December 2, 2011

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"Only available in Netherlands": snelbinders are the very best shock cord to hold geat on the bike rack. Cannot find snelbinders at any North American suppliers, including your company. Cannot find them in other European countries. I'd like to see them on-line in several sizes and colours, with two different hole configurations.

David Moore more than 1 year ago

response to Jason

Dear Jason,

Thank you for your response.
First of all you seem rather angry and annoyed and singled out one brand in our entire collection. We do however appreciate your feedback and we would like to ensure you and all of Momentum readers. Out of all our products (beyond the 210 products) you managed to pick the Basil Line..and Yes indeed it is a bit more expensive as it includes international shipping (certainly not all Basil products btw)
We have a large array of Basil products and all of these are individually shipped from The Netherlands (its a Dutch product) hence a higher cost!
We are a small company and for us to take on other local Basil dealers (there are a very few and based throughout North America ) in terms of costs is not easy) Mind you as Basil is not available in many stores throughout North America, retailers do tend to charge for postage too which will add up. (depending on retailer) Unless your lucky enough to be near a store or have store that is in your state

All our other products are completely in line in terms of price. In fact in some instances cheaper and we provide a higher warranty on all our bikes (5 years frame / 1 yr on moving parts) for example. In fact most products we have on offer are exclusive to North America and rest assured no customer is paying any extra or over the odds. We even provide FREE international shipping!

We hope this have reassured you somewhat and that you are able to embrace this small business.

Thank you.

Anddutch more than 2 years ago

You can find more reasonable prices if you take the time to look...

AndDutch, it's great that you're offering these bikes and accessories, but in terms of some things you need to do your homework, or, I hope readers of Momentum Magazine do theirs before plopping down too much money. Take the Basil bags offered by AndDutch for example. I own several of these in different styles and I've bought them all at US bike stores over the past several years. The Basil Mirte Shopper, I could point you to 5 different places that sell it for $55-70. That is a square, vinyl bag. One compartment - like a paper bag. Don't you dare pay $132 for it! Sames goes for the rest of the Basil line. It's available in several US stores over the past few years at prices half of what they show here in US dollars.

C'mon people - both shoppers and sellers - be aware of the market and your competitors and what else is available.

Jason more than 2 years ago

Love this!

Having recently spent a week in Amsterdam, I am in love with the bicycles and culture there. I love that these bikes are finally offered here in the U.S. and with FREE SHIPPING even! Check out the stem-mounted baby carrier on their website, too.

Cheryl S. more than 3 years ago