May 20, 2011

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Joyanna, give yourself a moment to think why it is that the state has taken over the parental role in exercising judgement on how your child is being raised by legislating helmet use while on a bicycle.

If you hate the "cycling is dangerous" culture we live in, you would be against a law that quite clearly says that cycling is a dangerous activity.

The biggest threat to a cyclist is an irresponsible motorist, and helmets are no match for them. Helmets can help with mitigating s the simple falls children have, but do you honestly think prevention of bumps and bruises are reason enough to take away a parents rights to raise their child the way they see fit?

fred more than 3 years ago

Indoctrination or Just Law-Abiding?

Fred -- I too hate the "cycling is dangerous" culture we live in. However, in most cities in this country, kids are legally required to wear helmets. I don't need any reason to be harassed by cops or anyone else, so my kids wear helmets. Because they have to, I'd like to buy them cute ones.

BTW, I have never told my children that helmets are for protecting their heads. I think my son thinks they are just hats that you wear when riding a bike. My daughter is too young to know either way but hates her helmet. I DO think it's funny when people make kids wear helmets when the kids themselves are the riders and they are like circling in their own driveway or going back and forth on the sidewalk in front of their house. In this case, I wouldn't even think of pulling out the helmets unless my son asked (which he does sometimes -- because they are bike hats.) I only make them wear them when they are passengers on my bike, as I highly doubt law enforcement officers would care what they are wearing (as preschoolers) when they are riding 1 mph.

Joyanna more than 3 years ago


Yup. Start 'em young and teach 'em cycling is dangerous.

Ensure a market for the future.

How in the world did we survive before manufactures convinced us we need their products?

fred more than 3 years ago