August 22, 2011

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Great Ideas!

Great Suggestions!

I agree children should only be walking or riding to school!

In my neighbourhood some people have a decorative bench in their front garden which doubles as a bike rack.

Caroline Thompson more than 3 years ago


A professional photographer was at the bike to work festivities this year and took the picture. The kids and I have a short commute, but we did a detour to meet up with the bike to work crew.

The racks could be bolted down. Or you can have them attached to concrete blocks so that it is possible to move them, but a big effort. That's what we did for the racks at the children's school since the playground is now under renovations and we weren't sure where the permanent home for the bike racks would be.

I love the nail polish idea. We have a lot of locks around here too and are often trying several before finding the right one. Thanks for that!

Kathleen more than 3 years ago

Great flyer/poster

That's a terrific flyer. Is there a series of them? You two are wonderful models (in more ways than one)!

Good solutions for the bike parking dilemmas: grants for schools and the at-home Ring Rack. Can the rack be bolted down though?

Meanwhile, gotta invest in heavy U-locks, keys and all, here. Unfortunately combo cable locks are often clipped with ease (bummer). Both my husband and I have multiple U-lock keys on our key rings. We marked them with nail polish to distinguish them.

sara more than 3 years ago

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