. This fall I hope to make up for lost time (and get back to not being exhausted when I commute)!

Natalie more than 1 year ago

pinched nerve in neck

I hope to clear up my left neck numbness...too many years of slinging a messenger bag.
Need to be more upright, bagless, or just a light backpack. Hope the TB2 will help.

dan more than 1 year ago

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night...

I ride through every season, but fall is the tops. DC humidity has waned, the cold wind and rain have not yet hit, and the sky is clear. Combine it with the increasing number of bike lanes and trails in DC and I can't think of a reason not to bike!

C. McDermott more than 1 year ago

Autumn riding

Merino wool sweaters will keep me riding this fall.

Y. Lim more than 1 year ago


I actually find bicycling in the fall enjoyable because of the crisp air. In Vancouver, the only downside is the impending months of rain that accompanies the cooler weather. My current pannier is not as weatherproof as I would like. If I can't keep dry, at the very least I'd like my belongings inside my bag to be protected from moisture.

Cecile more than 1 year ago

The Reward

After a summer of commuting in rainly Atlanta (it literally rained almost everyday b/w June 1st and August 31), I'm anticipating cool, crisp and dry days of fall biking my kids to school on my Big Dummy.

Ken Rose more than 1 year ago

Commuting to class

My bike commutes are a great time for me to be alone with my thoughts, brainstorming ideas for my graduate school thesis. As my workload increases, I foresee needing my commute time even more than I do now, with a few added pleasure rides just to keep me sane.

Jess Reece more than 1 year ago

School, Errands and Falling Leaves!

Riding with my two daughters and baby boy around town keeps me busy on my cargo bike. Now that the weather is mellowing out, it should be a wonderful fall season for taking the girls to school, going grocery shopping, and enjoying tons of beautiful leaves as we ride to the park, art museum, and local cafes. Nothing beats autumn on a bike! Now, if I only had some extra storage capacity...

Jarrod Fischer more than 1 year ago

Fall cycling

With the cold weather approaching I will continue to bike to work. This pannier will hold all my work papers and my lunch to boot. Great idea!!

Sande MacEachern more than 1 year ago

Fall beauty

Will be going on a cycling picnic with friends and this pannier will easily carry our lunches. Great pannier and thank you very much for offering it in this contest.

Peter Shaw more than 1 year ago

Autumn Bicycling

I keep biking through autumn because in LA the weather is still like summer. I love biking to campus everyday because I lived in a very hilly town where I completed my undergrad. Now, a 10 minute flat commute is like heaven. I'd rather ride than anything else to get around, it helps me get to know the neighborhoods too.

Kacey more than 1 year ago

A better pannier than I've got now :-)

A weather proof pannier will keep me bike commuting when the weather is iffy. My current set up is a Topeak MTX rack top bag with the fold out mini-panniers which is great during Spring, Summer, Fall but lacks capacity during the Winter months for addl clothing and rain gear.

Steven Cimini more than 1 year ago

Safe streets and convenient gear

Safe streets keep me riding and gear that adds to the convenience makes it possible. The Timbuk2 Cog Panneir would really help with my fashion redo!

Lauren more than 1 year ago

fall riding

Winter weight tights will keep me riding until Thanksgiving.

steven steuck more than 1 year ago

Ride Canada 365

I gave up the car that I had for about 6 months in the eighties. Been commuting and riding ever since. No regrets on that, how else do you get to have fun each day? Every ride in winter is an adventure. But dress correctly people and carry a great pannier.

Paul Shreenan more than 1 year ago

Dewy dawn commute

I love riding to my job at the local grocery market, just as the sun is coming up. I don't even mind if it's damp or drizzling, because the streets are so peaceful in the early morning.

rosie more than 1 year ago

Cooler weather!

Love to ride in the cooler weather of fall.

Joel Brambila more than 1 year ago


I love riding with my family. Too the park, grocery store and the zoo.

tracet bombard more than 1 year ago

Fall riding.

I'll keep riding in order to feel the wonderful fall breeze as I wind through the gorgeous DC area trails. Traveling into the parks lined with tall oaks and maples watching the myriad of autumn colors appear.There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing then a leisurely ride away from the rigors of working multiple jobs no matter what season of the year. Spending time with my family enjoying what nature has to offer us with all its beauty and instilling in my daughter the respect all living things deserve.

Richard Orenstein more than 1 year ago

Riding this fall... make summer feel longer!!

Yann more than 1 year ago

trips to the farmers market!

I'll still need to eat, so my hunger will keep my trips to the farmers market going!

florence fan more than 1 year ago

keep out the wet and grime

Waterproof panniers are a joy. Good for packing in groceries on the way home and carrying your personal effects when distance travelling, whatever the distance may be. Ok, I don't own an iPad but this would be good for taking lunch to work.

Anthony more than 1 year ago


Wool keeps us riding year round

Mae more than 1 year ago

keeping me riding this fall

What will keep me on two wheels as the weather gets colder and rainier? The fresh air I breathe when riding, despite the occasional choking cloud of exhaust: at least it's not mine! The clarity that comes from a bit of exercise, the rejuvenation of breaking a sweat and earning my thirst or hunger. That nothing-can-beat-it feeling when I'm right in tune with my bike and the road that day, carving corners and making every light. Teaching my sons that a little weather never hurt anyone, in fact makes us stronger, as I ride with them to school. Not paying for gasoline (almost ever) or parking.

These are some of the thins that will keep me riding this fall. A nice pannier to keep my stuff dry on the haul to and from university sure wouldn't hurt...


Robin Rombs more than 1 year ago

Ideal fall pannier

I commute to work by bike. Spring, summer, and fall. Why a Timbuk2 Cog Pannier? Well, waterproof flap, weatherproofing, flexible volume, fast clip attachment system, houlder strap, padded laptop sleeve; it's ideal for fall weather!

Roger Berube more than 1 year ago

Rain gear

I keep biking as long as I enjoy it. If my rain gear works and my feet stay warm, I'll keep riding.

Jon more than 1 year ago

Nice Cool Weather

The beautiful Bay Area "winter" weather!

Calvin Lee more than 1 year ago

Timbuk2 cog pannier

My trainer in the basement will keep me riding this fall.

Ray Stericker more than 1 year ago

Timbuk2 Cog Pannier

This fall, getting to work will keep me riding. The cooler temperatures also encourage me to ride--much better than the heat and humidity of summer

Darlene Stericker more than 1 year ago

Falling Temps and Bright Foliage Make it the Best Season To Bike ...

... in the Northeast at any rate. I commute to work, love getting there without sweating up the clothes, and I pass through a big park and neighborhoods with some big old oaks, elms, and plane trees -- the changing colors are a wonderful show.

Jeremy more than 1 year ago

Cool temperatures!

I love summer but fall weather is the best for bike riding.

Jeremy more than 1 year ago

Riding a bike is fun.

There are a lot of reasons I ride but fun is a motivating one. In the fall things aint too bad here and I think I'll slap some fenders on the ride and keep doing it.

Albert more than 1 year ago

Gotta get to work...

My wife and I have dropped down to a single car, so now I happily commute to work by bike. Though I also bike commuted most of the time when we had two cars, there is a subtle difference when biking is the only option for getting to work! Fenders and rain gear are no longer optional, for example! And too bad if I feel a bit tired in the morning. Still love it, though!

Mark J more than 1 year ago

Ride to pool, then work, then groceries.

This pannier would be perfect for my ride to work on those wet fall mornings. Big enough to carry my fins for swim training and waterproof enough to keep my lunch from getting soggy! Really though, what would keep me riding this fall (apart from love of cycling) would be a puppy and a dog trailer to haul around my new best friend. In the meantime, a new pannier for my commute to work would make me happy too.

Janna more than 1 year ago

let the bike hold your load

panniers work awesome as they keep the weight off your back and sweat, too!

eric stobin more than 1 year ago

Gotta Get to Work Somehow

It's always fun to start the day with a ride.

Barbara more than 1 year ago

Two Wheels and a Dream

Year round riding weather is all part of the fun in So Cal.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

Just for fun to be faster than traffic

The end of the summer annonce the start importance of traffic jam. It is so fun to not have to be park in the traffic in a car like a rabbit in a cage. So every morning, I am appier than automobilist!

David Viens more than 1 year ago

What will keep me riding

I will keep myself riding this fall. It gets beautiful with all the leaves changing color. It is not fun leaving home and work both in the dark, with daylight getting shorter. But I is still fun getting out there every day riding.

Seth kreiss more than 1 year ago

Kids Smile on Cargo

Earlier this year my friend and I built our own cargo bikes. By the end of spring, I was able to use it for errands and even grocery shopping. But one of the best rides I had was picking up my 2 daughters from school. Not only do I get to enjoy the smiles and fun that my daughters have while on the bike but all the smiles of other school children as we cruise by. The girls are back in school and our afternoon pick ups are in full swing with 2 sets of hand signals before me as we make our turns around town in the crisp fall air!

Scott more than 1 year ago

Fall riding is the best

Fall is my favorite season and favorite time to ride. The cool fresh air, no humidity is perfect for riding. It is great to ride to work, for errands or meeting friends and not be a puddle of sweat!

Ann more than 1 year ago

I ride to embrace open space

Changing the clocks will keep me changing gears this fall. I am embracing reversing my fear of riding at the end of the day and strengthening my respect for the darkness and quieter streets. Riding across town on two wheels under the moon and within the darkness has somehow shifted from anxiety to relief and space for meditation, relaxation and release. The streets are bare and welcoming. Changing the clocks means shifting attitudes and shifting gears, keeping me rollin'.

Julia Lippe-Klein more than 1 year ago

Riding in the rain

The shear enjoyment of cycling will keep me riding this fall. I find my daily commute to be more relaxing when I ride. Whether a rainy day or a cool crisp dry morning the ride to work sets a positive tone for the day. What will keep me riding? Being able to ride each and every day.

Dave Somerford more than 1 year ago

The delightful experience of riding in the fall

I love the fall-en leaves that crunch under my bicycle tires, like street popcorn nurturing my sonic brain, and thus I choose to ride in the fall.

Vitellia more than 1 year ago

What keeps me riding in the fall

I am enrolled in school and I don’t drive a car, so I am motivated to ride my bike this fall semester.

Marina more than 1 year ago

The fall riding motivation

I have ridden my bike every fall for the last 43 years and so I will continue this fall just to be consistent.

Grant more than 1 year ago

Keeping riding this fall

I will keep riding my bike this fall because I am only 68 and will not retire until I am 70!

Dr. Ramey more than 1 year ago

This Fall

Fall will give me more excuses to enjoy my ride with less sweat and more scenery. I have less hot days to keep the excuses away!

Alexander Sawyer more than 1 year ago

Crisp mornings

Crisp morning air makes a bike ride the ultimate wake up call. The other thing that will keep me riding this fall is a good set of bike lights for the earlier sunsets.

Ian Thomson more than 1 year ago

Fall & Winter Rides

I hope to get out for more ride this coming fall & winter. This panier with it's waterproof flap would really be great!

Ryan Barry more than 1 year ago

Fall foliage

The opportunity to enjoy autumn and the sound of leaves underneath my wheels!

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

Commuting, 4 seasons commuting!

Commuting to work, for sure! Would love to field test the Cog and put it through its paces!

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago

Autumn cruises

What will keep me riding this fall is a clean chain and my new blue bar grip!

Allison Meyer more than 1 year ago

What will keep me riding this fall

My love of cycling will keep me riding this fall. Seeing the fall colors from a slower perspective will keep me riding this fall. New gear like the Timbuk2 cog pannier will keep me riding this fall.

Josef Forsberg more than 1 year ago

More space on the bike lanes!

I keep on biking during fall because I love biking, of course! But also, I must admit, because there is less people on the bike lanes and paths. So less traffic and less stress.

Alexandre St-Laurent more than 1 year ago

My new bike

I just started commuting on a new bike this summer. I love it so far. I'll keep riding it every day this fall because I can't wait to introduce my fresh ride to the cool crisp mornings, the crunch of dried leaves, and navigating with diminishing daylight. Awesome.

Patrick more than 1 year ago

Timbuk2 Cog Pannier

I love to ride in cooler weather, I am more independent when I can ride my bike. I plan on riding my bike until the snow flies!!

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

Mild weather

I will keep riding as long as the weather keeps being so beautiful. The nice breeze mixed in with cooler temps in the lower 20s.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

Beautiful weather

I love riding in the fall - with the crisp air and blue sky. I'm looking forward to heading out for long rides with a new pannier that will hold all the items I need, and will let me pick up groceries on the way home.

chris clothier more than 1 year ago

MS Riding Moutain Bicycle Challenge

Riding 150km in two days this weekend will keep me riding this fall. It is a fundraiser for the MS Society. My husband will also be encouraging me to continue to ride into the fall with him.

Stacy more than 1 year ago

Awaken the Senses

The most motivating element to riding in the elements is simply: improved health. Burning calories is great because: a) one just "feels" better; and, 2) bikers earn their beverage of choice at the end of the day! A second motivating reason to bike in the fall weather is to elevate all senses. Nothing like crisp, clean, fall air in the morning to alert the senses and more naturally generate some heat through the body. And a third motivator is being a part of a community of those rugged and rough enough to set to the streets/roads/alleys/curbs on two wheels. I enjoy having the distinct honor and pride to wave another on the path, in our mutual recognition of the joy bikes bring to us.

erika more than 1 year ago

Gotta get there somehow...

I also love the cooler fall weather as others have also mentioned. But what keeps me riding in the fall is the fact that my college age daughter has gone back to school and taken my car with her for her Junior year. You see once you are an "upper" classman you certainly can no longer live in a dorm - you must live off-campus. And to get groceries and eat, you most certainly need a vehicle (at least that is what my wife and daughter declared (I was out-voted). So I ride my bike in the Summer and keep riding in the Fall, and maybe into Winter. This means packing warmer cycling clothes an a nice new pannier would come in handy.

Brian Puckett more than 1 year ago

What keeps me riding in the fall!

Fall is my favorite season of the year! The colors are gorgeous, the weather is cooler, and the whole state just seems to be better! I love riding in the fall for fun, to enjoy a stunning day, to relax after a tough day, to get the creative juices going,... is there anything that cycling in the fall doesn't make better? I'm super excited about fall and if I had a Timbuk2 Cog Pannier, I'd be over the moon!

Lenie more than 1 year ago

cooler weather

The cooler weather makes getting to my destination a little less sweaty, which is nice.

Lloyd S more than 1 year ago

Autumn cycling!

I'll keep riding in the fall to avoid the local bus connection to my train. It's so much easier to hop on my bike and then put it on the train rather than taking a bus to the train and then walking from the train to work! Also, groceries are heavy and I've grown too accustomed to my bicycle taking all of the weight to stop now! Also, biking in the fall is one of my favourite times because it starts to cool down enough to wear a thin coat and pants rather than sweating it out in my shorts and a tank top!

T more than 1 year ago

Baguette on a Bike

Well, maybe not just a baguette, but many important things would be carried to and from the store with this pannier on my bikes

Ken more than 1 year ago


I'm making the change and going multimodal on my 50 mile commute to work! 20mi drive, 20 mile bus, and 10 mile bike!

Kirsten Daniels more than 1 year ago

Getting to Work :)

Getting to work will keep me biking! Love the exercise and the beautiful fall air!

Elise Taylor more than 1 year ago

Perfect weather

Falling leaves, crisp air, and low humidity = perfect riding weather!

Cory more than 1 year ago


Wtih 2 young kids, my commute to work and back is often the only exercise I get, plus it is some "me time" to clear my head! So I will continue riding into the fall, through the winter, and then in spring and summer too!

Tanya B more than 1 year ago

Fall riding

Riding to work whatever the season is my perfect break between home and work and also my one guaranteed form of daily exercise. But the fall rains will be coming to Victoria soon, so a waterproof pannier would be wonderful!

Markus K. more than 1 year ago

WANTED: pannier for empty bike rack

I'm training for another century in October and will be riding to work as much as I can to train everyday. This bag would be so useful!

Kara D more than 1 year ago


It would be great to take my laptop off my back as I cycle to and from work.

Mark Beauchamp more than 1 year ago

Bring my laptop to work on a bike without worries

The Timbuk2 Cog Pannier is perfect for bringing my Macbook Pro to my commute to work in Raincouver.

Joe Lee more than 1 year ago

best part of my day

Biking to work is the best part of my day, and this bag looks both functional and stylish for everyday use!!

Josh more than 1 year ago

Every season is bike season in Los Angeles

I live in Southern California so the weather is always bike friendly. Being able to enjoy a sunny bike ride well into December will keep me riding all fall.

Heather more than 1 year ago

No snow means I ride

As long as it doesn't snow, I'll be riding. I'm in Canada, so that means I can likely ride until early November. I'd ride after it snows -- the cold weather doesn't bother me -- but the snow, and the salt and sand they use on the road after it snows, wrecks havoc on my bike.

George Schoenhofer more than 1 year ago

The fall colours and my Timbuk2

The fall colours and the lovely crisp air will keep me riding ! A Timbuk2 carrier will help carry home all my purchases from the local farmers markets.

Tara more than 1 year ago


What will keep me riding this Fall is having a carrier to keep my post-ride clothes dry- something along the lines of the Timbuk2 Cog Pannier will do just fine, thanks.

Guy more than 1 year ago

Fall Riding

I'll keep riding in the Fall because I have absolutely loved riding this summer. This is the first time I have gotten into somewhat serious riding and have jumped right into 50+ miles per week. I hope I can keep it going and not look back!!

Josh Lee more than 1 year ago

Fall Riding is the best

Fall's great for riding. The air's great, especially after it has rained and even in the rain itself. I can go with shorts and not feel too cold or go. Plus, it's great to continue staying in shape when others are back to school and back to work.

Kenneth Chen more than 1 year ago

Timbuk2 4 Me!

What keeps me riding in the fall? The weather, the beauty of the changing leaves, the kids that I help shepherd with Safe Routes to School, the many awesome long ride events in fall -- everything that's GREAT about cycling occurs in the fall, too! Just bring along a water resistant jacket!

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

Fall Riding = Demon Conquering!

Fall riding helps me stay motivated for work and my personal life. By conquering the Vancouver rain every day I feel stronger, both physically and mentally. I tell myself that if I can drag my body out of bed to ride my bike, conquer the rain and the hills in an epic battle of nature vs. single speed, then I can achieve all of my goals in life. The trick is staying dry!

Adam Cooper more than 1 year ago

Timbuk2 Cog Pannier.

What will keep me riding this fall? Everything from needing groceries to going to the gym. Biking is my main mode of local transportation year round, even in the Michigan winters.

Deanne more than 1 year ago

Wool everything!

Hand knit, of course, with some alpaca thrown in when it really gets chilly ;). I ride year-round, even in crazy winter weather, so it's more about changing up my clothes than my motivation!

Sara more than 1 year ago

Fall Riding

What keeps me riding in the fall is how crisp and refreshing it can be, especially when out early and the streets are quiet. That moment of slightly chilly quiet is magical especially when complimented by the soft click of my rear hub and the hum of tires on pavement

Josh Clark more than 1 year ago

I love riding in the country ...

I love riding in the country with my Beach - Cruiser bike ; my famous Sparker Electra.
There is no noise and I like the wind in my hair.

Oliver. more than 1 year ago

Fall = The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

After riding everyday to work in extreme (97-107 degree F) Texas summer heat from late June through late September, Autumn is a welcome relief. Unfortunately, proper fall temps don't actually begin until early October. However, just knowing that is enough to keep me riding through the summer and into fall. Autumn riding (and most of winter) in North Texas is heaven. About another month and fall will be here. I can't wait!

Doug Campbell more than 1 year ago

How else

Would I get anywhere?

Jessica more than 1 year ago

Fall riding

Cool mornings make the ride to work even better.

Miranda Cox more than 1 year ago


My desire to lose 20 lbs.

Bob more than 1 year ago

this would be so cool

IF i had panniers, i could do more urban riding stuff and ride more and more various events --it could carry art supplies and handmade gifts! waterbottles for exercise too!

Linda more than 1 year ago

I love it

What keeps me riding in the fall is cool weather and good music.

john bombard more than 1 year ago

Global Warming...

...will keep me riding this fall.

Warren Rudd more than 1 year ago

Fall Weather

The trees changing and the cool days will keep me riding as much as possible this fall.

Jeff Perry more than 1 year ago


The money I save by not driving to work every morning. This keeps me going every day I ride. I've been riding to work for the past 7 years and Fall riding is by far the best time of year.

Charles Van der Sluijs more than 1 year ago

Motivation: self-improvement

I got lazy last time the weather got cooler/wetter and gained more than a few pounds. I am resolved to never let that happen again.

scottmacs more than 1 year ago

Fun fun fun!

Fall is the most lovliest time to bike in New England. Zooming around town in the cool air. Biking out through the hills and along the local rivers....Weeeeeeee!!

Garth more than 1 year ago

The Next 20 Pounds

Was 240 lbs when I started biking again last December. Now 220 lbs with few other changes

Kris Fruin more than 1 year ago

My commute

I ride to work, it is my energy for the day and my decompression on the ride home <3

Debbie more than 1 year ago

This Timbuk2 Pannier, That's What

I'm going to be riding the Katy Trail (in Missouri) in October and am pannier shopping, but with about $7.00 in the bank so this contest would be the answer to my need panniers/no money problem! Fall is the best season to ride & I plan on being out there as much as possible without getting fired.

Kim more than 1 year ago

Riding in the fall

I love riding in the fall. The cooler weather is perfect. I'd rather be a little chilly than overheated.

Dave more than 1 year ago

A Pannier for Her Ph.D.

I would like to win this pannier because my wife is - for the first time - going to do the majority of the commuting for her Ph. D. at the University of Toronto by bike (thanks to my support and example, ahem). So what will keep her riding this fall is her studies of gamification in the classroom... engaging all students but boys in particular by making the class room cooperative, discovery-based, competitive and measurable. Right now i have installed a wicker basket she found in someone else's garbage onto her Giant Via... but having a water proof pannier like this will truly keep her MacBook, classroom attire and other items dry. Thanks for considering us.

Jacob Birch more than 1 year ago

My Legs

one pedal stroke after another

Andy MacDonald more than 1 year ago

The need to get from A to B...

... doesn't end just because the seasons change.

Christopher Stephens more than 1 year ago

Motivation for riding in the fall

The start of the school year keeps me riding - I'm so excited to get back to my 9-mile route to school every day. Perfect way to mentally prep and decompress before and after class!

Rachael Weiker more than 1 year ago