October 19, 2011

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Part of it may come from local expectations -- Austin is the most bike friendly city in Texas by far, and because of its overall hippie/liberal atmosphere people associate it with bicycles. And a lot of the bike lovers choose to live Central like me, so we forget how impossible it is for people elsewhere in the sprawl. I'm glad your experience got better.

Kit O'Connell more than 3 years ago

Thank you!

Thanks Kit!

I have to say, while the bike commuting in Austin has proven difficult, the people, for the most part have not. Your offer is very kind, however, I am on my way out of the city. I will have more posts up, as I wrote this one about a week or two ago. I have been using bikes/buses in tandem, but I have to say, the bus system leaves a bit to be desired as well. I think I just had to adjust my expectations. Once I did that, I was less frustrated with the cycling infrastructure.

Spike Aroo more than 3 years ago

From an Austin cyclist

I think a lot of the people who think of Austin as bike-friendly (myself included) use our bikes in combination with the bus system, which renders both more usable here. Texas city-sprawl is hard to get used to for people from other places -- I was born in New England, so I empathize. I have chosen to live in the 'East Side' so I can easily access much of the great parts of this city by bicycle, but I also understand your frustration being far out. Have you checked out the Social Cycling group here? They may be able to clue you in to some great resources. Feel free to get in touch with me directly too.

Kit O'Connell more than 3 years ago

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