January 12, 2012

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Brad's post about the end of the book, promoting helmet use by suggesting non-helmeters are DUMB. . . well, it's like this:

This is the last time you'll see my name anywhere near your publication(s). I do not tolerate that kind of stupidity.

Mark B. more than 2 years ago

Good pictures

I like the book, good tips for riding, I learned alot and I bought a helmet, a stylish one!

Kelly Blanton more than 2 years ago

Too dumb?

I thought the people in China, Japan, and Europe were just as smart as anyone else.

Smarter, maybe because they ride their bikes so much more than the supposedly "smarter" people in the US, Canada, and Australia who ride with helmets.

Oh wait. Strike Australia, New Zealand and parts of Canada because they're legislated to wear helmets. It's smart to avoid being fined for riding their bkes.

Robert more than 2 years ago


The last words in the book are,

"Wear a helmet. If you're too embarrassed, you're too dumb to ride a bike in the city. Seriously."

What kind of advocacy is that? Creating unjustified fear and expectations. Seriously.

Brad more than 2 years ago