June 2, 2014

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Can't Ever be Safe Enough

After a bike has been stolen out of our garage, can't be safe enough...

Julian Diereks 196 days ago

More bike racks needed!

Although my town is finally getting some bike lanes, more bike racks are needed! I ride to the grocery store, library, and different shopping destinations downtown and many places make parking and locking a bit tricky. Thank you, Momentum, for covering all the issues that matter to city bicyclists.

Bryan Milliren 196 days ago

ABUS uGrip Bordo folding lock

There are never enough bike racks. If twenty people rode their bike to an event, only 6 to 8 bikes are able to be locked to a rack. Adding more racks is such an easy solution.

Sondra Bernard 196 days ago

Daytona beach

Votran: the bus drivers do not give us three feet. I have been blown into the curb, blinded by sand blown up by passing buses. We desperately need bike lanes and some respect!

Lynn Corbaley 196 days ago


Any store with an entrance from the out side, stand alone, etc. REI comes to mind, should have indoor monitored parking. many times on my way to work I would make a quick stop if only I could wheel my bike inside and hop off it and hop to it. they are missing the boat here.

Van 197 days ago

Seattle could turn parking meters into racks

Seattle has switched to large monolithic automated meters losing the old double head classic meters. If the added a single sturdy eye bolt to the backs of these there would be lots of bike security opportunities well spread through areas already saturated with cars.

P Wirsing 197 days ago

Philly. Bikes are together.

Philly turned all the old parking meters posts into bike locking posts and have miles of dedicated bike lanes in the city center, all good. But what they really need is to start a bike share program which has been on the back burner for awhile.

Frank Gaydos 197 days ago

Oakland could...

Add many many more bike racks to the streets - after they took out the parking meters, we lost about 75% of viable posts to lock your bike to.

Brent S 197 days ago

I wish Vancouver, BC...

I wish Vancouver, BC would turn more car parking spots into dedicated bike parking spots. I also wish the lock structures would be circular, to host more bikes and make parking more convenient!

Julie 197 days ago

I wish Seattle, WA would offer strategically located bike parking for the masses and it would be great if establishes provided bike parking inside.

Safe Bike Parking

Zachary Blechner 197 days ago

bike racks

Our city could use more bike racks, they are far and few.. even the local bike store front doesn't have a bike rack out front. An ABUS lock would surely help me with leaving my bike out while I go into the store, coffee shop or just a quick bite to eat at the local restaurant's.

J. Sharp 197 days ago

Trike and trailer

. Some places are a challenge to park a trike and a trailer... Sometimes I will just use a parking space.

Wendy 197 days ago

Bike Parking in Pflugerville

Pflugerville just needs more bike parking period. I don't know of any retail shopping center or grocery stores that have bike parking in Pflugerville, TX. I've been kicked out of a Family Dollar store, for bringing my bike in, but they have no racks to lock it to.

Chamayne Ortegon 197 days ago

Better bike parking

I wish that Whittier, CA had more bike racks at the various shopping centers in the area. I think that would encourage people to ride their bikes for many errands that are close to home. Now, if you do, it is often hard to find somewhere to lock your bike.

Paige Morgenthal 198 days ago

Better Racks & Indoor Parking

I live in Hamilton, ON, and it would be great if there were not only more bike racks (that were actually bolted down instead of merely set on the sidewalk) but racks that accommodated a variety of bikes. Agreements with local parking garages for indoor parking would also be helpful to office workers downtown.

Claudia 198 days ago

perfect way to keep my bike secure

I love functional technology and this lock meets all my needs. Love it!

Chris U 198 days ago

buy a folding bike!!

Buy a folding bike so i can keep it stashed under my desk at the office!

char 198 days ago

Start small - just add more racks

In busy areas of Toronto, it's often difficult to find a rack or ring-and-post available. The city could improve things by simply adding more bike parking spaces.

Graham Lavender 198 days ago

Bike Parking

More secured and monitored bike parking. Walking home from work I see bikes locked to racks with all kinds of pieces missing. A bike parkade would be great.

wendi 198 days ago

new bike parting

I thing the best way to introduce the bike culture in my city is creating the bike park to bike sharing and persinal bikes. this combination will be very usefull. It's usefull for all people, who want to ride the own bike and for the others.
These parks shall be also protected by video-vigillance or by human guard.

Filipe Oliveira 199 days ago

More protected parking

I'd like more protected (from the weather and theft) parking lots next to bus/train/metro station. There are less bike commuters in bike weather. So half or even a third of what's available would be a good start.

Herr France 199 days ago

More bike parking

We need more bike parking, especially on streets without parking meters.

Tehmina Khan 199 days ago

Staple racks in San Jose

Too many of the business that have bike parking have wavy racks, often bolted against the wall, and there's simply not enough staple racks to make parking when shopping or commuting by bike convenient - it's be great for the city to create incentives for businesses to install staple racks.

Jaime Fearer 199 days ago

Bordo lock contest

Our rapid transit has been great about changing rules about when bikes are allowed. But once you get to SF there aren't enough bike lanes. Cyclists are routinely injured. And there aren't enough secure places to lock a bike.

Janet Thomas 199 days ago

More parking to start with

My city's sprawling and not very bike-friendly, so it would be great if they would start to provide more bike parking to encourage more people to ride.

Karen 199 days ago

Bike locks contest

Bike racks of any type are few and far between in my city. After repeated requests, I finally got Costco to install one. Guess they didn't think any of their customers would arrive by bike.

Sue Liserani 199 days ago

Replace wave racks

Sacramento, CA has way too many wave racks. While they allow for parking bikes, they are super unfunctional and many bikes fall over. More parking in general would be nice too...

Charis 199 days ago

allow bikes inside buildings

employees should have a safe, secure place to park their bikes inside office buildings or have a designated area in parking garages.

christina 199 days ago

more better bike parking

we need more "inverted-U" bike parking in public areas, in front of stores, etc. Can we replace those crappy comb-style ones, please!

Shoji T 199 days ago

Bike Loops on Parking Meters

I've seen parking meters with loops for bike locks in other cities. I always thought they'd be helpful here in DC.

EJ 199 days ago

stop allowing loopholes!

Technically NYC requires new buildings to feature bike parking inside. But there are a million loopholes, as I discovered when I asked HR. For instance, if the building stores them in the basement, and the elevator to the basement closes before 5pm, you're out of luck. Which is why there is always a race to the bike rack in front of my office- there is only room for 2 bikes, but there are more than 2 bikers.

KaraJ 199 days ago

Mo' Better Bike Lanes

In Sacramento, we still need more and better-marked bike lanes. We have "sharrows" on some streets, but they're not applied consistently with their purpose of telling bikes and cars where bikes should take the lane -- confusing to both!

Morgan Staines 199 days ago

more street parking

I"d like to see more bike parking in the street parking lane, especially in high pedestrian areas. Dedicating more spaces that were previously reserved for cars broadcasts a message that bikes aren't second class to cars.

LorieC 199 days ago

bikeable city

Covered/sheltered bike parking!

Lindsay 199 days ago

New Types of Bike Parking

Find a way to install a lock in the bike rack itself. Granted this is so for commercial bike operations, but not for the public in general. Yes, it would cost the city money, but it would be so convenient for bike riders.

Renoir Gaither 199 days ago

Folding bike lock

Maybe they could add a separate space inside parking garages and bus terminals so they would be safer from theft and the elements.

Sharon Meagher 199 days ago

Proper bike racks!

It would be useful to have properly designed bike racks that can fit bikes easily. Most designs do not allow more than one or two bikes to park and rarely are bikes able to maximize the spaces given (i.e. park side by side along racks).

Sarah 199 days ago

Bike racks that hold more than 2 or 3 bikes

Often when I park, the racks are full, so I have to get creative as to where to lock.

Dutch 199 days ago

don't hide us!

the city of Eugene requires new businesses to include bike racks, but the location is up to them. they're often hidden away, which is not good for bike theft and treats cyclists as second class citizens.

bikefridaywalter 199 days ago

Bike Parking

My city (Victoria) has implemented some great bike parking initiatives including dedicating the equivalent of one car's street parking spot to bike racks and a new bike tree on the University campus. There is still a lot of room for improvement and my main complaints are decorative racks with limited places to thread the lock through and bike racks placed in very "un-handy" locations.

Tanya 199 days ago

Fort Wayne & Bike Locks

Great news: Fort Wayne IN is in the process of installing steel artwork around town that double as place to lock your bike! If I win, I promise to send you pictures with my bike and your lock and real "bike lock art"!

Dave Schaller 199 days ago

More racks

My Hometown of Traverse City, MI is fairly bike friendly and working hard to get better, but there are still far too few good bike racks.

Paul Molnar 199 days ago

More racks!

Yes, it's a simple answer, but it's true. More bike racks would make so many cyclists in our city happier. The Blue Island Bicycle Club has the goal of getting the city council to change their permitting process so that all new businesses would be required to have a bike rack if their business is on a major thoroughfare, but would also provide incentives to get existing businesses to install racks.

Jane Healy 200 days ago

baby with the bath water

A couple years ago Victoria, BC, switched over from individual coin-op parking meters to a system of pre-pay stations and stall numbers, with one kiosk on every block. Whereas parking meters used to be good for throwing a u-lock around (small enough to get the lock around, head too big to slip it over) the new stall markers are too short to be used.

I think the City missed a big opportunity. If they had instead cut the heads off the taller, pre-existing posts and added rings or donuts like has been done in some cities in Ontario and elsewhere, they could have added stall numbers and kept the bike parking. It may have also helped to keep their costs down. While I applaud new initiatives such as bike corrals taken out of on-street automobile parking, these are also more centralized/less distributed (like the new car parking technology.) Tant pis!

Robin Rombs 200 days ago

Parking meters

Locally, parking meters are going out being replaced by kiosks that serve tens of spaces. Instead of pulling out the meters, some or all of them can be converted to bike parking for secure locking!

jack hughes 200 days ago


More bike racks

Lloyd 200 days ago

Traffic Calming

I think my community needs to slow traffic down. Route 1 goes right through the heart of our town.
Most of the cars want to get through the town and on their way, so they tend to go too fast and not pay attention to bicyclists. We have parking along the route in out of city center. Even though our speed limit is 25MPH, most cars move too fast. If I want to stop and enter a shop, I have moving traffic on my left and parked cars on my right. Things would be much safer if cars were moving slower and bicyclists could stop, walk their bike between the parked cars and lock their bike to a meter or sign post and get that ice cream. By traffic calming I am talking about things like stop signs, traffic lights, pedestrian crosswalks, bike lanes, road design, and bike signage. So by calming the traffic, bicyclists will be more comfortable biking downtown, locking their bike and enjoying the many shops and restaurants in the area.

Larry Smith 200 days ago

Bordo folding lock

Have bike racks in areas that are monitored by some type of security cameras/officers.

Julie Gaedke 200 days ago

ABUS uGrip Bordo folding lock

I just want my lovely bike safe.

Wendi 200 days ago

Tacoma, WA

Businesses can apply to have free "staple" racks installed outside their place. We have one bike-corral in town, and I know there are at least a couple pending applications for more. Now, let's have some better bike-friendly roads, so everyone feels comfortable enough to actually get to those bike racks! I recently got my mom on a bike and would love to also get her a lock.

Teri 200 days ago

More Meters

I want the city to install more parking meters because I know the metermaids check them meticulously and because they hold money so they are important to the city. I figure that if I
lock my bike at a meter that it is a place where the city will look after. You follow?

d 200 days ago

lock it

Not having to use a heavy clunky lock for my run to the store would be great. This great lock would fit the bill.

Ken 200 days ago

More racks!

I am often saddened to see bikes, even my bike, locked to a signpost or a tree when there are no racks in various areas. Its a simple thing to do to make a place more friendly to bikers.

Carl Marquis 200 days ago

Automatic High-Density Parkimg

Toromto's pretty good with putting up the bike locks, but there are never enough bike locks in certain high density areas. So lots more locks please, either as corrals or a little park of posts.

Cec L. 201 days ago

Update new construction requirements

One way to improve convenience is to make bike parking part of construction requirements for new commercial projects. Design rules could also require such parking to be in safe places which are prominent and show biking as a welcome way to visit the site vs current cars as top priority design rules.

Tom Roetker 201 days ago

Bike corrals

A bike corral on every block in shopping areas!

Mike 201 days ago

Bike corrals in business districts!

I really like the idea of bike corrals, we just could use more of them!

Iris W. 201 days ago

More cool racks!

More of our city's cool Three Rivers Bike Racks!

Jun Z. 201 days ago

more bike lanes

Saskatoon needs more bike lanes to encourage more people to ride, especially women. I have heard a few stories this week that they don't feel safe on the road with traffic. Dedicated bike lanes could help, or separate walking/biking paths to better link the city.

Amanda 201 days ago

There Really is a Kalamazoo!!!

The City of Kalamazoo is working towards being more bike friendly by connecting two sections of the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail that dead end east and west of the city. There has been talk of having two routes, a direct route that would be north of downtown and one that would take users through the heart of downtown. If a route does go downtown there would be an opportunity to create a variety of new bike parking. I feel this should include a mixture of different parking options like covered parking or lockers, turning some metered parallel car parking spots into dedicated bike parking, and also using sculptural and artful bike racks to create a sense of place. A boy can dream!

Ryan Scott Smith 201 days ago

Bke Parking in Toronto

Apparently here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, anyone can contact the city about putting a bike ring anywhere. I have not yet tried it. We need more bike locking facilities in the "in" shopping areas in the city, and perhaps even corners of car parking lots could be devoted to bikes. Schools could also benefit from both parking areas for bikes (lots) and safe bike routes to schools.

Ted Parkinson 201 days ago

Bike Parking in Toronto

I requested that the City install 2 more bike rings to make 3 in front of Canada's most beautiful bookstore, Ben McNally's on Bay. A year later, the City installed 1 so I still have trouble finding a spot when I visit Ben.

George 200 days ago

Expand beyond the universities.

Here in Tallahassee we have fairly ample bike parking at the universities but not as much beyond that in the rest of the city. But even more than increased bike parking, we need to make the city more easily bikeable, so more commuters will feel comfortable biking to begin with--and will then require somewhere to park their bikes.

Linn 201 days ago

More Bike Parking Everywhere

While we have bike parking requirements for new residential and commercial developments in Vancouver, there needs to be much more visitor and customer parking as well as a lot more street parking throughout the city.

Colin Brander 201 days ago

My town could use more bike racks!

I don't have a bike rack near my favorite coffee shop, Common Grounds. I would love more options!

Kim 201 days ago

Bicycle parking Carmichael Ca

would like to see bike racks conveniently located in public places. Not hidden on the side or back of buildings.

M. Carson 201 days ago


If my city attempted to be more bicycle friendly it would be wonderful! For parking, we could really use bike racks at the local big stores and some placed around town as well.

lenie 201 days ago

More parking

If Seattle added more spots and had more options than the staple racks, it'd help out a ton!

alyssa 201 days ago

More people need to ride

Parking in Atlantic City NJ isn't to bad. The roads are so unfriendly a lot of people are afraid to ride. It would be a good sign if it starts to become harder to find a spot.

Larry Ring 201 days ago

Need more bike parking in Philly

More and more people are bike commuting, which is great, but it leads to crowded racks. People are left to lock bikes to whatever else is around - street signs, trees, etc. We need bike racks in the small strip malls in South Philly too!

Bridget 201 days ago

BikeLink locations for overnight parking

The Bay Area has a few BikeLink options http://www.bikelink.org/ so I can park securely overnight. We need more secure places like this.
Being able to count on a minimum density of bike racks per block in commercial zones would also help.

Janie 201 days ago

Folding Lock

What a great invention..very convenient and in great colors too..The pink would look great on my townie!!

Lana 201 days ago

nice lock

compact and strong I can use this to replace my worthless onguard bulldog plastic u-lock that came apart... literally!

Diego 201 days ago

There can always be more!

I live in Arlington, VA and actually they're pretty great about providing lots of bike parking. One Arlington organization even has a link on their website to let you request a bike rack in a location you think needs it! My only real complaint - get rid of those silly traditional racks where you can only lock one wheel up!

Stephanie DeHart 201 days ago

ABUS for parking

I would love to see more places to lock bikes in shopping areas and around restaurants and coffee shops.The locking stations should be designed to hold several bikes and they should be aesthetically pleasing. And of course, it helps to have a reliable, flexible lock. I want my bike to be there when I finish my Sunday morning brew.

Nina Sabghir 201 days ago

Bike parking convience

more safe locations, and more bike parklettes

Rachel 201 days ago

Save the parking meters

Chicago has gone digital with its auto parking systems, however this has serious impacted the places where bikes can be locked up. Bring the meters back and stop tearing them out!

Crispien 201 days ago

Lit and visible

There are many places to lock my bike, but I really wish that more of them were in well-lit places, not tucked away on the (often dark) side of the building.

Gustavo Muniz 201 days ago

Junior High Style bike racks

Why the sad low bike racks that make my bike fall down? Most of us don't ride BMX anymore.

Gretchen Howell 201 days ago


More bike racks in visible spots!

Morgan Staines 201 days ago

Bike parking

It should be mandatory to install suitable bike racks near stores and in parkades, preferably in visible areas.

Johannes klein 201 days ago

bike rack standards

There are too many "wheel bender" bike racks out there. They seem to have been designed by someone who has never locked up a bike before. Cities have codes for how parking lots are designed - why not codes for how bike racks are designed?

James 201 days ago

Bordo uGrip folding lock

I live in a city where bike theft has surpassed car theft. We need more bike racks that are visible whilst in stores as opposed to down the street and around corners out of the way. Vancouver BC is a very bike friendly city, yet our bike parking still needs some work. If I were confident my bike would be safe on our city streets, parked and locked up properly, I would ride even more than I do now.

Wendi McDonald 201 days ago

better racks on streets and shopping plazas

More and better racks along the streets and in shopping plazas. I will ride my bike around the city more if I know there is a safe and convenient place to lock my bike. The rack has to support my bike and be designed so my lock will will pass through it and my bike frame and front wheel.

Susan S 201 days ago

big lock, small space

Commuting to work, the reduced space this lock takes up would be well appreciated.

Walter fischer 201 days ago

better bike parking

my dear village of Senneville should invest in a sturdy metal bike stand to which we could lock our bike if we wanted (although everyone knows each other, so no-one usually locks up). one should be installe near the town hall on the pavement, not on the earth (where it is now) which would allow us to keep our shoes clean when leaving our mount there. then we would go into town hall with clean shoes!

Alison Hackney 201 days ago


Better spaced bike racks -- as in enough room so one doesn't need to jam his/her bicycle right up against mine. And maybe a few well-placed shelters over the racks since it rains so much in Vancouver, Canada.

Cecile C 201 days ago

more bike racks and commuter facilities

It would be great if more bike racks and bike commuter facilities (lockers, showers, and indoor bike parking) were installed in my city.

Bob 201 days ago

Free bikes for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the solution is just that simple.

Barbara 201 days ago


PHX is the southwestern hub for stolen cars and bicycles. Although a few restaurants and attractions are ahead of the curve (although it seems most are designed for style, not function) and the bike lane system in the City is 'pretty good'; PHX is in dire need of better quality, safer and (for the love of man!) shaded spaces for bicycle parking.

JP 201 days ago

More Bike Corrals... fund Law Enforcement !

Converting 1 parking space out of every 100 into a bike corral, with decent lighting & video surveillance (WiFi cams are now pretty affordable), plus a healthy bump in funding to the SFPD Anti-bike Theft Unit (https://twitter.com/SFPDBikeTheft ) to help them with the excellent work they do !

James 201 days ago

Bike Parking

Kansas City needs more bike racks. The ones we have are great, but we don't have enough.

Kim 201 days ago

Remove abandoned/stripped bikes from racks

Some bikes taking up space are abandoned, or had parts stripped from them. They should be removed.

Gary 201 days ago

More Convenient Bike Parking in ATL

Some areas of town already maintain maps, but I wish there was one source where I could look up bike parking all over town. This would make it easier to plan where I'm going to park for appointments outside of my normal commute.

Amber R 201 days ago

Better hardware to lock onto

Chains and the folding Abus lock can get around most things, but your hard pressed to get a standard U-lock around a wheel, the frame and a tubular bike rack. The laser-cut plate type racks are great for all lock types.

Dean 201 days ago

Development Requirements

Cornwall should encourage (require) secure parking for bikes just like they do for cars. Build it and they will arrive!

Matthew LeDrew 201 days ago

Safety equals convenience

If bike theft were reduced, I could park a bike on the sidewalk, which would be so much more convenient than parking it inside.

Christopher Stephens 201 days ago

Un-leash the Beasts!

Hundreds of bike racks are languishing in a storage unit here in San Diego as our town tries to decide where they belong. Our Bike Share Program is a year behind schedule too.
Big plans for bikes are in the works, yet we wait for many of them.
We did just get our new Downtown Bike Loop though, along with many new bike lanes.
Bring in on in full force for the locals and tourists alike says the general population.

Turbo Bob 201 days ago

Improving connectivity

Improving connectivity could greatly improve biking here on the Oregon Coast. There are some great bike lanes but they are not connected. There are relatively short danger gauntlets to navigate to connect from one to the other.

Eli 201 days ago


My city could make bicycle parking much more convenient by installing more highly visible bike racks!

Emily 201 days ago

To improve bike parking...

The city should have better standards that require developers to widen sidewalks, or provide sidewalks, during renovation/new construction. This would make way for more space for parking facilities because many of out sidewalks at too narrow for racks.

Kristy carter 201 days ago

more space for bike racks in popular areas of the downtown

In th popular parts of downtown there just isn't enough space on the sidewalk for enough bike racks given that the sidewalk has to also serve for pedestirans, parking meters, utility poles, signs, newspaper boxes, etc etc. In these areas the city should be looking at dedicating a few on street parking spots for bikes. The city (Victoria) has done one or two, but it would be nice to see a few done up permanently.

Given our rainy climate a few covered bike trees would be great too!

Markus 202 days ago

Get input from actual bicyclists

Los Angeles is making an attempt to improve bicycle infrastructure, but I wish that they would confer with actual bicyclists before implementing their upgrades. Case in point - METRO, the major operator of bus and rail service in Los Angeles, has begun installing bike racks all over the city. Unfortunately, many of them have been placed in the middle of vacant blocks, while none are near popular shopping and eating establishments. When West Hollywood started its campaign to improve bike parking, the first racks were installed so close to buildings that it was virtually impossible to secure any bikes to them. These are simple things that any bicyclist instantly recognizes, but that the city doesn't seem to understand. The best thing that any city can do is involve actual bicyclists in these planning decisions! I appreciate the efforts being made, but cities are just wasting their money if they build facilities that aren't being used.

Rob 202 days ago

More bike corrals

There are never enough

Drew Mabry 202 days ago

Lock it or lose it

A flaw with city bike racks is when they're insufficiently bolted to the ground, I arrive to find the nut removed, thieves are just waiting to slide your lock off the bottom.

Mike 202 days ago


More parking of all kinds. Thinking beyond the U to use vertical space and other unused space. Corrals and artistic parking racks everywhere!

Andrea Adlman 202 days ago

Bike Parking!

Ottawa needs to add more bike parking. Maybe use space more effectively by removing one on street parking space & add one of those 12 bike parking corrals. This would encourage more trips by bike & reduce vehicular traffic! More peds & cyclists = added business for stores!

Carrie M 202 days ago

My city can make bike parking more convenient...

...by increasing the number of bike corrals in neighborhoods outside the more popular/established neighborhoods.

Ian 202 days ago

what my city could do to improve bike parking

This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately as I see more and more bikes on the street and still hardly any bike parking. I'd like to see bike racks in on street car parking spots. A one car spot could probably accommodate a dozen bikes. I'd also like to see more bike parking cages at the public transportation stations. Last night I had to leave my bike overnight on a bike rack at a commuter rail station where a friend's bike was stolen last year. Fortunately my bike and the 3 locks I used were still there this morning but I did worry about it. My city, Boston, could do more to encourage people to ride instead of drive by taking a bite out of bike theft with more secure and more available places for people to store their bikes.

Lee 202 days ago

Cyclofixe cyclosucks!

The prioritization of form over function has meant even more people than usual are having their bikes stolen from the new, good looking, but not secure "cyclofixe" parking structures. Let's keep 'em sturdy and solid, Montreal!

Julia 202 days ago

More bike parking

My city is okay downtown but uptown I find lacks and you need to improvise with parking your bike. So actually having a few places to lock your bike on main roads would be nice.

Tanya 202 days ago

Bike Parking

Every where in my small village is bike parking!

Jeff 202 days ago

More bike parking where it's needed

Salt Lake is pretty good when it comes to on-street bike parking. Between April and Nov, businesses can petition the city to replace a street parking spot with a bike rack. SLC could do better by offering more of those spots, and have additional curb mounted racks.

Kendall Hill 202 days ago

Bike friendly workplaces

Bike parking is at a premium by my office. I wish that cities would do more to encourage offices to be more bike friendly and allow cyclists to bring our bikes into the office, or encourage building planners to devote a small portion of the building parking lot to include a bike storage room.

Gael 202 days ago

cameras and lighting

There are lots of bike racks at UBC, but for those of us students who both cycle and take classes in evenings it would help if the university had better lighting and more security cameras near some of the racks. Some of my female classmates who bike go out of their way to lock their bike up in a location that is well-lit (for their own safety and for their bike's) and walk on well-lit walkways to our lectures because the nearest bike rack is dark and secluded.

Brian C. 202 days ago

More bike racks

We need more bike racks in busy areas. The aren't enough of them outside popular places like the Vancouver Public Library. I have trouble finding a place to lock my bike while shopping for groceries in Steveston during the farmer's market and wind up having to lock my bike a few blocks away.

Judy 202 days ago

bike racks


brad 202 days ago


My city needs more and updated bike parking options! Older bike rack style parking (where you slide one wheel into the rack) should be updated with more modern and secure options that allow you to lock your frame and wheel to the rack, not just the wheel. Also, bike parking should be placed in more public, out in the open areas. Right now, a lot of the bike parking in the downtown area of my city is behind buildings, in small alley-like areas. This feels less secure to me as it provides a sort of privacy for potential thieves to work on stealing bikes!

Rose 202 days ago

More secure parking

More secure parking downtown, such as in the parkades

Tanya 202 days ago

bike parking

More bike racks are needed in my town! I have to lock my bike to lampposts, flagpoles and fences, and in some places I have to carry it over the lawn to do it. It is getting a little better, but our town has a long way to go.

Deanne 202 days ago

More convenient parking?

Thinner utility poles. What's that? Bike racks would be more convenient, economical, better looking, and well, legal? Then bike racks would be a great start.

Jess 202 days ago

now this looks handy!

I would love to win one.

Mark 202 days ago

on street

more on street bike parking areas

Rob Hendricks 202 days ago

Lock Options

Places to lock a bike can be at a premium in certain areas of Chicago--it would be nice to have a lock that gives you options other than a bike rack.

Yvonne Zipter 202 days ago

Abus ftw!

It would be neat if they could have much more secured and sturdy bike parking area "poles" where I live. Like the ones

radarjam 203 days ago