January 14, 2013

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Happy commuting

My son, Calder, is about to celebrate his two-year anniversary with his Yepp Mini (oh, yeah, and his third birthday too). I was a bike commuter before he was born, and as soon as he was able to safely ride with me, he became a bike commuter too. It has been a wonderful two years of having him in the front seat, riding to the grocery store, to preschool, to the library, throughout cities and towns and countryside. I am a little sad that it's about time to move him to the rear, but I know no matter where he's sitting, we will continue our adventures on the bike. We'd love the Yepp Maxi for our transition to the next stage of our cycling together.

Anne Marie Mak more than 1 year ago

Time for Adventure!

My wife and I have a 3 year old daughter, and a 1 year old son. If I win the Yipp Maxi seat, I would put it on the bike I use to ride around every day, and I would be able to stop driving nearly altogether. Many of these may seem a bit too practical, but making the mundane daily routines fun is something I remember very fondly from my childhood that I want to share with my kids. Here are some, but certainly not all of, the places that we would go.
- Day Care: Driving to and from day care makes up the largest amount of driving our family does. However, bicycle commuting from our home to day care takes less time than it does to drive there. The result is that we would get to spend more time at home together because we could leave for day care later, leave day care earlier, and have more fun during our commute. (See this video for fun reference: http://vimeo.com/6524248)
- Grocery Store: Grocery shopping is the second largest amount of driving our family does, which would be made far more fun if we had a Maxi seat because we could stop at parks, playgrounds, or to meet new friends, and friendly animals (the kids like animals) far easier than if we were driving.
- Friends, Parks, and Playgrounds: Our house has a Bike Score of 89, with more than half a dozen parks on the way, or a short detour away from our daily commute and shopping trips. A thirty minute ride gives us access to dozens more, museums, and the homes of most of our friends to visit. I plan on lots of trips to these places for visits, feeding ducks, family picnics, and playing adventures.
- Camping: With so many parks near our home, I look forward to take our kids on sub-24 hour overnight camping trips, and enjoy things like toasted marshmallows, camping food, sleeping outside, and storytelling.
- Foreign Countries: My wife is an archeologist with a focus on island southeast Asia. My bike was built with S&S couplers to bring it with when traveling with her. I cannot wait to take the kids for rides while visiting other countries, so we can try new foods, see local sights, and make exciting memories.

Chris more than 1 year ago

Greater Boston

My son's about to outgrow his Yepp Mini. We travel to school, grocery store, and the local parks. My youngest isn't quite ready for the Mini, but will join us soon on our bike bus.

Shoji more than 1 year ago

Bike Oregon

My wife and I are planning a bike trip on some of the scenic highways in Oregon. We want to take our little one along with us. We plan to bike, camp, and have an adventure. He will ride in a trailer some of the time, but a rear bike seat would be a great addition. He could see all the sights he wouldn't be able to see in the trailer.

Mark more than 1 year ago

Bike seat entry

We would ride in style in the local state parks and bike trails. The baby said she is ready to hit the road.

Randi Carter more than 1 year ago

Over hill, over dale

Dusty trail.... Anywhere and everywhere my bike will take us! Woohoo!

Bonnie more than 1 year ago

Towards a love of the outdoors

This would be great to carry my daughter around in so that she can come with me on my bike rides around the trails in our town. Taking walks is one of her favorite things to do; I can imagine that biking around would only make her love the outdoors even more!

Shannon more than 1 year ago

When a Baby is Born

So is a grandmother.

Barbara Bandhauer more than 1 year ago

Bye,Bye, Baby, Don't Be Blue

I've won this bicycle seat just for you.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago


Using our yepp front seat, my wife and I were able to get rid of a car, and our now 18 month old and I were able to go nearly everywhere on our bike. Some days we did 20+ miles, traversing the city, meeting friends for lunch, heading to the playground and the zoo. Our first yepp helped us live a car free life in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Now our beautiful baby is a smart and insanely fun toddler, and she loves biking just as much as always, but she's going to have outgrown her front yepp by the time biking season rolls around. We would love to have this so that we could keep up our non-motorized lifestyle!

Tyler Doornbos more than 1 year ago

Bike Seat Contest

Would love this for myself and my almost 3 year old son. Still trying to lose this baby weight. :) Thanks!

Karen McCormick more than 1 year ago

Grandparent ride

My wife and I are avid cyclists, but when our grandson comes to visit we sometimes feel that we need to stay off of our bikes. It would be great to have the Yepp Maxi Rear Child Bicycle Seat attached to one of our touring bikes, or even our tandem, for trips in rural Ontario.

Ken deBoer more than 1 year ago

Real Talk

My one year old and I have plans to be the first father-son team to bike from Portland, Oregon to Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego in Chile but until then I will probably just tote him around town to brewpubs that allow minors.

Sloan more than 1 year ago

11 Mile Loop Trail

We have a wonderful 11 mile paved loop trail that goes along the Columbia River. Beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife to be seen! Perfect for a bike and little rider!

Marci more than 1 year ago

Going farther even closer!

Ohhhh!! This is the contest for me!! We are a car-free family of 5 and as my 5yo is getting ready to pedal on her own the Yepp Maxi Rear Child Bicycle Seat is the answer for our 2 year old! We are looking forward to leaving the trailer behind for many trips, the Yepp Maxi Rear Child Bicycle Seat will streamline our rig for all of our car free adventures from the grocery store to dentist office, play dates to recreation rides on our small town's multi-use trail. Www.ibikeubike.com

Sarah Beth more than 1 year ago

I'd Go...

...Zoobombing!!!! Woohoo! Little Zeeboy is gonna LOVE this!

John O'Toole more than 1 year ago

Cool seat

Everywhere - but most often to school and back

David Weisz more than 1 year ago

I want to ride my bicycle!

We will be riding along the Centennial Trail in Spokane, WA. And we'll probably bring it camping too so we can ride around the campsites.

Travis Nelson more than 1 year ago

Nice seat for my new kid

It will be nice to had this seat on my bike for my son born last year. We will ride the park, the city to have fun togerher.

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

Yepp Maxi Rear Child Bicycle Seat

If Baby Lucy (due 4/16/13) won this cool seat, we'd ride through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach, along the Great Highway, around Crissy Field, up and down the Embarcadero, all over Angel Island, over the Golden Gate Bridge, via San Francisco's bike lanes to the ball park, cruise Sunday Streets, and wind up ready for plenty of naps after many nice cycling days in the city!

Jennifer more than 1 year ago


I would ride to the park and to family and friends houses for play dates.

Tanya more than 1 year ago


I'd ride top to bottom on the new sherbourne bike lane with princess Lia.

Xander Labayen more than 1 year ago

Child seat

To the grocery store, to school, to the park, to the library. All places important in a child's life.

David Higley more than 1 year ago


We'd go everywhere. No car means transit, a stroller, shoulder rides, walking or biking. That's ok for my older kids, but my daughter can't quite manage a bike yet so our mobility is limited.

Dan Donovan more than 1 year ago

I would take my boy in his Yepp seat to...

We would ride everywhere! We would commute to preschool together, swing by theLichton Springs park and visit with family at lunch, followed by a lovely jaunt to the Zoo. We would ride out for snacks (coffee for me, banana for him) and run errands like library book pickups and groceries. We would ride on family bike rides with friends, and longer rides around Lake Washington. We would explore the 31 parks of Shoreline, and test out as much of the interurban trail as we could. We would join in on bike ride Sundays at Seward Park, and see if we could make it to BikeWorks in one afternoon. We would ride to the beach at Golden Gardens and get ice cream at Ballard Locks. We would visit the Science Center, children's museums, community centers, and the gym. We would make new friends on bikes and visit old ones. The question isn't where would we could, it is how far can we go today?

MaLora Ann more than 1 year ago

Out of the urban jungle!

I would love to spend time with my daughter riding in the gorgeous Yosemite Valley in California and teach her about bicycles, sustainability, and the preservation of the environment.

Octavio more than 1 year ago

Queens Park

I'd take my boy on a ride in around Queens Park and the U of T campus. Perhaps it is in hopes that one day he'll go to the same school I did :p

Simon more than 1 year ago

We'll go everywhere

My four-year-old is still too unsure to ride a bike on his own, or even to ride one of those little bike attachments that hook onto the back, so we'll be sticking to a bike seat for now, and the YEPP seems like the bet one fr an older kid. We'll be grocery shopping, riding to the park, the farmer's market, ad to/from school. Next bike upgrade: electricity!

tb more than 1 year ago

cycling choices

We have a 2.5 year old son with another one on the way in March. We make as many choices as we can to live a car free life and the Yepp Maxi would help make that happen. We are working on how to get to daycare (and later school) by bike - right now it is a bus trip with some walking but considering the distance the Yepp Maxi would make it even easier. We would also use it to get to playdates or community soccer practises when the time comes. We installed a bike rack in our driveway to make storage easier. Now it is time to get a bike seat to increase the options available to us.

Kate Whitfield more than 1 year ago

riding on the Yepp

If I win the Yepp, my son & I will ride everywhere: to the park, to visit friends & family, to run errands. We don't have a car, so it's bike, feet or bus for us!

Lisa Corriveau more than 1 year ago


Where wouldn't we go?!!!
Most likely, trips to the zoo, daycare and many play dates.

Lindsay more than 1 year ago

To the future!

Where will I ride with my little one? Simple: to the future.

Why? Because I want to teach my daughter that there's more to getting around than driving. That biking together is fun. That it's fast. That even a quick ride to school or the grocery store counts as quality time. And that it's a great way to be independent while also being aware of the community of which we're a part.

And the cool thing is that more we bike, the better future we'll have. I'll be healthier and be more likely to be there for her in her future. She'll be happier and smarter, more connected to her environment and more appreciative of where she lives.

These are all valuable lessons she's going to need as she grows up and starts riding on her own. Because in the future I want to hand off to my daughter, there will be many more bikes!

Doug Gordon more than 1 year ago

Every day biking and adventures!

We are a car-free family so this seat would make our everyday biking easier. We also like to take our kid on little bike tours/overnight trips. We love the Yepp Mini already, it's a great seat!

Elle Bustamante more than 1 year ago

Cycling in Oregon

We would go all kinds of places: the library, the grocery store, up and down the Springwater Trail. By next summer we'll have three kiddos, so this would be a perfect addition to our family since we just have one trailer for the kids.

Jenn J more than 1 year ago

Our daily commute

Our little one outgrew her carrier so this one would be just right. We've been using a trailer, but that's so difficult to park, lock and store.
The Yepp Maxi Rear Child Bicycle Seat would be the perfect thing for going to daycare and work everyday.

Nicole more than 1 year ago

Bike Everywhere!

I will ride everywhere with my son; to the park, to the library, the store, friends, and to pick up big sister from school. The possibilities are endless. We love bicycling as a family and with a new baby we can't wait to share our love of bikes with him.

Mary Anderson more than 1 year ago

To the beach!

I would ride out to the beach with my son and enjoy a picnic in the sun! We could chat about what we see along the way, and maybe sing a few songs together as we go :)

Melissa more than 1 year ago

Three Rivers Heritage Trail

We would take this out on Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Heritage Trail!

Iris Winter more than 1 year ago

Great Allegheny Passage

This would be a great help to get us out on the Great Allegheny Passage for some bike camping!

Jun Zuniga more than 1 year ago