June 3, 2013

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Teaching kids to ride

I taught my daughter (3.5yr) and niece (3yr) how too ride. The best thing I did was too change the gearing of their bikes. Their bike were bought from GoodWill 12in wheel coaster brake single speeds. They came with I think 16 tooth rear cogs. The girls hardly have enough weight to standing on the pedal and make the bikes go. I believe, I change the gearing somewhere between 18 and 20 teeth on the rear wheel. They where both off to the races. I raised the training wheels full up and a few days later I even bent the training wheels higher. In a few days of riding we took the training wheels off and they were riding. One nice thing about changing the gearing is it slows the kids/bike down to fast walk speed but fast enough to ride. My daughter is on a 18in wheeled bike now and I changed its gearing so that she can pedal in the yard/grass easily. (22 tooth on the rear)

Chas more than 1 year ago