August 19, 2014

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pick me!

I need a new lock because I'm currently using an easily cuttable chain with my junior high school locker padlock!

Jennifer Scott 118 days ago


i'm in San Francisco, and this lock would really help me keep my investment!

steve hong 119 days ago

Only 1 u lock for two bikes

I currently have one U lock for two bikes and would love to try a different brand besides Kryptonite. I have been eyeing this company for a while as an alternative.

Jenny 119 days ago

OnGuard Bruce Lock

I could use a new and better lock so I can leave my bike out in places and not have to worry about it being stolen!

Olivia 119 days ago

Gearing Up clients earn a bicycle (and a lock)

Gearing Up is a nonprofit in Philadelphia who works with women in transition from addiction, abuse, and/or incarceration. We teach them to ride bicycles for health, transportation, and social connectivity. After they ride 100+ miles with Gearing Up they are eligible to earn a bicycle of their very own! But once they earn a bicycle, they also need a safe lock to keep that bicycle. We have 40 women expected to earn a bicycle, and 35 U Locks… Anything helps!

Gearing Up 119 days ago

OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock

My last two bikes were stolen over the last couple of years, I can't afford to replace the current one for getting around town if it gets stolen as well.

Fritz 119 days ago

I love steel! And I hate steal!

Well, if I could bring my bike inside wherever I go, I would... I hate hearing about bike theft. I really don't want to experience that again. Also, I'm in high alert right now for two reasons: 1) girlfriend is getting a new salsa Vaya in the very near future. 2) I was just informed of a potential bike theft in broad daylight. The guy used a portable grinder to grind away the lock. Busy street in Ballard, Seattle.

Brandon 119 days ago

classic bike needs classic steel

fixing up a vintage schwinn and need the best protection to keep it safe

christina chin 119 days ago

like my bike

could use a new lock to keep my second bike locked in the basement, as I've heard quite a few stories of people getting their bikes stolen in their homes

Christian 119 days ago

Advocating for more bike racks.....

Would enjoy using the OnGuard Brute as a prop in my "We need more Bike Racks," presentations and for security on my downtown business/lunch rides :)

Rack Cross 120 days ago

Won a new bike

during the commuter challenger, and I need an extra lock!

Matthew LeDrew 120 days ago

Could use a stronger lock... protect the new Surly my partner earned from his employer through a competition.

Christopher 120 days ago

Looks very intimidating

I'm in.

Andrea 120 days ago

new bike needs lock

Our family just got a beautiful new Yuba Mundo. I'd love to have a solid lock like this to lock it up

Markus 121 days ago


I could use a lock because I love my bike and don't want to give it away to thieves.

Wendi Werner 121 days ago

New way of thinking

Letting my car sit idle while I cruise around town on two wheels requires a complete new mindset, not the least of which, is how to protect my investment. Worrying about whether my bike will still be where I parked it has become the most stressful part of my day.

James 121 days ago

A lifeline for my lifeline

Just couldn't bear to lose my special bike

Barbara 121 days ago

oh Canada we stand OnGuard for thee

Canadian content posting, see what I did there?

Gordon 121 days ago


You know I need it

Turbo Bob 121 days ago

More use, more exposure....

As I get to use my bike more and more, the chances of it being stolen increase... I have been relying on a chain lock that I purchased when I did not know that a u-lock is more secure, but I'd love to upgrade!

Abi 122 days ago

Too much bike theft

I work in an area with lots of cyclists and lots of bike thefts. A sturdy OnGuard lock is exactly what I need to keep my bike safe and secure.

Gael 122 days ago

New lock for my beloved bike

School is around the corner and a new lock would keep my bike safe while I'm in class!

Brian 122 days ago

I happen to need a new lock!

My old one is rusted up to the point of jamming almost daily.

James 122 days ago

Move it AND Lose it

Just moved to a new area that's wonderfully bikeable yet we somehow managed to lose the bike lock keys in the move... In need of a new lock so we can explore!

Abigail 122 days ago

protecting my ride

I "lent" my good ABUS to my brother in law over a year ago....

Craig 122 days ago

To get home!

When I bike, it's usually for transportation, not just fun. So I need my bike to be there so I can get back home from wherever I went!

Julie 122 days ago

I want to keep my bike safe

I need a solid, quality lock to keep my pretty bike in my possession. d

Melody Stone 122 days ago

School is strarting soon!

I left my lock at school overnight and some of my students played with the locking component so much that it no longer works. Therefore, I dont own a working lock anymore and must bring my bike inside the school in order to ensure its safety. This also means I dont use my bike to run errands etc because it would surely get stolen without being locked up.

Joelle emond 122 days ago

Security first

My bike has sentimental value beyond its monetary value. I'd be devastated if anything happened to it.

Andrea 122 days ago


I really need, but can't, a first class lock!

Jeff 122 days ago

High theft downtown!

Due to commuting for work, I am forced to lock my bicycle up in some very high theft areas in the downtown area of my city. Winnipeg, has a notorious theft rate. I need the best locks, for the simple reason, that all I can do, is lock up securely, and hope the thieves choose to go after the next guy, who isn't so well locked up. I always use multiple locks, so having another, would be very helpful.

Curtis Guiboche 122 days ago

Thank you!

Because. . .
'Merica! 😁

Jennifer Chamberlain 122 days ago

please gimme!


lee 122 days ago

please gimme! please!

please gimme! please!

lee 122 days ago

University Town

I've recently relocated and now live near a very large university. I'm finding that my existing lock does not provide an appropriate level of security for the area. I would feel much better with this Brute protecting my ride.

Ron Whitmire 122 days ago

need new lock

13 bikes, 3 U locks. nuff said

Rob Hendricks 122 days ago

Keep it safe

Over the years I have been collecting bike items but never got around to buying a nicer lock to take care of my bike. The more I use my little rascal, the more I grow to love it. What will I do if it gets stolen?

Katie 122 days ago


To say that sometimes I'm forced to lock my bike up in somewhat sketchy areas is an understatement. In fact two of the places were recently named by the local police department as the highest bicycle theft areas in the city. I love my bicycles and plan to keep riding them for a long, long time. This means not only properly maintaining them, but more importantly doing my best to keep them out of the hands of thieves.

T Schaefer 122 days ago

OnGuard Lock

I ride my Surly to school regularly. My students love the look of the touring bike and have a difficult time not touching it as it rests in my classroom. I would LOVE to leave it outside locked with a monster of lock that screams "Don't touch me". This lock would do the trick. :-)

Andrew 122 days ago

OnGuard Lock

I just rec'd a brand new bike and can't imagine anything happening to it, ie. being stolen. My bike was part of a surprise proposal from my now fiancée and because of this I will always treasure my brand new bike. I plan to ride it as often as possible and will continue to run errands while riding my bike and with a new lock, I can be sure my bike will always be waiting for me when I come out from the stores, etc.

Deborah Aylesworth 122 days ago

Onguard lock

I was riding my bike at night after a few drinks and totally dropped my lock somewhere, so yeah need a new lock, ha!

Rachel 122 days ago

On guard

Wish I didn't even need to worry about having a lock.

M Carson 122 days ago

Extra security

I like to have an extra lock to carry around with me incase I need to go for a quick coffee/washroom break. Without leaving unattended

Laura 122 days ago

Need one more lock

We have two locks for a family of three. Now that our son is a teenager, he'll need his own lock.

Tehmina Khan 122 days ago

Need some real security

Right now I use a department store cable lock. Love to have the security of that beefy u-lock

Martin Young 122 days ago

Don't want to lose my baby!

I want to win this lock because I would be devastated if I lost my bike. I've had the same ride since I bought it new in 1986.

Paul M. 122 days ago

On Guard!

Don't mess around with lesser locks, you can never be too sure.

Mike 122 days ago

For Peace of Mind

So I'll know that my bike will be there when I get back!

Sylvia M. 123 days ago

Love my old bike

I ride my 40-year-old Peugeot every day. I'd like to keep it a few more years.

Morgan Staines 123 days ago

Because New York

This lock looks ideal for securing both frame and wheel, which is a must on the mean streets of New York City.

Eric McClure 123 days ago

Quality lock

It's time to replace my sup-par lock I currently have.

Lloyd 123 days ago

Bike Check

Keep me from checking on my bike multiple times when I'm supposed to be out having some anxiety free fun!

Megan 123 days ago


Living in Vancouver, I can't even take my eyes off of my bike for a second without a good lock on it.

Kenneth Chen 123 days ago

good-sized lock

My current bike lock is too narrow. This one looks like it would work better. Also with my son riding his bike to school now, I guess it is time to hand a lock down to him!

Tanya 123 days ago

Safety and security

Need this lock a lot.

Peter Shaw 123 days ago

On Guard Lock

My wife needs a good lock that is easy to use.

Bill Laughlin 123 days ago

Great Lock!

Would be nice to win for once.

Sande MacEachern 123 days ago

Why I need a great lock.

I live in a neighborhood with very high rates of bicycle theft, I've had two stolen in the past two years and don't have the money to replace a third one.

Fritz Kreiss 123 days ago

need a second lock

I need a second lock to be sure that my bike will be realy safe in Montreal. An OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock would make my day, it's realy nice.

Olivier Thomas 123 days ago


My wife and daughter are riding bikes more frequently and on more errands. We currently share 2 locks for the family, but this is proving inadequate!

David 123 days ago


My wife and I share a lock. We'd like to go different places sometimes.

Adam Sokol 123 days ago


Girlfriends little sister has just purchase her first bike and only has a cable lock. Girl will get her bike stolen if I don't win this lock. Now it's up to me to save her... by winning ;)

Jess Lopez 123 days ago

A way to relax

Yes,... this new lock could be the way to relax myself and free my mind of worries and bad thoughts every time I need to park my bike. An OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock would make my day. Also my wife will be pleased as having my bike secure I can buy her flowers!!...

Nuno Costa Gomes 123 days ago

A secure way to lock my bike

I have a very low end lock right now that always makes me paranoid that my bike will not be there when I return. With this lock I know I will worry less about theft.

Tanya 123 days ago

Dinner minus the car!

So I can take my bike to commute to local restaurants without the fear of it being stolen- my last bike was stolen even with security patrolling the area :-(

Julia 124 days ago

For my husband's bike

My husband just got a new bike and hasn't gotten a new lock yet. This would be perfect!

Erin 124 days ago


I could use a new lock because my old one is a mini a it's a bit too small to capture the wheel and frame.

Dave 124 days ago

Bike thieves

There's been an increase in bike thefts in my quiet little town.

Tami Hart 124 days ago

Because New York

We still have the best bike thieves, alas.

Christopher 124 days ago

OnGuard Brute Ulock Contest

Hello, I'm living in downtown Atlanta, and will be commuting by bike to school and my new job as a server. Riding a Schwinn converted fixie, a new reliable lock could be a lifesaver, no... bike saver!

Mark H 124 days ago

Better Than the "Belt"?

While wearing my Kryptonite chain around my neck makes a great biking fashion statement, it'd be great to have a smaller, reliable U-lock instead. I can always wear the Kryptonite chain as an accessory.

Claudia 124 days ago

New bikes

Got a couple new bikes in the family recently. Could really use one of these to make sure they STAY in the family!

Greg 124 days ago