May 9, 2011

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Mediation Inspiration

Mair, I just found out about the comments section. It only took me a year and a half. Sorry to not have responded to your comment about the bike mediation previously. I did develop the steps I followed based on intuition and experience from other interactions that either failed or were less than successful. I've since found out they parallel the steps that you noted and seem, more of less, to be common to other successful mediation practices. Thanks for sharing your comment

Rey Carr more than 2 years ago

Video camera

I have a simple solution ... I use a video camera, two in fact. I let them do the talking. If I feel the need to vent I put the video up on YouTube. If the situation was worse I make a formal report to the Police.

I try to not react on the road now when someone puts my life at risk (funny thing is I want to see my partner and kids again), however, sometimes the incident is such that I do respond verbally or have struck out with my hand. Is that wrong? Not in my world. If I can hit the side of vehicle because I feel at risk then there is every chance that they where way to close and putting me at risk which shouldn't be happening! Period.

For sure it takes two to tangle, but cyclists are vulnerable and they get hurt or worse killed way to often by motorists.

I prefer that to not happen.

Time to share the road, a public space with respect.

Andrew Priest more than 2 years ago


This strikes me as extremely similar to methods I've read in parenting books that help young children calm down when fighting over a toy, for example Naomi Aldort's SALVE (Self-Inquiry, Attention, Listen, Validate, Empower).

Joshua Daniel Franklin more than 3 years ago

Spontaneous Community Mediation

Thank you, Rey, for sharing this experience. The clarity of your purpose and the steps you set forth to support others who might want to step in to support connection and understanding in a community situation are appreciated. I am wondering if you have had some exposure to the particular type of mediation that I practice, which is grounded in Nonviolent Communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, author of the book "Nonviolent Communication A Language of LIfe"? Have you developed the steps you offer yourself, or in working with others? I am appreciating the sense of companionship, hope, inspiration that I have in the idea that others in the world are sharing common ground. Thank you! I'd be delighted to have you reply to this post, if you would like?

Mair Alight more than 3 years ago

We need more of this on the road

Too many times have I see nasty confrontations between motorists vs. cyclists, motorists vs. motorists, and cyclists vs. cyclists.

I think if we can respect each other's right to be on the road, and respect the rules of the road, we can all share this public space.

Excellent advice in mediating a confrontation.

Josh more than 3 years ago

Alternatively, stay on the bike path

Pedestrians, bikes, buses and cars accelerate at different rates and have different top speeds. Mixing all four will frustrate all four. Separation in complete streets is the only solution, and cities not doing this now will have to play catch-up.

James Twowheeler more than 3 years ago

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