June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

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One less car

Having an ebike is the only way to pedal practically around San Francisco. I see battery operated bikes more and more frequently and imagine riding up the hills with computer and groceries would allow me to ride everywhere that I go!

Lauren Meyers 301 days ago

to be the cool kid

granted i'm almost 40 but no one i know or ride with have anything like this. oh and it would make the trip to the corner store awesome. i wonder how my four year old daughter would dig hooking her co-pilot up to it.

christopher jason roper 301 days ago

Grocery pick up

I'm retired and I would use this bike to pick up my groceries and run other small errands the front basket would make these trips so easy plus the added assistance of the electric bike would help my 60+ year old (out of shape) self get around easier and ease back into fitness.

Ron 301 days ago

Very Kooool.....

Since I live very close to work, I would use this to cycle to work. In addition, this bike would be excellent for me to use for the errands around the small town I live in. It would be wonderful to spend less time in the car & more time enjoying the outdoors. The added exercise would be a bonus of course.

CJ Schneider 301 days ago

Errands around the town

I live on a fairly small military base and I enjoy running errands on my bike. Most places I travel are within just a few miles. However, while my base is quite bicycle friendly the neighboring town roads are not. I rarely venture out of the gate because I feel like my speed and the local traffic patterns are a bit unwelcoming. The increased size & speed of this bicycle would make me much more comfortable venturing around the town for local errands and appointments.

Tamalyn Fraley 301 days ago

Work and play

I am a teacher for HCC and I teach at various HCC campuses. This would be tremulously helpful in getting to and from work, meeting students in ybor for study groups, and coordinating health and exercise rides with friends.This would also support my massage and health business. I could also save money which would be applied to educational and family expenses. I would be able to improve my life in so many Holistic ways, it would be mind-boggling!

Debra Macking 302 days ago


I met the most wonderful man this year and while I usually go to NC just to raft and hike he goes up there to ride his bicycle... we are going up in a couple weeks and will likely have many future trips. My last bike was stolen many moons ago and I never replaced it so yeah... if I win I would be using the bike to go riding up in the mountains of NC and then ride around here in Fl as well!

Debra J. Macking 302 days ago

uber bike

Wow, what a Bike...this bike would be used for long distance traveling --if I needed to ride to a friends' house or work that was more than a hour away i could hope on this and zip over--This bike would also be fabulous for long distance art and fresh food market trips.

linda 302 days ago

Reduce Carbon Footprint for Family

I am a mother of two kids, a 9-month old and an active 7 year old. Both my husband and son are enthusiastic bike riders. This bike would greatly motivate me to get back into shape and bring our youngest along on family bike trips. Of course, it would also be ideal as a convenient alternative mode of transport for errands around town. The hills in the city can be a killer, so a little electric push goes a long way. We are a one car family and want to keep it that way. So be it used for work, pleasure, or to reduce the carbon footprint for my family of four, this bike would be put to great use.

Steph 302 days ago

Hill buster

I ride my bike everywhere, work, shopping, errands, etc. regardless of the weather. While a nice portion of it is flat, the hills are rolling and epic. This bike would definitely assist with the difficult stretches.

Brandi 302 days ago

I would use this to cycle to work and would arrive with a whole lot less perspiration. Plus, this would be a great bike to use for all the little hops around town for this or that item. so much less time spent in the car and less fuel consumed.

I would use this to cycle to work and would arrive with a whole lot less perspiration. Plus, this would be a great bike to use for all the little hops around town for this or that item. so much less time spent in the car and less fuel consumed.

Paige 302 days ago

Great Time Saver

Living in Vancouver, BC with all the bike options I would use this to commute to work daily.

Jeff Summers 302 days ago

50 km Commute

I love cycling and try to do it as much as possible. However I work 50 km from home, a 3 hour bicycle ride. Sometimes I just have to drive. However, at least once a week, I ride my bike 10 km to the bus station,take a 45 min bus ride, then ride 4 km to the office. About a 1.5 hour trip in total. I think with this bike I could use the electric assist to bike straight to work everyday in about the same amount of time- so I'd get more exercise, and get to be on a bike more days a week.

Erica 302 days ago

Conquer hills

An IZIP would enable us to leave the car at home and run all our trips without fossil fuels through our very hilly area!

Janie 302 days ago

Beat the hills

Bumpy around here, looking for a practical way to accomplish the up portions without dropping to winching myself up hill.

Jim_the_wide 303 days ago

!! A gift for me!!

It will be nice to have a beautiful bike like this. Why for me? Because I now I can't never afford something this nice and beautiful and I don't really see my self spending this much money on a bicycle. Don't get me wrong a bicycle like this is worth every penny it's just I prefer to used this kind of money on my son Soccer Club wich he currently enroll and Its worth every penny too. Good luck people.

Juan 303 days ago

Vehicle replacement

If I won this bike, I would donate my 98 Pontiac Transport to Charity. The bike would allow me to commute to work with or without the company dog (in his trailer)

Debbie Snihur 303 days ago

Out shine the mosquitos

I would look so sharp and fast in this little diamond in the rough. I can zig zap through traffic and no mosquito could bite me on this gem.


Monica Llorian 303 days ago

Gift for my sister

My sister lives in an area that has hills, no sidewalks, and no bicycle paths. I'd love to give her a bike that will zip her up over those hills and into an area that does have bike paths faster and more safely than a non-E-bike could do!

Erin Snow 303 days ago

Work and Pleasure

I just started a new job a bit farther out than before and bike commuting has become quite the challenge, If I had this bike I could get to work and my appointment quicker and wouldn't have to drive as much!

Melody Stone 303 days ago


My wife has taken a shine to the car, so this would free me to take a break from transit on longer commutes!

Guy 303 days ago

Pick me?

I would use it to commute.

Warren Rudd 303 days ago


to and from work! hydrocarbons begone!

John 303 days ago

I work and travel in my RV

Since I travel for work with my RV the only transportation I have is my EZip Bikes. My husband and I use our bikes for going to the stores and pleasure riding down the canal roads and bike paths.

Robyn Perry 303 days ago

Daily Routine

I will use the bike getting to school, work, and grocery stores. There are great bike paths here to facilitate doing all commutes by bike. Would love to win this and put it to immediate use.

David Higley 303 days ago

Getting around...

Given we don't have a car, it would be nice for a change not to have to pedal hard up all these hills. :D

Wendy Peabody 303 days ago

Community Organizing

I spend a lot of time as a community organizer moving from one part of the city to the other and although I use public transportation to avoid meeting community members in a perpetually sweaty or frozen state but after a few trips the cost adds up and I find myself spending time better better spent with people, on the bus or train instead. So I would use this bike to zip around the city and stay relatively cool in the heat of this summer and spend more time on the ground with the people fighting for social and economic justice.

Kenneth Yates 303 days ago

Gettin' It Done

I'd use the bike for everyday errands. The cargo capacity would be a real bonus, allowing me to reduce car usage even more.

Ken Ohrn 303 days ago

Motivational Birthday Gift

If I were the lucky winner, I would definitely give this bike to my wife to help motivate her to commute to work more often by bike. She is committed to making changes in her lifestyle & she has commuted with her old mountain bike in the past but it has not always been practical for her. I hope to change that!

Ryan Barry 303 days ago

Serving as an example

I would like to incorporate the IZIP E3 Metro in my daily routine in Richmond, Va. I would commute to work and school with it. We have a fair number of hills and a lot of people still don't know how wonderful e-bikes are.

Scott Burger 303 days ago

Serving as an example

I would like to incorporate the IZIP E3 Metro in my daily routine in Richmond, Va. I would commute to work and school with it. We have a fair number of hills and a lot of people still don't know how wonderful e-bikes are.

Scott Burger 303 days ago

Gift to a friend

I already own an E-bike that I have enjoyed almost daily for 3 years. If I won this bike I would give it to my friend who has an eco cleaning service that she operates from her bike. She was recently eyeing an electric scooter to help with the longer hauls but that would just be a mistake. The IZIP E3 Metro E-bike would be the perfect vehicle for her business.

Reba Plummer 303 days ago

The Best Start to Long Days

I need this bike to overcome the hilly ride to University!
My schedule is busy, no time to get there beforehand and shower... but no one deserves going to class all day all sweaty... Riding this bike would be the ideal start of a long day of classes and work, which often leave me with not enough time to exercise and keep my body in shape. I think this bike would solve many problems at once!

MB 303 days ago

The Travelling E-Bike

I sold my home, most of my belongings and plan to travel, work and live all over the world for hopefully... life! I'd love to bring the IZIP E3 Metro E-bike around the world to explore the nooks and crannies of the places I go. Perhaps Beijing first? The city of bikes! I will stand out a 'bit' there. Note to self: Need to buy a thick chain lock.
Bon Voyage! It's gonna be a smoooooooth ride

Maria Cheung 303 days ago

IZIP E3 Metro

I will use to give me a better chance at job hunting and as basic transportation.

Patrick Murphy 303 days ago

Brooklyn Ebiking with my Fiancée

My fiancée and I bought two ebikes together - both IZIPs. A year ago mine was stolen from the bike rack at my university - I was absolutely crushed! Since then my fiancée and I can no longer ebike together in our neighborhood of Brooklyn on the weekends.
It was a delight ebiking together to Fort Greene farmer's market to buy some local produce, or to the Navy Yards for one of their great tours; to Prospect Park for a nap in the shade - IZIPs can even get all the way out to Coney Island for a day at the beach. It seems like a distant memory now, and I wondered if I would ever again get the chance to ride together with her - to share in the joyful experiences Brooklyn has to offer. We fell in love with each other in this city, and we also fell in love with exploring it on ebikes together.
So, not only will I be able to do all of this once again with an IZIP E3, but I have this great idea: if I were to receive this IZIP E3, on our wedding day, will ride our IZIPS together from the Brooklyn Justice of Peace Courthouse with a sign that says, "JUST MARRIED!" behind us.
Thank you for your time and consideration!

Matthew Blair 303 days ago


As a retired person on a limited income I can get errands done with low expenditure for gasoline. Save the environment too. Love to take my road at a slower pace to get to the grocery store, the post office, the library and my favorite cafe. Fresh air, spring, summer and fall. The glorious outdoors and a little exercise too. Thrilling way to do mundane things riding an e-bike. I hope it is mine!!

Linda Mitchell 303 days ago

Eco commute

I would ride the IZIP E3 Metro for my commute to work and back home. It's 11 miles, taking about an hour, each direction. I would love to ditch my car and reduce my carbon footprint on this planet of ours. There's something everyone can do to leave something good of this place for our next generation. I hope to do my part!

Douglas 303 days ago

Gas guzzler to hybrid to electric bike

A few months ago I traded my SUV for a Prius V (averaging 44 mpg sometimes as high as 49 mpg). Feels great helping reduce the strain on Earth's resources. With an electric bike to handle my short commute and various errands, I could reduce that footprint even further.

John Carlson 303 days ago

Gas guzzler to hybrid to electric bike

A few months ago I traded my SUV for a Prius V (averaging 44 mpg sometimes as high as 49 mpg). Feels great helping reduce the strain on Earth's resources. With an electric bike to handle my short commute and various errands, I could reduce that footprint even further.

John Carlson 303 days ago

Bike - Eco First

it would eliminate the use of a car for work, errands, etc. and benefit the environment and physical health. I tested this bike at a local bike shop and love it. Pick me! Pick me!

Jennifer Land 303 days ago

Bike - Eco First

it would eliminate the use of a car for work, errands, etc. and benefit the environment and physical health. I tested this bike at a local bike shop and love it. Pick me! Pick me!

Jennifer Land 303 days ago

Bike ... everywhere!

This bike would be an awesome addition to my daily routine. It would allow me to bike further distances thereby eliminating the need for my car on a daily basis. I already try to bike to work and groceries, however I still jump in my car for further distances - to go to soccer games, to meet up with friends who live on the other side of town, etc ... this would be perfect for those occasions and would almost fully eliminate the need for my car - what an amazing concept and wonder for the environment!

Wendy 304 days ago

IZIP on the road, car in the garage!

We would love being able to leave the car in the garage for emergencies, knowing this awesome IZIP could be the new work commuter and errand runner. Thanks for the chance--it could really change our lives!

Jarrod Fischer 304 days ago

My daily Go on an IZIP E3 Metro

I would ride for long distances that I never considered possible before. This would bring me greater awareness of my environment than ever before and demonstrate my total commitment to a reduced carbon footprint by not owning or using a car anymore. I will even let my driver’s license expire!

Vitellia 304 days ago

Using the IZIP E3 Metro, day to day

i would use the IZIP E3 Metro to ride everywhere: to work, to grocery shopping, to going to the beach. It would be my exclusive and ecological transport

Marina 304 days ago

My daily routine riding an IZIP E3 Metro

My whole bicycle world would expand into daily rides previously questionable due to distance and hilly-ness. I would no longer have to think twice about that long trek over hill and over dale. I would just think once and GO METRO on an IZIP E3!

Grant 304 days ago

I-Zip E3 Metro in my daily routine

I already use my hybrid bike for most my shopping trips up to about 12 miles round trip. I would vastly expand my range and frequency of commuting with the I-Zip E3 Metro and just put a cover on my car and leave it parked!

Dr. Ramey 304 days ago

To commute to work more often.

Currently I try to commute by bike at least 2 times a week. I have a gym at work to change so I'm luckier than most. But often early meetings mean I don't have the time to clean up and get to work. An electric would mean I could arrive at work without the need to shower and change. Would love to commute 5 days a week please.

David Estes 304 days ago

Towing the Family

I would make use of it to tow my kids around. The one thing that seems to keep me from being super mobile on my bike is the ability to pull a trailer easily. I have been wanting to get an electric bike for this exact purpose for many months now.

Joseph Davis 304 days ago

I Zip E3 Metro Bike

I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bike
I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride it where I like...
But the hills that surround are so daunting
This E3 Metro I would be flaunting
As I try to be the ghost of future bikes haunting
the area where I like to bike!
(Start with the Queen tune and improvise)

Kelley Westenhoff 304 days ago

How will it fare in Yukon winters?

I'd love to put snow tires on this baby and see how it fares in Whitehorse, Yukon.

As a year-round cyclist I wonder how an ebike performs in cold conditions. A worthy experiment...

Philippe Morin 304 days ago

Why My Family Needs A 2nd E-Bike In The Garage

Bicycles are a part of my family's daily routine, regardless of whether we win an electric bicycle in this contest or not. We have no car. I have osteoarthritis of the knees and use an electric bike (sometimes pulling a cart) for all my shopping/recycling trips and most of my general transportation needs. I am usually accompanied by my partner and my young dog. Our dog jogs and my partner rides a "normal" bicycle. While I'm being propelled along with my "Electric Steriods" (habit-forming, but NO negative side-effects) and the puppy trots joyously down the trail, I worry that my partner, who is 9 months older than me, won't be able to keep up with the young pup and myself and might even possibly injure himself in the attempt. As I need to replace both my batteries this year, there is no room in the budget to upgrade his ride as well for quite awhile, yet Spring has sprung and the weather is too beautiful to waste the days at home/indoors!

Susan Cole 304 days ago

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

I bought an electric motorcycle back in Feb. (2012 zero s) This is my only transportation source and I love it! Today when I was riding I saw a bike pretty much pass me as I was splitting lanes in congested traffic. These bikes are cheaper than electric motorcycles and even more energy efficient. My girlfriend has an older car and wants to go green. Her commute is only a few miles each way. She would love to ditch her car and use this full time. Luckily it rarely rains here and it would be so cool to both have electric transportation. I love the feeling of bettering the environment and not using gas. The added exercise with IZIP bike is a definite plus. I'm sure I would be riding it more than her. :)

Jason Wigard 304 days ago

From the crazy NYC to anywhere

I´ll use my IZIP E3 Metro bike to go anywhere in the city... to my job, to the park, to the supermarket. In these days where traffic is crazy and public transportation is expensive, an excellent bike can be a dream for a person who would ride it every day. It is not just beautiful but a functional bike; I love it, I want it and I need it!!! Summer will be great with this bike.

Gerar 304 days ago

I would love to give this as a gift to my mom

My mom used to bike when she was really young but she recently started practicing weekly with a biking group. Her and her biking group are preparing for the 20km "Ride Don't Hide" event which takes place this Saturday, June 22nd, 2013. This bike event raises money for the Canadian Mental Health Association as well as create awareness for people living with mental illnesses. My mom has struggled with mental illness for much of her life and one way of coping with this is through physical activity. My mom has been trying to be more active in order to cope with depression whether it be walking, biking, etc. The open door group for mental illness has partnered with a bike shop to lend bikes for free to her and others who have mental illness to practice. However, after the event she has to give it back. I would love to be able to give this bike as a gift to my mom so she can continue to be active and face depression head on. She seems a lot happier since she's joined this bike group and I'm sure she would be so thrilled if she got a new bike. My mom has done so much for me and my 3 siblings all while struggling with depression and it would mean the world to me if I could give this gift to her to show her my appreciation for all she has done for us. If she were to win the bike, I'm certain my mom will use it daily to get from place to place instead of using the car. Because it has the option of being electric and comes with a basket, my mom would love to use it to get groceries. Having the bike would not only save gas and be good for the environment, but it would allow my mom to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air, be physically active and do something that she actually enjoys.

Cassandra 305 days ago

iZip E3 Metro Riding

I would give it to my mom, as she used to ride when she was young, to keep her active, and to be able to go on family rides with us, the rest of us have bikes!

FunkySeatRider 305 days ago

the emphasis in on hauling

It is presently difficult for me to envisage doing certain tasks involving heavy loads, loads that do not necessarily require a lot of horsepower. Combined with a trailer, a lot could be achieved with this IZIP.
Imagine hauling home pails (not just cans) of paint from the building/home improvement centre. Or taking a full toolbox and ladder to a friend's to help out with some repairs. Or transporting a lawnmower to cut the grass of a relative who lives 5 km away.
It would be useful to an active do-it-yourselfer or gardener. Imagine needing to bring home compost being given away by the municipality. Or a few trees to beautify the backyard and oxygenate the neighbourhood.
Or recuperaing an abandoned rusty old bicycle to take home to resuscitate.

Anthony 305 days ago

LA Alternate Route

I want to be more serious about my bike commuting. An IZIP would make me a serious contender in dealing with Los Angeles traffic.

Alice Hall 305 days ago

IZIP E3 Metro

Depending on the frame size (if larger) I would give it to my husband, who is 6'5", to help get our veggies to the farmers' market. If it is regular sized frame, I would use it to take our son on the trail-a-bike to market, and activities around town.

deanna hurstfield 305 days ago


i would love to zip around on this bike!
i'm not getting any younger...

janet north 305 days ago


i would love to zip around on this bike!
i'm not getting any younger...

janet north 305 days ago

IZIP E3 Metro diamond frame e-bike

I would use this bike often on the long treks (COSTCO!) and to the outer areas of town to go hiking and birding. Also, this would make a great guest bike for my mother when she comes to visit (she's so slow!).

Mistee St Clair 305 days ago

Give it to my wife.

I Would give it to my wife. We as a family do not drive and have become so dependent on our bikes.We ride between 20 to 40 km's a week going to the local stores and the farmers market. My wife loves to ride but when we are pulling our children and our score from the markets and local farms it can get a bit tiring for her. She could so use this and we could do even more as a family of 7.

Chris Emslie 306 days ago

Cargo Loading (Costco, here I come)

This bike is perfect for cargo loading with its generous front basket and rear rack. I can finally buy more than one thing at Costco.

Amy 306 days ago


I would ride this bike to work! It would be a great way to save money and get in shape!

Kris B 306 days ago

My old E-bike is worn out

I have an 11 year old Currie Tech E-bike that is worn out. I have ridden this bike almost everyday since 2002 and would like to replace it so I can continue riding at my age(75)

Don Evans 306 days ago

My old E-bike is worn out

I have an 11 year old Currie Tech E-bike that is worn out. I have ridden this bike almost everyday since 2002 and would like to replace it so I can continue riding at my age(75)

Don Evans 306 days ago

I would like to trade

I would like to trade my 11 year old Currie Tech E-ride. I ride this bike every day and it allows me to go places that my age would prohibit without the electric boost. My current bike would make a nice display in an E-bike museum.

Don Evans 306 days ago

Wanted to keep riding

I would like to have this E-bike to replace the Currie Tech E-bike that I bought in 2002. Having an e-bike allows someone my age (75) ride places that would be impossible without the assist of the electric motor. The bike that I now have is about worn out after having ridden it most every day for the past 11 years. It would make a good display for your museum if you have one.

Don Evans 306 days ago

Wanted to keep riding

I would like to have this E-bike to replace the Currie Tech E-bike that I bought in 2002. Having an e-bike allows someone my age (75) ride places that would be impossible without the assist of the electric motor. The bike that I now have is about worn out after having ridden it most every day for the past 11 years. It would make a good display for your museum if you have one.

Don Evans 306 days ago

I zip around

I would use to it to conquer some of the killer hills we have here in the Pacific Northwest. I commute to work a few times a week (11 miles each way). The ride home is always super hot at the end of the work day and it would be nice to have a breeze generated for me when climbing the last 6 miles that are nothing but uphill.

And that front rack would look great carrying my beer on the way to the park every weekend to play frisbee and cook with friends!

Tyler Corcoran 306 days ago

Shopping, ice lollipopping and velodrome

Toodling down to the grocery store, cross town trips to the beach to pedal some ice lollies , and pedalling out to the velodrome on Friday nights. Oh and helping old ladies cross the street.

Peter 306 days ago

Schlepping boxes of books and other merch to/from the flea market ...

and/or aluminum cans and other scrap metal to the metal dealer helps me and my neighbors earn grocery money. It would be easier for any of us to do this (not all my neighbors are in the best physical shape) if an eBike were available between us (and those of us who are in decent shape could leverage our abilities to haul even more).

marge 306 days ago

Utility cycling

Commuting and cargo (i.e. groceries, errands).

Jun Z. 306 days ago

Commuting ftw!

Commuting daily as part of a multi-modal commute to work!

Iris W. 306 days ago

no car

this would make life easier . As we don't own a car nor do we wont one . bikes are the only way to go .

john wylie 306 days ago

Bike is only option

I live on an island that outlawed motorized vehicles years ago. Seriously. The only motorized vehicles in my community are the fire truck and the ambulance. We also don't have mail delivery so getting the mail is a five mile round trip to town and back daily. Not to mention grocery shopping with a bike cart. Island living can be very windy. I'm thinking this IZIP would really come in handy when pulling a load of groceries with a headwind!!

Kelly Rayment 307 days ago

Perfect for all my trips around town

Being semi retired, I do a lot of volunteer work here. This would be perfect for me to rush from one place to the other, without gasping for air or being all sweaty when I arrive.

Fred 307 days ago

This would be ideal for trips to the grocery store

and other short trips around town, like going to the doctor, and to a restaurant. Sure would be better than the bus or car.

Allan Harmsworth 307 days ago

Commute to work.

I would give it to my wife so she can come with me on longer rides and make date night more fun for both of us!

Brooks 307 days ago

E3 Metro

This would be the perfect way for me to commute to my job. It's all uphill to get there and this would be my answer.

Sondra Bernard 307 days ago

win an IZIP E3 Metro

I live in Richmond BC-I love to bike outside of my area, in the hills of North Vancouver, Burnaby, and Port Coquitlam. This type of bike would not only help on those hills, but could also let me bike further and explore even more areas. I'd love to do that on electric/human power rather than by car!

Daniel Naumann 307 days ago

I dont think I would

Ever be happier to ride this to take my daughter to daycare every day.

tabombard@gmail.com 307 days ago

kill it.

Ride in style to go get groceries and to work.

John Bombard 307 days ago

Ride to work

I'd love to commute to work, but I need help on the hills! This would be great.

Erin 307 days ago

Izip E3 giveaway

I'd leave it at school and lend it to staff as I try to open them up to other commuting possibilities.

Chris Byron 307 days ago

Physical Fitness

Right now I live just beyond my comfort level for distance of biking to work. My company promotes biking and I would like to be among the mass of bike riders biking to work every day. If I had an IZIP E3 Metro, I would feel comfortable biking to work with the power assist and in turn getting physically fit.

Dan Lamb 307 days ago

ride 2 work

I would use the bike to ride 2 work. I already ride to work everyday, but having an eletric bike would be relly nice. gas is too expencive so i dont drive anymore.

Tim Weber 307 days ago


With this fantastic e-bike, the IZIP E3 metro, I can go to the job without taking a shower. Go to grocery and came back with plenty of stuff including good beers. Add a child seat on the back and take the kids to the day-car... It will relace one of our very old car.

Olivier Thomas 307 days ago

E3 Metro

I'd get out more. I can't walk too far, but I can ride a bike. I live real close to the Wissahickon Park in Philadelphia and would like to get better acquainted with it.

Thorndyke Bear 307 days ago

IZIP E3 Metro

Like just about everybody else it seems, I'll be riding my Metro to my volunteer job where I spend a lot of time so I don't get the chance to exercise. Now I will. My physiatrist will be so happy.

B Lamparska 307 days ago

being the example in a poverty area to live by bicycle

It would just be fun and easier for me to get my groceries. My husband rode an E-bike and loved it. If I won one then we would only have to purchase one. I love getting my groceries by bike, an e-bike would further the range I could ride. I try to set the example in this area for promoting living by bicycle and I could ride it year round :)

Ashley Martin 307 days ago

Hauling Kids in Hilly Halifax!

Wow, where to begin? Well, we live at the top of a very hilly area of Halifax, NS. We recently purchased a trailer for the wee ones (3yrs and 1yr), but we are really limited to where we can venture out in the city with them because of the hills everywhere. We're doing our best to transition to being a car-free family, but the hills are our biggest obstacle. An IZIP would be such a welcome addition to our growing family... trips to the market, trips across the bridges to visit friends and family... trips to the grocery store to get enough food for a family of four! yeah... would be a huge help.

Peter & Samantha 307 days ago


I do an 11 mile commute every day that's possible to ride. The IZIP may be the way to go.

Jeffrey Arnold 307 days ago

I'd commute to my volunteer work!

I volunteer 3 days a week at a local hospital, and it's a 50km round-trip, which right now is out of my cycling range (55+ year old knees...). I'd use the IZIP E3 Metro e-bike to commute instead of taking the bus everrywhere, freed from the tyranny of bus schedules!

George Schoenhofer 307 days ago

Making the Climb Together

My husband is new to cycling, and he can be really intimidated by the strength and stamina required to overcome any of the several big hills in town. This gorgeous e-bike would be a perfect way to entice my husband into longer and more frequent bike rides, which would be a major 'win' for both of us!

Carey 307 days ago

School on the Prairie

I'll be attending a university in rural Minnesota this fall. I'd ride the IZIP E3 to classes, library, and outside around the prairie. The cargo rack and basket would be just the thing to carry books and papers. This bike is gorgeous!

Acoma Gaither 307 days ago

Cut my daily commute

Save a few minutes

Adrian 307 days ago

Back in the Saddle

I had my hip replaced and then I had the replacement replaced, that makes getting up the hills in San Francisco tough so I've pretty much given up cycling. I test rode an IZIP E3 and really liked how stable it felt. If I won one I'd be back in the saddle.

B Forman 307 days ago

A way to cut down on gas

Instead of driving multiple times from our house to our Guest Ranch, the IZIP E3 Metro would be the ultimate solution. The short 2 mile trip turns into a total 10 mile trip by the end of the day. You can literally see the gas mileage of our car deplete as the summer goes on. Besides, how cool would an IZIP E3 Metro look against the Teton Mountains. Our guests would definitely be impressed. Maybe we could start renting them.

Kelvin Stirn 307 days ago

I want to win one!

I'd use the IZIP E3 Metro diamond frame e-bike to keep grocery shopping & biking my toddler around through the rest of my pregnancy! I'm about 6 months pregnant now & it's getting a bit too hard to ride loads up hills, so an e-assist would keep me a lot more mobile for the next three months.

Lisa Corriveau 307 days ago


Pathways, alleyways, side streets and byways open up on my New IZIP E3. I wouldn't need to leave anything behind with the two stylish and functional racks. I look great in orange too.

Bob McInnis 307 days ago


I would use the bike to explore the surrounding countryside and other communities near my city. It would extend my range so much, shopping will be much easier with this cargo bike as well.

Matthew LeDrew 307 days ago

IZIP E3 Metro

I would use this bike for my daily commute. I currently own an eZip Skyliner. With another ebike, both my wife and I could ride together (and take our 2 girls, as well. Electric bikes rock!

W. Lewis Black 307 days ago

everyday activities

I would use the bike to go to work, shop for groceries, and all my leisure activities. It would be ideal for picnics and attending outdoor theatre in the summer.

Dan Hanton 307 days ago

IZIP E3 Metro

I would like to save money on bus passes, get more exercise, and make use of the bike routes we have in the city by riding my bike to work. However there are lots of hills along the way and I have to travel pretty far, so having an e-bike would help me a lot and let me achieve my goal!

Chelsea 307 days ago

Zipping around town

I still don't have legs of steel, so I try to avoid huge hills for long cycle-commutes. If I have to go somewhere and it involves a long distance/hills/a combination thereof, I'll usually take the bus. But if I had an IZIP E3, I'd be able to pretty much go wherever I please without worrying too much about how sweaty I may be upon arrival at my destination or how much energy I have.

Daniel Yen-Chiu 307 days ago

I'd commute to work!

I'm 6.7 miles one way by bike. I'm not a morning person so sometimes I get up late and it would be nice to have a zippy electric bike to get there faster on those days.

Tom 307 days ago

Ride to work!

I live 5 miles from work...I would ride to and from work and save on gas....I would be so happy to have this :)

markisa griffin 307 days ago

Tow the kid!

I would hook the trailer up and go, go go! It gets heavy FAST going up hills! This would help keep us going in the desert heat of Southern Utah!

ABIGAIL PORTER 307 days ago

Izip E-3

I have been using a E-Zip Trail Bike for the last six years, I find them extremely efficient but the wear and tear I have inflicted on the bike is starting to catch up with it. We are planning on getting a new one for my wife so we can run our errands around town in them together. I have permanent legs injuries from and automobile accident and would like to be able to share the riding experience with her. Although we both have cars, I rarely use mine, I use my E-Bike for therapy and exercise but she can't keep up with me so she never joins me, I would like her to be able to join me. She would love it. We also save about @ $60 a week on gas, If I have a chance to win this bike it would save us double

Mike Young 307 days ago


I could do all my commuting on the bike, would not have to drive car much!!! save gas, $$$, and the planet. win win.

sharon meagher 307 days ago

Izip contest

If I won, I'd leave it at school and lend it out - to encourage staff to try altenatives to cars.

Chris Byron 307 days ago


I find that using a bike simplifies my life in a manner that allows me to focus more upon my community, my well being, and the many joys in life that tend to pass us by as we sit in cars. The electric bike is a positive innovation that would allow me to go further than before when making grocery trips, package errands, or simply commuting around town, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Paul Meuer 307 days ago


I will ride this e-bike in comfort and feel all the freedom it supplies. I will also pedal as needed for exercise. Great to have a bike with no pollution produced yet which can go fast similar to a car. I will commute back and forth to work as well.

Sande MacEachern 307 days ago

E-bikes inspire everyday riding!

Living on the top edge of a city situated on a mountainside, an electric assist bicycle would make daily errands and grocery runs fun when returning back up the hill with your weighty items in tow. I also would be more inclined to take the E-bike over the car when feeling pressed for time or feeling fatigued.

Ken Klock 307 days ago


I will ride this e-bike rather than use my car for all trips that do not need my car. I like being outside instead of inside a car. I will also transfer my loud bell to the e-bike.

Peter Shaw 307 days ago

I have MS and Lupus...fatigue, fatigue, fatigue!

I have MS and Lupus. I am unable to drive a car and have recently started riding my bike. I have found that when I get home exhausted I end up in bed for a day or two, I would like to win this bike to cut down on my efforts and enjoy being out longer and without so much physical exertion that lands me in bed. Plus, My birthday is Wed. What a great present this would be!

Catherine Fuqua Forbes 307 days ago

Fruit Stand

I'm looking to start a bike-towed fruit stand to get fresh produce to some under serviced communities in my city. This would sure make the haul easier.

Rob Patterson 307 days ago


I'd use it to get to work and back. It would be nice with all the hills around my area.

Tim Lee 307 days ago

Up My Hill!

I bike with my 5-year-old son on the back. We live at the top of a very long, steep hill here in San Francisco, and his school is at the top of another steep hill. For now, we use the great racks on the MUNI buses to get us tp the top. An electric bike would get us there under our own power (with a little electric assist, of course)! Huzzah!

tb 307 days ago

What would I not use it for?

My bike is my main means of transportation AND my pack horse: my husband always shakes his head at how many things I try to carry home from grocery shopping. This would make it easier for me to shop at a variety of places across the whole city at once which would satisfy the bargain hunter in me.

Amy 307 days ago


I want to use this bike to commute in Santa Monica, CA and help promote a cleaner environment and an alternative way to get around. Pick me and I'll share you on my facebook and twitter and tumblr and instagram and ... hey whatever you want! cool bike.

Brian Allman 307 days ago

Keeping Up

My husband has a electric bike already - if I win this bike, we could then bike together!

Andrea F 307 days ago

Carfree family of 5

I would definately use this to get groceries! and run errons. Be able to get more done at a time and avoid the waiting part of riding the bus. Of course I might have to share with my hubby, lol.

Shelby 307 days ago

mom of 5.....

I'm a mom of 5 needing to get back into shape and I'm a HUGE fan of ebikes! I love how eco-friendly ebikes are. This would give me an opportunity to follow my big kids and pull my little kids while losing weignt. The whole family can participate!

Pam Venturi 307 days ago

Wife bike

This bike would be great for getting my wife into commuting on a regular basis.

Lloyd S 307 days ago

Getting it done...

I use a standard bike for my daily 7 mile (each way) commute, but when it comes to groceries for our family of three , its car time. Getting to the main grocery store requires 3 steep Colorado front range hills in 5 miles. Too much weight with our home cooking lifestyle, but this would remove that car need.

Doug Bursnall 307 days ago

Promoting ebikes

I'm a huge believer in electric bicycles, and the role they play in our future transportation. Not only would this bike get used for normal shopping and errand running, but I'd love to show it off. And as a bartender in a nice Minnesota lake community, I have plenty of opportunity to talk about it!

Chet Kuhn 307 days ago

Doing. Going. Being.

My daily routine is full of carless activities. I'd love an eBike simply for transportation, errands, and fun!

Michelle C 307 days ago

Helping people to get fit

Hi Momentum Magazine and Currietech,

I lost my job 5 months ago, I was the graphic designer in a tech company. However my passion has been for a long time Fitness and bicycles. I have decided to change the path of my life by getting my certification in Personal Trainer. One of the key elements of training people is going to their houses and training them on-site. I don't own a car and for me using the IZIP E3 would be the perfect choice to travel around the city visiting my future clients. I think it would be such a great tool and it is also about leading by example and not using the car to meet my clients will be absolutely amazing and fun. Besides that, I am always complaining about going for groceries and carrying the bags on the bus, boy this will be the perfect solution. The grocery store is about 1.5km from my house and it will solve that issue too.

Honestly I can picture myself with the bike carrying some of my fitness accessories (jumping rope, elastic tubes, yoga block and mat.) I would love to win this and use it for a good cause: Helping people get fit and fight agains obesity.

Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all of us :)



Nelson 307 days ago

Go getter

I'd love to use this bike to get groceries and to help navigate all of the hills between home and school so I could get my little kindergartener to and from school via bike path. It's too long and hilly for her to do by herself and quite a workout with her in tow.

Beki 307 days ago

IZIP E3 Metro e-bike

I would use the E3 for errands, my wife would use it to ride with me, and my sons would use it for transportation around town. Sounds like I may need more than one...

Tony Hauser 307 days ago

Rare Disease Help with Mobility

I would use the bike as mode of transportation around town so I can be more independent as I have rare connective tissue and collagen disorder so the bike will allow me to take pressure off joints and help me to be able to have pedal assist and thus saving from injury, partial dislocations, increased pain, and to help build muscles so I can stabilize joints better.

Christina Rightmer 307 days ago

Shopping and commute

I would use it to get my groceries and other shopping up the hill and home to my apartment, and also to commute to work.

Kate 307 days ago

IZIP Metro Giveaway

If I won, I would give this bike to my spouse to use so she could ride more frequently with me. She doesn't like riding hills, and this would be perfect for an extra little boost. I'd probably borrow it every once in awhile myself to cart extra heavy loads.

Christopher Joy 307 days ago


The house I live in now is just in range for my kids to bike to do groceries, school, market, library. With the IZIP I could park the car and make it a commuter bike! And I promise to buy a really good lock this time!

Graham Bird 307 days ago

Do the commute

I split my 24-mile commute between truck and bicycle. With an electric, I could extend my pedaling range and/or ride in really hot weather. Looking cool would just be a plus.

Samuel Joslin 307 days ago

Do the commute

I split my 24-mile commute between truck and bicycle. With an electric, I could extend my pedaling range and/or ride in really hot weather. Looking cool would just be a plus.

Samuel Joslin 307 days ago

Bike Commute

I'd bike commute most days. My bike commute is somewhere around 15 miles w/ some pretty serious hills. Right now I take public transit, but it goes pretty far out of my way. With an e-bike, I could bike commute it. I could also use my e-bike with my Burly Travoy to do most of my grocery shopping by bike. I'm working towards it w/ my human-powered-only bike, but an e-bike would get me much farther faster.

Krista Park 307 days ago

Go Greener

I'd use it to go to the small grocery store during the week!

kim kihega 307 days ago


My favorite commuter bike was stolen a week before Christmas. Since I don't own a car, I count on my bike for shopping trips and getting to doctor appts. This bike would be a life saver for me.

Melvin Ducharme 307 days ago

Fuse My Life With The Bike

I've retired being a car owner for 4 years and have bus/biked to everywhere I need to get to since. My job pays me near minimum wage and is a hilly 5 miles from my castle... I bus to work 5 days a week and get off work in the dead of night when the buses aren't running, so I bike back 5 hilly miles on the reg. This bike will get me across town, up the hills, and will hold my stuff when I need to pick up coffee grounds in Highland Square! Plus, I can share it with my partner when she needs to get stuff too. Maybe we'll get Monkeylectric lights for it...

Kenneth Arthur Sanders 307 days ago

IZIP E3 Metro giveaway

This bike would be perfect for my commute to work and to get groceries from the farmer's markets on the way home.

Pete Kohut 307 days ago

Lovin to ride & not likin to drive!

I walk dogs for a living, all my clients live within 2 miles of my house. Driving a car is impossible, traffic & parking is annoying. With the IZIP E3 Metro I could easily cruise to and from the clients homes without a hassle. Please consider me, I would be sooo grateful. Thanks for the chance!

Linda Ann 307 days ago

An incentive not to drive a car

Encourage my partner to bike to work, no excuses any more. ( Don't have to worry about Parking, Don't have to worry about getting towed.)

George Liem 307 days ago


This bike would help me do even MORE of my errands by bike. I live in a hilly town and to be honest, the thought of riding up hill with loaded panniers often deters me from doing grocery shopping by bike.

Mary Anderson 307 days ago

Trips to neighborhood store

I would make my trips to the neighborhood store, but also just for the enjoyment of the ride.

Janice Cash 307 days ago

Go Greener!

I only work 3 miles from home, but can't pedal to work every day. This would certainly help me cut out almost all of my car use to and from work!

MaryBeth Karpel 307 days ago

Go Greener!

I only work 3 miles from home, but can't pedal to work every day. This would certainly help me cut out almost all of my car use to and from work!

MaryBeth Karpel 307 days ago

great fun!

I ride my bike to work every day, and to the grocery store at least twice a week, so the e-bike would sure take a lot of strain off my knees, especially since I'm often riding into 40mph gusty headwinds!!

Mary O'Neill 307 days ago

Yard Sales

I would take mine to the neighborhood yard sales..love them!

Barbara Mayes 307 days ago

Awesome Bike!

I'd use it to ride to the store, to the library, park. This would be perfect to ride to the weekly farmers market - loving the basket, perfect for holding things.

Sandy N. 307 days ago

Hauling my assorted junk

No matter how I plan for it, I always come home with more groceries/assorted junk/neighborhood cats catching a ride than anticipated, and do all sorts of bodily contortions to accommodate. What a sweet ride it would be to stick those groceries in the front and back and then cruise, baby, cruise ;)

Megan Radford 307 days ago

Vehicle Replacement

I already live car-free. This would make grocery runs a breeze!

Syhalla 307 days ago


I would ride the ten or so miles to the bus stop each day.

Dave 307 days ago

Ride to work, everyday

Nothing miraculous. Just ride to work everyday. The baskets would help with picking up groceries on the way home.

Chris 307 days ago

Extended errand / meeting range

My current rule is no car trips under five miles. I would like to extend that to ten miles into hillier terrain.

Tony Panero 307 days ago

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