February 22, 2012

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the endorphins...

...the best part is the endorphins that hit about 30 minutes after I get to the office, after my shower, while drinking that first cup of coffee......priceless

Sean (aka Bigger Dummy) more than 2 years ago


As a year round cyclist it can get a bit lonely during the winter. Come spring it is great to see the influx of fair weather riders come out, the sun coming out in the am before I reach work is also a nice change come spring time.

Rob Wynen more than 2 years ago

Starting and ending on high notes

I love almost all of my commute, but here are my favorite parts: The last 2 miles on my way in, I'm 2 blocks from one of the city's busiest roads, but on the quiet residential street where I ride, it's just me and the birds. Then, as part of the last 2 miles coming home, I cross the Mississippi River. In all kinds of weather, with all kinds of light reflected in its waters, seeing it is a welcome and beloved homecoming.

Eli Effinger-Weintraub more than 2 years ago

my commute

the best part? what the what...? the whole(entire) f****** ride! 16 miles of pure pleasure. that's round trip.

james mynes more than 2 years ago

All down hill from here

The first mile and a half of the late afternoon ride home is all down hill with beautiful views of the ocean and coastline. The only hard part is riding slow enough to enjoy the view!

Mike Hulse more than 2 years ago


The best part of my bike commute to work is actually biking back home at the end of the day. No matter how tired I am (and I work in a bike shop, so I can get pretty tired) the wind rushing past me, spending at least a little time outside, and the steady rhythm of my legs always clears my head. Biking home leaves me mentally refreshed and ready for whatever my evening brings.

Becky Puritz more than 2 years ago

Many bests..

Getting a micro-exercise session in before work always, for me, promotes a completely different attitude and far more positive outlook than if I drive to work, I have no misgivings about eating donuts, I lessen my carbon footprint, and working as an engineer at a NOAA research lab this is specifically pertinent to being part of the solution rather than the problem. I build a stoke for the much longer evening commute ride (am ride is just from son's daycare after driving there with wife). Finally, I maintain my hardman threshold for spring or foul-weather race events. If I just drive in a heated car I'll lose my cold-weather tolerance and feel like a big pansy.

Patrick McEnaney more than 2 years ago

Best part of my bike commute to work

Taking off at the last set of traffic lights before my office, stomping on the pedals and accelerating away hard so that the person sitting behind me in a gleaming black SUV is left standing (to their great embarrasment, given how close they'd been sitting behind me all the way down the hill). Well, that was my high point for today, anyway.

Damian Wardingley more than 2 years ago

Best part of my bike commute to work

The look of quiet astonishment on my co-workers' faces when I show up in head-to-toe spandex during a snowstorm!

Dave Krentz more than 2 years ago