March 2, 2011

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Critical about mass rides

Please don't try to manage something that is not ment to be controlled.. I have been on one C.M. ride in New York city several years ago. It was harmless, it was peaceful, the police arrested some folks, and life went on. lately I tried to park my truck in downtown Portland, and probably held up more trafic than the CM ride I went on years back.. The reason I enjoy CM rides is the same reason I enjoy running 10k races; for the crowd.. Riding and running in a huge crowd has it's own energy, and I wonder if always seeing it in terms of it being a problem will one day ruin the whole thing.

William Wood more than 3 years ago

Sharing space

"The other option is to foster a "share the road" mentality. It doesn't necessarily have to be an either/ or situation. Motorists and cyclist can share road space."

Only when there is a single lane in each direction. It can be a wide lane to allow motorised traffic to pass. With two lanes (or more) cars travel more quickly and cyclists can't turn left.

James Twowheeler more than 3 years ago

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