April 22, 2011

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learning to pedal

My son also had a hard tme learning to pedal. Mostly it was because he craved the speed of his stridor and had no patience for learning something that seemed slow and boring. Another challenge he has is his short stature. It wasn't until we borrowed a neighbor's toddler push tricycle till he was finally able to get the idea.
Now we are ready for a "real" bike but my son is too short for a 12 inch bike. Has anyone found a good bike for a very small rider? It seems that an intermediate bike would be great. Imagine a bike that has the pedals out in front like a recumbant, so that the kid can run the bike to get some momentum going and then put his/her feet up to the pedals when ready.

kim more than 3 years ago

what's the best age for a push-bike?

What age do you think they are best to start on a 2-wheeler push bike? I was going to get one for my 2 year old. Is he still too young? The bikes look so small.

Miss Vicky - I was pushing down each leg, one at a time, for 2 weeks when my preschooler started on a 2-wheeler with training wheels. The back-breaking takes some getting used to. But we did a short ride everyday and he was flying in no time.

Caroline Thompson more than 3 years ago

transitions from Scoot to Pedal

our G loves loves loves his push bike. But I think he's ready for more. We've got a two wheeler with some training wheels but so far our attempts have been discouraging - he just doesn't get the concept of pedaling. Would love some tips on how to help - he wants to ride but the actual physical pedal motion seems to escape him!

Miss Vicky more than 3 years ago

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