March 24, 2014

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only usa cities...

I was kind of hoping to see more cities from places like montreal or vancouver etc.... even from mexico even...

einix 264 days ago

More Cowbell

I see the West Coast is well represented at three teams out of five, its almost as an afterthought that you added the next two largest metropolitan areas. Where's the midwest and east coast cities.

Urban assault bikes are highly dependant upon climate--in warm and rainy cities you might choose center rib road tires, in a place with snow (and ice) another tire could raise different demands for urban assault.

I highly recommend more teams--Atlanta, Memphis, St Louis, Baltimore, Miami, Denver and Phoenix as a minimum.

Bob Purcell 271 days ago

I second that emotion

It's been a while since the last Oregon Manifest so I am super excited about this and think it is a step in the right direction. Maybe next time in addition to more cities they might have an individual design competition and not just rely on firms? Plenty of bike creatives out there who are not employed in that field.

Cort Percer 271 days ago