May 29, 2012

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changing systems

We have an 11, 8 and 4 year old we carry either on our tandem or in our cargo bike. We cannot let our guys ride their own bikes all the time because of the habits of the drivers in extremely flat Chicago. Thankfully we can still all get around on the kid carrying bikes that we have which maximizes our time on two wheels.

We find that using a college campus or a big park to practice intersections with our emerging riders makes a huge difference in how their skills grow. Creating fake intersections or using the car free "intersections" that dot the college campus near us helps the kids practice good riding in a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere free of the dangers of traffic

Practicing stops and starts and minding pedestrians on sidewalks can help the kids ride more safely when we do our errands. My oldest children primarily ride in the street on quiet routes as moving on and off the sidewalk at intersections can be incredibly dangerous because the cars cannot no see them emerge into the intersections.

I like that you mention that riding habits are always changing as children grow.

Jennifer more than 2 years ago