July 30, 2014

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Summer riding

I could take a stinking hot bus all the way to work but why when I can commute part way with a breeze i my face!? That is why I enjoy riding so much this summer.

Laura 139 days ago

Keeping cool

I have to saw,.. summer is one time our apartment isn't so great,.. it is just too hot. We ride simply to generate a cool breeze and to cool ourselves down (plus all the usual reasons!)

Steve v. 139 days ago

Looks perfect for bike commuting!

The new silver line of the DC metro finally lets me bike-commute to work and I love it! I'm looking for the perfect bag and this definitely looks like it will fit the bill this summer (..and fall, winter, and spring)!

Stephanie DeHart 139 days ago

Bag will match my wallet

I ride because I sold my seldom used car.

Tracy 139 days ago

Sturdy looking set up...

This will make work commutes more stylish and easier

Lawrence S 139 days ago

Great looking bag!

This year, I have to say summer. Usually in Iowa it starts to get muggy and hot, but this year has been awesomely mild. The kids and I have been putting on the miles on our longtail. It's been delightful.

Kirbee 140 days ago

Timbuk2 Tandem Pannier Bag

My favourite reason for riding this summer is to go and get baked goods from my friends new bakery.

Tim 140 days ago

fave reason for riding in the summer

wakes you up and you meet many different characters on their bikes!

amy 140 days ago

Scouting new fishing holes

I've loved combining fishing and biking with my 8 year old son this summer! We found lots of trails that lead to creeks and ponds in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Gibson Largent 140 days ago

Those are some good looking paniers...

...exactly what I expect to hear while riding around the city using these paniers! Summer is the best time for riding and these paniers are perfect for carrying all kinds of goodies home from the farmer' market!

kristen 140 days ago

Lovely scenery

My favourite reason for summer biking is getting to know all the country roads, farms, fields, and sights.

Kate 140 days ago

Double the fun

I would use my bike twice as much if I had more room to put stuff like groceries , plants, tiles, fabric ...

Michele Jehenson 141 days ago

Favourite reason for riding this summer

My favourite reason for riding is probably not a reason at all - I just like to bike! I am not so great at walking places and really just prefer getting there quicker and comfier. :)

T. N. 141 days ago

Bike to work

25km morning and afternoon, my desk job is keeping me awake, fit and happy!

France 141 days ago

Commuter dreams

Panniers make commuting perfect!

Kent 141 days ago

so lucky!

After a bad injury (severed tendon in my elbow) put me in a cast for a month, I am SO APPRECIATIVE of being able to swim and (gingerly!) ride my bike again! Perfect for shopping, trips to the lake, carrying my boys' stuff around town. I love that the nearly-waterproof fabric will protect my goods after the summer fades and autumn rains return, too!

Robin Rombs 141 days ago

Short ride to the beach!

I live only 3 1/2 miles to the beach and a round trip loop of the 'beach town/island' is about 10 miles. I love seeing the boats, the stand up paddlers, kayakers, etc. on the intercoastal waterway AND then enjoy the beauty of the beach and ocean and of seeing the pier and vacationers. At 56 years old I can't think of a better way to exercise!

Jeff Jones 141 days ago

Summer blues

I dislike the summer, and tend toward depression in the hot months. My friend Donnie felt the same about summer in the south. In the past few years we helped each other through the tough months with crazy projects and frequent, simple social activities. Donnie passed away in November, so this summer I ride to remember him. It helps with the sadness.

R. Stanford 141 days ago

There is always parking

There is always available parking when I use my bike

Gustavo Garcia 141 days ago

Quality Family Time with my daughter!

Was fairly active till 5 years ago, when a work injury ruptured the bottom two disks in my spine. After a long wait, surgery with fusion and disk replacement, recovery, and finally getting some PT to get back to work. I'm able to try and recoup some father-daughter time, which has been very little the past several years, other than sitting on the couch watching tv. Our last ride together, was 20 miles. We hope to double that in a couple weeks... Getting back to a quality of life.... That's my favorite reason to ride my bike this summer.

Ron 141 days ago

Great commute

Because it makes the commute enjoyable, not something to suffer through.

Sarah 141 days ago

Summer riding

Becuase it is a lot cheaper than gas, emits less pollutants and burns fat.

Steve Taylor 141 days ago

Nothing but me and the road

I commute 5 days a week, but my weekend morning rides are the best: mild temperatures, mists over the fields, almost no traffic on the roads, wildlife abound (even in the city!) -- what could be better?!??

Joe 141 days ago

Getting to work.

What a summer? At one time or another both family cars have been dead and needing repairs that take weeks. But no big deal as I grab the bike to get to work and elsewhere.

Oran Sands 141 days ago

Avoiding LA traffic

A trip to the beach, a ride to an outdoor movie showing, or just a picnic in Griffith Park. No matter what, the ride was stress free and parking was a breeze. That's my favorite reason for riding this summer

Neal Spinler 141 days ago

Summer sun

This pannier will help carry my sun shirts (50+), sunscreen and sun hat.

Sande MacEachern 141 days ago

Iced tea for two

This pannier will help us have a picnic and have iced tea.

Peter Shaw 141 days ago

Perfect weather in Upstate NY

The weather rarely exceeds 80F in upstate NY, so just about anytime, everyday is perfect to go for a bike ride.

LESTER WHITACRE 141 days ago

Me and the Mrs

My wife and I have a romance built on tandem design. We love to do long rides on the weekend and take at least one 200k ride a year.

Rob Patterson 141 days ago

Carry my laptop to work

Yes, I must and I can carry it in my messenger bag but how much better to carry it on the bike and not get all sweaty on my back and chest.

Jeff Perry 141 days ago


Being on my bike really helped me get through my friend's suicide. The sun and breeze on my face made me feel alive and the quiet time to myself really helped me clear my head. Cycling is better than any pill or counselor!

Bridget 142 days ago

Summer biking

Riding to the Farmer's Market every Saturday is the best!

anne macklin 142 days ago

Summer Riding

Riding adds the breeze that cools and soothes us during this very hot summer!

Mark V Hillman 142 days ago

Timbuk2 Tandem Pannier Bag

Mine are so old they're falling apart!

Warren 142 days ago

Summer Riding

I love to ride in the summer, the commute to work often brings new discoveries each day. Major plus is the fresh air and exercise!

Matthew LeDrew 142 days ago

Enjoy the nice weather

Because I telecommute, I spend a lot of time inside. It's not to be able to ride my bike and enjoy the nice summer weather.

Jason Burnett 142 days ago


My favorite reason for this summer is when I can ride it means my collar bone is healed.

James Watson 142 days ago

Favorite reason for riding this summer...

My favourite reason for riding my bike this summer is to feel like a kid again and forget that I am getting older with all of the aches and pains that go with with it.

Lori 142 days ago

sharing my favorite reason for riding my bike this summer

My favorite reason for riding my bike this summer is it lets me see the world through the eyes of my younger self and I enjoy a world filled with wonder.

Vince 142 days ago

Beating traffic

My favorite reason for riding my bike this summer is beating traffic. A lot of road construction going on and cycling allows me to avoid it.

Wil Colquhoun 142 days ago

My favorite part of riding in the summer...

my favorite part of riding in the summer is getting where I'm going and getting to take my messenger back or back pack off. It's hot! And I ride all over for work, and to advocate for better cycling. But it's not cool to show up all hot and sweaty. So perhaps my new favorite reason for riding could soon become the fact I could put on my stuff in some great panniers rather than having to schlep it all on my back.

Scott 142 days ago

Side bag!!

I could use this for sure!

Sande MacEachern 142 days ago

Pannier Pannier wherefore art though?

Love to win this for any type of weather.

Peter Shaw 142 days ago

Favorite Reason

My favorite reason for riding a bike in the summer is I don' t need to bring three extra layers in case it gets cold or I get wet like the other seasons. The lack of preparedness allows for more room for river beers.

DP 142 days ago

summer biking

To feel the warm air on night rides around my city.

Jillian 142 days ago

Summer riding

Summer breeze...makes me feel fine!

Julie Schliebner 143 days ago

I bike around town all year. Week days it would be for work, weekends are for fun and home life. It would most likey be cloths ,snacks and comic.

I bike around town all year. Week days it would be for work, weekends are for fun and home life. It would most likey be cloths ,snacks and comic.

James walker 143 days ago

Fresh air and sunshine

Being out and about! Hanging out in parks and beaches. Riding to friends' houses for BBQs.

Cecile C 143 days ago

Favorite reason to ride THIS SUMMER?

The reasons do not change with the seasons. My favorite reason to ride is making my getting to and from easy and pleasant.

J Thorne 143 days ago

Ride more!

I'd love to inspire others to ride more!

Allen Hancock 143 days ago

Timbuk2 Tandem Pannier bag

Looks like a far more stylish replacement pannier than the ones I use now!

Jeff Bequette 143 days ago

Ride to the beach

Ride to the beach

Nevin 143 days ago


Would like to carry grocery and camer to take pictures in my bike rides.

Roberta r. 143 days ago

night ride

Alway my favorite thing is to wide at midnight and go down to the beach cliff. There I don't have to have loads of clothes. I'm just comfortable and can do as I choose. A nighttime picnic- sure; gazing at the stars for an hour instead of 10 mins- you bet ya.

Claudia Campos 143 days ago


I want the sun all in my face so much so that I have to squint to get around. I want to feel the heat of summer just like I felt the cold of winter. Let this season be the one I share my favorite hot moments with a Timbuk2 bag. Summertime heat, you are my favorite thing this time of year.

Jess Lopez 143 days ago

To the ocean-side pool

This summer we've loved riding our bikes (5 of them) to the pool by the beach.

Matt 143 days ago

Riding where cars don't dare tread to race (and win)

I ride to race. After 15 years of bicycle commuting and triathlon competition, I’ve found that my daily ride to work is enough for me to win or place in my 60-64 age group. Summer is racing season and also when school is are out as I pedal as fast as I can on a route where cars can’t go – through residential neighborhoods and down three streets that end in pedestrian bridges over creeks that will join to form the LA River.

Gil 143 days ago

Family Fun

I'm teaching my little girl that bicycling has many long term positive benefits on our body, mind and environment, but if you ask her, she just having fun.

Carlos 143 days ago

need for speed

I ride for many reasons, but not the least of which is I want to feel the wind on my skin and feel the power of my legs propelling me to my destination at full speed. <sigh> Writing this makes me resent having to sit at my desk all day. ;)

Sarah 143 days ago

love of the ride

I am just free, stress free, alone in my thoughts when i'm out cycling

A Siemens 143 days ago

biking is a fun journey

Wind, control over my commute, not getting vomited on while sitting on the train, romantic night rides, new personal goals, looking silly in bike shorts

Katie Dudzik 143 days ago

Because I can

Why do I ride? Because I can! My house is 40 miles from work, and I bike and take the train to cover that distance. I used to ride the train the majority of the way, but recently I started getting off the train farther and farther from work, so that now I'm on the train for only about a third of the commute. Especially during the summer, I enjoy the morning sunrise and the mild temperatures that I can experience during my morning commutes

Kendall Hill 143 days ago

Summer freedom

To be free from a desk—sun on my skin, wind in my face. No motor, no email, just ride.

barispe 143 days ago

Contest - Timbuk2 Tandem Pannier Bag

This bag would be invaluable to me as I ride my bicycle(s) to my automotive company job.. I'm trying to encourage my IT office coworkers (and my manager) to embrace and understand a better work-life balance. I live 8.5 miles from work, in the Metro Detroit area. My coworkers see me embracing the bike culture lifestyle, and some of them are also starting to ride their bikes to work. Also, my company is just now piloting a bike share program on our large work campus! Good things are happening. :O)

Matthew 143 days ago


For getting the groceries and biking along the river in the park.

Fritz Kreiss 143 days ago

Riding this summer

My favorite reason to ride this summer was to energize myself before work: clear the head, get the body pumping and arrive at work refreshed!

Ted 143 days ago


I love listening to the birds sing and enjoy nature. In the summer, the world seems alive and I like to soak in all that energy. By riding my bike, I feel more connected to it.

Val 143 days ago

My bike = me time

Getting on my bike is my escape. It doesn't matter if I am going to school, work, or on my way home; my time on my bike is just that 'my time'

Amanda 143 days ago


I love going out with friends on bikes and doing things around the city.

Dave 143 days ago


Easily my favorite reason your riding this summer is being active with my good friends. I'd much rather spin through the countryside and chat, than sit around on a couch!

Tony 143 days ago


Because I Still can!

Jeff 143 days ago

Don't have to drive!

Exercise, fun . . . .all on the way to work.

Miranda Cox 143 days ago

It's not winter

My favorite reason is because I'm in shorts, whistling, on my ride downtown and its not 12 degrees with icy ruts and bitter winds.

John C 143 days ago

Why I should win these

I am VERY hard on panniers as I use them in all weather to do my shopping, to carry my rain gear when it is not raining here in Portland, Or. and to carry whatever I can't carry on my back or don't WANT to carry on my back in my messenger bag. My 3-yr-old Zozi is worn out...

Robin 143 days ago

Favorite Reason

My favorite reason to bike my bike this summer is simply for relaxation!

Lene 143 days ago

Leaving my car in the parking lot

I walk to work and I bike everywhere else. Biking in the summer for essentials, workouts and socializing in the city still feels like a luxury to me. Sooooooo happy.

rosalesae1@gmail.com 143 days ago

Get outside

I work inside, so riding my bike is a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise.

Jordann 143 days ago

ride with my son and daughter

and chase them around in circles. I am usually the first to fall over from dizziness

Markus 143 days ago

lazy adventures

I love to ride aimlessly and see what I find.

Tehmina Khan 143 days ago

Summer riding

I love biking in the cool of the morning and hearing the birds.

Anita Zaenker 143 days ago

I love riding to the lake in the summer

And jumping in with my bike shorts on. I'm cool and dry by the time I get home.

Jared suddaby 143 days ago

Summer riding

To meet up with friends for a group ride is the perfect summer event.

David 143 days ago

Summer riding

...I love the heat! (especially given our long months of winter)

Amanda 143 days ago


Because it makes me feel like a kid again!

Heidi 143 days ago

Long rides and vacation adventure

I ride year round, summer is extra special as the weather makes for great long tours in addition to my daily commute. Extended multi day trips during summer vacation are a highlight of my year. Extra special this year as my son is joining my on a tip to tip ride of PEI and he could use some panniers

Gordon Williams 143 days ago


Beautiful pannier bag. Looks like a wonderful bag to carry groceries or look like a fashion statement. Thanks Momentum for the contest give away.

Margo 143 days ago

Skipping the traffic to work!

Nothing says summer happiness more than biking to and from work, and not having to sit in the car stuck in traffic! I feel this way all year round really, but something about Summer makes it feel that much better to ride down the shady bike routes and see and hear the sights and sounds of the city.

David Stoyko 143 days ago

riding the shoreline

Just riding my bike is freedom but riding Lake Superior shoreline is special every time all summer long. I commute daily home to work on a railtrail along another lake and I never tire of it. The air is fresh, birds to identify, people to greet. It's a great way to start and end the day.

Judy Foster 143 days ago

To Timbuk2 or maybe just to work

I can picture a real adventure with these panniers filled with all the things a traveler could use. But more than likely these bags will carry a lab coat, prescription pad, lunch and a good lock. I am bicycling in Brooklyn NY after all. My favorite reasons to bike this summer? There is nothing like catching the breeze, and a bit of green in Prospect Park, or peddling along the newly completed greenway that leads right to my favorite kayak launch.

Nina Sabghir 143 days ago

biking to work and the store

this summer I have joing the national bike challenge. I am biking to work more and riding just for fun. My favorite ride is the lititz warwick rail trail with my husband and dog. we ride into littiz spring park and have a nice little picnic along Lititz run creek. a good pannier would make taking the picnic on the road so much easier!

bonnie Daisy 143 days ago

I need a trunk for my SUV

Would be a perfect addition to add to my new SUV (haha my cross/commuter bike)!

Jason 143 days ago

The Wind and Sun in My Face

The wind and sun start at my face, but make their way into my psyche and my very being. Nothing uplifts my spirits more than a ride during a nice cool morning. The pannier would be great for the drink, the snack and the rain cape - just in case!

Ted Parkinson 143 days ago

For the grocery run

Panniers will be grocery bags between the check-out and the bike rack and between my parking space and my kitchen. What convenience!

George 143 days ago

Why To Ride

Why riding this summer is to lose the fat I gained in the winter, shed all of my waterproofs, smile at other cyclists who are also smiling because riding feels so exhilarating, avoid public transit, avoid driving, avoid walking and breathe fresh air while not having to wear many layers of clothes.

Pam 143 days ago

Cheap Psychotherapy

Take it from me, performing a job search while struggling through a Business Math AND an Accounting class is NOT fun. If it were not for my bicycle (2011 Electra Townie 3i) and my two cats, I would become a resident of Nebraska's bughouse. These panniers would be a great addition to my Electra, and allow me to cycle to class and the coffeehouse and work on a job search and homework in style.

Lee 143 days ago

Keeping Healthy!

I ride my bike every day with my 85 year old mother. She is developing Alzheimer's, but we can still ride together for companionship and exercise.

Jane Healy 143 days ago

Lachine Canal

Summer bike rides in Montreal have to be on the Lachine Canal. I love riding my bike on a beautiful summer day and having a cold brew at the terrace Saint-Ambroise right next to the canal.

Brendan 143 days ago


My favorite reason for riding my bike this summer is to get out and enjoy the Minnesota sunsets here in St. Paul. Biking affords riders the chance to delve into the outdoors, and exploring the urban outdoors is a fun way to exercise and check out the local happenings. And it never hurts to stop in at a favorite brewpub.

Renoir Gaither 143 days ago

Reason I Ride

It's the best way to stay in shape and enjoy the weather.

Bob 143 days ago


So I can get to work in 10 minutes, which would take me 30 or more in a car plus get exercise at the same time.

Sharon Meagher 143 days ago

My DC commute

Every week day, I get at least two reasons to wind my way through Rock Creek Park and along the trail to and from work. The daily commutes allow me to clear my mind before and after work, spend some quality time outside, and get a workout while I'm at it.

Brian 143 days ago

in one word . . .Freedom.

See above

danbecco@gmail.com 143 days ago

Encouraging my little sister to ride.

My youngest sister Tori has always been unsure about riding a bike. Seeing me have an interest in bike riding gave her confidence to finally master cycling. Now she begs every day to bike ride down the street and for me to go with her. When the summer is over I will greatly miss the time we spent together.

Michelle 143 days ago

new pannier for bike vacation

Will be very usefull for our next bike w-e, we don,t have enough.

Olivier Thomas 143 days ago

Biking = Happiness

Because nothing makes me happier than being on a bike on a warm WI day.

Cory 143 days ago

Chicago summer

It's the best way to enjoy summer in Chicago.

Bob 143 days ago

These legs ain't gonna build themselves

Atrophy is a disease common among those my age.

Jeff Aicher 143 days ago

I Warm Summer DAys

I enjoy the long, warm summer days and not having to use lights in the morning on my commute. I enjoy seeing ducks, ravens and Canada geese along the seawall, even though the geese sometimes block the way.

My panniers have seen a lot of use and are not as waterproof as they once were, so sure could use a new pair of Timbuk2 panniers.

Colin Brander 143 days ago

epic ride to music festival

I did a 120-mile round trip ride to a music festival on the Shenandoah with my bf and a few friends. Such a feeling of accomplishment! (And so nice to just chill out and listen to music.)

Katharine 143 days ago

Automatic breeze!

Biking in summer is the best because there's a built-in breeze!

Susan 143 days ago

I love the long days of sunlight!

It stays light later, and warmer after sunset = perfect riding days! A pannier would be sweet, thanks!

Brent S 143 days ago

Dry and Stylin'

Nothing better than stylish panniers to keep my good dry in rainy Vancouver :)

Anna 143 days ago

new pannier with new bike

I just got myself a brand new Gazelle bike! It would be nice to have those bags!

nathalie marcotte 144 days ago

balance my load

If I put a six pack in each of these, I'll be well-balanced on my ride home from the store.

carfreepvd 144 days ago

Keep it Dry

Having panniers bags would reduce the balance and visibility issues riding with my backpack currently has.

I have to make sure it's lower than it probably should be, and can't carry too much stuff in it at a time.

Jason 144 days ago

The subway is gross

To avoid the funky smells and people I'd find on the subway.

Adam Sokol 144 days ago

Timbuk 2 tandem pannier bag

This summer is of chores. Painting the barn, some concrete work, mending fences. Cycling to yoga in a nearby town prepares me for the following day of chores.

Chris Byron 144 days ago

Adventure is out there!

Biking turns the everyday trips and errands into something special. Take the kids to school, get a gallon of milk, head off to church, its all better by bike.

Nathan 144 days ago

Exploring the city with my one-year-old

I didn't start biking with my first kid until she was 2 years old, and she loves it, but we started the new baby at 10 months and it's wonderful. She gets speed and freedom and safety while she explores the city! And you have to haul a bunch of crap around for babies, so panniers would be awesome. Also, I'm forever leaving my wallet in "my other bag," (or one of the six other bags) so being able to use these panniers as a laptop bag to take to meetings would change my life (and my ability to pay for lunch)!

Sarah Chamberlin 144 days ago

Quality Time

Riding my bike lets me see all that is around me, including this morning's amazing sunrise! Nothing better.

Rick 144 days ago

time with the kids

I love riding my bike to the park or farmers market with the kids in the summer

Dan Thurston 144 days ago

Market Sundays

I love taking taking a ride the Chattanooga Market on Sundays, stopping for a coffee and meeting up with friends along the way. The morning commute sometimes turns into an all day adventure if we decide to ride up the mountain to find a creek to swim in. That is a great reason to have panniers to stuff all the goodies and necessities into.

Monica D. 144 days ago

Wonderful scenery and wonderful season

It doesn't matter if I ride to work or for fitness and pleasure, I identify many opportunities to explore various communities near home on my bicycle during the summer. This season seems so short across Canada and northern United States to miss out on these treks.

John S 144 days ago

To finally go....

To finally go where no Linda has gone before! Actually, it would be a level up where i could ride to publix and get food and then ride home!

linda 144 days ago

to be badass!

there's something super awesome and badass about bicycling. getting to be extra badass is my favorite reason to ride this summer and always!

rey 144 days ago

Spreading the joy of biking.

Taking time with my daughter (2yrs) for momma and me time to explore by bicycle. There's something magical about her seeing her world this way and running through fields on breaks we'd never take via car. Plus it gives her special time with me since her two month old brother was born.

Melissa 144 days ago

Getting to work

Better tha na car

Drew 144 days ago

Exploring my new city

Biking around this summer has been a great way to get to know my new city.

Jaime 144 days ago


just 'cause its summer. Love riding with my 4 year olds who love riding!

Jen 144 days ago

love this product

Just about anything Timbuk2 is outstanding. Panniers will be just great for the non messenger bag days

Ken 144 days ago

Carry stuff for bike road trip

I would like to have an extra bag to carry my things when I go on road trip.

Laura 144 days ago

Favorite reason for riding my bike

savoring all the wonderful smells like lilacs in the spring, fresh baked bread, chocolate and fresh brewed coffee along my bike commute route on Chicago Ave.

Katie 144 days ago

Summertime and the livin' is easy......

Fish are jumpin'
And the cotton is high
( I hope I don't get hit with copywrite infringement here!)

Robin 144 days ago

Summer Ridin', Happened So Fast

Sorry, couldn't help but channel some vintage Grease (movie, not theatre production) - one of my favourite things about summer riding is moving through a park at night, when the heat has lifted, and there's a coolness to the air. It's the best.

Claudia 144 days ago

The Answer to My Commuting Prayers

These panniers would solve a commuting conundrum - easily carrying panniers from bike to train to work (in addition to usual backpack). I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Claudia 144 days ago


I ride year round, the Summer months offer a more regular schedule and more folks out on the road riding, love it. Nothing like an early morning Summer ride, nice cool air and a beautiful misty sunrise.

Markart 144 days ago


I hate excercize, but in love riding my bike. Go figger :o?

tfprager@gmail.com 144 days ago

my favorite reason?

So many! From reducing my carbon footprint, keeping miles off my car, getting exercise, enjoying the outdoor air, views, and sun... But my favorite has to be that feeling of guilt-free freedom, the feeling of accomplishment when I make a 10-mile shopping trip with stuffed-full panniers and a 12-pack of side strapped to the rack. In other words, it just makes me feel great.

Chris Poirier 144 days ago

Free transportation

Its free and great exercise.

Tanya 144 days ago

Because I'm not convinced there is actually a winner...

I'll keep entering until I'm proven wrong!
Living in center city we bike most places- the heat does not help when toting around a backpack to only arrive with a sweaty back..

Kaylah Kola 144 days ago

Its beats walking

Its beats walking around the city.

Jim D 144 days ago

Fresh cut grass

It's great when you ride a long and then that smell of fresh cut grass hits you.

JR 144 days ago

The list is nearly endless.

Let me count the reasons.

Barbara 144 days ago

I could walk I guess...

For fun and transportation, there is nothing like a cool bike.

Turbo Bob 144 days ago

I ride because

It's so fun to swerve back & fro on a bike path, or even the street (watching ahead & behind for vehicles of course), the wind in your face, pedaling whenever you feel the need. So much funner to ride to the store, to get a video, to meet friends around town. I love going through underpasses underneath roads where vehicles are at stoplights - Ha, gotcha you sorry-car-drivers!
June 22nd I fully tore my Rotator Cuff in all three sections during an Enduro MTB race crash at Snowmass resort in Colo. Though gracing the living room wall I love seeing my bikes on a wall rack, and even though they are taunting me, they look way cooler than the cars in the parking lot! Even though I can't ride for maybe a few more months, I still can't wait to get out on a bike!

Scot Corn 144 days ago

Summer riding

My favorite reason for riding my bike in the summer is that I don't have to worry about finding parking when I reach my destination.

Marisa 144 days ago

I ride because

it gives my wife and I time together doing something that's healthy, fun and good for the environment.

RC Victorino 144 days ago

I ride because

Cycling fastest, funnest & coolest way to get my kids to daycare, summer camp & to get myself to work! Not to to mention sexy summer thighs!

Heather 144 days ago

I ride because

It feels so wonderful to be out in the Missouri countryside. Hills, farms, wild flowers and the occasional snake!

C Scherstuhl 144 days ago

Arrive with a smile

Simply the best way to get around town. Fast, convenient, healthy, and on the rare occassion I make it to my destination without seeing a single car or truck parked in the bike lane, I arrive in a great mood :)

James 144 days ago

My reason for riding a bike

It's the closest I can get to flying every day!

Deirdre 144 days ago

I WANT TO Win a Timbuk2 Tandem Pannier Bag ! ! !

How can I possibly squeeze all the things I love about riding my bike int he summer into less than 3000 characters? Colorado's summer weather is perfect (except for this week's steady monsoons -> See? I NEED these panniers!); Denver's bike infrastructure is good and getting better; Instead of commuting to a workout, I can combine them; I work in the Mobile Sources (vehicle emissions testing program) at the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment ... so every time I ride to this job, I feel like I'm doing the most/best I can to reduce mobile sources of air pollution; AND to express it in emojis -> Driving makes me go ~>|-::, taking the bus makes me go somewhere between :-) & :-\, and riding my bike makes me go ~(8-D Get the idea? Thanks and Pick Me! PvH

Phil von Hake 144 days ago

Summer Sweetness

Summer in Toronto means insane construction so riding a bike is often the quickest way from point A to point B. I love beating all if the people creating the traffic.

Guy 144 days ago

Summer Cycling

I love nothing more than biking everywhere in the summer! During the other seasons I'm stuck at school out of town without a bike, and so I daydream of commuting and traveling on my bright purple road bike. In the words of the internet, "Bike fat, not fuel".

Erin Crowell 144 days ago

Good-lookin' Panniers!

rad = ride all day

Michael 144 days ago

My bike is my life

so I need to carry all my stuff; to work, to the store, or for an impromptu picnic.

Tanya Raymond 144 days ago

Timbuk2 Panier

I just bought my first commuter bike this spring and so far I've ridden it about 700 miles all around Lake Tahoe. My favorite part is taking it up a 2,000 mountain to work every day. I don't have paniers yet so I've been just using my backpack to carry clothes and my lunch but I'd love to be able to lose the backpack and look like a "real" commuter :)

Megan Rock 144 days ago

Timbuk2 Tandem Pannier Bag contest

Wow I would love to win a Timbuk2 Tandem Pannier Bag! Timbuk2 makes excellent products. I should know as I own a few of their messenger bags.

Wayne Bagley 145 days ago

Favorite reason to ride this summer

Easily my favorite reason to ride my bike this summer is simply to enjoy the experience of my city at bike-speed.

Amber R. 145 days ago

Pannier contest

So I can haul more on my bike and leave the car in the garage.

P.J. Pemberton 145 days ago

sustainable life

grocery shopping and weekend camping trips on the bike are in my near future , IF i win me some sweet ass Timbuk2 Panniers.

Jeff Elieson 145 days ago


My favorite reason why I ride my bike during the summer and all year long is because I don't have a car. It would be really nice to have something nice happen to me so I can pay it forward

mike 145 days ago

Carry stuff!

Some beers, a sandwich

Stephen McMillan 145 days ago

Fun with kids!

My favorite reason for biking this summer is spending time outdoors with my wonderful kids!

Gillian 145 days ago

Life Goal

My life has boiled down to an obsession with winning something cool and biky from Momentum magazine. Every Wednesday I enter and every week I wait and get paler and weaker from lack of actually getting out and riding. Momentum, give me something and let me move forward.

Jason Brune 145 days ago

Time to Switch

Thinking it's time to switch to panniers from my backpack so I can more readily carry items and not put undue strain on my back

Kris Fruin 145 days ago

Timbk2 Cog Pannier

I am using a converted backpack on my commute (9.8 x 2 Miles). This may be an upgrade if I win.

Avinash Kachhy 145 days ago

Sunshine and wind!

To be able to spend as much time outside as possible while the whether is good!

Karen Jones 145 days ago

Pure Happiness

It makes me happy from the inside out, and that feeling lasts even after I get off the bike.

Bettina Schaden 145 days ago

Free Vitamin D!

I love getting my vit d naturally. In safe quantities of course.

Morgan Staines 145 days ago

Free Vitamin D!

I love getting my vit d naturally. In safe quantities of course.

Morgan Staines 145 days ago

Diabetes control

This is the first summer I've been riding a bike, because I'm a retiree who only learned to ride a bike this spring after I was diagnosed with diabetes. I enjoy the sunshine, keeping cool in the wind, exploring streets I wouldn't drive down, saving money and not producing any greenhouse gases, and the health benefits. I've lost 10 lbs since cycling, and cycling keeps my diabetes under control.

Judy 145 days ago

Summer Ridin'!

Last year around early June, I was bike commuting to work and had to stop suddenly due to a car pulling out in front of me, and I messed up my back for several weeks. Texas summer progressed without me, and when I got back on the bike a few weeks later, my body wasn't ready adjusted for it, and it kept me away from riding during the day, in the safety of dusk. However, this year, I've ridden through all of it, and I love it. Ain't no heat keepin' me down, son!

Perry 145 days ago

Riding With my Daughter

I love riding my bike with my daughter in the summer! It's a great way for us to explore and ge tin great exercise!

Erin W 145 days ago

summer riding

I love riding in the summer and feeling the warm breeze.

Lloyd 145 days ago


I ride my bicycle for fitness, health, avoiding the very limited parking downtown, fun and adventure.

stacy ponask 145 days ago


love to ride for the exercise

lisa mcfarland 145 days ago

morning commutes with my toddler

I commute to work via bike. I have a Yepp seat for my three year old, and we venture out every morning to school and work. He reminds me of all the beautiful things to see as we ride. He notices all those things that I take for granted, because to him, he is either seeing them for the first time or he's so excited to see something again. Some days I wish we could keep riding and leave our daily routine in the dust as we pass by.

Mark Hansen 145 days ago

Bicycles in the Summer

I love the ability my bicycle gives me to enjoy all of what the outdoors bring in the summer...green grass, flowers, sun on my skin. And I love to ride in the summer rains like we have been getting a lot of this summer. These bags would be awesome for my adventures.

Renee Goldberg 145 days ago

Summer Riding

I commute to work. It's easy in the summer - There's no ice and there's plenty of daylight. I'm the only person in my office who can claim to enjoy his commute.

Andy Engel 145 days ago

Summer Riding

It is the best. It allows me freedom from the constraints of life and the ability to be at one with my environment.

Andy Carpenter 145 days ago

Why not?

I dont need reason for bike, there is to much reason to do not take the car.

David Viens 145 days ago

Summer time

My favorite reason for riding in the summer is the same reason I ride any other time of the year: it makes me feel like a kid again and it's the best way to go anywhere!

Greg M. 145 days ago

Why I Ride

I ride because my friends have moved away. I ride because my father died last year. I ride because I have two children and am not sure if the decisions I make for them are right or not. I ride because I'm a husband. I ride because there are dreams I've given up that still haunt me. I ride because the lines on my face get thicker every year. I ride because it's where I think. I ride because the faster and further I go, the more I am free from worry. I ride because I did as a child. I ride.

Clinton Charlton 145 days ago


I love Summer for her deliberate, fair weathered means to Nowhere and Anywhere—and everywhere in between, making for long, luscious spans of two-wheeled exploration. And panniers filled with treats.

Dylan Menges 145 days ago

Reasons for Riding in the Summer

I ride because I got rid of my car. No, not parked, sold. I also moved closer to my work so that I would not be dependent on a car. I bike to work. I bike to the bar. I bike to the community market. I bike to the bike shop to buy another bike. I bike for the hell of it.

Jason 145 days ago

Healthy commute

I bike to work everyday instead of drive. It gives me a healthy choice and alternative. Love it.

David Higley 145 days ago


Sometimes in the winter it's too cold to get slushies. It's rarely too cold to get slushies in the summer.

Max 145 days ago

Riding This Summer

My favorite reason for riding this summer: the companionship I feel when sharing the roads and trails with the many more bike riders that I don't get to see during the other seasons.

Ralph Branch 145 days ago

Summer Splash

My favorite part of summer is that I can go swimming! I always carry a swimsuit with me on casual rides. Lakes, creeks, rivers, and the ocean all have interurban trail access here. Jumping into water after a few miles of hot summer riding is the most exciting time of the season.

Sweet G 145 days ago


When i am riding my bike I feel empowered, and in control of my day. My bike gives me the freedom to go anywhere whenever I want to, have it be work, errands, on the trails, you name it! I fixed up my partners bike and we are now exploring Toronto in a way like never before.

Hayley 145 days ago

Summer Riding

The best reasons to ride in the summer are the smell of cut grass as you cruise through your neighborhood, riding into sprinklers when it's hot, riding the trails and watching the rabbits hop out of your way, riding past coffee shops on your way to work & smelling the coffee brewing, and hearing the birds sing their last song of the day as the sun sets on your ride home.

Kim 145 days ago

summer riding

Why ride inside a stinky car to get to the beautiful outdoors.....ride your bike there and the entire day is enjoyable.

Deanne 145 days ago

Mobility and fun!

I ride an e-bike (bion-x/Toba) so I can have more mobility around my neighbourhood, since my chronic health problems make walking distances difficult. It's fun and helps me get exercise without over exerting. :)

Ariane Khachatourians 145 days ago

better than winter

cold makes it harder to pedal

Rob Hendricks 145 days ago


My favorite reason(s) for riding this summer are the same reasons as autumn, winter, and spring? To get there and back and to enjoy both directions and all detours.

Brian lehman 145 days ago

love my bike!

i have loved riding this summer to experience the gloriousness of lake michigan at 6am before anyone is out. if you disagree that the lake shore path in chicago is not the most beautiful ride, you are wrong :)

Nikki 145 days ago

Don't try this at home

Your photo with the pannier on the bike is missing the bike chain...is that what they call "freeriding"?
I ride a bike that uses a chain...just because...call me old school...don't need a reason for riding a bike.

d 145 days ago

Favorite reason to ride

My favorite reason for riding is to enjoy the great weather. We've had an unusually cool summer, and I'd always rather ride than be cooped up in a car.

Mark 145 days ago

time with friends

I ride for enjoyment, my friends and I ride the roads in our neighborhoods and parks and spend good time with each other and get lots of exercise as a by product! We have a ride planned tonight after work!

Angela 145 days ago