April 25, 2012

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On a similar journey

So great to have found this. I, too, was motivated to get back on a bike to be more active with my son and just began blogging about it. Unfortunately, giving up a car is not yet possible in the rural area I live, but we are on bikes more to do local errands. Looking forward to checking out your blog.

Dana more than 2 years ago

Keep it up!

So awesome. So inspiring. I got back on my bike about 2 years ago. I rode as a kid and somehow forgot over the past 20+ years how much I loved it. The commitment you are making is amazing. Before you know it, he will be riding next to you...which as a mother, makes us both happy and sad.

Amy Schleicher more than 2 years ago

For the future.

Thank you for thinking of the future and coming generations. Every ride you take with your son teaches him values that will be crucial for him to take part in a sustainable future. Keep it up!

Miguel@GJEL more than 2 years ago

kudos to you

Congrats Lindsay on your committment to modelingan active, more sustainable lifestyle for your son. I would add that you can model one more great habit by always wearing an ANSI approved helmet as well. Please protect yourself, as he, we, all want you around for a very long time! Keep on riding!

Lorie Bickford more than 2 years ago

Thanks for all the AMAZING comments

A heartfelt thanks to you all, for the amazing commentary here!

Lindsay more than 2 years ago


Lindsay, I admire your dedication and persistence! You definitely aren't taking the easy route to parenting, but it is the better one!
You are truly an inspiration and I hope your son appreciates growing up in a biking household.

GameBent more than 2 years ago


THAT IS AWESOME LINDS!! Move them crazy legs, SISTER! And I got all choked up when I read KYLE'S message here. (YAY KYLE!!)

One of my favorite quotes is DETERMINATION AND PERSISTENCE ARE OMNIPOTENT! *C. Coolidge. RIde like the wind, Girl!!

Hey, it's a ways off, but for winter, I have Nokian studded tires for winter riding as well as a fat bike for winter riding--you may have heard of these, but they're awesome for winter bike commuters and snow mobile trails.

I'm gonna keep tabs on ya! <3

Dina more than 2 years ago

So Proud

To my lovely wife. Im so proud of you. You continue to impress me with every ride. Rain or shine hail or high water you ride. Ive rarely seen such de dication and just plan guts. Barvo! In the words of yo gabba gabba "dont stop, dont give up."

kyle more than 2 years ago


What a great story. Way to go, way to be a mom, way to make the world a better place! YOU ROCK. Way to show the world that not all cyclists are the same. Cycling is about doing your own thing your own way. RIDE ON SISTER RIDE ON !!!

Purple cyclist more than 2 years ago

Well done

Thanks Lindsay, You are great and keep it going

Dave more than 2 years ago


I Love this story. I have a Yuba Mundo as well ... it's electric assist to help get me out and about even though I have Chronic Lyme disease. It's always great to hear stories that will inspire MORE people who aren't necessarily in the best of health to get out on a bike, and change their lives for the better. http://riding-e-mundo.blogspot.com/

Lori more than 2 years ago

So beautiful!

I agree completely with Heather. Sometimes those of us who do a lot of cycling advocacy can get bogged down. Reading your beautiful story and seeing you riding strong with your adorable son is a lovely, meaningful and inspiring reminder of what it's all about -- so that the Jacks of the world can grow up thinking that riding everywhere is just what you do.

Kathleen more than 2 years ago

You rock.

Know that you are awesome!

Doug more than 2 years ago


Lindsay - I've been a really active leader in cycling advocacy for the past four years in Toronto, Canada. I'm wrapping it up and looking forward to supporting from a distance. It's been an up-hill trip, with the most brutal headwinds at certain times. Progress, when it come, is so rewarding. I've read lots of articles about cycling over the years and this is one of the most heart warming and inspiring. Concise and moving - reminding me of why those of us who advocate for safer, saner streets do so. Thank you!

Heather more than 2 years ago


Great story, that's what I want to model for my son . . . and I totally want that bike!


Melissa @ HerGreenLife more than 2 years ago

whatever the justification, it's all good

This is good. I remember other big life changes I have made and the reasons why being turned around slowly over time, by the act of the daily practice. I bought a hybrid car "to show the automakers there was demand", and ended up showing my family and friends that they were good alternatives. The act of being a daily bike commuter in recent years means I am basically ready to sell that car. The road of cycling transportation leads to community... and some great times and stories to share. Lindsay, you are inspiring others by your positive actions and choices. Keep it up! :-)

david h more than 2 years ago

Awesome Job!

Great job Lindsay! Your outlook is what makes this world have a brighter future.

Justin more than 2 years ago


I can't think of better reasons one could choose the lifestyle you have,and can't iagine that Jack won't be so appreciative whn he's older. Mad,MAD props,my friend! Keep going :)

The Disabled Cyclist more than 2 years ago

Go, Lindsay!

Go, go, go, Lindsay!

sara @ fullhands more than 2 years ago


I love the courage and caring in this story. You remind me of my own mom, who fought 2 debilitating diseases for 35 years so she could see me into adulthood. She had guts; you do too. You'll be your son's hero for sure.

Dave Krentz more than 2 years ago

beautiful post

That is a really great reason to cycle. Congratulations and thank you for the post.

tristan more than 2 years ago