March 14, 2012

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Next winter, I promise

Good point Doug D. Every winter I promise myself I'll take better care of the chain so it doesn't end up in this rusty state. In this case, because it's an extra long chain on a cargo bike -- and a sunny Sunday afternoon stretched out in front of us -- it seemed like a good idea to bring it back from the rusty dead.

Kathleen more than 2 years ago

Lube more, scrape less

I lube my chain frequently in the winter so it doesnt get to that point. I my experience, if you let the chains get that rotten, they usually need to be replaced anyway.

Doug D more than 2 years ago

Riding bikes in winter

Thanks for the comment Adam. The bike spends the winter in the garage when I'm not riding it. If we take the chain off, we can't ride the bike!

Kathleen more than 2 years ago

Preventing rusty chains

Great article, thanks for sharing. I can't help but wondering, though, wouldn't be easier to remove the chains when storing the bikes for winter and bringing them inside? Perhaps greasing them up and sealing them in locking plastic bags prior to storage. In the spring, all you would have to do is remove the aged grease and re-lubricate the chains. Just a thought. :)

Adam more than 2 years ago

nice chain work

Wow - draw the same line as Derek. Very impressive!

Tristan more than 2 years ago

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