October 13, 2011

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GM car bike commercial

This ad makes car drivers look like arrogant snobs

Larry Hildebrand more than 2 years ago

GM mocks cyclists in ad

I wrote GM to ask how they could be such jerks as to not realize that many people are both cyclists and motorists. I suggested they show they are not completely out of touch by offering bike racks with their cars, or, better yet, a credit to buy a bicycle when you buy one of their cars. I have been a cyclist all my life and a motoring enthusiast. The best of both worlds is to integrate the two modes of wheeled transport.

Paul Glassen more than 3 years ago

College Students' Financial Reality

So these imbeciles think most college students can afford a car. What planet have they been living on. Most students I know about are working two part-time jobs and eating Kraft Dinner and other cheap stuff--and still worrying about making ends meet.

It certainly looks as if GM has shot itself in the foot with this one.

Jon Peirce more than 3 years ago

you blundering fools

I guess you thought that people would rather be overweight and out of shape, wrapped in over-compensating vanity metal and bling? I can see why you got away with it for so many years, but people have wised up, I hope your marketing director does too someday.

yoshi hash more than 3 years ago

GM ad

Hey GM, at least my bicycle has been more reliable than some of the GM cars that I have owned!

Casey more than 3 years ago

GM : heading in the wrong direction

I'm a bike rider - and I drive a Toyota ( but rarely ) .
Get on the band wagon GM - the generation coming up is all about
doing what is right for the planet.

Sharon more than 3 years ago


Now I have one more reason why NOT to even consider GM for buying a car. Thanks for making it easier.

richi more than 3 years ago

Thin-skinned folks

I like the ad.

John Doering more than 3 years ago

Bunch of idiot marketers at GM

Warren Buffet - "you spend 20 years building a reputation but you can ruin it in 5 minutes."
Until GM starts donating money to build bicycle infrastructure, I will never buy another GM product.
Bunch of stupid oil for brains morons !
Alfred P Sloan helped kill some forms of public transportation !
During Sloan's leadership of GM, many public transport systems of trams in the US were replaced by buses in what became known as the Great American streetcar scandal. Some critics, such as Edwin Black, claim that Sloan was also instrumental in the demise of public city transport streetcar throughout the United States[16] GM was found guilty of violating anti-trust laws, but the penalties imposed were nugatory, even for the time: a $5,000 fine for the company and $1 fines for each convicted executive - wikipedia

Bicycle Rider in Phoenix more than 3 years ago

GMC Denali... bikes.

Their next apology should be regarding their attempts to actually enter the bike business: http://gmcbike.net


Marissa Pherson more than 3 years ago

Cycling and cars

Cars are used to travel to race and fun cycling events. Honda thinks health and family are important. I can put a bike rack on their car and feel good :)

Sharon more than 3 years ago

Thanks GM!

Thanks for the savings GM!!!! My husband and I, both avid cyclists, have been doing research on our first ever vehicle purchase. When we saw the GM ad it made us furious, and it led to an evening-long discussion. We've decided to stick to what we love best - commuting by bike. We're buying a new bike trailer instead, and still deciding what to do with the rest of our vehicle budget. Perhaps we should put it towards bicycle advocacy, or educating drivers about the dangers of "dooring".

Karen more than 3 years ago