July 21, 2014

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A Solution For the Disabled

I have a permanent disability, but I can still ride a bike somewhat. My dog is a runner and high energy Aussie Shepherd and it's difficult for me to exercise her. This would make it easy for me to run her, and get a little exercise myself.

Bruce Dean 144 days ago

Too much of a good thing?

I know people mean well when they use their bike to give their dog a good run. The problem is that dogs are not built to trot long distances without stopping to sniff or leave their mark (pee). And far too often, the dogs I see with their owners on bikes are not trotting, they're galloping - absolutely not a natural movement beyond short bursts. I've also seen dogs running in excessive heat, which compounds the problems above. Please take the time to walk your dog. I'd be pleased to discuss this further with anyone who can better inform this concern!

Tom Walker 145 days ago

Riding with my dog

It would be great to ride with Lily. She always wants to go faster than I can walk/run!

R. Stickles 145 days ago

My Husky Summit just loves it

My Summit loves to run, only on the bike I can keep up with him. So it makes us both happy and tired :)

Annett Forcier 145 days ago

Dog Style

Would love to win for my wife a she loves dogs.

Peter Shaw 146 days ago

Doggy Time

Love to win this!

Sande macEachern 146 days ago

Quality time with my dog

The reason I enjoy biking with my dog is that it is the quality time I get to spend with him. I work n nights as a paramedic, so during most of the day when he is awake I am sleeping. Getting out with him on the bike is when we can share some time together.

Tim Talbott 146 days ago

My rescue pup

I'm currently in the process of trying to find the rescue pup that is right for me. As an avid cyclist, i'd love for my new pup to get the exercise he or she needs with me! Would love to win this.

W. Siemens 147 days ago

I love riding with my dog because...

I love riding with my dog because she loves it! She can really get going and loves running fast, the only time she can do that is when I'm with her on my bike!

Jordann 147 days ago

Biking with me girl!

My pup, Rainey, loves being outside and riding with her gives us both adventure and exercise!

Kelsey 148 days ago

Woof Cycle Bike Trotter review

We have two 3 year old dogs who love to run with us, but no way currently of keeping them from dashing off aftera squirrel. Would love to try this out, and maybe buy a second one if it seems to be a great solution.

Susan 148 days ago

Woof Woof

Here we go, as my wife would love to win this

Peter Shaw 148 days ago

family friend

bike riding with our family dog is fun for everyone, making it safe is peace if mind and more relaxing for us. I would love to have this in our garage as a spare for our visitor's abd their dogs to enjoy too when they come to visit.

Emilia Turner 148 days ago

I have a bicycle and a dog...

...but I've never tried walking my dog using my bicycle. This sounds either fantastic or dangerous. I won't know until I try!

Joe 148 days ago

Bike the Dog

Biking is fun. Walking the dog is fun. It's just natural to combine the two.

Mary Anderson 148 days ago

biking with dogs

We don't want our dog to be the reason that we don't bike as much as we used to! So getting her comfortable biking means we can still get around town the way we prefer, in a way that is fun for her!

Anne B 148 days ago

Weim and bike

We HAVE to cycle with our weimaraner who would otherwise demolish our lives. He loves it and it is the only thing that makes him tired (for an hour or so:). It took a concussion, breaking elbow and a toe to get him to feel guilty if he pulls for a bird or a rabbit but well worth it. Start of a ride is always a bit traumatic for me as he is fully charged but at the end, bike wins when all of the sudden Pedro (the weim) is behind:). We ride in Liberty State Park, three times a day (yeap...) - rain or shine - cast or no cast.

Maya 148 days ago

Perfect for me!

As a cyclist and dog lover, this would be the perfect accessory to add to my dog walking business! Being in downtown phoenix, I bike out to my client's location.

Kaylah kola 148 days ago

Prince of Barkness

My Ozzy, Prince of Barkness Boston Terrier would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go biking with me! He is a very active 4 year old and would love to cruise up and down the streets with me. I have tried riding with him while holding a leash in my hand but it's nearly impossible. This would be so great and much safer for him and me while we both get our exercise!

Kelly Paananen 148 days ago

For our rescue...

Our dog is a rescue dog who came to us with high anxiety. She needs lots of exercise
and loves to be with the pack on all outings, this would be great!

Queenie 148 days ago

Cool idea

I'd like to ride with my dog, Holly, because she's a high energy dog and she needs her workout or she's a pain.

Paul Molnar 148 days ago


This is so much better than a leash.

Bob 148 days ago

Cooper wants to go with me on bike rides!

When I say the word "walk"
Cooper is ready to rock
when we chase squirrels
he's on top of the world
A gleam in in his eyes
and a smile on his face
he loves to run
he loves to race!
but when we get the bicycles ready
he dutifully stays in his crate so steady
it breaks my heart to leave him at home
Is there a way for a man, bike and dog to roam?!

Randy Brumley 148 days ago

Bike trotter

My girl is my best buddy and I like to take her everywhere. We live on the WO&D bike path so we could use it every day.

sharon meagher 148 days ago

We've always wanted...

...to take Cooper with us on a ride, but didn't know a good way to do it. This is brilliant!

Angie Brumley 148 days ago


I would love to take my doggy pal with me. And it would be safer than leashed while I'm biking.

Judy Foster 148 days ago

Too much energy!

This will help me keep up with the dog!

Morgan Staines 148 days ago

Best Buddies

Having my best buddy along side of me while were out exploring makes it the best day ever. This would be awesome for the both of us.

Darlene Wetzel 148 days ago

New Best Friend

I just adopted a puppy, and would like to take him out for rides after he's grown a bit.

I was initially worried time spent on walks would replace the time my wife and I spend cycling. We'll still share a quality experience of time outdoors together during walks, but it would be nice to change things up with a bike ride here and there.

Jason 148 days ago


Being with my dog makes me really happy/energize, combining with an exercise activity=WOW BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!

Laura 148 days ago