August 26, 2013

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daily errands

this looks like a very cute bag to carry a bit of daily groceries and a book or two

Christian Huot more than 1 year ago


I'd be toting this stylish bag to the library to fill it with books!

Cecile more than 1 year ago

Around town

Riding to work and doing errands on lunch break

Sean more than 1 year ago

Commute and errands in the city

I'll wear it when I ride to work and for errands everywhere in the town.

Roger Berube more than 1 year ago

To work and run errands

Looks useful for short errands in my neighbourhood and to work.

Anna more than 1 year ago

To work and to fun

This would be the perfect commute bag for me.

Amy more than 1 year ago

To the park I go

I would love to ride leisurely along the seawall, find a nice picnic spot with a nice view of the ocean, and enjoy some time at the park...

Sylvia F more than 1 year ago

i can Tell that We are gonna Be Friends~!

into the future. with everything we need & perfect pockets.

Jenn T more than 1 year ago

all over town

I'll wear it all the time when I'm biking around town... looks like a great design!

Brent Stewart more than 1 year ago


Being a teacher in a high technology school, I would use this bag to carry my laptop and tablet

tracey bombard more than 1 year ago

Oregon Coast bike tour!

We're planning a trip with our 2 kids (now 1.5 and 3.5 years old) biking the Oregon Coast next summer! The backpack will carry snacks when we explore! Hopefully by then it will NOT be carrying diapers :).

Tanya Binette more than 1 year ago

You've got what it takes but it takes all that you've got...

With 4 kids, I rarely have the room or space I need for everything they (ok and me) require... The Osprey Pixel Port pack will allow me to carry what I need everywhere. We frequently get around town on our cargo bike with older boys on their bikes and this pack would make our trips to the library, park and errand-running infinitely more convenient.

Charles more than 1 year ago

Osprey Pixal Port Pack

I'll use it to ride during my Mobile Classroom trips. Kids hop on bikes and we hit - a pond to collect invertebrates, a bridge to explore thermal expansion, a river to measure flow.

C. Byron more than 1 year ago

The Land of Smiles

I ride every day in Chiang Mai, a Canadian with no pack. I'll wear it everywhere. Around the moat. Up to the temple. To the market. Everywhere.

Bill Crowder more than 1 year ago

Osprey Pixel Port Daypack tell us where you will ride while wearing this pack

To work & back

michael more than 1 year ago

The Moon

To the moon Alice. Straight to the moon.

Edward Rothschild more than 1 year ago


I'll wear it when I ride to the beach, to the store, to the pub and to work.

Marisa more than 1 year ago


I would wear this while I ride to my errands to the grocery store and bank and any other trip where I require storage on my rides.

Tanya more than 1 year ago

New beginnings

Have been a die hard driver....always had a car since the day I turned sixteen! Looking for an inexpensive, not-flashy bike that will take me wherever I want and need to go. I'm excited....!

Barbara more than 1 year ago

To the beach

Will take it to the beach

Billy Stepler more than 1 year ago

way cooler...

........than my current falling apart commuter bag. This would be my everyday ride to work companion!

Markus K. more than 1 year ago

Let's have a ride with this nice bag ...

I like to have a ride with my Beach-Cruiser bike ; my Sparker Electra and with this nice bag I could put my keys, bottles, and some food. It is simply cool and the color is nice. Let's have a good ride ...

Oliver. more than 1 year ago

Slick pack...

My new commuting backpack! Low profile, a little aero, and light. Just what you need for that 90+ km round trip.

Darren more than 1 year ago

Evening bike ride and lake swim

It's not too cold yet to take an evening bike ride down to the lake for an evening swim - great stylish pack to accompany me on the journey and enough room to hold all of my stuff

Wendy more than 1 year ago

The perfect morning ride...

Riding To a sunshiny cafe on the river, on a perfect late summer/early fall day to sip coffee, read a book, do some work and breathe in the changing air and colored leaves.

Emilie more than 1 year ago

Daily commute

Looks like a great pack for my daily commute in Salem/Keizer, Oregon!

Joe more than 1 year ago


To and from work. To and from school. To and from the store. To and from EVERYWHERE!!!

Anthony Bales more than 1 year ago

Yes please

I will ride here there and everywhere with this osprey pack!

PK more than 1 year ago


This bag is so sexy it can go anywhere! Looking goo don the trail AND on the way to work!

Madhuri Kaul more than 1 year ago

Nice pack!

If I win that pack, I'll use it while riding my bike from the island over to Vancouver on the next bright sunny summer day. Inside the bag, I'll have my swim gear and my iPad. The swim gear will be for a dip at Kits pool, followed by coffee somewhere on West 4th. The iPad will be to beat my husband at Yahtzee while we take the ferry home after a fun day of urban cycling!

Janna more than 1 year ago

Rolling on Two Wheels

This would be the perfect pack for my commute to work, the library, store or wherever my two wheels roll.

Sandra more than 1 year ago


Simply because it is cool, lightweight and sexy looking. I have a 73k round trip commute and this pack will make me look good!

Kim M. more than 1 year ago


sooo kool, because i've got sucha niffty useful pack--love having all my resources on my back!
thank you!!

ashley more than 1 year ago

Riding Around Town

Love the Pixel Port! So chic, I can wear it everywhere I go on my bike.

Michelle C more than 1 year ago

Out and About

I would wear this nifty little pack on my work commute, coffee shop runs, and pub excursions.

Mischa more than 1 year ago

Pack it up, pack it in

I'd wear this pack riding to and from my work meetings. Love the shoulder support.

Caelie more than 1 year ago

Velo Lifestyle

As I've almost totally displaced my car usage with bike riding, this bag would be my daily companion on my 33-mile RT commute and my touring excursion around the San Francisco Bay Area. It would be visit Samuel P. Taylor campground and the Sunol Region State Park as well as the local farmer's market.

Jose Abrian more than 1 year ago

On the open trail and to work

I would wear my Osprey while riding on my favorite bike trail for leisure and to work. I'm trying to make it a point to ride to work at least once a week. My trail runs along a winding bayou for several miles, surrounded by open wilderness and greenery. Commuting to work in this enviroment is spiritually calming and a fantastic way to start the work day. I love it. I would probably also use this bag for school.

Mandy more than 1 year ago

Setting the standard for civilized cycling

I will wear my Osprey Daypack over my three-piece suit, to match my herringbone rain poncho and my hammered-fender Ticino. Here in the South we have no protected bike lanes, and a very antagonistic driving public, but by dressing up and getting out there in style, cyclists can educate and change society.

caseyliston more than 1 year ago

Urban...I would definitely use this for city excursions has sophistication written all over it!

Natalie21 more than 1 year ago

work and play

I will wear this bag riding to work, then on my break to the park to play with my tablet.

John Bombard more than 1 year ago

They say Mars has very little traffic.

My bike can reach some far away places--so the sky is the limit.

Turbo Bob more than 1 year ago

Osprey pixel port daypack

I would ride farther with the help of all the extra items this bag can hold.

David more than 1 year ago

Osprey Day Pack...Where I will ride!!!

This environmental engineering student at UAH rides her bike EVERYWHERE....despite being in a non-bike friendly area. Hey, we have to lead by example, right??? This pack will go everywhere from class, to labs, to the beautiful 14 mile trek to the Tennessee River.

Laura more than 1 year ago

Where I will cruise

Everywhere! Work, play, shopping, derby, park, grabbing a bite to eat, and those rides with no destination.

Kim Wilton more than 1 year ago

Osprey Day Pack

I'd love to ride to school! My classmates would be so jealous.

Joel Brambila more than 1 year ago

Osprey Pack

I would ride downtown to the bus station to catch the bus to work.

Dave more than 1 year ago

Osprey Day Pack

Nice design for my daily commute and day-off errands, Yes ... 365 days a year. Sold the car in 1982 and been riding ever since. Let's just say I have some stories to tell, but they are all about the joy of riding.

Paul Shreenan more than 1 year ago

Osprey Pixel Port Daypack

I would wear the Osprey Pixel Port Daypack. while going to work, to the gym and the library.

Matthew LeDrew more than 1 year ago

Osprey day pack!

I would ride to the bike kitchen with this awesome bag. Or let my wife take it...

Albert more than 1 year ago


To work, to the pool and to the grocery store, fortunateky for me they are all within riding distance. With this pack on my back and a Momentum Mag klean kanteen in my holster the sky is the limit.

tim clark more than 1 year ago

On my way to work, and at work too

I'm lucky enough to be able to ride to work, and to ride for work sometimes, so I'd use it all the time. On the road, on the greenway, everywhere.

Ellen Zavisca more than 1 year ago

To the hackerspace, to school, to work!

I would use this pack every time I ride to my school, work, or the hackerspace I help run. I have limited use of my left arm after an accident two years ago, but I still cycle absolutely everywhere, even in the Midwest winters. I've been using a hand-me down ipad and it has been a godsend. It's allowed me to switch from heavy textbooks, to ebooks. This bag would be perfect for both my tablet that goes with me everywhere, and because the chest strap of the Osprey would let me put the weight of my things onto my chest and right arm, and take the pressure off of my left arm.

hailey more than 1 year ago

On Down To The...

Down to the refuge, to see the osprey

Jimbob more than 1 year ago

Me and My Osprey

Riding with me everywhere I go - whether I'm commuting or just bopping around town. I love this pack.

Victoria more than 1 year ago

Where to go?

I'd bike to work and down by the river and the canal! If I had a backpack that didn't hurt my shoulders when I'm biking, I would definitely use it for everything!

T more than 1 year ago


To the beach when it's hot like today. To breweries - so many left to check out in MN.

A more than 1 year ago

Where I would ride with the bag

I would ride daily to work and home in portland. There would also be the occasional trip on the weekend out for fun rides and bike parties.

Seth kreiss more than 1 year ago

Perfect for the love of my life

y wife would love this Osprey pack. As a teacher she always has something to carry to work and with this beautiful bag, she will look classy and efficient as she rides happily along on her way to school.

Dave Somerford more than 1 year ago

Osprey Pack

I'll wear it while documenting all the bike infrastructure needs in my county...on my way to the County Government building to share my data.

Kelley Westenhoff more than 1 year ago

Tour de Fat

I'll wear it during the bike parade at Tour de Fat 2013 in Tempe, AZ.

beth compton more than 1 year ago

I'll ride...

I'll ride wherever my kids want to go!

JB Katz more than 1 year ago

When I move to France

Definitely bring it to France on my bike touring trip through lavender fields!

Amz more than 1 year ago

To Work... And Play

After looking at the Osprey site ( I think this is a great pack for the daily 10 mile commute to work at the university as well a weekend trips to the coffee shop to "work" a bit more. Love the style - almost no straps to catch on the seat, doors etc when heading into the office. After work there's a ride around the lake on the way home or even a trip to Mill Ave. for cocktails at Trick's and maybe a bite a La Bocca. After - i'd look forward to riding home to recharge for another day!

Patrick Valandra more than 1 year ago

I will take it

On the road!

amy more than 1 year ago

commute and everywhere

Will take it on my commute and to pick up a few groceries on the way home more than 1 year ago

I'll be riding

All over town!

Jessica more than 1 year ago

If you see me, the backpack will be there...

Anywhere and everywhere. Osprey is a sweet brand and that backpack is awesome!

Daniel Spreier more than 1 year ago

Style points, for sure!

This little pack is so cute, I'd take it just about anywere!

Ali Morgan more than 1 year ago

Mostly for job commuting

I will use this nice bag mostly for my commuting to work by ike or public transport in winter. I could be a nice alternativento my old backpack.

Olivier Thomas more than 1 year ago

the emergency room

I would carry it to work in the ER or long rides where I bring goodies home with me and to the pool on my a day off when a towel ,sunscreen and my laptop are all I nee ....or and a canned margarita will firt in there too im sure!

sheri c. smith more than 1 year ago

All over Denton, TX...

work at Willis Library at the U. of North Texas, Big Mike's Coffee, Lilly's house, the Emily Fowler Branch of the Denton Public Library, Jupiter House Coffee, Recycled Books, Oak Street Drafthouse, the Eastside Social Club, Bullseye Bikes, the Cupboard, Shift Coffee, Loco Cafe, the Denton Community Market on Saturdays, Hannah's Off the Square, Andaman Thai, Philip's and Shae's house, along the A-Train Bike Trail, North Lakes Park, Banter, J&J's Pizza, Serendipity, Mad World Records, the Campus Theater (August: Osage County opens soon), Midway Mart, Seven Mile Cafe, Tuesday Night Bike Ride, and if she lived in town, to my grandmother's house.

Doug more than 1 year ago

Oh the places we'll go...

How about to my office on my daily commute...

Chad M. more than 1 year ago

From point A to point B

I will use this pack when I get on my bike. Every. Single. Time. You see my bike? Well yeah, then your gonna see this pack!

Kara D more than 1 year ago

Osprey Daypack

I would wear the lovely Osprey Dayback on my commute from San Francisco to Silicon Valley. It would be perfect on the days when I ride my bike to the train and want to use my tablet during the 1/2 hour train ride.

Carolyn Greene more than 1 year ago

The Hudson River Greenway

I'll bring the Osprey Pixel Port Daypack to New York with me to carry all my stuff while I ride my Bianchi along the Hudson River Greenway to and from interviews this fall. It will hold my new iPad, my moleskine notebook, my non-smart old, charming cellphone and all kinds of goodies from Chelsea Market! Looking forward to participating in this contest! Karen

Karen more than 1 year ago

To the coffee shop

I'd take this bag with me for my morning cup of coffer. more than 1 year ago

A long ride in the city

I would use the bag for longer bike rides in the city to carry a camera and odds and ends.

Jeffrey R. more than 1 year ago


An easier question is where wouldn't I wear it?!

Nicole more than 1 year ago


Here and there, picnics with the kids, the store for a few items, anywhere i need to be!

Kelly Kriefall more than 1 year ago

Everywhere -- YES EVERYWHERE

Where would I ride? Where WOULDN'T I ride is the better question! The highest mountain peak - check. The deepest ocean rift - check. The driest desert flat - check. But mostly, Starbucks and CVS . . .

Kelly more than 1 year ago

Reading time

I love taking my bike to the local library. There are some sweet spots to just sit down in the neighboring park with a book. Great way for me to cool down from my "numbers" job. I use mine for recreational use and packing books and a small laptop, maybe some snacks, is a must. I can definitely see myself wearing this pack while I ride.

Daniel O more than 1 year ago

Ride with the Daypack

I'd ride to work, to go study while I get a cup of coffee.

Jeff Perry more than 1 year ago

Where would I wear this bag?

Everywhere. Me and this bag would be inseparable and would eventually become one with me. It would become molded into my body and I would look like a ninja turtle. Dying my skin green, wearing an eye mask and fighting crime would be the only rmemedy.

Josh Ward more than 1 year ago

Osprey Pixel Port Daypack

To work, to the cafe. Anywhere I would be taking my bike.

Mark Beauchamp more than 1 year ago


I would ride to work, to the coffee shop, to the library, to the park, or just about anywhere else that I was commuting that day!

Havilah M. more than 1 year ago

New commuter bag?

I'd use it for work-trips.

eric more than 1 year ago

work and traval

Beautiful bag to go to work and to bring on airplane when I traval.Just love Osprey pack,they are the best!

Nathalie Marcotte more than 1 year ago

In the country.

I like to have a ride in the country with my Beach-Cruiser bike; my famous Sparker Electra. In the country there is no noise, just the birds, me and my friends. I like that. Have a good ride ...

oliver. more than 1 year ago

Almost Everywhere!

I'm a bike commuter. I ride to work, to shop, to meetings...and am all over the place with my line of work. This would be great for all those trips!

Sara more than 1 year ago

To the local park

To the local park for some time out in nature.

Eugenie more than 1 year ago

While I run errands in town

I would wear it to do groceries, get kids from school, go to the library or park with my kids or to their activities.

Helena more than 1 year ago

to the library where I work!

that's a beautiful bag!

rice! more than 1 year ago

While I commute!

This would be great for when I commute to work! I've always been impressed with the Osprey packs for hiking. So I have no doubt that this pack will protect my lap top on my way to work.

Ashley S more than 1 year ago


There's no such thing as too much bag space when going to the library.

Mims more than 1 year ago

To the archive!

I work as a archivist and do to the project I'm currently working on I need to bring a tablet, laptop, document camera, and digital camera to work every morning. However, the bags I currently have are either too big too small for my needs.

Crispien more than 1 year ago

Work, of course! And play...

I commute pretty regularly and a slick backpack would help out alot- especially one that looks so nice! Be pretty helpful around town too- always nice to carry a few extra things and better than a pannier because you can take it inside and carry it easily.

Rob Wales more than 1 year ago

To get my laptop to work without breakage!

I'm terrified to transport my laptop/tablet to work in my current backpack, which utilizes the "throw it in and see what happens" kind of design. With this pack, I think I could make it to work with all electronics organized and in one piece!

Megs more than 1 year ago