November 19, 2012

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Update on rue Laurier

I live in Little Italy (Petite-Italie) just north of the Plateau district the blogpost describes. Indeed the Laurier initiative is practically complete - the space for cars and trucks is much narrower (one lane); there is a bidirectional cycle lane (one lane on either side of the roadway - good design, and there is a lovely public square around the northern (rue Laurier) entrance to the eponymous métro station.

Spring is late this year, unlike in 2012, and we will probably have to wait a few weeks for all the leaves of the trees and flowering plants to be in full glory. It is very pleasant, but now the bicycle lane must be extended past Laurier park along the rest of that street.

Tristan, the daughter is vegetarian; Schwartz is not very vegetarian-friendly!

lagatta à montréal more than 1 year ago

Laurier pics

I would love to see the pics of Laurier - I didn't know about that project. I'll have to try to divert myself from walking straight into Schwartzes sometime to try out Prato.... but am not sure I'll be able to.

tristan more than 2 years ago