April 7, 2014

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Springing into action

As a relatively fair-weather rider, spring means that I can get out on my bike more often, without having to wear oppressive layers of rain gear.

Dan Yen-Chiu 254 days ago

sun sun and more sun

warmer weather, and it stays light later = awesome

Brent S 255 days ago

Warm sun on my cheeks, and freedom!

The first few spring rides are always amazing. I'm not a winter cyclist (-30C and me on a bike don't get along), so those first few spring rides are truly liberating. I've come out of hibernation, I've shed all my heavy winter clothing, and I'm finally out on my bike, with warm sun on my cheeks, wind blowing through my hair (through my helmet, admittedly, but still a great feeling!) and after many months of being cooped up indoors, I get to explore my neighbourhood again. The birds are back, the crocuses are blooming, and all is right in the world around me.

George Schoenhofer 255 days ago

My favorite part about riding in spring

Cherry blossom pedal showers

Michael larson 255 days ago

The warm sun

My favorite part of riding in the spring is the emergence of the warm sun that brings New Mexico out of its chilly winter. Also, it is a time when parts of the desert come back to life, making a ride in the Rio Grande bosque that much more enjoyable

Joe Gallegos 255 days ago

The Smell of Rain

Spring means rain and the smell of the air just before it rains reminds me that spring, and a summer of riding outside with my family, is here.

Kris 255 days ago

You can smell it

Something is in the air and you can smell it. The smell of spring is invigorating!!!

Nicola Colarusso 255 days ago

First breath of Spring

It's when a dark icy commute brings incredible sunrises as winter gear and wind chillbfsde

It's when dark icy commutes are woken with incredible sunrises, wind chill and winter gear fade away and first a runner followed by other bikers wake from a long winter hibernation. Even a spring shower can't dampen the spirit of the first breath of spring while memories of frozen face and fingers are replaced with the feeling of fresh air and sunlight. Smiles all around, though rarely on the faces of runners and racers in the sufferage of their solitary training. Springtime rocks!

Tom Campbell 255 days ago

Spring ride

I enjoy the mild temperatures and seeing all of the new foliage in the spring.

Kathryn 255 days ago

Riding with my kids

Spring means bike rides with dad! I always look forward to warmer temperatures and longer days to explore the world with my kids. We routinely ride to the grocery store, which means we ride by the duck pond. On other days we ride to the frog pond and watch the tadpoles and other creatures. We also ride to the library every weekend, which means that this backpack would come in very handy. :)

Bryan Milliren 255 days ago

Spring riding

I love the brisk morning air and the birds chirping. Drivers are also in a better mood because winter is over!

Jessica Nelson 256 days ago

Spring riding

I love the brisk morning air and the birds chirping. Drivers are also in a better mood because winter is over!

Jessica Nelson 256 days ago

Fresh Air without Jack Frost

Jack loves to nip at your nose several month here in Minnesota but when birds sing and flowers bloom there is no better way to take it all in but from on top of a saddle.

Dallas O. 256 days ago

Sun peeking through the clouds

As the warmth rises, my pedals move quicker.

Barbara 256 days ago

Biking in the spring

I love biking in the spring and seeing more people out and about! Also, random bike tuneups are in season at this time! I love spotting volunteer staff around the city helping people out. :)

T. N. 256 days ago


riding through streets full of blossom-covered trees, each street blooming at a different time, in different colours

tracy 256 days ago

Puddle jumpin'

My favourite thing about spring riding is cruising through a puddle with your legs splayed out to the sides.

Lee 256 days ago

In San Diego it is always Spring---and that I love.

Nothing like the perfect weather to make your ride perfect

Turbo Bob 256 days ago

Timbuk2 in Spring

The best thing about Spring riding is it's not Winter riding.

Guy 256 days ago

The People

My favorite part of biking in spring is the not too hot air and the increased number of bikers on the streets.

Latrina 256 days ago

Spring cycling

Seeing the trees change just a little bit, every day.

Lindsay 256 days ago

I enjoy

I enjoy seeing the fresh buds emerge and change the drab brown landscape into green.

mark 256 days ago

No rear eyelets

My only bike that I won, which I use for commuting on average 98 miles per week has no eyelets for a rear rack. It has a carbin fork so I cannot attach a front rack either. I have to carry my clothes to work daily. I need soemthing reliable so I can make it home to see my 6 month old baby girl

Steven Nancarrow 256 days ago

Riding in Spring

The best part of bike riding in spring is the disappearance of my husband's winter beard and hairy legs. The warmer weather means that the extra insulation against the elements is no longer required and he's 100% more aerodynamic... and smooth!

J. Gill 256 days ago

Spring riding

The best part is not having to get bundled up before heading out for a ride! It just makes you feel lighter and brighter.

Lori B. 256 days ago

early-season racing

After training indoors and out all winter it's nice to get out there and compete.

tim 256 days ago


The best part of riding in the spring is the increase in ridership. The more people on bikes riding on the roads the more awareness it brings to both motorists. When motorists see who is riding (men, women, old, young), there is a consideration for a shift in their mode of travel. Plus, there is safety in numbers. The more people on bikes, the safer the roads.

Josh C. 256 days ago


The smells of rain, grass, dirt, growth, warm weather!

Kirsten 256 days ago

Short sleeves

Ditching the rain gear is the best.

Eric R 256 days ago

April Showers

My favorite part of riding in the spring, other than spring in general, is riding to work in a nice gentle spring shower and hearing from my coworkers all day "I can't believe you rode to work in the rain".

Ron Whitmire 256 days ago

riding in the spring

What I love about riding in the spring the smell of the fresh air, the flowers blooming. I love hearing the sounds of family in the park with laughter. I love the after dinner rides with the kids in the neighborhood to exercise our meals off.

Amanda Assencoa 256 days ago

Spring riding

My favorite part of spring is seeing all the other cyclists emerge from hibernation and start riding again. Part of me wants to chastise them for not cycling over the winter, but I can't be angry when I see someone riding a bike.

Mark 256 days ago

Trail & Dogs

My favorite part of biking in the Spring is riding trails with my dogs. They both "point" at anything that moves so I am guaranteed to see lots of critters romping in the woods.

Angela Cash 256 days ago

Soft spring rain

I love riding in a spring rainfall, especially when I'm ready for it....rubber boots, rain pants, protected panniers and a great jacket. :D The city shines in a different light and it's a great reminder that spring flowers, and summer, are on the way.

Kathleen M. 256 days ago

Fresh Air

Spring is that nice break between winter frost nip and summer heat exhaustion.

Most rides don't require a bunch of special gear (but I keep a rain jacket handy).

Jason 256 days ago

No more snow pants

Spring in Chicago - no more wearing snow pants on your bike commute

Martin Rathgeber 257 days ago

Green and growing

enjoying all the new leaves and blossoms on the trees!

Amanda 257 days ago

Spring Spin

Spring is summer here in SoCal so begins the farmers tan...

d 257 days ago

The best part of spring is...

getting to enjoy all those lovely cherry blossoms!

Beng K. 257 days ago

Timbuk2 Especial Raider Backpack

My favourite part of riding in Spring is not having to ride through snowdrifts anymore...

Tim Brown 257 days ago

Senses Awaken

When Spring arrives, I can again bike to work. I leave the somnolence of the car radio and heated seats in the garage and reconnect with the cracked asphalt, false flats, wind gusts and bright sun that make up my morning and evening commutes.

Barry Rahmy 257 days ago


My favourite thing about riding in spring is getting to commute in the daylight after 4 months of darkness.

Ryan Barry 257 days ago


Riding through warm rain, vs. sleet.

Iris W. 257 days ago

New tires!

Taking off the slow studded tires, for sure!

Jun Z. 257 days ago


Finally getting outside after a long winter

Jen 258 days ago

not minus 50

After a brutal Ottawa winter, I am glad it's not minus 50 anymore

Christian 258 days ago

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

The smell of wet pavement, and the whiz zing sound it makes beneath the wheels!

Queenside 258 days ago

Spring Riding

The best part of riding in the spring is the constant changing of nature along with the rise in the temperature! Everyone is in a better mood, and the days are longer, for more biking.

Jacob 258 days ago


Everything about riding in the Spring after a LONG winter are my favorite!

Martin 258 days ago

White Legs

It was a dark and snowy winter. When I ride, I wear my smallest bike shorts, just to horrify the drivers with my blinding white legs. That's my favorite part of cycling in the spring.

Matt Van Hamersveld 258 days ago

Shaking out the cobwebs

I like the feeling of being outside without having to steel myself to the cold weather.

Christopher Stephens 258 days ago

Favorite part of riding in spring

Favorite part of riding in spring is the trees and other plants blooming and flowering. It is fun riding by them all, seeing the new growth, smelling them and seeing all the colors. Even with the allergies, it is still nice seeing and smelling fresh plants

Seth kreiss 258 days ago

My morning cup of coffee.

When you leave the house at 6:30 in the morning and feel the crisp cool wind in your face and at times the light sprinkle of rain cooling your skin while the sun rises earlier each day. The colour of the Sakura trees in the morning light glowing with a pink & orange hue. While cars drive by, missing out on the fresh air, listening to their over based music, vibrating in their metal boxes. I find myself slowing down, not in a rush to get to work, but soaking it all in. This is my morning cup of coffee.

Pietro Cellitti 258 days ago


My favorite part of riding in springtime is inhaling the sweet smells of the various blossoms.

Maria Jackman 259 days ago

Riding in the Spring

My favorite thing about riding in the spring is getting the extra exercise into my day.

Matthew LeDrew 259 days ago


I love getting muddy!! I especially love seeing the muddy strip up the back of people riding on the wet and dirty roads. It is nice to smell and feel the earth as the snow melts away.

marianne alexander 259 days ago

Riding in the spring.....

I love seeing all of the baby animals this time of year. My rides take twice as long because I stop to take pictures of the cuties.

Renee Goldberg 259 days ago

fewer clothes

I like being able to shed multiple bulky layers - I can go quicker, sweat into the open air, get a tan. . .

Ross 259 days ago


The best part about riding in spring is riding in the spring! Seeing more cyclists on the road after a long winter of being one of the only ones out there, getting a good tailwind on the way home from work, longer days and less cold-weather layers...

Cory 259 days ago


My favorite part about riding in spring is the longer days and the extra hours of light for cruising!

Alex Hirsch 259 days ago

Spring Commute

Sounds like this would be just the thing for Spring commuting. I especially enjoy the beautiful blooms and fresh green that I get to enjoy on my bike journey.

Amber 259 days ago

So many bikes!

It seems like everyone and their mother dusts off the bike sitting in their garage and takes to the streets with the first sunny days of spring :)

Emily 259 days ago

long rides

I can finally shed my winter gear go out for longer rides without feeling like an overheating astronaut!!

John 259 days ago

Cherry blossoms!

I love riding under the cherry blossoms and past blooming flowers, breathing in the crisp air with the slight scent of rain. The colours are so vibrant it's like riding through a van Gogh painting.

Jocelyn 259 days ago


The best thing about riding your bike in the spring is the fresh air, not having to wear multiple layers of clothes to go outside, and the puddles! Either swerving around the small ponds of water like you are on a race course, or crashing right through them hoping to splash the rider beside you! ;)

Brittany M 259 days ago

Cherry blossoms

Just amazing to ride through streets of pink and white.

Andrea 259 days ago

spring riding

I love riding my bike in the spring and the whole neighborhood is in bloom with flowers and the air is crisp and happy and i wave at people washing their cars and other bicylcists

Linda Evans 259 days ago

All Things Are. possible

Riding is a gift allowing you to reconnect with that inner part of yourself that use to believe anything was possible. That morning when you would wake up early because you were so excited about your day and the adventure you were about to embark upon. The smile on your face as you raced to dress and eat your breakfast because your mom wouldn't let you out of the house until you die and the sun just coming up over the horizon. The air was crisp and cool, the colors of the world felt as if they were exploding all around you as you put your first foot to the pedal of your bike and pushed off. They day was yours and yours alone to explore and feel the freedom that your bike gave to you. The road ahead was open, the skies were blue and the whole day was yours. To ride in Spring is to reconnect with that inner child again and feel the yes of anything is possible.

Jean 259 days ago

Spring riding

Best part of riding in the spring is that it's finally warm again.

Lloyd 259 days ago

Riding in the Spring

Riding in the Spring here in Vancouver is a magical time. Especially on those beautiful days when the clouds have parted, reuniting us with that blue sky above. Riding through the assortment of neighbourhoods in east Vancouver, lined with cherry blossoms, is nothing short of pure joy. The sensation of riding along as the blossom petals fall like giant pink snowflakes is something I look forward to every spring.

Kyle Huinink 259 days ago

favorite part of riding in spring

the weather is wonderful and the scenery is beautiful

lisa mcfarland 259 days ago


Here in Vancouver, riding in the springtime means a beautiful display of cherry blossoms everywhere you go. It really is amazing.

Laura 259 days ago

No studs!

Not quite that time here in Anchorage, AK but the best part of spring in ditching the studs for slicks and that oh so sweet drop in rolling resistance!

Alex R 259 days ago


In upper Midwest Minnesota it is hard to imagine spring would ever get here! But since it has the snow is melting,it is no better time to ride my bike! Riding during the spring is almost like poetry with the crisp air, birds singing and smell of wet earth from the melting snow. You can just imagine the freedom you feel when you get to take your bike outdoors for the first time since summer.

Mindie 259 days ago

No snow

The snow has melted, the roads are wider, I only need wear one pair of pants, the drivers start to accept bicyclists on the road, the potholes....
OK the pot holes are bad.

Emily 259 days ago

No more studs!

The best part about riding in spring in the prairies is taking the studs off, and putting slicks back on. Riding is so much faster and it's like getting on a whole new bike!

Hilary 259 days ago

the sun

My injuries dont deal with the cold well

Rob Hendricks 259 days ago

Not even a Magic Eraser could wipe the smile off my face.

Tune up? Check. Ice and snow? Good riddance. Old feathered friends catching up after a swift migration? Yes yes yes. Cyclists abound. It's Spring, kids! Family rides, lady rides, pub crawl rides, trail rides, urban street law-abiding rides, light sprinkle to thoroughly drenched rides, art bike rides, bar-b-q rides-- Seriously, what is my favorite part about riding in Spring? Truly, it is the next 74 days to do it in before the swelter of Summer lifts its humid head.

Lauryl 259 days ago

spring riding

I love riding in the spring for the freedom. Finally not having to layer up and wear your hats and gloves to jump on your bike for a ride is very refreshing!

Deanne 259 days ago

Fresh air and the awakening of nature

It's a pleasure to fill the fresh air in spring and to see the nature changing after a long winter (especialy in Montral).

Olivier Thomas 259 days ago


I should win just cause.

lou 259 days ago

Spring riding.

My favorite thing about spring riding is seeing nature in bloom. With the hecticness of day to day life most of us overlook this. Also the weather being very comfortable without sweating wherever I go or having to wear tons of layers to stay warm.

Josh Ward 259 days ago

I like to have a ride with my Beach - Cruiser bike ...

I have a ride with my bike ; my famous Sparker by Electra ; there is no noise ; i like the wind in my hair ... Let's have a good ride ...

OLIVER. 259 days ago

*pausing to inhale*

I love the smell of dirt coming out from under melting snow. A sign of good things to come. :)

Lisa 259 days ago

would be great for my husband!

This would be a great new bag for my husband who will start bike commuting to work in June! He is changing jobs and eliminating from driving his car 70 miles a day!

Kaylah Kola 259 days ago

Yay! Sunshine!

It's the sunshine!!! Even though I'm pregnant, I couldn't resist getting on my bike again as the warm weather starting sneaking in. I love the sunshine on my face as I ride (carefully now) down the bike path! <3

Kitty 259 days ago

Signs of life

My favorite part of riding in the Spring is that everything has a tinge of green--and it's that bright, fresh, limey green that signals new life.

Lori Beuerle 259 days ago

Ahh Spring!

My second favorite season to ride in! (Fall is first). Everything looks so fresh and new and the air smells crisp and clean. It's when 40 degrees feels like 60 and you have a feeling of exhilaration after the drudges of winter.

Josie 259 days ago

Swooping into Spring

I love riding into the spring because all the birds swoop in to fly with you again :D

Jeff 259 days ago

Sprintime bike riding

Is THE best--flowers are starting bloom, trees turning green, birds are singing like crazy and the air temp is just right.

Yvonne Zipter 259 days ago

Riding in the Spring

I love the springtime weather. It's not too hot and not too cold.

Dave 259 days ago

Riding in the Spring

I love the pop up showers and dramatic storms that make the transition into spring and summer. The trails can be soupy and wet so gravel roads are always fun to explore in Spring.

ives676@gmail.com 259 days ago

Spring riding

I love the mud and water, in the hills and on the roads, everyone should get a little dirty! a great change from the snow and slush of the winter commute.

Granden 259 days ago

Spring cycling

Getting rid of the gray. The days are getting brighter and the winter filth on the streets is being cleaned.

Anthony de Ridder 259 days ago

Seeing the change unfold

My favorite part about riding in the spring time is seeing everything come to life. Plants, animals, and people emerge out from winter and it's exciting to see because you know this is only the beginning.

JR 259 days ago

rekindling an old live

I love the freedom of riding after a long winter - especially this year!

Kate 259 days ago