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August 3, 2011

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Next time I'll bring this book on our family vacation!

After riding some of Halifax and Dartmouth's incredible hills with our kids a few weeks ago, I told them about Joe's boys cracking hard boiled eggs on their helmets and passing the eggs up to their dad for hill fuel. The kids loved that story and wanted to hear more about the Metal Cowboy and his adventures, especially the children's contributions. Next time we head off on a bike adventure, I'm bringing "Mud Sweat and Gears" as bedtime reading in the tent! It's not just the adults who get inspired by this amazing family of cyclists.

Kathleen more than 3 years ago

Great choice.

I encouraged my wife to read this book just before our recent family KVR trail trip. I thought it was great inspiration.

Doug D more than 3 years ago

Oh, yes!

Loved both of Kurmaskie's books about his big rides with kids. Makes me think that someday we, too, might be able to pull off something like this...

sara more than 3 years ago

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