May 6, 2013

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I want to win

I'd like to win something for a change. I enter everything and never win. That plus it is a great design.

Wai Liu more than 1 year ago


Just getting into bicycle commuting and need a way to find new routes on the go. This system is a great way to keep my phone in my field of vision to find fun rides while staying safe!

Jeff more than 1 year ago

Smart Design + Technology = The Perfect Union

For a moment, imagine a child's face as you mount this to the crossbar of their new carrier and open one of their favorite educational apps. Do you see what I see? One happy and healthy parent embracing the union of technology with smart design.

Trail Rail...Thank You!!!

Steve more than 1 year ago

Exactly what I need!

I rely on my phone for navigation more than I like to admit, so I've been looking for something that would let me keep riding, and not get lost!

Zoe more than 1 year ago

Handlebar cradle mount

In my pocket I never hear my phone. With this support I keep and eye on my cell and will not miss à call!

Chantal Lagotte more than 1 year ago

GPS mount

With this article, I will fit my little tablet (4.3") and listen to music!

Denis Mac Donald more than 1 year ago


I have started commuting to work and do just about everything else, this would make it just a bit easier.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago


I can't count how many times I've fumbled around with getting my phone in and out of my pocket when riding. I need this to stay safe and still have my phone accessible.

BA more than 1 year ago

handlebar mount system

... cause we all gotta know where we're going.

Brian Lehman more than 1 year ago

Get there on time

I bike all over the Car-topia of Los Angeles. Why not? The sudden increase of biking map apps as well as new bike lanes and designated routes help to make it much safer and easier...not to mention our perfect weather. However, as an actor my daily commute changes. The best bike routes are not the most direct usually. Stopping to pull out my phone and check my biking directions at every corner is so inefficient. Got to get there fast, in one piece, and as fresh as a daisy. I can't be late for appointments because I'm saving money, calories, and the earth on the way...gosh, I need a Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System!

Jan Davidson more than 1 year ago


I would use the TrailRail Mount System to hold my GPS so that I could record local trails and integrate them into a map using GIS. Then people getting into biking could see all the options they have to start their adventures!

Taylor more than 1 year ago

Trail Rail contest

I would love to win the Trail Rail handlebar mount system so that I could give it to my sixteen-year-old son. It would be the perfect accessory for his new bike which we bought last week. I am interested in encouraging him to think of his bicycle as a way to commute along familiar routes, but also as a way to explore new possibilities and even get off the beaten path. Of course, being a sixteen-year-old first world child he feels the need to always be connected wirelessly to his friends and sometimes parents. The Trail Rail will enable him to do this and combine the best of both worlds - he may even use the gps function on his phone.

Ben more than 1 year ago

Exploring new places

I'd use it to keep a map handy while finding new adventures. I'd also probably use it to view my speed on my commute, and go faster!

Carolyn more than 1 year ago

Convenience and Accessibility

The convenience and accessibility this would provide would make it easier for me to track my route and distance without having to repeatedly stop to check. Also, it would look really cool on my bike!

Rahel B more than 1 year ago

Know Where to Go

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.
"I don't much care where--" said Alice.
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat.
"--so long as I get SOMEWHERE," Alice added as an explanation.
"Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only [bike] long enough."

Kristi more than 1 year ago


it would make the trip so much fun and safer

megan more than 1 year ago

GPS Mount

It will be great to keep track of where I am going.

Roberta R more than 1 year ago

Log my car-free lifestyle

Hi, this would help me track how far I go during my car-free life! It would also help me NOT get lost so much, which can be a huge bummer (a few miles in a car is nothing compared to a getting lost on my bike).

Thanks for the chance.

Lisa C more than 1 year ago


I would love to know how much I ride in a typical week. I believe it to be 90 miles but reckon it could be much more. This cool thing holds my answers. ;)

JoK more than 1 year ago

handlebar mount

Last year I tried a cheap one from fleabay and as I was riding my pug down a gravel road going about 25mph, I watched my phone in slow motion fall out of the mount and hit the gravel and bounce multiple times amongst the rocks

Rob Hendricks more than 1 year ago

Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System

Oh, it's not for me. I always know where I'm at... My wife, not so much...

Tim Brown more than 1 year ago

please pick me!

HI my name is Ashley.
I am a student who also works full time at the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center http://rmoc.com At RMOC we take folks on rafting, kayaking, SUP, biking, and climbing adventures. We run all of our shuttles by bike and I am one of the bike shuttle riders. In addition to work I am an avid road bike tourer and bike commuter.

Winning a Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System would: 1) ROCK!
2) help me at work, 3)further a sustainable car-less life style.

Have a great day!

Ashley A more than 1 year ago


Last week I was out for a ride & I was wanted to play some music on my phone. Well... I ended up stuffing my phone under my brake cables. Needless to say, that didn't last long. I then found myself wishing I had something to mount my phone to the handbar with. Is it a coincidence that Trail Rail is giving away that exact piece to my puzzle this week? I think not ;)

Jennifer Chamberlain more than 1 year ago

GPS handlebar Mount.. the perfect gift!

I would love to win this GPS handlebar Mount system to give to my husband.. He just showed me it in a catalog and I replied " oh yes, I've already seen that" he had a puzzled look.. I would be a wonderful surprise to him to receive it as his birthday/fathers day gift.

J. Sharp more than 1 year ago

Nice looking cell mount!

I'd love to win one because I never seem to have a good place to keep my phone while biking. It always falls to the bottom of my panniers and then I have to dig around for it.

AnneK more than 1 year ago


Something I could really use. Perfect to hold my phone so I could map my rides and just have access to changing the music, answering a call and most importantly - to hold my phone.

Sandy Nevels more than 1 year ago

Handy to Have

This will help in logging my distance and locations while riding. Looks like a great set up!

Jeffrey R more than 1 year ago


How many times have I dropped my phone trying to fish it out of my pocket??? Once is too many, and it's been more than once! Save my phone! I need this mount!

MaryBeth Karpel more than 1 year ago

great product

Would so love this. I ride alone alot and the safety issue alone is worth wanting this

Margaret O. more than 1 year ago

Counting those miles..

I would love this so I can keep my phone close while i log the miles i ride on my bike. i have started to bike more as part of my exercise routine and have lost a lot of weight by adding this simple activity to my life. the more accessible my phone is to log my rides, the more i am motivated to ride all over Sacramento! Plus this would make an awesome college graduation gift!

Amanda more than 1 year ago

Friendly gadget for a Safe Ride

It would be as simple as to have something valuable to put our phones, and to use the apps without the uncomfortable stops to check them all the time (GPS, answer phones, follow tracks, etc),also it is really Safe while riding our bikes.

Jorge Garzon more than 1 year ago

My Radish would love to have this attached!

Sooooooo cooooool!!!

Dawn Milem more than 1 year ago

I've been waiting for this my entire life...

Well, at least since I started commuting in NYC.

Elizabeth more than 1 year ago

safety is hip

i'd love this mount because safety is hip - we have hands free in our cars so it only makes sense to go that way on our bikes! :)

kara more than 1 year ago

Fly me to the moon, baby

GPS---Great Posture Seatpost---correct?

Barbara more than 1 year ago

I'm a man, I'm never lost!

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a hunting we will go!
BTW---I don't hunt anything except cool bike sightings.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

Mount System

This would be cool to have because I'm bad at directions and I think I would feel at ease having a mount for my GPA to guide me before I venture out on my own.

Valentina Zapata more than 1 year ago

I don't wear earphones when biking....

Safety first! So I feel like the only time I get to listen to music when I'm out and about is when I'm stuck on public transit. Being able to play music from my handlebars would be fantastic!

Amanda more than 1 year ago

trail adjustable cell/gps

Its always good to have something close at hand especially when you ride alone.

sharon Meagher more than 1 year ago

Safer Ride with Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System

The Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System would make riding so much safer!

Michelle C more than 1 year ago

Carrying the kids--GPS, Emergency Calls + Music!

An awesome mount like this could really help our rides! I ride with my three small children on my bike, and I always want to make sure I have the phone handy and secure in case an emergency arises or I need to stop and touch base with my wife. Also, the turn-by-turn GPS function definitely comes in handy. Additionally, cranking up the phone's speaker makes a nice mp3 player to keep all four of us happy, even in the wind or heat, but I haven't been able to have it out securely in a way that doesn't totally dampen the speaker. In summary, this impressive mount could help solve at least three issues for us to make our rides smoother for all...Thanks!

Jarrod more than 1 year ago



Elijah S. more than 1 year ago

Bike GPS

I love to ride my bike; however, often when you are on your bike you are out of contact. As a result, having something like this where you can easily see your calls and know what is going on would be an asset!

Jeff Summers more than 1 year ago

GPS handlebar mount system

I ride very early in the morning before work. Nothing is open and it is dark so if I could carry a phone I could call my husband it something happened and I couldn't get home in time for work. Once I got caught in a thunderstorm and he was worried about me. This way I could phone home or work.

Judy more than 1 year ago

Busy Mom - Busy Toddler

My daughter could really benefit from this. Just now getting back into cycling, when her two olders are off to school, she is getting her two year old ride ready on the back of her Electra. She needs her phone at the ready for important calls from school and even more important calls from the little one's grandpapa!

Ken more than 1 year ago

Sales trip along the Pacific Northwest

I just started working for a bike commuter clothing company called Nonetheless. And see, I have this idea that instead of flying all around the west coast to visit potential retailers, I could set up a bike trip. Of course I would bring a team, including a photographer, and blog about it all along the way. Having a mount for a GPS would make the whole trip so much smoother. I've done long trips in the past without one and it was a stop and go nightmare. Pick me and hopefully by next year you'll have a pretty cool story to cover!

Maria Elena more than 1 year ago

bike gps

Well, I use my gps to get everywhere in hillsborough county and then some, and I believe that it has a trusty bike function for the same purpose. Having a mount for use of regular gps or guided phone gps (extra) would make sure i dont get lost where ever i decide to ride and makes me less worry about finding my way home! :)

linda more than 1 year ago

Making my mom bike even more like a minivan

When I'm toting my two kids (age 4 and 17 months) around on the back of the cargo bike, it helps to have a hands free way to check the time, call my husband to see what groceries we need, and listen to music. The Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/GPS Handlebar mount system would simply make my cargo bike even more like the mom-minivan it is, and help our family live the car-free lifestyle we like.

Lauren Ledbetter more than 1 year ago

phone entertainment while riding

to entertain my kids in the babyseat while I ride

Aura more than 1 year ago


Would love to use my phone's GPS to discover new routes and adventures.

Joel B more than 1 year ago

DJ for the kids in back (Bluetooth)

I've got 3 little ones attached to the back (babyseatII + double trailer).
All those little people need tunes to rock their ride, but I don't want them rockin' my phone which provides the songs to a bluetooth speaker under my seat!
The cradle solves this problem :)

Color Czar more than 1 year ago

Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System

I would love to win this and be able to secure my phone while I am riding. I prefer Google Tracks to keep stats of my rides, but many times I have trouble keeping my phone secure while I ride. A bluetooth headset, Google Tracks, and the Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System would allow me to spend more time riding and less time fiddling with my phone.

Scott Neidert more than 1 year ago

I am upgrading to a smart phone.

I would like to use my new phone on my electric bike with the GPS. There is supposed to be an app for ebikes.

Allan Harmsworth more than 1 year ago

i get lost AND i am clumsy!

The reasons i need this Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System are obvious... I an new to the Niagara region and get lost as a result plus i am a clydesdale and can't be fiddling with my phone or gps all the time otherwise i will be "ass over tea kettle" quicker than a fat kid on a cookie what with all the looking down, button pushing, looking up, steering, looking down... BOOM... down i go.

Canadian Jake more than 1 year ago

This tour guided by trail rail...

Bicycle touring! So I don't get lost on my summer vacation this year!

Julie Schliebner more than 1 year ago

Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System

I would like to win this so I can slap my phone into it. I currently have to pull it out of my back pocket or backpack to check on route or messages.

seth more than 1 year ago

Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System

Cool gadget ! Perfect for keeping the phone handy for calls or GPS navigation.

tara christie more than 1 year ago

Flying iPhone

I have been looking for this product for my iPhone for two years! Since my phone is in an Otter Box I can't find any other product to attach my phone to my bike without having to take it out of the Otter Box. I ride on the back of the tandem and don't have a computer there because I don't want to know how fast we are going. But I do want to follow online maps, find places to eat, and check the weather. I hate getting caught in a thunderstorm. I check my phone anyway, but I know that one day I am going to drop my phone - I just won't see the bump in the road and my phone will go flying. I just don’t think an Otter Box is enough to protect a phone flying from a bike. A Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System is the perfect solution!

Andrea F more than 1 year ago

21st century tech on a 80's ride.

I think this would be a great addition to my old faithful Puch 2x6. This classic has carried me more miles than I can remember. I could finally take my smart ph. out of my seat post bag and watch my progress on Strava. A little cool factor for the ol' gal.

Michael Smith more than 1 year ago

Give away

Well here is a give away that makes a lot of sense from my perspective. I ride a trike and it looks like this would be the cat's meow to attach my smartphone in a location where I can see it. I would be using to map the routes that I have explored, and will move it to my bike friday and use it to explore the west coast this summer.


brian martin more than 1 year ago

Intrepid Bike Explorer Wannabe

I mostly commute to work on my bike, but really really REALLY want to explore more. The problem is that I have absolutely no sense of direction. None. Please help me become an intrepid bike explorer!

Wendy Dunst more than 1 year ago

Always in contact.

I would never miss another call on my commute.

Gary more than 1 year ago

escape from ludditehood

If I had one of these, my husband would have no choice but to let me buy a smartphone . . .

Heidi more than 1 year ago

phone mount

The missus says I'm not allowed to ride my commuter on anymore uneven trails--far from roads-- that no one ever uses but the odd lunatic like me evers sets foot on let alone tyre, unless I BRING A GPS PHONE!! She wants to know where to send the ambulance chopper.

fatoperaguy more than 1 year ago


Never again would I get lost on the KVR.....

robin more than 1 year ago


I got something similar for my wife, I need one too for me

Brian more than 1 year ago


I am always on the go, I need something like that

Rocio more than 1 year ago


oh my gosh...WAY better than tucking my phone into my bra!

shauna more than 1 year ago

Trail rail is great gear!

I've seen them at Interbike several times and the stuff they make is top notch! Would love to try one of their products!

Tom more than 1 year ago

why I want a Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System

I am a full time bike commuter, shopper and advocate. I sometimes work from my bike and would love to have easy access to my office from the streets while out on a "groundtruthing" mission. It would be a bonus to play my tunes from the handle bars along the way. This is an awesome looking cell phone rig!

Ronna more than 1 year ago

Marking the way for others...

Every June the City of Boulder holds a round-the-city ride to show off its bike paths. This is the third year that I'll coordinate the group that marks the route with paint and signs. I just got a smart phone (a week ago!) and want to use it to help us mark the route this year. It will help us find our way while marking, and let me create a gpx file that participants in the ride can upload to their phones. This mount would make it a lot easier!

Ann Haebig more than 1 year ago

Easier access is a good thing!

I commute everywhere on my bike. EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, with my phone stuck in my rear pannier I can't grab it easily. There have been many times in the past month where faster access would have been nice. IN addition, I'd love to be able to see my time and GPS on the phone as I commute so I know when I have time to lollygag or when I need to be sprinting hard!

Sara more than 1 year ago

mount system contest

GPS/Cell phone - help me to navigate where I am at when I bike around different parts of my commuting adventure trips. Give me easy access to the area I am at right at my fingertips ..no more scouring around my bags looking for my cell phone and miss breathtaking moments that just pass by me...LOL

Bee more than 1 year ago

I map every ride

I don't talk/text when I ride but I map every ride. I also listen to music on my phone. And when I had a serious accident where I was knocked unconscious, the paramedics knew who I was because I had my phone with me. I never, ever ride without it. Having it secured on my handlebars would be perfect and would ensure that it won't get knocked around. It would also make it more accessible in case I need to call 911 (or Animal Control for the loose dogs on the trail, which I've also had to do).

Mendo more than 1 year ago

Trail Rail Adjustable Cell/ GPS Handlebar Mount System

Just bought my state park pass and looking forward to geocache along the trails.

Heidi more than 1 year ago

Explore with confidence!

Excellent way to be adventurous-with resources at your finger tips to navigate whatever comes your way-change course-check the weather-or check-in on Mom. Let's go!

Leana Kozokari more than 1 year ago

SOMETIMES being lost is cool, but....

While I firmly subscribe to George Harrison's sentiment from one of his last recorded songs, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there", I sometimes just like to find my way home and use my smart phone for that purpose. It's awful hard to do with traffic noise overriding the phone's max volume when it is muffled by being inside a pocket and having it securely mounted on my handlebars would do the trick, (as long as it is not one of the many rainy days we have here in the Pacific Northwest)!

Robin more than 1 year ago

Handlebar mount system

This would look so cool on my orange Public bike!

Sondra Bernard more than 1 year ago

Need to ride hands free

So I can keep 2 hands on the handle bars.
I live to use my phone. This would be great for mapping my rides, to use maps or to simply listen to music.

Sandy N more than 1 year ago


I have begun leading group rides for kids earning a bike and I personally have only just started to cave into the wave of technology in order to utilize the tools for leading group rides for kids, homeless youth, and family rides. The other day I had a piece of paper (my map) flapping in the wind as I tried to lead a large group of kids through a neighborhood to a park-needless to say-this would help me out a ton. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Daniel more than 1 year ago

so I can learn the roads where I grew up!

(but never went anywhere but school and home... :p)

boy do I need a lot of "recalculating"...

Lily more than 1 year ago

Two hands on the bars!

I SOOOOO need this! You would have to personally see what it is like when I try to fish my phone out of my pocket to check the distance or look at a text. Save me from bodily harm! Pick me!

MaryBeth more than 1 year ago

Phone Mount

I'm tired of dropping my phone!

Jeffrey Arnold more than 1 year ago


I would simply use it as a glorified bike computer, while making sure I make the train on time on my daily commute.

JJ Strahle more than 1 year ago

Trail rail

I have no sense of direction. Help!

DJ more than 1 year ago

Trail Rail and Geocache

I have just introduced my daughters to the fun of Geocacheing and we've decided that this summer would be a good time to push things further and try some by bicycle. My Geocache app is on my phone and I use the Google maps app regularly. Of course, I would be very careful and would not text or email whilst riding. That would be bad. :-D

Andrew Leach more than 1 year ago

I would use this when traveling

I could really use a gps/cell handlebar mount system when I travel. I often attend conferences in various cities around the US, and when I do, I like to rent a bike to get from my B&B to the conference and also to explore the city. This has been especially fun over the last couple of years as the bicycling infrastructure has expanded in so many cities: Austin, New York, Seattle, etc. I am usually clipping my route notes to the brake cables, but a phone mount would be much better!

Karen Canady more than 1 year ago

Plotting the future

It will help me plot my future, and a whole lot of riding will be in it!

Iris W. more than 1 year ago

You are here

How can you know where you're going, if you don't know where you are, and where you've been? Trail Rail will help me rectify that!

Jun Z. more than 1 year ago