June 29, 2011

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double weehoo please!

I agree - a double seater weehoo would be a God send. I need one!!! Right now I am contemplating all of the different scenarios for riding with my 2 year old and 6 year old. Letting my 6 year old ride on his own means we go slooooow. I've seen the double seater covered trailers but they look HEAVY and awkward. When you have two kids to pull, the last thing you need is more weight! We need something lightweight (maybe aluminum?), streamlined and easy to maneuver FOR TWO KIDS.

Amanda F. more than 2 years ago

Weehoo bike survey

I just entered a comment, but didn't add my name. I will retype it here. I love this concept! I live in a family friendly neighborhood, where riding bikes is very popular! I personally take my boys to school and back riding bike, but I haul the boys in the two seater type extension. My boys are older now, and this would be more appealing for their ages and fun to use! My neighborhood is perfect to promote the Weehoo trailer because we have cyclist from families riding for sight seeing through the neighborhool, riding kids to school, many triathletes trainings, to children riding their bikes daily! As a parent of two that actually does ride bikes daily, I would love to see a second one that can be added to the first extension for a second child. Also a double Weehoo trailer for two would be great too!
Lastly, added features will become a hit such as sun and rain covers, or water holders! Thanks so much...hope I get to win a cool Weehoo and try it out in my neighborhood!

Cindy Jerez Bryant more than 3 years ago

Families on Bikes Trailer Survey

I love this child extension concept! I live in a neighborhood where biking is very popular from cycling the kids to school and back, families riding through the neighborhood to a big triathlete population and trainings. Personally, I would find it cool to use, however, would like to see a second child extension added behind the first, or double seater for two kids. Plus, added features such as rain or sun covers! This is a great idea, where can I buy it?

more than 3 years ago