August 5, 2014

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I need a new lock

My 20 year old lock is showing its age- the lock is getting rusty and seizing up. A new lock would keep my new bike that I ride to work safe and secure once I get there.

Su 130 days ago

Love the letter D

My old lock is being passed down to my little sister, that is, if I get this new one. Crime is pretty rampant and I'd like the comfort of leaving my bike in the downtown area without a care in the world.

Claudia Campos 130 days ago

Not Me

People be lookin' at my bike and I tell them, "Hey! Stop that!" I know what they're thinking- oh yes, they're glad I have a wimpy lock and my bike is easy prey. I need a u lock.

Jess Lopez 130 days ago

Abus Lock

It is just a matter of time before my bike is taken… I only have a crummy wire lock. I would love to ride to work more often but afraid of losing my bike.

John Goethert 131 days ago


I ride to work as well as going to the store. I need a lock that can not be cut by cable cutters. Crime is on the rise and bikes are a popular item to steel.

Dan Jaroch 132 days ago

lock and roll

I'm hoping to win this lock because my last lock, which was on my bike parked at the beach, had to be broken open by a locksmith after i lost the key somehow.

rey 132 days ago

Arbus Granit 470 ULock

I need he Arbus Granit 470 ULock because my bicycles are my primary mode of transportation and I live in a city where bike theft is rampant.

Karen Voyer-Caravona 133 days ago

Abus lock

Would love to have one of these. Abus makes the best locks

Margo c 133 days ago

2nd lock

It be nice to have a 2nd lock so I can have a piece of mind when I walk away from my bike.

Laura 133 days ago

To Steal or not to Steal, that is the ?

OK, so this really isn't Shakespearean, but if I have the Abus lock for my trusty steed of steel, I shall wax poetic!

Trudy Benny 133 days ago

Roll with it!

Wow, living where I do on the mean streets of metropolis (I have changed the name of the city to protect the innocent) a quality lock like the Abus will keep my bike from being paranoid, yes, my bike is a living, breathing being!

Kari 133 days ago

Best lock ever!

Love to win this lock

Peter Shaw 133 days ago

Safe on my townie

I have this crazy skinny cable that could probably be cut with a pocket knife! Well, maybe I am exaggerating. I love my bike and would be absolutely crestfallen if it were stolen. So..... as I pedal around town with my daughter, hooking up the bikes with is lock would bring me a sense of security!

Shelby 133 days ago

Safe Bike Safe Life

why I need a secure new is keep one of my prize possessions safe and from someone taking it. No matter the value of a bike every cyclists has an attachment to their bike...and I am no different...memories, bike

Johns 133 days ago

bike locks

i don't want to lose one of my most important items. How would i do my errands.

sharon meagher 133 days ago

keep my special Bike Safe

I want to leave my bike alone when i go to work, and need to feel me relax, when i work, not thinking in my bike

Tomas 133 days ago

I need a great lock!

I have had TWO bikes stolen here from me in the last two years, one of them from where it was locked up right outside my front door! I commute by bicycle and don't have enough room to store it indoors!

Fritz Kreiss 133 days ago

replacing a lent-out lock

I lent out my other ABUS to my bro-in-law after a failed theft attempt in Portland left his cable lock useless, need something secure to lock our Yuba Mundo and CETMA with.

Craig 133 days ago

I want to give the Abus Lock away.

I very much would like to gift my husband a new secure Abus lock. He is STILL using an old cable lock which makes me nervous whenever we're out cycling. Peace of mind is an awesome thing!

Trish Kostian 133 days ago

To keep my Bike Safe

I could really use this lock because we travel a lot with our bikes and I'm always looking for the best new lock to keep my bike safe!

Erin W 133 days ago

To get around town

I need a new lock so I can feel more confident taking my bike more places.

Sarah 133 days ago

Need and want

I don't want to have a case of the hebbie-jeebies.

Turbo Bob 133 days ago

Touring Australia

We are setting off on a camping and cycling tour of Australia in December, and well, its true what they say - we are 90% descended from convicts down here. I need the best bike lock I can get.

Angie White 133 days ago

Unofficial Abus Ambassador of London ?

I used to pop into my local bike shop in London on Sat afternoons delivering for tea and biscuits. Saturday is the sales day for bike shops in London and I would cover them while they had a quick lnch. Busy period for bike shops are the months between April & August, which helps paying the bills during quieter months. I must have helped sell over 60+ Abus locks. I explained what Sold Secure and Bronze, Silver and Gold ratings mean. I convinced the latte holding new cyclists that yes you should buy an Abus lock for £30 or more (depending on value of bike) and not that curly stringy cable thing from the discount store. I showed them my bike and my Abus lock and told them It deters would be thieves. The shop staff loved having me around because I became there star salesman. I enjoyed meeting people and talking everything two wheeled related. Once the customer went to work or met fellow bike friends, they would say Abus is highly recommended and popular. So they were happy with their purchases. The funnies story was when a customer in bought hybrid bike+Abus lock and came back a week later . She said she was here to complain and will let all know about how bad our bikes are. We asked what the matter was and she said cyclists cannot be expected to be standing up all the time to pedal ! We agreed and asked why she didn't change gears ? Which we then demoed . She laughed and said thank you. - She had thought they were emergency brake levers ! She explained she had not used a bike since childhood 50+ years past !

Ram Silver 133 days ago

Like losing a leg.

My bike is like an extension of me that I use constantly to get everywhere, so the theft of it would be the equivalent of someone stealing my leg. Nobody wants to lose a leg.

Richard kuenstler. 133 days ago

Bike to school

My son needs a good lock to lock down his beloved 1960s banana bike

Memi 133 days ago

New bike needs new lock

I just got my first brand new bike, a brand new lock will keep it from disappearing.

Kevin 133 days ago

So I can use My Bike instead of My Car

If I have a good bike lock, I can use my bike for all errands and shopping in town instead of using my car.

Espen Jensen 134 days ago

Love my bike

The subject says it all, I love my bike and would be devastated to lose it.

Paul Molnar 134 days ago

stronger lock

IT would be a great upgarde to what I am currently using

Lawrence Seetoh 134 days ago

Shopping security

I need a lock to keep my bike safe while I'm grocery shopping!

Julie 134 days ago

I'm moving to the city soon

and I don't have a lock! I'd hate to lose my bike.

Jordann Brown 134 days ago

Don't wanna lose it.

My bikes are the best moments of my life. I want to keep them with me.

jeff Perry 134 days ago

Keep my bike safe

I've hady bike for 40 years and I'd like to keep
It a few more!

Morgan Staines 134 days ago

dying lock

My current lock is old - if it were a dog, it would be. . . Well, it's been a faithful companion, but the coating is wearing off, my second key doesn't work so good anymore. I think it's time. A young, peppy lock will be just the thing to get past the loss.

Ross 134 days ago

Advocacy is risky business

As a dedicated neighborhood greenway volunteer, I am often attending meetings all over the city where I have to leave my bike locked up outside, often in places where bicycle theft is a real problem. In order to keep doing this kind of volunteer work, I need a really secure lock that will fit through both my frame and front wheel. This would be a huge benefit to me because I would feel much better about leaving my bike behind while inside, often at night. Thanks for doing the lock giveaways, it's a great thing.

Bob Edmiston 134 days ago


Can't bring bike into office so must lock it on the rack or meter

d 134 days ago

Need a good lock

I need a good lock to replace my cheap cable lock.

Steve Morris 134 days ago

my bike is helping me break barriers and reach milestones!

my bike is my transportation, my exercise and my therapy. it has completely changed my life, i went from being 30 pounds overweight to doing my first triathalon thanks to my bike!! I can't lose it now!

Tasha Sargent 134 days ago

Great Lock

I need good locks to secure my ever more expensive bikes.

Jeff 134 days ago


My wife and I share a lock. We'd like to go different places sometimes

Adam Sokol 134 days ago

this bad boy

This bad boy would be great, since ive had two ulocks busted in the past. im sure this bad boy will be more secure.

xavier gunz 134 days ago


I just got a fancy new bike!

Dave 134 days ago

Locks good. Theives bad.

Locks good. Theives bad.

Gary Toriello 134 days ago

Protect This Bike!

Gotta protect my new Space Horse! I would cry for days if I lost it.

Natalie 134 days ago

Will Go Car Free as a family with a good lock!

I live in DC where people having been stealing bikes and even plants from yards (no joke)!! lol. I have a family of 5 ansare on the verge of going car free but need the beat lock to lock up our bike and or trailer. If I get the best lock (making it easy to bike as a family), I will have my family go car free!!

Victoria Eisenberg 134 days ago

Bike Lock

I am moving to DC and want to be sure my new bike is safe.

Michelle 134 days ago

Locking It Up

Just bought a new bike. I'd love to have this sweet lock.

Glessica R 134 days ago


My dog ate mine!

Kelsey L 134 days ago

More the merrier

One can never have too many locks.

Cecile C 134 days ago


Who could turn down a great lock? No such thing as too much security. Thank you!

MichelleC 134 days ago

ABUS Granit Plus 470 U-Lock

I keep acquiring bikes, but not new locks, so this one would come in very handy.

Sondra Bernard 134 days ago

Found my bike in the trash

... so I'd hate to spend more for my lock.

Tom Prager 134 days ago

Lock Down

when I toodle around town
i need something to lock down
my bike feels alone and scared
when i leave it just bare
so please let me when this crown
to lock my little green surly down

Karry Rood 134 days ago

ABush Granit Plus 470

Bikes are more popular, and I need to protect mine better!

Jeff Bequette 134 days ago

ABUS Granit Plus 470

Looks like a lock that Robocop would use.

Tim Gregorian 134 days ago

more locks!

For a hobby, and to help ends meet, one of the things I do is fix up and re-sell derelict bikes. After a Kona Cindercone was recently stolen from beside my house, I realize I need a lock for my 'project' bikes as well as my regular-riders.

Robin 135 days ago

Don't want another bike stolen

I had one bike stolen and now need to take special care of the replacement! 135 days ago

Bike Lock Needed

I have a welded chain and U-lock that, taken together, weigh as much as my bike! ARRGH!

Ted 135 days ago

To lock my expensive bike

I have a electric bike that I need to keep safe!

Tanya 135 days ago

Bike lock

My kruyptonite fell of my bike and was not retreaved so I need a new one

Daniel kuarez 135 days ago

better lock = more riding

My old kryptonite has served me well for 8 years, but the key sticks and it rattles like crazy! plus it is too big and long for my touring bag. This lock would simplify my commute and pleasure riding by letting me carry the lock with me most of the time- this lock would help me ride even more! (and I am a daily rider)

David Goodyke 135 days ago

Lock lock lock

I hope I win the lock as I really need one.

Sande MacEachern 135 days ago


Love to win this awesome lock!!

Peter Shaw 135 days ago

It's Where I Live

I live in Philadelphia PA and like many other large cities (and I'm sure a good number of smaller ones) we have a big problem with bike thefts. A good quality lock like the Abus Granite Plus 470 would be a great deterrent to would-be thieves and give me a great deal of peace of mind when I lock my bike securely while I'm running errands around town.

Ralph Branch 135 days ago

Abus is the best lock

I would like to keep my Rivendale Betty Foy secure... Abus really does make the most secure locks ever...

Margo 135 days ago

lock it up

My old kryptonite finally gave out and this would be an excellent way to replace it or I could be a really nice dad and gift it to my daughter.

Ken 135 days ago

because i have a new ride

a specialised rock hopper

malcolm chrystal 135 days ago

Save my ride!

I work at Brookdale Hospital in the MOST dangerous neighbor in Brooklyn NY. Virtually every news report of a shoot out ends with the line "and the victim was taken to Brookdale Hospital". This bicycling midwife's bike needs protection. Need I say more?

Nina Sabghir 135 days ago

new beginnings!

A good friend has *finally* broken free from her job with a disempowering, bullying boss (I worked there last year - several folks from the original team have quit in the past year) - and has been offered a new job with a nonprofit. Only downside is she had to take a paycut and take up a longer commute. But she's going to start biking now! This lock will do double duty as a "Congrats, you're free!" gift, and an investment into her awesome new biking lifestyle. Hurrah!

Lisa 135 days ago

An ounce of prevention

A good lock is a great way to protect my investment in my bicycle and save me the hassle of dealing with the insurance company.

Matthew LeDrew 135 days ago

An ode to a good U lock

A- las, I need a good U lock to secure my favorite ten speed
B- efore I must lock it somewhere out of site and concede
U- nder the prying eyes of any thief who may craw out from under a rock
S- tupid I for trusting in a weak and easily cut cable lock

ydrive 135 days ago

TOO secure? Doesn't exist....

I've worked hard to put JUST the right bikes under my kids, and myself; only ONE can POSSIBLY be replaced, the rest are out of production! The right lock will give me enough time to go "Rambo" on a would-be thief instead of seeing our beloveds rolling away from 200 yards away.

Mark Brewster 135 days ago

Never too soon for a lock upgrade

I have a Kryptonite U-lock that has deterred many thieves based on the scratches and dents on it. It's never too soon to upgrade it to this lock with the confidence that my bicycle will be well secured when I leave it alone.

John S 135 days ago

prized possession

My bike is so much more than a bike, it is my prized possession, my transportation, my way of life! I need a lock worthy of my wonderful bike!

Deanne 135 days ago

Oh Vancouver...

Vancouver is bike friendly, mostly. But when it comes to bike theft, it can be pretty agressive
I commute with my dad's early 90's road bike that I brought back from France. It has a tremendous emotional value to me and this lock would keep it safe and would keep me serene too!

Julie 135 days ago

2 bikes gone already

First I started with a cable lock 8 years ago and it's a no brainer that that bike was stolen. 11 months ago I was going 8 years strong with a U-lock when someone managed to cut through that one and take my beautiful Tokyo Langster less than 1/4 mile from campus police. I'm not buying another bike until I get a dependable lock and I'm hoping this is it.

David 135 days ago

The necessary accessory..

I live in and commute in Washington, DC on a brand new recumbent trike! While the bold thieves around here aren't intimidated by much, including *my* transportation, an ABUS U-lock will give them second thoughts about messing with my ride!

Eric 135 days ago


I need a secure new lock to go with the new bike I hope to get in the fall for school.

Amber R. 135 days ago

Gf's New Ride

I bought a lovely fixie for my gf but we don't trust the current lock we have with Vancouver's thieves. ABUS all the way!

Lindz Marsh 135 days ago

The necessary accessory

Canadian winters are not easy on bike locks. Is ABUS up for the test?

Sarah 135 days ago

Is my old Kryptonite secure?

I know they posted some videos on how you can open some Kryptonite's with a Bic pen, but I've been to afraid to look! A 21st century u-lock would be a great upgrade. Thanks!

Brent S 135 days ago

Because I live in NYC

... which should really explain it all. Alas.

Christopher Stephens 135 days ago

3 bikes ... 1 lock

It would be nice to have another lock to hook up another bike instead of switching one lock between 3 bikes!

Carrie M 135 days ago

bike lock

Sadly people cannot be trusted. I would hate to see something of value and joy disappear for a cup of coffee or a quick errand.

sharon meagher 135 days ago

abus lock

We need an abus lock to secure our best friends (our bikes) when we ride into town - nearly every day!

Darcy Allen 135 days ago


I really need this to make sure no one gets their hands on my new bike.

Bob A. 135 days ago

I can't afford a lock

I live in the Fresno Tower District, and area plagued with bike thieves. I just got a new cruiser, my first bike in over a decade, but I can't really go anywhere since I have no lock. I wanted a u-lock for my birthday last week, but I never got one. I would buy one myself but it was either buy a lock or pay my rent.

Justin Badorine 135 days ago

tossed the key to my lock

accidentally tossed the key to my u lock and now I am out of luck!!

Jenny 135 days ago

Replace my old lock

My hand-me-down lock is beginning to show its age. The lock mechanism is very finicky, and I was told that it can be picked open with a pen which is not comforting to know! So I need a new lock!

Judy 135 days ago

Bike thieves suck

My office is near Vancouver's hot spot for stolen bikes, and I love my bike (it's also my main mode of transport). I'd hope that a trusty lock like this one would keep my bike safe while I'm at work.

Gael 135 days ago

Lots of bike thefts on campus

I'll be back to campus soon and unfortunately there are a lot of bike thefts at my university. A heavy-duty lock would keep my bike safe!

Brian 135 days ago

Need this!

I need a better lock so that Ill have peace of mind when leaving my bike locked up while I go shopping.

Sandy N. 135 days ago

Prevent the need for forgiveness

With this awesome lock on my two wheeled adventure machine, those who might be tempted to swipe my bike with just keep walking and temptation will not enter their minds.

Dave Schaller 135 days ago

Becoming a full on bike commuter

I am in need of a lock because I am about to move to Portland and my car is not coming with me!

Nicole 135 days ago

Secure My Baby

A secure lock is necessary for my treks around the Twin Cities.

Jennifer Chamberlain 135 days ago

ABUS lock = more sleep

I would love to win this lock, hopefully to have more restful nights sleep. I have dreams of my bike being stolen because it was left unlocked, so I wake and lay awake.. thankful that it was only a dream.

Jae Sharp 135 days ago

To replace my old lock

My trusty old Kryptonite is showing its age -- the locking mechanism regularly sticks and it's an effort to rotate the key properly. A new ABUS would solve that problem nicely and help keep my bike mine!

James 135 days ago

It's my only transportation!

It's a bit like the old west, where stealing a person's horse could mean life or death for the person. That is not so much a matter of life and death, but it is still reprehensible to steal someone's steed. I would like to make it as difficult as possible for them to steal mine.

Wendy P. 135 days ago

i need a secure new lock because....

My child is just starting kindergarten, and we need more locks to lock up all of our bikes!

Jamie Hopkins 135 days ago

why I need a secure new lock

You can never have too many locks on a bike I believe. I'm new to the bike community and so far I'm loving it! I haven't been able to afford a car of my own and found out I can totally commute with a new cool-ass Public E-Bike and still save money than maintaining a use car. Sure there's money I'm still putting into my bike: lights, tubes, panniers bag, but still a whole lot cheaper than upkeep a car. Something I did notice in this cool community and it is unfortunate is bike theft and its fact that I live in my local city where its kind of known to be high in bike thefts. I did got myself a good lock but like I said you can never have too many locks to protect your bike. With local bike clubs and communities on Facebook we do help each other notifying when a bike is stolen or someone looking suspicious in our neighborhood. Besides that, I love where I live the shops, food, the people and the atmosphere when we have our events. At times though I do get nervous leaving my bike while I do my shopping if not I do go with a friend and sometimes will just wait with my bike. I defiantly put time and money into my bike and with a secure new lock I could go and shop with knowing my bike is safer and less likely to get bothered with a new lock. I know with a added lock it helps detours thieves from messing with a bike because they want something easy to get. Hopefully people will take this in consideration and keep that in mind. You can never have too many locks to protect your bike

Brenda Norato 135 days ago

Growing old

Because I want to grow old with my bike. I intend to keep it in the family a long time.

tb 135 days ago

Because my Kriptonite is Bic-pickable

My Kriptonite is bic-pickable but I didn't learn this until the recall was over (they won't replace it).

Cathy 135 days ago


Cute comments aside, I really just need a good, functional, secure lock for my ride.

Greg M 135 days ago

Because I love my bike!

I love my bike, and a commute to work and run errands with it, so a good lock is a big deal!

Pep 135 days ago

Bikes are currency in my town...

A girl in Vancouver saw her stolen bike for sale on Craigslist. She pretended that she was a buyer, called and met up with the seller, then rode off with it. With this lock, I will not have to do that.

Gustavo Garcia 135 days ago

One more bike — justification #28

If I won a new lock, I would have an extra lock. Can't have that. Another bike would solve that.

Anthony de Ridder 135 days ago

Moving to the City

A new lock would be much used as I am moving from a village where no one locks up their bicycles to a big city where bike theft is prevalent. Thank you for the great contest!

Stacy Ponask 135 days ago

lock giveaway

i need to make sure my bike is secure wherever i park it

lisa mcfarland 135 days ago

Bike thiefs suck!

Our little city is developing a stolen bike problem! I'm looking to upgrade my licking system to include one of these! Then I'll feel better leaving my bike out of site !

Jen 135 days ago

San Antonio

I definitely need a new lock. It's baseball season and that means dollar beer night. I can feel eyes all over my bike every time I lock it up and walk away from it. Please help protect my beautiful Haro 29'er.

Chris Reynolds 135 days ago

Sacramento has a bike theft problem

Hello, I would love to win this new lock to better secure my beautiful bike.

Melody Stone 135 days ago

Abus lock

I have a Kryptonite brand lock that is constantly getting stuck open (which is better than the alternative, I guess.) I do *everything* by bike; I really need a better and more reliable lock.

Sarah 135 days ago

Abus Lock

I need a new lock. My combination chain lock has four digits that someone could spin through all 9999 possible combinations if they were driven to do so. This Abus looks rugged.

Tom Hagglund 135 days ago


I need a safe lock because I park in Chicago! :)

Nikki Overway 135 days ago