April 14, 2012

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Greenbelt Trails and MTB Camps

We are blessed with the Greenbelt trails in Ottawa as well, which provide easier loops for the little ones to dip a toe into riding on dirt trails. These trails are certainly drying out nicely due to our early spring!

Sean more than 2 years ago

the bixis stands are up

Saw the new bixi stand ont he corner of Kent and Laurier this morning - Congratulations to the city of Ottawa for hoping on board. Now I can try to get some colleagues to bike somewhere for lunch!

tristan more than 2 years ago


We love biking together as a family, especially along the Ottawa River Parkway on Sunday mornings when it's closed to traffic. My husband has always been good at giving our daughters little pushes on the uphills too, though I don't think I have good enough balance to do that for them. Now they are big and can do it all themselves and we can do longer and longer rides together. Awesome!

Finola more than 2 years ago

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