May 13, 2013

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Singing on the bike

My 19 month old son has tried two bike carriers in his life - a trailer, and a bike seat. In the trailer, he was crying. In the bike seat, he was singing. I'm hoping for a summer filled with music!

Cynthia Robillard more than 1 year ago

Looking forward to family biking

We don't quite have a toddler yet, but I'm already looking forward to toddling around with a kid on a bike! I can't imagine stopping biking just because the family grows a little bit - if anything that's the best time to ride.

Jon-o more than 1 year ago


As a family, we love exploring the outdoors on our bicycles. However, our daughter's primary complaint with our current child carrier is that she can't see what we see. Similar to the front loading carriers we used with her for walks while she was an infant, the Yepp Mini would solve this problem and fill the next two years with lots of exciting adventures.

Steve more than 1 year ago

Small Kamal, Big Adventures

At 9 and a half months, Kamal is just now old enough to sit in a bike seat--and we're taking it slow with frequent, short rides to make sure he's built up enough strength in those little neck muscles to comfortably stabilize his helmeted head.

But I am thrilled to be able to share my love of cycling with him, and looking forward to long, happy rides together along bike trails and around town. It's important to me that he grow up not thinking of a car as a necessary, primary method of transportation. I want him to feel as empowered as I picking up a flat of strawberries or meeting a friend or getting to a doctor's appointment, entirely propelled by my legs and totally unconcerned about gas prices; I want him to be in touch with the change of seasons and the nuances of weather in a way it's hard to be from inside a car. Riding along with mama in a bike seat is an important first step to what I hope is a lifetime of everyday adventuring on a bike of his own.

Lorelle more than 1 year ago

Kid in Spaaaace!

Our first kid rides daily.
She learned to speak on a bike ride, waving her hand at her Mama's bike and shouting sounds that eventually formed themselves into, "wawa-watah, water bottle!" At three, she knows the faces of newspaper vendors and barristas, she knows the alley shortcuts and the unavoidable hills. She knows her way around the city. She has a level of comfort in shared urban space that I do not believe she could learn from the backseat of a car.
Kid number two should appear any day now. He'd have at least as good a shot at becoming a Junior Jane Jacobs if he got a seat, too.

Davey Oil more than 1 year ago

Hot chocolate, biiike and time together

My little dude wakes up and smiles, hair all rumpled, and immediately says 'Hot Chocolate. Biiiike!' After dropping off my two oldest children at school, my youngest and I hop on 'our' Electra and take a ride to our favorite spot. Coffee for me, hot cocoa for him. I love that he asks for this special time together and our rides never disappoint. Smiles and great time together-- memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Shelby Reynolds more than 1 year ago

The Giggles!

Riding with my best friends and their two kids is how I unwind from my crazy graduate school schedule! I love the giggles and big smiles!

J. K. Hughes more than 1 year ago

my old pink schwinn with the cool banana seat

ahh the memories.......well the world has changed from the 60's but my memories are strong. and I want to share time now with the grandkids (4 so far!) and make memories with them...just think of what the kids will be talking about in 2035....."remember the bikerides with Grandma and that cool yepp with the windshield and little miffy".....ahh the memories....

grandma Lynn more than 1 year ago

Miffy on a bike!

Although Sprout (due in 4 weeks) will not quite big enough for a bike seat this summer, biking has been our main mode of transportation up til now, so I'm looking forward to keep sharing bike-time come next spring. Also, having grown up with Dick Bruna's characters, I have a soft spot for this design!

s.t. more than 1 year ago

king of the world

Riding with my little guy makes him feel like the king of the world! I love making him feel that way

s.h. more than 1 year ago

Teaching Outdoor Adventures

My 22-month old niece already loves the outdoors. I always wish I could take her biking with me, but I don't have a seat for her. I know she'd LOVE biking!

Shannon more than 1 year ago

The Look on Her Face

I love the look on her face, the thrill in my 2 year olds eyes as we zoom through the wind. She shrieks with delight as we zip over hills and bumps in the road. In a borrowed bike seat though because we don't have one but would love to add one to our bikes!

Danielle S more than 1 year ago

Riding with my kids

I love riding, and having my kids around, my 16 year old is riding on her own, I pull the tandem with twins! They're 3 years old and just started loving to ride, but the first time it was very hard, because they did not like their helmets! I am hooked on safety and did not let them take it off. I always wanted to have a separate seat to go with with just one toddler!

Irina G more than 1 year ago

Cheering Section

I love riding with my toddler because he always gives me encouragement. Especially on the hills.

Amber Hixson more than 1 year ago

win a Yepp Mini Front Child Bicycle Seat

I would love to win this. I have 7 grandchildren and we have so much fun riding together. The youngest one is in a stroller. Our family ride would be so much faster, longer and fun for the wee one too

Emilia more than 1 year ago

Let's ride

My grandchildren love being outside and I love to ride. Like peanut butter and chocolate, the perfect combo

Matt more than 1 year ago

for my grandkid

She loves to ride!

Lynne more than 1 year ago


I love riding with my kids!

Alix more than 1 year ago


That's what my daughter yells, hands in the air, when we ride together.

Holly more than 1 year ago


My children are a little older but it will be great to ride with my niece, two on the same bike is very funny!

Chantal Lagotte more than 1 year ago


Young child really like to stroll on bike and me too, so when we're together that's great!

Denis Mac Donald more than 1 year ago

Love To Bike!

I love bicycling with my ten year old and look forward to many fun adventures with my five month old.

Mary Anderson more than 1 year ago

grandson turns 1 year old on the 19th.

I'd love to introduce him to pedal-power in his own yepp seat asap.

Tom Childs more than 1 year ago

Yepp Please

Would love to win this for my son. We ride frequently with him in a carrier and i think he would have so much fun in a front facing carrier.

Shauna Smoliak more than 1 year ago

"When can we ride bikes?"

I love riding with my kids because they are so happy to do it. They ask me when we can ride bikes several times a week. Whenever we ride, they are fun to talk to about the things we see, and where we are going.

Chris Nygaard more than 1 year ago

Yepp Mini

I would LOVE to have one of these to take my grandson with me!

Robin Dale more than 1 year ago

The perfect gift

My kid is a bit big for this now, but it will make the perfect gift for someone I know so they too can enjoy the bittersweet process of instilling a love of biking in their baby then watching them bike off on their own one day!

mike more than 1 year ago

Riding with grandma

I would love to ride with my granddaughter. Knowing how much she enjoy's people watching from her stroller - she'd really love the view up here!

Cora more than 1 year ago

"I can ride with Daddy"? Yepp, that's right son.

Two years ago I was introduced to cyclocross and fell in love with cycling all over again. My wife showed some signs of trepidation as I am somewhat injury prone. Having my family at the events has been a joy and seeing my daughter of 4 years of age race her first "lil' nutters race was moving and such a joy to watch. My boy who turns 2 in November usually watches from the sidelines and I can see it in his eyes how badly he wants to bee a part of something greater. His babbles say... Dad, this is perfect, not only can I ride with you but if you fall Miffy will protect us both.

Gregg Moore more than 1 year ago

Yepp Mini...

Thirty plus years ago, I would take my son for bike rides on the back of my bike. It would be great to do the same with my future grandchild.

Krysia Cording more than 1 year ago

Power to choose

My family is just embarking on the "family ride" journey. With a 4 year old and 2 year old, I'm looking forward to having some options that let my 4 yr old try riding, while my 2 year old can feel a part of the action. Everyone is happy when Taylor is happy, and her favorite thing is to be part of the "thrill!"

Amanda more than 1 year ago


I want to introduce my granddaughter to the enjoyment of cycling from the front seat of
Poppa Jim's. recumbent .I am sure her smiles and laughter will bring out the neighborhood to join us!

James veselka more than 1 year ago

Front Seat Views!

Hi, my name is Sophie. I am 8 months old and can't wait to ride in the front seat. I know I will get the best views from this seat. My mum and dad will ride with me to the store, to Oma and Opa's and to the park. I will point out the great sites along the way and have an ear to ear grin the whole time. I can't wait to ride a bike for the first time.
Biker girl (wanabe)

Hanna more than 1 year ago


I have just moved to a new city with little Ninoc and we are raring to explore! Unfortunately Ninoc is still a little too young to be biking, but I anticipate the best part about cycling with my daughter will be finding freedom again! When the time comes, Ninoc will be going to daycare by bike and if she is anything like me, she will love the fresh air to start her day.

Sarah more than 1 year ago

after supper bike ride

We love going for an affer supper bike ride with our two dogs and would love to be able to go all together as a family. There is no better way to settle down after supper and get ready for bed than going for a bike ride.

Jessica more than 1 year ago

Keeping Magic fresh

The toddler in question is my grand daughter, who is 1 1/2 years old. Now, as a full time cyclist, I know that being on a bike is magic. Going through neighborhoods and just cruising around is joyful and always fresh. With a little one, though, the magic is even bigger; there is always something to see, to remark upon, to share. I love to see her little world expand, and to be a part of her learning and experiencing life. What better place than upon a bicycle?

Tony more than 1 year ago

sharing, learning & laughter

Sharing the joy of wind, speed and sunlight that the freedom of the bike brings as the snow melts. Realizing it is not only more fun but faster to ride to grandma’s house over the railroad bridge than having to take the car. Knowing that in the blink of an eye I will be beaming as my son takes off on his own bike but right now I can have him next to me laughing and seeing the world whizz by together.

Shauna more than 1 year ago

Share the ride!

Hearing your kid giggle and know you've shared the joy of cycling!

John more than 1 year ago

Ride baby, ride

This is the best! I want to be a baby again to ride in that seat. Would be so much funny. Hope our newly born can enjoy it.

Jean-Francois more than 1 year ago

So happy together!

Our first two rode around in trailers, which was good fun but I'd love for our third to enjoy our rides a little closer to me (or Dad!) and really see and hear their great experiences. This lighter set-up will definitely encourage me to bike farther!

Carie more than 1 year ago

For Ada

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Ada Joyce who lived in Vancouver BC. Ada Joyce had red hair & blue eyes & an insatiable appetite for adventure. So far her only adventures had comprised of the trip home from the hospital, a picnic at Spanish Banks, a visit to the midwife clinic, fish and chips at White Rock, and several jaunts along Stanley Park trails. But her parents could tell from the start she wanted more. Ada wanted to feel the wind in her hair (through a helmet) & whiz of 2 wheels beneath her great big diaper. Ada wanted to visit far off places like East Van and UBC that are all easily accessible by a vast network of bike paths. Ada dreamed of trikes and training wheels, of bmxs and her first bike with gears, of baskets and spokey dokies and handlebar streamers. But Ada knew that her very first foray into the world of biking adventures, would have to be on her Dad's handlebars, securely fastened into a 5 point harness and only the Yepp Mini would do!!!!

Megan Dixon more than 1 year ago

perfect ride

i can't wait for the day when my little girl (now 6 months old) can learn to love cycling as much as her parents do. this would be a great way to get her started!

lindsay more than 1 year ago

bike to the future

We're looking into cycling options for when our little one is read to hit the road. This would be great! We can't wait until we can go on family rides...

cory more than 1 year ago

Fun family adventures

I love biking with my toddler because it's so much more fun than driving! With a front-mounted seat, we're hugging and chatting as we run our errands. When we drive, we're buckled into individual seats, facing in opposite directions and unable to talk because of the engine noise and the necessity of watching the road. I love the chance to get around slower and truly see more. When we take the road, we whiz by other cars and don't see much of anything. When we bike, we take the trail and show each other neat birds, wave at other cyclists, pick blackberries as we roll by the bushes, and generally enjoy every second of our journey. I like the chance to teach my kids that life should be lived to be enjoyed in every moment, not just rushed through. In short, biking with toddlers is the best!

Clare more than 1 year ago


I have twin boy toddlers who both love to be on the bike! We live on a small island and my wife and I take them to the market and the library on our bikes. It's just a great way for the whole family to have fun, and they sure like it better than being stuck in a car seat. I think this also helps set the stage for what I hope will be a lifetime of cycling for them. They already carefully watch what I'm doing so I believe we're instilling good habits (signalling, stopping at intersections, etc) right from the start. I currently am using a hand-me-down iBert on the front of my bike and a hand-me-down Co-pilot on the back. The boys both much prefer to be on the front, so it'd be great to have an extra front-carrier for my wife's bike. And the windshield would be great for the cooler/wetter days that keep us at home now.

Emanuel Borsboom more than 1 year ago

Comfort for my little one

I am excited to see the Yepp Mini as a prize, and yepp, I really want one for my 9 month old! I just rode in cyclofemme on the weekend without my kids and admired another mom who had her children in two yepp seats on her extracycle. She rocked it!

I have been waiting for the day my family can once again cycle together to parks, school, bakeries, ice cream joints, you get the idea? Since having my second child, walking has been my main transportation. Let's ditch the car, I am longing to get on my bike with my baby, oh no, soon to be toddler! He is ready to get in that hot seat and take the reigns!

Viva la baby seat a bicicleta!

and thank you for such awesome contests!

Victoria Levesque more than 1 year ago

Fun times

I like to ride with a toddler because they get to view the world in a whole new way. See things and enjoy the wonderful lifestyle of cycling. I had the luxury of being in a bike carrier as a toddler myself and I have a good feeling this is why I love to cycle as much as I did growing up and as an adult.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

Healthy ways

After having my baby boy 14 months ago I have made it my mission to drop the baby weight and loose an additional 25lbs so that I can be healthy for my boy. The saving grace to this has been cycling/spin classes each morning at 6am. I would love to be able to take my little guy on my bike and show him the world through the seat of a Yepp Mini. Life is all about memories and I hope to create those with him on our bike together. Thank you.

Alanna Parsons more than 1 year ago

On va!

The family that bikes together stayikes together! Wow, I just created a new word!

John more than 1 year ago

What could be better than nap time on a bike?

I've been waiting all winter to introduce our 10-month-old to the pure joy of being on a bicycle: the sun on our faces, the wind through our helmet hair, and the world waiting to be explored. Plus, what could be better than nap time on a bike? Not much.

Heather more than 1 year ago

we one rides with us!

as an instant dad*, I've had a fast and sharp learning curve regarding parenthood. the experience is akin to barreling down an open road or snug single track with love, life, work, and social responsibilities simultaneously chasing, biting, and supporting you.

a lesson I've learned in this real life education regarding child rearing is this: amor solamente.

it took a while, it took effort, and continues every breathing moment. with this love, this unrequited protection, mutual nurturing, and open honoring we breathe life into our progeny. the way we approach these‡ daily and countless moments is how we shape their, and by extension our, futures.

with that being said, I see the act of sharing cycling as an act of empowerment, trust, and shear, unadulterated (lull that word around for a moment… ) joy.

my own father, a true Papa Bear, allowed me to rise, and fall, on many a bicycle-related occasion (and later followed by motorcycles, but that's for another blog). he pushed me around on my trike, Big Wheel, training wheels, freedom wheels. we flew up hills with much needed and appreciated 'uppies!', and descended scary open expanses of asphalt giggling and smiling sky wide.

my father taught me the art of bicycle maintenance. or is it frustration? either way, he taught me how to true a bicycle wheel. or untrue a bicycle wheel as my first foray into wrenching went. he bought be all the protective gear my consequence unaware body could use. while I didn't always appreciate it all (sorry, dad, for hiding my helmet under the bush at the end of our street on my excursions throughout Klamath Falls), I did appreciate his love, his passion, and the freedom he instilled and shared with me.

now, myself a proud father, am entrusted, or at least offered, the chance to share this passion of two wheels gracing Earth. I can choose to crash this inherited and bestowed gift, or I can choose to stabilize, support, and see it live on in our son and his future sibling(s).

this is what it will mean to me to ride with our child. this is what we're crafting to share and continue. the love of human powered possibility.

cheers and keep the rubber side down (mostly).

- Rick Pickett

* my wife's biological son is now our son

‡ I actually just had to leave the computer to find out what our son was rifling for in the fridge which almost led to an experience akin to the blog Reasons My Son is Crying (, but was quickly avoided by leading with love (and some order since he already had two filled sippy cups, and "no mo' coco [water]" was my ruling). We ended up snuggling in the Escondido heat on the couch, numbing the torment of denial.

Rick Pickett more than 1 year ago


We, as a family, just decided that I (the mom) will stay home with our second child instead of returning to work. This decision also included turning us from a two car family, into a single car family.
We try and use our bikes as much as possible. This Yepp seat will allow me to still have the freedom of a vehicle, by allowing me to transport our 11 month old town.

Lindsay more than 1 year ago

Makes People Smile.

Nothing makes people smile more than a baby (well, maybe a puppy). My wife and I like to lead by example and riding with our 10 month old on the front of our bikes will demonstrate many things: our kids will learn that cycling is often the best mode of transportation, we learn to slow down and be more aware of our surroundings, and others who see us learn that biking with kids is fun and easy. The Yepp Mini Front Child Bicycle Seat will help put smiles on everyones faces = )

Eric Cardinal more than 1 year ago


What could be better than feeling like a kid while being with your kid? Even when running practical errands, there's that feeling of freedom and an 'I can go anywhere' attitude while getting some fresh air. My joy of cycling can get passed down as well as the great memories we'll have of being together.

Jenn J more than 1 year ago

Cultivating Curiousity

Our daughter is only 10 months old, but she is already amazingly curious about anything and everything. She doesn't miss a beat and is constantly exploring her surroundings mostly though sight and taste. Everything goes in her mouth!

She enjoys a bike ride in her trailer, but her view of the world passing her by is limited. She has a great view of mom or dad's backside, and a decent view of things to her right and left. I can't wait to have her up front with me so we can explore the world together. She will have a greater view of the world around her, she'll be able to ask questions and I'll be able to point things out. Added bonus it sets us up for excellent games of iSpy.

Thanks for this excellent giveaway.

Maria Ashley more than 1 year ago

It's fun!

I love to ride with my toddler (and preschooler, and kindergartener) because it's fun! Apparently she agrees - she often walks around the house patting her head and asking for her helmet. I guess that like me, she prefers smelling violets and birdwatching to sitting in traffic. We all love to get out on the bike!

Meika Weiss more than 1 year ago

My kids won't be Car Heads!

What's a Car Head? It's somebody who thinks the only good way to get around is by car. We don't hate cars! We need our car for certain trips and long distance travel. But Car Head thinking keeps us trapped in routines as well as infrastructure and investment decisions that limit us to car travel. So, I'm determined not to raise my kids as Car Heads. I want them to feel the freedom and exhilaration of getting around town by bike. My daughter loves it. She likes to feel the wind in her hair. She prods me to go faster, faster, faster (sometimes even brings her whistle with her to help keep me on my toes!) Besides raising kids who aren't limited to Car Head thinking, the benefits are too many to name. But it includes instilling healthy exercise habits in toddlers, helping them get to know their neighborhood and their city surroundings, spending quality time together, getting outside, learning lessons about gear and safety, developing environmentally friendly habits, and developing a sense of independence. Not to mention being able to easily stop and talk to people, look at birds or flowers or trees, have a picnic, check out a new park, look at a construction site or interesting architecture, watch a train, etc. etc. etc. It's a way of traveling with built-in learning opportunities, helping teach kids to be alert and observant and connected to the place they live. It's a huge win-win.

Anna Fahey more than 1 year ago