April 28, 2014

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Locky Loo

Security concerns in the big city...Duh!

d 227 days ago

New Lock

I constantly lose my lock for some reason. My wife calls me the Mad Scientist because I am distracted. My Bianchi Milano asked me for a good lock for its birthday so it won't get stolen.

MIke Takeuchi 228 days ago

san francisco

...is a place w more and more bikes, and more theft, and could really use an upgrade to my lock for my urban bike!

steve 228 days ago

Chain lock is picking off my bike's paint

Title says it: the cloth covering my chain guard is wrecked, my replacement cover didn't last, and the exposed chain chips a new piece of paint off my lovely burgundy cruiser regularly.

Barbara Leiterman 228 days ago

Old one too heavy.

This one would not be as heavy and just as secure.

Roscoe Chandler 228 days ago

To ride again

I'd love to win this lock. I just fractured my knee with my bike tumbling down on to me sideways due to the three 10lb chains I carry in my front basket, making it an unbalanced ride. It'd be amazing if I can have this lock to secure onto the bike so I don't need to carry so many chains to prevent my bike theft. I'd love to win this lock so I can start riding without fear once I healed my knees.

Y Hu 228 days ago

To ride again

I'd love to win this lock. I just fractured my knee with my bike tumbling down on to me sideways due to the three 10lb chains I carry in my front basket, making it an unbalanced ride. It'd be amazing if I can have this lock to secure onto the bike so I don't need to carry so many chains to prevent my bike theft. I'd love to win this lock so I can start riding without fear once I healed my knees.

Y Hu 228 days ago

i'd bike more often

I have lost too many bikes due to locks that thieves have got the better of. I doubt my current u lock is invincible. I've got the best bike I've ever owned right now and if I had an On Guard u lock maybe I'd be able to keep this bike out of their clutches. Currently I lug it up a narrow set of stairs everyone I come home which is not so good for my back. It would be so great to be able to leave it outside in good weather. I'd ride my bike more often.

li li anderson 229 days ago

Broke & Broke: Need New Lock

Living on very tight budget. My lock just broke and I did questionable DIY "repairs."

Andrea Adleman 229 days ago

Why I need a new lock

I need a new bike lock because mine wouldn't deter a determined thief. I have an old but valuable bike and want to keep a few more years when it becomes a vintage bicycle.

Jack Pirson 229 days ago


I'm attached to my bike and want to keep it. Plus, I just learned that K***, the main lock company, is owned by a weapons manufacturer and want distance from it!

Christian 229 days ago

for my bike

Orly one cessons ! Love my bike !

Florent 229 days ago

I live in New York City

Enough said! :(

Jesse Goodman 229 days ago

Afraid to lose Eileen!

I'm using an old U lock that I'm afraid isn't as safe as I'd like it to be. My stomach drops when I think about the possibility of coming across an empty rack where my bike, Eileen, had been locked.

Kaye 230 days ago

Bike to Work now

Bike to Work as I need a secound lock to lock my trailer as I need my trailer to transport my massage chair to serve customers

Tania 230 days ago

Save My Bike

Getting a new bike and I would love to have this protection!

Kim 230 days ago

Need a better lock

Current lock is a piece of junk. Simple as that.

Paul Molnar 230 days ago

need new lock

I could use a new lock for my shiny new blue bike- bought an upright, step through frame bike (nice light Norco Cityglide) for easy commuting- after thinking about it for a few years and only doing it sporadically over the last few years with my old hybrid I've made the commitment to cycle to work.

Su 230 days ago

Old lock gone!

I'm sure my old lock fought the valiant fight against the thief, but it was a battle it was sure to lose. A new lock would be the beginnings of a wonderful relationship with a new bike.

Paul 230 days ago

An Aging Lock

I have an aging lock that is near its death. The key is difficult to use, most of the rubber coating on the outside has come off, and it is downright ugly. I will use the OnGuard Brute lock as a replacement.

Joe Gallegos 230 days ago

A lock for my cat's main mode of transport

I need a new lock for my newly-purchased secondhand cargo bike. It would suck if this bike was stolen as it right now is my sole mode of transport for work (hauling supplies around) and vet visits (for my old siamese cat).

Chris Bean 230 days ago

The commute

Starting biking to work and need to lock things up tight on our campus.

Charlene 230 days ago

Winter Claimed My Old Lock

The lock I was using final died following extreme exposure to several Canadian winters...it wasn't an OnGuard lock....

Graham 230 days ago

I gave away

an old bike plus my spare lock to a friend who needed the wheels and couldn't buy something. I do have one lock for my commuter bike but i'd love to have an extra as some places I prefer to lock the bike with two.

Markus 231 days ago


I lost my keys and the only key to my ulock and would love to win a new one so I don't have to buy another one!

sarah bryant 231 days ago

It's a matter of style

The yellow accents will go much better with my bike than the current orange accents. Besides, my old lock is wearing out and is really grubby. Come to think of it, so's my bike. If I get the lock, then maybe I'll be inspired to go get a new bike to match. (Sorry if this is a duplicate - my browser is acting up.)

Ross 231 days ago

Safe & sound

I have noticed that my current u-lock is not operating as smoothly as it used to. Time for a new hefty lock to keep my steed safe!

Daniel Yen-Chiu 231 days ago

Onguard STD U Lock

I'm currently using a low-end cable lock and I sure could use an upgrade

Martin Young 231 days ago

I live in Sacramento

Our city is a hotbed of bike theft, and my bike is my baby. Not only that, we're launching a bike theft prevention campaign, and I'd love to help demonstrate proper locking techniques during May is Bike Month.

Maya 231 days ago

New life... New lock needed.

Just had a baby two weeks ago today and I am looking forward to getting back on my bike and taking her with me. I just need a good lock (i don't currently have one) so that the two of us can see the town together the way it was meant to be seen!

S. Jarvis 231 days ago

I need a lock

I don't have a lock for my bike. Just in time to start commuting once again.

Christopher Norris 231 days ago

Great Lock

I need a great lock.

Joel 231 days ago

Lock 2 Lock

I need a lock to lock my existing lock to my bike.

WisdomKeeper 231 days ago


With an ever-expanding fleet of bicycles, I always need another lock.
STD = Shut the Door?

Robin 231 days ago

The most dangerous neighborhood in Brooklyn

I ride my bike to work on a regular basis. Where do I work? The most dangerous neighborhoods in Brooklyn. When you hear the local news about gun fights the last line is always "and the victim was taken to...." and there it is, the hospital where I work! So it goes with out saying, a good lock will protect my ride.

Nina Sabghir 231 days ago

Why I could use a new lock

My current lock is a five dollar cable lock from Walmart so I'm definitely in need of a good, solid, reliable lock!

lenie 231 days ago

why I could use a new lock

I would love to win this lock because my current lock is a five dollar cable lock from Walmart! I'm looking forward to riding my bike a lot this summer and could use a reliable lock like this one.

Lenie 231 days ago

New Lock

I run the Bike to School program at my school, and we're ALWAYS in need of loaner locks. This would be perfect!

Mike Mann 232 days ago

New lock for an old guy on an old bike.

The old keyed cable lock is in need of retirement. Oddly enough, the old Raleigh DL1 is 44 years old and still going strong. Hope this lock lasts anywhere near that long a time.

Thom J. 232 days ago

big lock

I would use it to group lock my friend and i's bike when we went riding together or for group urban rides.

Linda 232 days ago

One lock to rule them all

Carrying three small u locks and a cable is getting tiresome

Dita 232 days ago

Car free family

Our car free family is always in need of good quality bike locks to keep our fleet of 9 bicycles safe and secure.

Duane Nelson 232 days ago

Winter lock needed

Will this lock pass the Canada winter test?

Sarah 232 days ago

Matches my jaundiced look...

Perfect colour that matches my look.

Fil Cortese 232 days ago

Rock My Lock

Styling and safe... He'll ya. Rock my bike

Jean 232 days ago


My husband has had the same u-lock for about 7 years. He recently lost it- ah! He could really use a new one as he rides everyday.

Teri 232 days ago

My lock's on it's last and not so steady legs...

I would really love to win this lovely OnGuard lock because the one I am currently using is on it's last legs! Quite often it won't work properly, jams a bit when I'm trying to lock or unlock it and I know I'm just being foolish in not buying a new one. Each time I have an issue with it I think "is this the time I won't be able to use it for good.."? Shudder. I am a late bloomer with the bike riding but since I have re-discovered it I am nuts for taking my bike on any errand or trip in the city. Would I leave a car unlocked? Answer is obvious. I would be crushed if I lost my bike and I fear a little it would kill my wunderlust for the sport for sure. Let's not let this happen and get Heidi a new lock! Thanks :)

Heidi 232 days ago

I need a bike lock!

I really really need a bike lock as I am currently using a motorcycle lock that weighs as much as my bike!

Simon 232 days ago

New bike, new lock!

Just got a new bike, would love to get a good, reliable lock to keep my baby safe!

Michelle 232 days ago


On guard. Beware you fiendish thieves.

ken 232 days ago

Need Better Theft Protection

I have only a cable lock. A U-lock would protect my bike from thievery better.

Colleen Welch 232 days ago

An upgrade would be sweet!

My trusty Kryptonite is ready for retirement... and my "new" vintage Univega hybrid needs a lock, too. This would be great, thanks.

Brent Stewart 232 days ago

Protect my ride

I ride almost every day to work at a hospital in a city of 450 thousand. I want to know that when I come out that my bike will still be there. ONGuard provides that comfort

Bill Adkins 232 days ago

City life

I live in Oakland and need maximum security!

Rachel 232 days ago

Chicago-proof Me Please

My favorite place to ride is in Chicago, but i know my bike needs better protection than what i use to ride in the Amish countryside of Indiana. Thanks!

Dave Schaller 232 days ago

Protect my baby.

I purchased a new bicycle last September. My first new bicycle in over twenty years.
I have a cable lock right now but the Brute STD U-Lock looks amazing :) and would help protect my new baby.

Steve from Boise 232 days ago

OnGuard Lock

With this lock I can park my bike out of sight.

Johannes 232 days ago

Need An Upgrade

I'm getting concerned that my old lock is too flimsy.

Ken Ohrn 232 days ago

ongaurd lock

I would hate to lose something i have invested a lot of money in and actually rely on and enjoy.

sharon meagher 232 days ago

OMG an Awesome Lock!

If I actually won, this would be the best lock that my partner and I have. We bike commute most of the time- so this would be utilized to its fullest. Plus- we'd look pretty stylish tot'en this baby around!!

Tracy 232 days ago

The truth

The truth is that I've had a crummy day. I'm actually good for locks. In 2012 I splurged on a Kryptonite U-Lock because I had my second bike stolen (on the night before my partner's and my wedding day, no less). But since I've had a crummy day, I just want to win something. If I won, I'd give it to my partner because his lock is pretty crappy. So it won't be kept in the closet. If I don't win, I'll probably be fine tomorrow. Or even sooner, if the Raptors beat the Nets tonight. Crossing fingers for one of the two...or maybe both. But that feels greedy.

Lisa 232 days ago

We are cycle tracks!

Calgary is building cycle tracks so I need all the locks I can get! Want to explore downtown regularly so I've started a new shopping list… 3 Krptonite New Yorkers, 2 cycling costumes that say "Please be kind. I'm not in a gang unless you include kindergarten or a cycling club", and a partridge in a bicycle tire tree!
And I promise to be good to the environment, get lots of exercise and promise not to hit old people wandering aimlessly across the pathways and cycle tracks cause I'm Captain Tiberius Trek of the U.S.S. Saddlesore

David Coldwell 232 days ago

Girlfriend needs one

To be quite honest, this is one of the things we need to get for my girlfriend before we can long term borrow her Mum's bike.

Henry Armitage 232 days ago

Jam up and jelly tight

Sure, who wouldn't want a great bike lock like this?

Barbara 232 days ago

Lock for my Sweetheart's ride!

I'd like to win this lock for my better half's new beach cruiser for when we decide to go on our small adventures. It's nice to be considered old and still enjoy the thrill of a bike ride.

George West 232 days ago

I lock--therfore I am

No more bad quotes if I win the lock---promise.

Turbo Bob 232 days ago

Moved to a new city

I just moved to a large city and am riding to all of my job interviews. I haven't found the perfect job yet and am in fear that my cable lock may be clipped and my bike stolen.
Haha, my capcha says clmz or clumsy.

jeffkallaus@gmail.com 233 days ago

Can't have too much lock!

Sure I've got a lock or two, but I could always use a better one.

tb 233 days ago

Want my bike to feel safe!

This lock would be so fantastic, especially for a city biker like me. I don't want to have to worry abot my bike going unprotected!

Kate 233 days ago

Need for new lock

I really want my bike to be safe and secure! This would be awesome.

Jacob 233 days ago

Little Old Lady Loses Bike to Thief

My bike was chained to a wrought iron fence outside a Catholic church (where I rode it to work) last summer. I'm *sure* had I had one of these locks, I'd still have my beloved Miss Plum! I miss her so much! With this lock, I can be sure not to lose the one the PBA gave me to replace her. (They felt bad for a 60 year old who lost her daily commute!)

Christine Salvatore 233 days ago

hefty bike

A new lock could keep me from having to lug my bike up the office stairs

Hughes 233 days ago

Still stuck with U-lock that can be opened with a plastic pen

I'm still stuck with an old U-lock vulnerable to a plastic pen used in place of the cylindrical key!j

Jack 233 days ago

Why I need a lock

Well, right now I only have 1 lock and 3 bikes

Billy Stepler 233 days ago

Because I'd hate to lose my beloved bike to a theaf

I love every one of my bikes, and they are very useful transportation tools. Theft is always my biggest concern because so many good bicycles get stolen and stripped in my area every year. I would love to have an OnGueard Brute STD U-Lock to rely on so I can eliminate the stress of bike theft from my mind.

ChrisU 233 days ago


My bike can never be too secure.

darlene Stericker 233 days ago

Cable Locks Don't Cut It

I used a cable lock for years. It was great for locking the frame and both tires to a utility pole or fence. Unfortunately, I followed a "good enough" mentality until that lock was cut and my bike was stolen in September. I'll have a new bike soon, but could definitely use a strong lock.

Jason Wright 233 days ago

safe and secure

After many years of thinking about commuting to work, I am starting this year to ride and would love to secure my bike knowing it's safe and protected from thief...this lock would certainly help.

Walter Fischer 233 days ago

Newbie City biking

My son and his young family are just starting to bike in the city where they live and don't have much yet in the cycling paraphernalia so a very good lock would be greatly appreciated. Anything to help my daughter-in-law enjoy biking with her family would be super!

Judy Foster 233 days ago


I am cycling more in the spring and it would be nice to be able to lock the bike while outside and explore parts of the city and parks by foot

Lawrence Seetoh 233 days ago

Keep it secret, keep it safe

I'd feel more secure knowing my bike had a good lock on it.

Christopher Porter 233 days ago

OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock

I've got an orange Public C8i which they no longer make. I'm scared to death to let it out of my sight, but this lock would make me feel much more confident when I run to the grocery store for a gallon of milk.

Sondra Bernard 233 days ago

Urban protection

I need a new lock for city parking. I have lost two bikes to theft that were locked with cables and want to switch to a U-lock for better protection. I think OnGuard should provide good city parking protection. Such a great product.

Tom Roetker 233 days ago

Be Prepared

Sure could use a hefty lock so I could come out of the store with my bike still there!

Kim 233 days ago


I built a beautiful bamboo and carbon fiber frame 2 years ago, with genuine teak handlebars and teak-finish deep-v rims. Absolutely gorgeous. And I work on a university campus, with a lot of bike thieves. This bike needs the OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock!

David Bengston 233 days ago

Oh Man!

Need a great lock like this one.

Peter Shaw 233 days ago

Best lock!!

The best lock ever.

Sande MacEachern 233 days ago

I worked hard to save up for a bike.

Ergo I won't give it away to an opportunistic thief by leaving it unlocked (which would be the same if I used a shoddy lock made of cheap metal).

Hans Maristela 233 days ago

Protect my bike

I would use this to protect and lock up my bike. I don't have a lock right now!

Valentina Zapata 233 days ago

Need a new lock!

My hubby just bought a new bike after many years with his old one! Would love to win a great new lock so that we can hit some trails and enjoy a nice stroll on the river!

Audrey Piccinato 233 days ago

OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock

Five bikes and only four locks. I need a fifth lock.

John Wegner 233 days ago

You want to "lock in" this deal!

The cold hard truth is I look so awesome riding my bike that I'm like a rolling billboard for biking. Of course without my bike I would not be as effective. Soooo, I need to keep my bike safe!!! We need to keep me rolling so I can continue my work promoting biking. A lock from "On Guard" is just what I need!!

Wayne 233 days ago

New lock

lots of bikes, require lots of locks. My neglectful mind doesn't seem to have enough sense to transfer over locks when riding a different bike. An extra lock will help me out!

Amanda 233 days ago

I need lock replaced

I bought an OnGuard like the Brute last year and it's falling apart. The inner bolt mechanism now pops out or shifts making the key hole disappear since both cap ends popped off after dropping a few times on concrete. Subsequent drops split all the plastic parts. I still use it with the cable but it needs serious replacement. My email to the manufacturer did not elicit a response. I don't recommend buying these, the old bull dogs are built better but if you win one no harm no foul.

Diego 233 days ago

Keep My Bikey Safe!

My French girlfriend, Bicyclette "Bikey" Peugeot, is 40 years old. We've been together a few months longer than I've known my wife, and we've had many fine adventures. After years of just playing around, now we ride to work together every day. I want to keep my Bikey safe so we can grow old together.

Morgan Staines 233 days ago

why I need a new lock...

I finally own my dream bike but my cable lock is an embarassing eyesore/beast of a 20 year old lock!

Carrie Hiebert 233 days ago

Why a new lock

Well I could use a new lock because I plan on doing a lot more cycling and I have a new bike and my old lock is well old. I would love a new lock.

Rachel 233 days ago

U lock

I don't even have a bike lock...so I guess I could use one....might be nice to leave the bike outside of my office, once in a while.....

Pat Arbour-Reily 233 days ago

Why i could use a new lock

I could use a new lock because my bike is my life and lifestyle. I ride everywhere, rain or shine, no matter the occasion. My current locks shackle is sometimes a little too small to get a wheel, frame and an object. Most of the time it just ends up being the frame and an object. With something secure like this, I would be able to be secured with confidence.

seth kreiss 233 days ago

Bottles but no Bike would be a Bummer

I scored myself a beautiful piece of handmade Eugene OR history in my Burley Runabout. It's a classic bike builder's bike in that even the rear dropouts double as bottle openers. Unfortunately I'm still using a U-lock that any idiot could pop open with a Bic pen. You could save me from losing my bike outside the store and crying on my unopened beer bottles without my wonderful bike (or bottle openers)!

Rex Redmon 233 days ago


This would be "just right" to secure my new bike.

Doug Campbell 233 days ago

A new lock is always usefull

when you have a really nice bike it can be stollen in big town. The more secure you can attached it the best it is. A second lock will be very usefull for me and the rest of the familly.

Olivier Thomas 233 days ago

Steel our van, NOT our bike

We love our customized tandem. It's worth the world to us. We always lock it when we stop to explore. Our family has several bikes so we are always in need of another lock.

Di 233 days ago


I park and lock my bike all over town; a more secure lock would be nice.

Tony P 233 days ago

A Go Anywere Lock

I really need an OnGuard U-Lock. I heard they're strong and reliable. I can go anywhere with it and feel my bike's safe. I've heard a lot about these locks.

Renoir Gaither 233 days ago

New Bike, New Lock

Just got a new bike... need a new lock.

Gary R 233 days ago

New bike

The high lever of security would be perfect for my new bike--I've gotten my bike stolen before and it's a horrible just seeing your crappy lock left returning to expect your bike.

Tina 233 days ago

Brute STD U-Lock

I love my bike. Her name is Daizie. Awesome lock to keep Daizie safe. Yes Please.

Wendi McDonald 233 days ago

My lock just broke!

the U-lock I've been using just broke (the key no longer opens and closes the lock, and the base now separates), so today I had to go to work with it unlocked for lack of time to get another one. Getting this would be amazing!

Leon 233 days ago

Always need additional locking

It never hurts to add in some locking power. I generally use two locks, and I could see this being one of them.

Amber R. 234 days ago

Belt or Suspenders?

Sometimes I don't need to wear my Kryptonite Chain as a belt, as lovely as that is. That, and the fact that there are multiple bike riders in my household and sometimes not enough locks.

Claudia 234 days ago

New Riders

Securing a quality lock is one of the most difficult steps my students face when becoming consistent riders.

Lance 234 days ago

Car free lifestyle

My bike is my only transportation for commuting to work, shopping and pleasure. I need a lock that can withstand the current bike theft rage.

Jim Guenther 234 days ago

I can use a new lock

because I fully believe in the N+1 rule. Therefore, I could always use another lock.

Ian 234 days ago

I can use your lock

To lock bikes on urban rides instead of a planet killing car.

Bill Gibson 234 days ago

new bike new lock

just got a mountain bike for trail riding and I will definitely need to lock that beast with this Brute lock!

Maria Jackman 234 days ago

My Bike

...because I'm in love with my bike!

Audrey S. 234 days ago

OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock

I would like to have win the OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock, because my bike is my main means of getting around and keeping it secure is super important to me.

Matthew LeDrew 234 days ago

Win a lock

To keep my bike safe

R. Rottman 234 days ago

U locks are the right locks

Don't have a u-lock, my current lock isn't "guarding" enough.

Tim 234 days ago

Lock it up!

We change our cell phones every 2 years, we should upgrade our locks!

JR 234 days ago

Peace of mind when securing a bicycle

Who would ever turn down an opportunity to get a new lock to secure any bicycle? It would provide piece of mind against the likelihood of theft when paired with a durable cable lock during stops between home, work and running errands.

John S 234 days ago

OnGaurd Lock

A new lock would mean i don't have to just ride around the block.

james nemeth 234 days ago

City Rider

I ride in the city... A LOT, and we stop for food during our rides. I don't wanna worry about my bike! :(

Tishana 234 days ago

best lock yet?

I will use this with my cable for decent security.

mark 234 days ago

A great lock means I will cycle more

As.a recent retiree, I'm getting back into biking again after many years. I have a new bike, and a great lock would give me the peace of mind needed to make sure I cycle to more places, more often. Plus, who doesn't want to tell their friends they have an OnGuard Brute looking after their bike while they're having lunch or dinner with those friends? :)

George Schoenhofer 234 days ago

need an upgrade

Time to get rid of my subpar lock.

Lloyd 234 days ago

Kid's bike at school

I would love to have it for my son, for his 1969 banana bike he loves to ride to school, it is a westren flyer five speed banana bike that we restored.

Memi pluznik 234 days ago

A Decade Too Late for a Recall

Today, while on facebook, I saw a link to your article The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Lock Your Bike (http://momentummag.com/features/bike-curious-the-right-and-wrong-ways-to-lock-your-bike). I read for the 1st time about some Kryptonite locks being pickable with a bic pen. I tend to be proud of myself when I can make something last a long time - a combo of environmentalism and frugality. I believe my Kryptonite lock is about 20 years old, from college, and after some research today, I believe it is bic-pickable. So now I'm bummed that this lock needs replacing. Kryptonite offered lock exchanges for several years starting in 2004 for bic-pickable locks, but no longer. So, since YOU, Momentum Mag, are responsible for me now knowing about bic-pickables, and since it is bizarrely fortuitous that on the SAME DAY, you have this lock contest, it just seems reasonable that I should win a lock. Right?

Cathy Ryan 234 days ago

U Locked Them, Right?

When out long distance touring your bike is everything, and if it disappears, so does your entire world.

Linda Hanlon 235 days ago

If you love something, set it free...

...except for your bike. Lock it! I commute by bike to a university campus and use a flimsy cable lock. Been lucky so far, but my sweet ride is an easy target. Help me keep the air clean, traffic calmed, and parking spaces free and pick me to win so I can keep on bikin' and lockin' securely!

Laura Torchio 235 days ago

Why I could use a new lock

I really need to upgrade to a secure U-lock. I've been using a cable and a decent paddle lock for a while but I really should get a secure U-lock and use the cable to snatch up the wheels.

DP 235 days ago

winner winner chicken dinner

Because I have been waiting for a lock from a Kickstarter for months….not sure it is ever coming….and I have two sweet bikes I want to secure. Thanks

Trish 235 days ago

Where oh where can my yellow lock be....

After having my 30+ yar bike stolen, I bought another bike AND an On Guard lock! These locks are wonderful! A word of advice, DO NOT transport your bike with the On Guard lock affixed to the carrying bracket. The bumps on the road will dislodge it and you'll find yourself backtracking trying to find it..........to no avail, like I did! I really love the On Guard locks though!

Patrick wong 235 days ago


I live in Los Angeles and my Cheap U-lock kinda makes me worry. Having a bomb-proof u-lock like this would me sleep like a baby.

Drew mabry 235 days ago

rusty lock

My ancient U-lock is all rusty on the inside. Once I got stuck somewhere for 30 minutes because I couldn't get it open!

Emily 235 days ago

be safe, and if it's not yours don't take it.

I've worked so hard to buy a "good" bike, only to have someone steal it. I've replaced my bike. I try to stay as healthy as possible so I can be around for my grandkids. It's heart breaking when someone comes and steals your passion. Just don't want it taken away again. May the best cyclist win

marySancheze 235 days ago

Why I would use that lock?

I got laid off last month and plan to sell my car and use my bike more. Even though I have a "Cheap" bike I use for errands, I would still hate to have it stolen, so a tough lock would be a great thing to have. I worry about the locks I have, that they are not sufficiently secure.

Maureen Garelick 235 days ago

One downside of living in the big city

I love living in Toronto, but unfortunately it means risking theft when I lock up my bike. I have a u-lock already, but it would be very nice to have a spare!

Graham Lavender 235 days ago

excuses, excuses

my excuse to not ride my bike lately has been the fact that I don't own a suitable lock. NYC bike theft is rampant, but I think a lock would really get me on the wheels again.

Angela Cho 235 days ago

Expensive bike needs to be safe

I have a very expensive bike and a cheap old ulock from the 90s I fear locking it with that ulock so I never take my bike anywhere where I can lock it.

Tanya 235 days ago

I ride to work at a homeless shelter..

..and I could use the extra protection in the rough neighborhood. I usually carry the bike in the building to lock it up, though when I run errands downtown I often worry about my bike. I have an older OnGuard U-Lock and cable, and having used it daily for 3+ years, it's finicky and jams frequently. Maybe this is my chance for a replacement!

Breanne 235 days ago

New lock for a new bike

I'm planning on buying a folding bike to take with me during my travels and would need a lock for that.

Gael 235 days ago

Preventing wheel theft

I have one U-lock and had a cable for my Opus city bike, which I ride around the UBC campus to get from class to class. Some fool cut through the wire cable that I had looped through my rear wheel when I was writing my last final exam last week and stole the it. My U-lock was still attached to the front wheel and bike rack though. I had to buy a new rear wheel for my bike and need a second U-lock so the new rear wheel stays secure.

Brian 235 days ago

A lock for my new bike

I got a new bike as an early birthday present from my kids, a baby blue Trek beach cruiser with a coffee cup holder and woven basket, which I plan to ride around in Richmond where I live and in the summer around the Seawall. The extra u-lock that my husband has is a mini one that's too small for it so I need a bigger u-lock!

Judy M. 235 days ago

On Guard Brute U-Lock

I just bought a bike and would hate for it to ever be stolen. I need a bike lock and feel like my bike would be totally safe locked up with this OnGuard Brute U-Lock! Thanks for the chance to win it!

Robyn J 235 days ago

Never enough locks

One can never have enough locks. In particular, I'd like to have a lock to leave at work so that can double lock when I get there without having to carry twice as much iron in my bags.

Mark F. 235 days ago

Lock Down!

I have got a shiny new Twin City bike from Civia and I don't want to risk losing it! With more than eleven hundred bikes stolen in Chicago last year, this is clearly not an idle worry.

Yvonne Zipter 235 days ago

PG - crime capital!

MacLean's magazine has ranked Prince George, BC as the "Most Dangerous City in Canada" for 3 years in a row. As such, I'm always worried about someone stealing my bike. I would love to have this fabulous protective bike lock to secure my bike.

Erica 235 days ago

small town protection

No matter where you are there will be theft, this would be great especially in a commuter town!

brianna 235 days ago

I live in NYC

We may be more bike-friendly here than we were, but the local criminal element hasn't backed down

Christopher Stephens 235 days ago

Bike Advocates Love OnGuard

I'm a car-free bike advocate whose 10 year old lock finally broke. I would love to have a u-lock to make sure my most prized possession and key to my happiness stays safe.

Rachel 235 days ago

Currently sans lock

I have to borrow my partner's lock, which is okay most of the time but I need to start carrying my own (lock) weight!

Lori 235 days ago


I need a really good lock for my new, really expensive, e-bike.

Jeff 235 days ago

Win an OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock

PERFECT for my cross country tour in september!

eric lasky 235 days ago

U-Lock Giveaway

I REALLY need something better than a cable lock here in Portland, Or. with the better weather now and less rain. With only the minimal protection provided by a cable lock, even the good one I use, my bicycle, used for daily transportation, is very much at risk of being stolen and I am very hard pressed to be able to purchase a decent u-lock on my fixed SS income.

Robin 235 days ago

Win an OnGuard Brute STD U-Lock

Love to win and hope it helps from a third bike stolen!

M. G. 235 days ago


My only lock right now is a mini u-lock, so this would be perfect for situations where the mini just isn't big enough.

Dave 235 days ago

Great Lock

I just sent my OnGuard lock off to college with my son, so I could really use a new one! I bought mine on a trip to Chicago to protect my precious Betty (yup, I name my bikes) and it really bought peace of mind each time I walked away.

Deanne 235 days ago

New Lock for New Bike Lockers

Cap Metro on Austin just opened new bike shelters in Austin one of which will make my commute much easier. But I need a new lock so I can utilize the bike shelter.

Chamayne Ortegon 235 days ago

bike cables cut

Well they cut the cable or my son did for no good reason. Goof ball and so I need something

christopher sorel 235 days ago

A good bike reserves a good lock

I have a lovely bike, and I'd like to keep it as long as possible by securing it with a OnGaurd Brute STD U-Lock. Thanks!

Melody Stone 235 days ago

That's a typo, it's suppose to say deserves.

That's what I get for trying to form thoughts this early.

Melody Stone 235 days ago

new lock needs a new bike

hmmm a new lock might inspire me to get a bike...instead of riding my wife's bike! kind of like Ron Ronson in As Right As Right Can Be with a new shoelace....

Malcolm Chrystal 235 days ago

Super string U Lock!

I just bought a new city bike and I need a strong and secure lock to keep it safe!!!

Kim Rosen 235 days ago

Because I want the best..

I love my bike and don't want to hurt the finish on it with a inferior coating. The OnGuard locks have the best non marking coating and rubbery bumpers. I have the OnGuard cable lock but this is is a great 2nd level of protection.

Joe Bieniecki 235 days ago

new bike lock

I could use a new lock to make sure my bike is secure when i am riding in the city and go into a business

lisa mcfarland 235 days ago

My old lock wasn't up to snuff & now I'm down a bike

I never had a U-Lock, it's high time I step my bike protection game up

Franko 235 days ago

In the ghettooooo...

Can't bike anywhere cause I can't lock up my bike without it getting ripped. Maybe this would be better than what I've tried?

Eric 235 days ago


I live in the hood

Rob 235 days ago

History of theft

I could use this lock because I've had bikes stolen in the past by inferior locking systems. I have a number of bikes, with varying qualities and types of locks, and I'm never quite fully confident in the weaker among them. I'd love to start phasing out the older and weaker ones, starting with this great U-Lock! It would be great for my refurbished road bike.

Lee Smith 235 days ago

Where's a safe place to park my bike?

The only safe place I know of for my precious ride is in my basement, but it looks so sad there and the less I ride it the sadder I get. I need a new U-Lock to keep my bike safe while we're out pursuing happiness :) Also, my old lock pretty much sucks.

Ron Whitmire 235 days ago


My daughter recently started riding her own bike and now we are down a lock!!

Emily 235 days ago

I could use a new lock because...

I don't trust my current lock.

Angie 235 days ago

New lock needed!

I always store my bike in my office at work for fear of theft. Sadly, I'm moving to a new office soon, with no room for my bike. I need a new lock for storing it outside!

Nicole 235 days ago

I need a new lock because mine is terrible

I need a new lock because I'm a student in Atlanta. I use my bike to get around and I have a cheap Wal-Mart ulock. I'm tired of worrying about locking up with my cheap lock and my poor bike getting stolen.

Casey 235 days ago