November 3, 2012

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Beer Bike out west

Answering Kathleen's question, Hopworks Urban Brewing (HUB) commissioned a Beer Bike from Portland builders Metrofiets.
Delighted to see beer bikes roaming the wilds of Ottowa too!

Timo more than 1 year ago

Thanks Chris

...for adding in Kichesippi Beer Co to the list of great organizers of a really fun bike parade. Is there any other craft brewery with a beer bike?!

Kathleen more than 2 years ago

I heart Ottawa

I recently moved to Toronto and miss Ottawa everyday for things like this. We may be smaller, but we are mighty creative and fun. Sad to have missed this awesome event. Congrats to everyone who made it happen!

Laura Hammond more than 2 years ago

Kichesippi Beer Co

Great article but I would like to add that Kichesippi Beer Company played a huge role in making this ride happen.

Chris Sheppard more than 2 years ago

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