October 1, 2011

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Cycling is the new black

It is clear why John K is concerned with people cycling in black clothing, but I assume that front and rear lights, pedal reflectors and wheel reflectors/reflectorized sidewalls are the law in B.C. In terms of safety equipment, this stuff - and a bell - are all that is needed if Vancouver etc. wants to join the cities of the world where cycling is normal and normalized.

Drivers can wear black - as can pedestrians, though I imagine he is also nervous about that - so why should cyclists be comparatively disadvantaged? Why not make sure your friends (and enemies) have the required or typical safety equipment, and let them wear their normal clothing they used for protection from the elements, or Lulu Lemon stuff in any shade (which hopefully doubles as walking or walking to the bus etc. clothing)?

Don't make cyclists take more responsibility than they need to. Skills, rule-following (except for helmet-wearing, ha ha) and the aforementioned equipment is enough, thank you. If cycling is unsafe or feels unsafe, make the motor vehicles slow down and get as many of them off the road as you can, and don't make their operators think that hi-viz on cyclists is normal.

Todd Edelman more than 3 years ago

Not all bad

I agree there's a lot of marketing and branding, but I'm never going to say no to a comfortable poncho. I don't have the option of changing or showering when I get to work (at least I haven't but showers are coming soon! Yes!), so I have to wear clothing that looks good in an active customer service job. I call this "going Dutch." Lululemon definitely needs to work on some of the issues mentioned above before a put down that much cash, but stylish cycling clothing is not a bad thing!

Kale S. more than 3 years ago


Really? This is a company in Vancouver, right? Have they noticed that half the year commuters ride in the DARK?

People - use your heads.

John K more than 3 years ago


It's about time that someone developed innovative attire for biking. The racing garb suffocates and looks ridiculous on most. My everyday clothes are risky in terms of getting caught in spokes or being too warm -- too much polyester and nylon. I'm hoping that there will be some natural fibers in these....

Chile more than 3 years ago


Guys, girls, this is called Marketing.
By branding a line of clothing for biking (and add some small features), they will opened a new market (for them) and sell way more to the biker.
And saying that we don't need clothes for biking is pretty much the same that saying we don't need clothes for yoga...

jean more than 3 years ago

completely unnecessary

The clothing they are showing is ridiculous. No one I know wears stuff like that while riding their bike for commuting. Its not about fashion and style, its about selecting the correct clothing to keep you warm, dry, visible, or as cool as possible when its 100 degrees out for the commute home. And when arriving at work, it's about quickly showering and changing into work appropriate clothing. My guess is that the people that will buy that stuff want to give others the impression that they ride when they do not.

Leslie A. more than 3 years ago


people, we don't need special clothing for biking! you just need a bike!

Terra Curtis more than 3 years ago