March 15, 2012

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Hey Kathleen - looks like that Norco was a good score! My daughter is 8 and using a 20" Specialized Hot Rock (6 speed). Looking to put her on a 24" with more gears so she can go to MTB camp this summer - they require at least a 24" bike and more gears. I'll have to check out ReCycles...

Sean (aka Bigger Dummy) more than 2 years ago


Changing our boys' bikes' handlebars from straight mountain-bike-type ones to swept back ones have made all the difference for them. The fellas sit up more and are so much more comfortable and happier riding longer and longer distances. It was a cheap fix that has been more than well worth it.

sara more than 2 years ago


Good idea, Darcy! Don't you love how the seat is lower than the back rack!

Kathleen more than 2 years ago


Is she going to get her own fancy panniers for that Norco?

Darcy more than 2 years ago

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